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HS Sophomore Aquille Carr Offered $750,000 Pro Contract Overseas

Baltimore native Aquille Carr, a 5-6 point guard who many consider the top player in the class of 2013, traveled to Milan, Italy a couple of weeks ago to take part in the Junior International Tournament. While out there, he helped lead the USA team to a gold medal. But that’s not all he returned home with. After turning heads with his performance, which included a 45-point outing, Lottomatica Virtus Roma — the same club that Milwaukee Bucks star Brandon Jennings played during his historic season in Europe — offered Carr a $750,000 annual contract. Carr is still weighing his options, but the possibility of him following in the footsteps of Jennings and Jeremy Tyler is a reality. Another decision that could shake the basketball world could very well be in the horizon!

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  • JL

    wow i would definitely take it. get pro training early is great only if he doesn’t want to finish college (assuming he doesn’t even finish highschool by taking this contract). but at 5’6 he probably won’t play in the NBA, so either overseas or a degree is a good idea.

  • Anonymosdef

    Hope he has a good support system. He should def consider it.

  • TL

    Stay in school….high school.

  • Anonymosdef

    I may be off base but couldn’t he go to school in Spain? I think these big clubs have younger clubs as well with schooling available. I’m pretty sure a Euro education s*its on the American public school system assuming he attends public school. He could at least afford a tutor and have enough left over for college and anything else. You know he would get that endorsement bread too.

  • NJ4Life

    @JL You’re advising a 5’6″ pg play overseas as opposed to the NBA? The guards over there tend to be even bigger. Here in the states he could at least have a Barea-esque pro career.


    Man, wtf is there to think about????…Take ur talents overseas young man and have them supply u with a tutor!!!!


    no question Cartel. Get the 3/4 of the mill, tell em to get u a tutor or some euro HS diploma(still better than an american GED). Now get out there and take ur talents to europe.

  • http://slamonline.com Eldon Khorshidi

    What has this world come to

  • fruizm

    i watched his ballislife mix….he can play.

  • ogog

    yea he is sick

  • http://www.slamonline.com unf*ckwitable

    take that son

  • brcopes89

    Dis kid can ball I seen him play plenty of times in person… Hope he does get an education though neva kno how long a Basketball career can last

  • bar greengrass

    dont do it i am from israel and i saw what happened to Jeremy Tyler he now playing in china or something like that

  • Zabba

    Do it. You get to play with Jeremy Tyler in China.

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    Hah, nice one, Zabba.

  • Dagsby

    Anonymosdef, just FYI. Rome is in Italy, not Spain.

  • http://slamonline.com JL

    you gotta look at it like it’s 750k guaranteed (up to 1.2 mil) now versus some undetermined NBA salary in the future which is a total unknown. Will he even make it to the NBA? Jeremy Tyler made 140k (which is a good sum of money don’t get me wrong) but it’s no 750k-1.2mil. If he plays against guys who are 6-8 to 7 feet tall his shots won’t work, unless he’s as good as Earl Boykins. So many kids flame out before making it to the league he would be foolish not to take the money now with potential to make it still in the NBA.

  • Mike From Spain

    If he tries one year with the pros in Europe, takes 750K, then comes back to the US and finishes HS and a degree… wow, he can support himself through all of his education and a few more years with the money earned in that one year spent playing ball and getting to know Europe. Not a bad deal! He should definitely do it!!!

  • http://ballislife.com jamie

    Seen this guys footage on ballislife and was blown away, most exciting young player i seen in a while, more fun to watch than Austin Rivers, Myck, bello etc, I would go to Europe and look to get tutor included, that money doesnt come forever, might get injured, start to play bad in college, anything can happen, life if full of opertunities… take them.

  • robb

    @Anonymosdef lol no doubt Euro education s*its on the American public school system dude! Spain? WTF! We’re talking about Italy here.

  • Dean27

    And Zabba, Jeremy Tyler plays in Japan, not China. WTF is it with geography, peoples?!

  • http://slamonline.com Yknot

    @Mike if he accepts the contract it would make him ineligible to return to the states and play in college. I say take it unless he has an Anthony Davis style growth spurt!

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    The kid is 17-year-old sophomore. He should definitely take the money.

  • http://360special.blogspot.com/ dev0


  • SpursFan

    17 an still a Soph, goddamn, might as well take that check.

  • Roberto

    Well if he is a true Sophmore (15-16 yrs old) he may not have hit his growth spurt and may get another 2-4 inches in the next couple of years. But if he is 17 then he is probbaly going to stay that size. But either way, if you are good enough to play in the L you will.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Royal

    I heard he does not pay attention in class anyways ….If that’s true, then he might as well take the money

  • Mike From Spain

    I just noticed? He from Baltimore? He a cousin of Poot Carr? LOL

  • T-Money

    playing pro ball in europe and going to school are not mutually exclusive. ricky rubio finished high shcool. so did pau gasol.

  • showtime

    Get money, $tay True!!! Play get that exp, especially with the lockout comming.plus always get a self tutor & degree oversea but he’ll def need a well support system, without it #epic fail…

  • kshane

    He should take his talents to Our Savior New American School!!!!

  • http://slam hoopgurl

    if he’s really 17, he’s not done growing. look at kevin durant. he use to be a point guard, till he grew #again! size dosnt matter. the boy can play! point blank! if you dont want that U.S college experience, take it! spend a couple of yrs in europe and go pro!

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    He is from the hood in Baltimore. He better be prepared for culture shock if he takes the money. Somebody needs to get him ready not just throw him out there to the wolves.

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/features/overdribbling chiqo

    i was gonna make a stay in school comment til i read that he’s a 17 year old sophomore. may be in dude’s best interest to get his ged and make that money while he can get it. not a big market for sub 6 foot guards in the nba.

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    I hope Jennings is trying to reach out to this kid.

  • Kdizzle

    Every1 needs to look at the facts here…this kid is a 17 year old 5’6 sophmore in patterson public school…any schooling overseas would be a step up, and the ability to become a cultured man at a young age [while making a $Mil!], is a great opportunity to mature…if he says in the states he’s going to be poisoned by these recruiters anyway in the next 2 years and might miss out on this opportunity. The key is if this kid has someone he can trust to make this decision w him, an a not with their own agenda….am I wrong here??

  • ayanna johnson

    I wish u the best in whatever u decide. Always remember to put God first. I think he should take the offer. Go ahead and be 1 in done. love u.

  • joe

    he has skills man he can play i didnt know he was 17 already huh is he still growing or not take the money unless u grow 5 inches over night u can wait on the nba

  • Patrick

    How is he supposed to be the top prospect for 2013 if he’s only 5’6? i guess he could grow a few more inches still…
    also. slamonline: get some f’n threaded (indented) comments! This straight one line comment technology u are using is old and sucks!

  • http://N/A Barney Robinson

    That dude is 18 going on 19 and just started 11th grade in public school. There is something very serious with this issue!!! He’s already a man playing with boys. I cannot consider that being a phenom. He’s already cheating so he might as well go overseas. You cannot compare him to Austin Rivers when he’s older and in a younger grade playing against a bunch of nobody’s. Not saying that the USA team was week but those type of games, camps,tournaments and etc. is not real game time basketball. i think the grown man should take the money and better his life then he’ll have a great shot at the NBA. Just take the money OLD MAN! smh.

  • brandon

    hope he goes far

  • ruben

    he should go overseas play and then try to play for nba when his older

  • Snipes

    First off, he is turning 17 this year which is his Junior season. So is not cheating there are alot of hoopers who were 18 in their senior year (In MD you cannot play public school ball if you turn 18 before your senior year anyway). As far as his skill set, he defenitely has the game to play in the NBA one day. Don’t get it confused, he has killed alot of professional players in Pro-Am summer leagues in the BMore-DC Area too. Why hate on the young man? Going overseas now wouldn’t be the smartest decision but like they say…. you never know what the future holds.

  • red

    take the money… 750,000 for the year…. he can always go bk.. finiaclly he is stable 4 a while.

  • mr t

    dont speak on what you know nothin about everyone, one who has watched him play knows that he is arguebly the best player in the nation and the best all around point guard you have seen in a while, his education level is irrelevant to all you spectators just watch the man ball.whether it is college or the league.

  • your all pro

    no dont take the money play one year college ball and go to the nba where you belong