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NCAA Tournament Field Announced

East Region

1. Ohio State vs. 16. UTSA/Alabama St.

8. George Mason vs. 9. Villanova

5. West Virginia vs. 12. UAB/Clemson

4. Kentucky vs. 13. Princeton

6. Xavier vs. 11. Marquette

3. Syracuse vs. 14. Indiana St.

7. Washington vs. 10. Georgia

2. North Carolina vs. 15. Long Island

West Region

1. Duke vs. 16. Hampton

8. Michigan vs. 9. Tennessee

5. Arizona vs. 12. Memphis

4. Texas vs. 13. Oakland

6. Cincinnati vs. 11. Missouri

3. UConn vs. 14. Bucknell

7. Temple vs. 10. Penn St.

2. San Diego State vs. 15. Northern Colorado

Southwest Region

1. Kansas vs. 16. Boston University

8. UNLV vs. 9. Illinois

5. Vanderbilt vs. 12. Richmond

4. Louisville vs. 13. Morehead St.

6. Georgetown vs. 11. USC/VCU

3. Purdue vs. 14. St. Peter’s

7. Texas A&M vs. 10. Florida St.

2. Notre Dame vs. 15. Akron

Southeast Region

1. Pittsburgh vs. 16. UNC-Asheville/Arkansas-Little Rock

8. Butler vs. 9. Old Dominion

5. Kansas St. vs. 12. Utah St.

4. Wisconsin vs. 13. Belmont

6. St. John’s vs. 11. Gonzaga

3. BYU vs. 14. Wofford

7. UCLA vs. 10. Michigan State

2. Florida vs. 15. UCSB

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    Intriguing matchups right off the bat: Texas/Oakland, Uconn/BucknellBucknell, Sags/St. Johns and UCLA/Michigan St. Many possible upsets. Oh and Louisville/Morehead St. Wow


    ^Zags/St. Johns


    Nice 2 c George Mason back. I got them over Nova


    And the “group of death” belongs 2 the West Region. It sucks 2 b the dookies. They got it real tuff


    Can’t believe Colorado not in. Besides them tho, not a lot of notable snubs like previous yrs. Mayb expanding the field to 68 did help

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Hammer – Duke will be there in the final four.
    Xavier v Marquette… TRIPLE OVERTIME!!!
    Here’s hoping. Maybe both team can play so well they’ll let them both move to the next round.

    : )


    @dacre. No doubt the dookies r talented enuff, but there n a tuff bracket. No assurances that they will get there. Uconn is hot, u can’t underestimate Texas, Zona, or even Bucknell for that matter. Remember Bucknell took out a much more talented Kansas team a few yrs back. They ain’t scared of the powerhouses. Uconn is n 4 a tuff 1 against them

  • http://www.wfp.org/ Felix

    One and done tourney? College three being so easy a shot? (basically anyone can hit a college three)- >>best KG>> ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE! as a fan I can’t wait. HOOK EM

  • R2J

    Congrats to all the teams that made it in the tourney. Feel kinda sorry for Virginia Tech, Alambama and Colorado.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    I think Colorado is the biggest snub to be honest.

  • spit hot fiyah

    zona vs memphis is a really good first rounder

  • Billy S

    Florida with a #2 seed, come on!! Kentucky beats them 2 times within 2 weeks! Duke, got it made! Southeast, what a joke!


    I wish SLAM had an online bracket 2 fill out. That would b dope. Gotta go to ESPN to fill mine out. Its all good tho