Sunday, August 7th, 2011 at 12:00 pm  |  21 responses

Layup Lines: Big L



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  • Kid Dynamite

    Vocabulary spills I’m ill……..R.I.P. Big L

  • Heals

    “So far ahead of my time, my parents haven’t met yet” – One undoubtedly dope individual…

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Dang it why’d he have to be killed before I even knew him? :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    *knew his music

  • http://Nba.com GP23

    Yes !!! they posted the rapper I requested. Big L was one incredible lyricist, you could argue he had the best punchlines in the history of hip hop.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    The second greatest NY lyricists of all-time behind BIG.

  • reald1

    ^he was great, but not better then NAS

  • zach smart

    ‘ask beavis I nothing but-head.”


    Big L Rest In Peace


    When he was 12 . He went to hell for snuffin’ Jesus !

  • http://Www.imdb.com TheBigL

    This is dope stuff. My nickname has no connection to this man, but I’m a fan none the less.

  • http://philosopher.view@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    What could have been…


    I was hoping “Da Graveyard” would be featured. L and Jigga kill that track. “Deadly Combination” is also ill. R.I.P. Big L


    And I really don’t know who is the 2nd best MC out of NY. I think most can agree that Biggie is #1. After that? KRS-One? Big L? Nas? I know im leaving sum out, but in my opinion its gotta be 1 of those 3. Its debatable tho.


    I almost t 4got bout Jeru the Damaja. He deserves 2 b n the discussion as well.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Hold up, HAMMER. Since when is Biggie the best rapper out of New York? Nothing Biggie put out was better than Nas’ or KRS’ best work. It’s a shame he was gone so early, but we can’t just brush those other cats aside. And I don’t know who’s the best to ever come out of New York, because asking that is pretty much the same as asking who the best rapper ever is… lol.
    Kris is probably my favorite though.

  • Trout

    Teddy the bear you are a brave man since both BIG. and PAC have been killed they have been annoited the best to ever do it brushing aside Kane, Ra, KRS and Nas just because they dead. Personally the body of work should determine the greatness not marketing. Big L the whole DITC are / were nice real emceeing Lord Finesse is espicially a beast when it comes to punchlines. RIP Big L

  • http://philosopher.view@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    Nas… Escobazlee.


    Hey Teddy. Biggie is the best that has come out of NY, and the best ever. But that’s just me u know? My opinion. Many do concur with me. And that’s their opinion as well. Now, i luv KRS-one. He blows me the f√¢k away. He is just ill! But its my biasness towards Biggie that makes me say that he is the best ever. And the fact that he is deceased is completely irrelevant. What boggles me more is that Biggie only put out 2 albums. One a classic and the other underrated. He was just scratching the surface ya know? But like I said its just my opinion.


    And by no means did I “just brush those other cats aside”. That would be disrespectful. And I would never disrespect gr8 music from gr8 musicians. Just so we clear on that.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    @HAMMER – you said it yourself the reason why I can’t call Biggie the best to ever come out of NY.
    He only made two albums.
    OBVIOUSLY, that’s no fault of his own. But I mean, for all we know, his third album and every album after that could’ve been wack.
    In fact, many tracks on Ready to Die looked like maybe he was heading in that shiny suit, hip-pop direction that Puffy and them took in ’98 and beyond. And I wasn’t feeling that at all.
    I’m talking about tracks like “Mo Money, Mo Problems”, “Another”, “Going Back to Cali”, and “Nasty Boy”.
    Ready to Die is a bonafide classic, but I actually think Life After Death is just a weeeeeee bit overrated.

    If the track listing for Life After Death was –
    1. Intro
    2. Somebody’s Gotta Die
    3. Hypnotize (gotta have a radio-friendly track)
    4. Kick in the Door
    5. What’s Beef
    6. N*ggas Bleed
    7. I Got a Story to Tell
    8. Notorious Thugs
    9. Missing U
    10. Ten Crack Commandments
    11. Sky’s The Limit
    12. The World is Filled
    13. My Downfall
    14. Long Kiss Goodnight
    15. You’re Nobody Till Somebody Kills you

    BAM. Another classic. But too many filler songs in my opinion. But I’m just thinking out loud at this point. Don’t mind me, y’all. I’m bound to have some Biggie diehards aiming for my neck now. LOL.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    *My bad, I meant many tracks on Life After Death, not Ready to Die.
    And I know it’s unfair to base someone’s place in hip-hop on hypotheticals, but I just need a bigger body of work than two albums along before I anoint someone the king of anything.
    For the record though, Biggie was FIRE on the mic. No doubt.