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All-Star ’10: Final Balloting Update

This is the final 2010 All-Star balloting update. Starters will be announced in two weeks, prior to the Thursday, January 21 TNT doubleheader. All but the second guard spot out West is set. Will T-Mac’s starpower supersede his recent legacy of injuries? Will Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki hear their names in same starting lineup for the first time since April 29, 2004? Submit your final ballots, and let’s watch the drama unfold!

LeBron James 1,769,287
Kevin Garnett 1,467,365
Chris Bosh 724,317
Paul Pierce 366,234
Josh Smith 334,338
Dwyane Wade 1,719,359
Allen Iverson 930,713
Vince Carter 745,581
Ray Allen 510,885
Gilbert Arenas 445,473
Dwight Howard 1,681,897
Shaquille O’Neal 609,486
Al Horford 178,360
Andrea Bargnani 168,684
Brook Lopez 154,362
Carmelo Anthony 1,568,259
Dirk Nowitzki 826,130
Tim Duncan 776,225
Pau Gasol 754,070
Kevin Durant 556,847
Kobe Bryant 1,793,782
Tracy McGrady 746,625
Steve Nash 744,250
Chris Paul 701,417
Jason Kidd 429,720
Amar’e Stoudemire 1,304,470
Andrew Bynum 743,182
Nene 261,295
Marc Gasol 217,675
Antonio McDyess 157,346
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  • d.j.


  • http://www.myspace.com/freedmusic fredd

    where is cp3?

  • einstein

    Dang, no way this is happening again. Change it, otherwise Iverson/McGrady will start every year…

  • amir

    And where is Kaman? C’mon, McDyess, really?

  • cramzy

    Is anybody else voting for Mac and AI to piss people off? No? Just me?…

  • http://www.euroleagueadventures.com Nick Gibson

    Well, I guess the system really DOES work.

  • http://slamonline.com NUPE

    What would really PO Stern is if Arenas get’s voted onto the squad. My guess Nash will surge past T-Mac, but AI will keep a starting spot.

  • http://Vikturus Vikturus


  • d.j.

    @ cramzy : every day homie every day ! haha

  • Bart

    great cp3 on the bench which means no f#$king deron again just friggen perfect

  • james

    fire kelly dwyer from yahoo sports terrible writer

  • Joe

    Please..Please…Please!!!! Please vote Gilbert Arenas…T-MAC…and AI into this All-Star Shame…I mean Game……….I want a Gilbert/Iverson backcourt for the East so so so so so bad. I have always said that the fans should vote for the 2 alternates, where position does not matter, not the starters.

  • slamfan4life


    And im sure Durant and Williams will be selected by the coaches

  • useralreadyon

    rondo not even in the top5!?

  • tavoris

    T-Mac should play just to piss the Rockets off.

  • drock

    The true all star east 12 man roster Dwight Howard, KG, Lebron, Wade, Rondo. On the bench joe johnson,Bosh, gerald wallace, Derrick Rose, Ray Allen, Brandon jennings, with the last spot being a toss up due to great numbers on bad teams(Brook lopez, David Lee)

  • drock

    West true All Star 12: Stoudamire, Dirk, Carmelo, Kobe, Nash. Reserves: Durant, Deron williams, Cp3, Kaman, Duncan, Zach Randolph(double double machine). Last spot toss up between Gasol(injury bug) and Bynum( too inconsistent)

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    AI AND TMAC?! f_uck all the dumba$$es who voted like that! WEST GUARDS: Mamba, Nasty: Roy, Cp3, DWill

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    STOP LETTING FANS VOTE – CASUAL FANS ARE IGNORANT (which is normally fine, but not when talking about something as important (too he players personally) as the all star game) Players are getting snuffed that actually deserve a spot (DERON WILLIAMS HAS NEVER BEEN AN ALL STAR) because casual fans (the only people that actually vote) don’t know what they are doing

  • jdn41

    i think the chinese did this just to piss everyone off lol like for them to vote they must be mildly interested in the nba, end everyone(die hard fans to casual fans) knows t mac is not playing

  • ktokyo

    These are just ridiculous. It makes real NBA fans hate the ASG. TMac and A.I.? Really??

  • Marvin

    Damn, Joe Johnson, Rajon Rondo are not even in the top five for east guards, this is ridiculous. Nash better be on the starting five.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    Josh Smith should be the back-up to James & Bosh.
    KG shouldn’t be there.
    Joe Johnson should.
    Derrick Rose doesn’t deserve it.
    lol @ McDyess being there.
    If T-Mac gets in, he’s already said that he’d defer and let someone else take his place.

  • Jack

    Where’s the love for Chris Kaman? Chris Bosh should be over KG. As much as I hate Rondo, he should be in the top 5. AI, while he’s not as deserving as about 10 other guys, is at least playing, unlike T-Mac. NBA coaches, if you are reading this, PLEASE put in Deron Williams. It is RIDICULOUS that this guy has no ASG’s as of yet. Durant will be picked by the coaches. And CP3 will be voted in as a starter, he’s not that far behind Nash.


    The people getting the votes are the people the public wishes to be entertained by in the big show. I’m tired of this fake outrage because somebody you think is better didn’t get in. It’s not a game – it’s a big show. I’ve voted for Shaq 40 times cause he’s a lot more fun than Howard.

  • robb

    I’m shocked not to see D Rose and no D Williams there. This balloting is a joke. Glad to see Josh Smith and Kevin Durant though. @ Jack: There’s no love for Kaman, sadly.

  • Jack

    T-Mac has said he will stand down for players more deserving. He will make an appearance, but not actually play as a starter, so we need to stop worrying about that issue. Personally I think that the NBA needs to adopt an NFL Pro-Bowl style of voting. A third the fans, a third the media, and a third the coaches. Rather than just casual fans picking the teams, with the coaches chucking in 2 or 3 reserves. This way, everyone is happy and people can’t hate it. Much.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    WOODY most people that vote (children, facebook people that see an ad about the asg and how their hometown guy should be there, then get carried away and vote for every famous person they recognize, and in the houston rockets case, the chinese) aren’t gonna watch the game. And last year’s “show” as you speak of, which i was at, consisted of Zone Defense, And a SLOWER pace while Shaq was in the game. Which was also companied by more ZONE defense. Who wants to watch a “show” if it is 40% zone defense and horrible shots.

  • reald


  • reald


  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    KG shouldnt be there also

  • http://dsjfhklf.com Jukai

    T-Mac getting a starting spot over Nash is worse than anything that happened in the locker room between Arenas and Javaris.
    Also, WOODY is acting like a dimwit. How would McGrady and Iverson be more exciting in the all-star game than Nash and Carter?

  • drock

    Hursty I agree that joe johnson should be there but not josh smith. Atlanta doesn’t deserve 2 all stars with their play of late. Derrick Rose is averaging 25 points 6 assists and 4 rebounds in his last 10-15 games and KG is the only two way (defense and offense)power forward out east. The celtics have like an.850 winning percentage when KG’s in the lineup

  • http://IJustWantMyNameToLookBig.com Chukaz

    there are too many good forwards in the west. dirk n melo should start, but pau kd n timmy all deserve to get in there not to mention zach randolph (can’t believe i just said that) n some others. I want to see t mac play but he will just get in the way. FU(K!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DMC14

    NBA.com wont let me sign in to vote!!! please everyone vote for Gilbert Arenas. and Nash and STAT.

  • http://Www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    Insanity. Utter insanity. McDyess (who i admire) gets so many votes but Chris Kaman isn’t close by? The clips main scoring threat in the post? Andrea Bargnani who plays like a wuss every 2nd game has botes but Andre Bogut who’s hard a great comeback from injury gets no love? Does Milwaukee have internet? Wth is going on? No Deron Williams, no CP3, no Rondo… Who are these “fans” voting for the allstar starters??? This is nonsense.

  • ClydeSays

    Hilarious. Bargnani & Lopez over Perk? Arenas & Iverson over Rondo? Who’s voting? Alien monkeys without a sat feed?

  • al

    where is Juwon Howard???

  • http://msn.co.nz Westy

    Vote Michael Jordan in.

  • J

    shaq by coaches vote!

  • Yesse

    Lol why didnt you guys just vote Kwame as well?If Nba let’s T-Mac play in that game there is gonna be problems.We already went through this problem last year.Now the nba.com is going to critisize every vote.

  • Johnson

    man portland fans are lazy, he is a 2nd team all nba player who averages a tremendous amount of points being on a team with one of the slowest paced offenses in the league and although i am from Portland. I’m an avid nba fan in general and watch many other teams play, he is one of the most entertaining players in the league, just buttery smooth, it just gets irritating to see how little acknowledgement he gets from the entire nba other than from most sports writers and broadcasters. I know he will get voted in by the coaches but still. On a site note there is no way in hell d-rose is an allstar its not happening why people act confused is beyond me but the bulls do not have an allstar quality player atm, tough titties. Also for the love of god everyone start voting for steve nash if for no other reason than to get tmac out of a spot he is essentially stealing from someone who deserves it, maybe a dwill 12th man for his first taste of the game.

  • Justin

    It is unbelievable the idiots that keep voting in those that don’t deserve it. You could actually be hurting the players because some players have incentives in their contracts for making all star games. Voting in people like Iverson and TMac actually hurts the game. They haven’t played all year. How are they going to make the game more interesting by throwing up brick after brick and only playing a few minutes anyway because they aren’t in game shape to begin with?

    Bosh should be ahead of Garnett but again, popularity wins out there again. It’s really sad actually. Why not let the players and coaches vote? The PGA players vote for the Player of the Year, why can’t they vote in All Stars?

  • Johnson

    oh and broy was the top scorer on the west team last year and played close to the most minutes because he was still unselfish in the one game where all is forgiven lol classy.

  • matt

    hmm i wonder what team clyde cheers for?
    no ray allen? pierce? big baby? no lester hudson!?!?!

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    that drock dude is an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!BRANDON ROY is the THIRD BEST 2ND BEST SG IN THE WEST!! ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    third best in the league behind wade and kobe…drock GTFOuta this site you fool!

  • bdub

    @Jack and other Kaman lovers…personal opinion that Yahoo sports is the reason that Kaman has no love. Did you see his profile pic last year…looked like a zombie…seriously…scary…ha ha ha

  • http://www.slamonline.com B-zog

    I hate how underrated Big Al Jefferson is and people are so stupid with there voting at least they know to vote for Melo. Like I say Kobe is overrated, he has had a good team throughout his career

  • tavoris

    @B-zog-Al Jefferson is almost criminally ignored. I’m feelin kinda bad 4 Chris Kaman too.

  • boogster

    @B-zog, you are so stupid with your stupid spelling mistakes!!!

  • Josh

    no d-will again?

  • ClydeSays

    Come on now. Lester Hudson? He’ll play in the rookie game…

    Seriously though, where do all these AI or TMac votes come from?

  • mems

    as a houston fan the fact that tmac even has any votes is laughable. they need to get rid of the fan voting because fans are just stupid as a whole and just leave it up to coaches and players on who gets all star votes. or hell let the media do it. dont let fans. if any rocket deserves to be on that list its brooks or landry. not mcgracy, dude is garbage

  • http://nbacheapseats.blogspot.com Chendaddy

    I used to get pissed off about fan voting, too, but really, the All-Star game is meaningless. It’s just entertainment for the fans, so let the fans vote in who they want to see play, even if who they want to see hasn’t been worth watching for 2-3 years. 700,000 Chinese people want to watch T-Mac limping around the court, shooting 25-ft jumpers when he has a clear lane to the basket, and throw the ball to himself off the backboard but not even be able to get up to the rim to catch it? Fine. I’m sure there’ll be a CSI: Miami re-run I can watch.

  • BostonBaller

    I can’t argue much with drock’s East picks waaaay up at the top and his west picks are pretty good too but i’d give that last spot to B Roy. I’m just saying…there are a few deserving guys each year that get left off…oh well, they are millionaires so i can’t shed a tear for them.

  • DMC14

    there just arent enough spots someone gotta miss out. A lot of the deserving guys play the same roles. Its a conspiracy they wont let aussies vote (or at least me).

  • Isaac

    Where the @#$%^ is Brandon Roy? Coaches better get him in. Casual NBA fans suck at voting.

  • dstroyer

    where’s K-mart? 10 double doubles. i know everyone hates on the nuggets but come on, his numbers are great this year

  • http://www.slamonline.com Devyn


  • drock

    My bad sporting- lisbon-blazers, B-Roy is playing like a beast and more than likely deserves the spot over Z-Bo due to their records. Next time you think about calling someone an idiot for one player mistake think about getting a girlfriend instead of blogging at 4:30 in the morning…

  • drock

    It amazes me how people say D- Rose is not playing “right now” at an all star level when since December with the exception of Rondo, he’s been the best point guard out East. Check the numbers, almost 25 points and 6 assists on a team with no second option, no post presence, and no consistent shooter on the team. CP3 has a good midrange shooter in David West, Nash has STAT, Deron has Boozer and Rondo has KG and many others. Kidd has Dirk but wait,Derrick has Taj Gibson, C’mon now.

  • Maya Laku

    Why can’t players like C-Bosh and Steve Nash get,unlike Allen Iverson who’s WAY past his prime,he’s one of my favorite all-time players but honestly,he’s not as good as he was back then,and Vince Carter should come back to

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    drock your a pathetic fool, im not american, im european so time is not the same and how can you tell my girlfriend is not sleeping right next to me while im schooling some american idiot about basketball??! hahahahahhaha

  • Scruffz

    No point in voting for something I never watch.

  • drock

    Wow sporting Lisbon blazers you’re European,that explains everything. Congrats to you, its good B-Roy has somebody to hold his jock all the way from overseas. I wish more voters in portland showed that same love, he’s definitely an All Star though…

  • RedRum

    who are those people voting… how can Dirk be ahead of Duncan??? TD posts 20/10, while playing the best post and help defense in the NBA. Does anyone who votes ever played basketball?

  • http://www.luketynan.blogspot.com litetitan

    Hey redrum…DIRK has been OWNING it this season at the PF position. His a menace on D so it’s not just offense for him this season. Arguably Dirk and Duncan could be starting along side each other…well it wouldnt even be arguable. But when amare is down as a centre and you NEED carmelo in there too… its just loaded for them in the West.

  • redick

    damn! to all those who are saying that KG shouldn’t be in there, shut up! KG is one of those making the all-star game interesting! show some respect you freaks!

  • RedRum

    hey litletitan… that is why I am saying the people with no bball knowledge vote… Duncan averages 2 more offensive rebounds per, one one more assist and one more block, while his help defense is as good as always. This is what a PF is. Dirk is scoring a bit more, but he does not have manu and tony on his team. I agree with melo being there, but to me the order should be melo, TD, Pau

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  • hamza

    he DOMINATES kg any day

  • David

    yo all haters can just cry like a babe
    just because you cant deny AI !

    AI by his stats now he still deserves
    to be in the all star game no doubt!

    not to mention he is 100% HOF!!

  • celticshomie

    @ hamza, he dominates kg anyday, and yet can’t get over 20 points, against him, and less then 9 rebounds…. right……..
    anyway, Pierce is in, Rondo should be in, KG is in, and Perkins should be in, not ray-ray