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Luol Deng Cleared to Play For Great Britain In EuroBasket

Chicago Bulls swingman Luol Deng will represent Great Britain in the 2011 EuroBasket, adding another NBA name to the tournament. Deng’s participation was in doubt this week due to insurance reasons, but his attorneys have sorted everything out. Via LuolDeng.org: “We are thrilled to announce today that Chicago Bulls star Luol Deng will be competing for Standard Life Team GB in EuroBasket 2011 taking place from 31st August to 18th September in Lithuania. It is no secret that international players wanting to participate for their respective countries face significant liability issues and Luol’s team worked around the clock with Ron Wuotila and other Team GB representatives for the last month to ensure that Luol would be able to compete in his first ever Eurobasket. Luol is delighted with the outcome: ‘Playing for GB is always important to me so I’m really glad we could resolve this. It has been a long process but a great team effort. I can’t wait to join the team and prepare for Lithuania’… British Basketball’s Performance Director, Chris Spice commented on Deng’s inclusion: ‘It is great for basketball in Britain that Luol has signed up for our programme again this summer. He has always been a great supporter of the GB basketball programme and we are excited to have him on the court again this year after he played such a key role for us in qualifying last year. With Olympic tickets sold out it is fantastic that the British public will get to see Luol play in the Olympic Basketball Arena in the London International Basketball Invitational tournament in two weeks time.’ As promised Luol will still be in attendance at his summer camp in Loughborough and will join the team as they compete in the LOCOG’s Olympic test event tournament, he will then play in their final test-game in Latvia before travelling to Lithuania for the EuroBasket Finals 2011.”

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  • http://SportsCipher.com Jaamal Braithwaite

    Does anyone know how good the British national team is? I never seen them play.

  • andynorstrom

    @Jaamal They suck pretty badly.

  • SchW

    They are not very good. In the bottom crop of the countries that did manage to get on the Euro. But with Luol and if they could add Ben Gordon to the mix and I think tha Luke Mboughtamuthe…or soething like that :) is also british and I think they have some younglings on the rise… So they could do some damage in the future, but definitely not contain for the medals. Only if Gordon played like during the chi town boston series :)

  • Mark

    spurs 2010 draft pick ryan richards is in the roster, gb might not be great right now, but we’re slowly coming round and improving.

  • JD

    @ jaamal they arent that bad in comparison what they used to be, they’ve qualified for eurobasket twice in a row which is a massive leap forward in comparison to what they were 5 or 6 years back, and this will be the first summer we’ve had a full strength side at eurobasket so we’ll see how good gb are really. @schw luc mbah a moute isnt british, i’m pretty sure of that maybe you were thinking of kelenna azuibuke or someone

  • Overtime

    Better than people give them credit for

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    That’s my dude.
    Anyone know if the tourney will be televised?

  • JD

    @ engimatic not sure bout whats going on in the us on the tv but last time there was eurobasket you could pay not that much too watch it on the fiba europe website or some place like that

  • http://nba.com GP23

    Luol Deng, the most underrated player in the NBA. Him and Ben Gordon will be killin’ it for us this month. Great Britain to finish in top 4 in Eurobasket.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    I was in England a couple years ago. Brought my basketball with me for obvious reasons.(play some damn ball when there was nothing else to do) Well lets just say, shoulda left the ball at home. I searched for days to find a hoop. Once I did find one, I didn’t even wanna play on it. Rim was weird. No back board… Yes no backboard. Yet the hoop was new-ish. I was so confused as to what the hell was going on with GB and BBall. They don’t have hoops around, so no one there becomes an elite player because where the hell do you just play a pick up game. If they wanna progress basketball wise as a country they are gunna need to start placing some more hoops around the parks. Maybe they have them in the nice monthly pay gyms but else where your just outta luck.

  • chingy

    @LakeShow: Rim without a backboard == netball

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Got it… I hate Netball.

  • JD

    yh but we dont put netball hoops in our park, since when has they’re ever been street netball :P

  • Franko

    fromsport.com to see eurobasketball

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Proof that Africans and Asians share a common ancestry: Luol Deng’s name.

  • Flud

    Netball is for girls

  • Loaf

    @ Lakeshow – where abouts in England did you visit? to be fair their isn’t a wide amount of basketball courts around in the UK. But they do exist, you just need to search that bit harder, i live in Southampton, UK (as you can tell by the towns name, its in the south of England) and we have quite a lot of local courts, i live directly in the city centre and i have a basketball court in the local park, close to the docks, its kept in quite good condition and the breeze from the coastline is pretty damn sweet in the sun, unless it turns into a gust rather then a breeze…. and yeah you did find a netball court LOL
    But the UK is miles behind many countries in developing Basketball

    we are mainly Rugby, Football and cricket, thats us…