Saturday, August 20th, 2011 at 10:37 am  |  12 responses

Players, Owners Unlikely to Meet Before September

The Players Union wants to meet next week, but don’t expect either side to budge until real money is on the line. CBSSports‘ Ken Berger reports: “Despite the desire of union officials to arrange a bargaining session next week in New York, a person connected to the process told CBSSports.com on Friday that such a meeting is unlikely. That means the calendar will most likely flip to September before the two sides reconvene for only the second time since the lockout was imposed on July 1.”

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  • http://www.acb.com A l a n

    Sh*t like this, not making efforts to solve the situation as fast as possible, will make the League irrelevant to general public. We just saw the most exciting season and looks like these guys don’t want to make the most of it smh…

  • John

    I can understand the reluctance on both sides to rush making a deal. The players want to avoid a lopsided deal while the owners are holding all the aces, especially with the China option recently shutdown. With that said, a war of attrition will not favor the players.
    And I doubt if this will hurt the League popularity in the long-term. The NHL did experience a decrease in viewership following their lockout, but was quickly reversed by the amazing 24/7 Pens-Caps series. The NBA on the other hand, has no shortage of marketable superstars.

  • add

    such a waste of time, the should at least look like they’re comin up with a solution

  • greg

    tons of people are starting to take more interest in football actually, but there is nothing to watch on tnt thursdays so that will always be a hit

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    So, the players are willing to meet next week but the owners are not. Maybe the owners should just come out and say that they are doing everything in their power to destroy the game in the name of making a profit.
    Dr. Naismith is rolling over in his grave.

  • Heals

    It’s chill though cause they released the preseason schedule a coupe days ago…

  • http://www.yomamajokes.com LilKDub503

    Man, Dr. Naismith been rolling over. 5/6 fouls to disqualify? Ugh, I’m sure he hated that if you reference the original rules (lol, just bringing up a old point)

  • jay

    i strictly blame the new owners like the dan gilberts..they bought in at the top and want to re-invent the wheel..guess what…it doesn’t work that way..are the players overpaid…maybe but that is the market. they are businessmen and guess what they dont know how to run a business. too bad! after his antics last summer and i am sure he is in the contigent this summer i hope that franchise never makes the playoffs ever again cause they dont deserve it! sorry kyrie!!

  • Yesse

    Nobody is even trying. I can’t believe Nba is trying to release schedules for the season and preseason, when there obviously is not gonna be one.

  • http://www.slamonline.com UNFROZEN CAVEMAN LAWYER


  • http://slamonline.com Neitel

    What is NBA?? who cares about the NBA?, if this people cannot resolve their issues in a fast time, yet, they have the bollocks to release a pre-season schedule, then forget it!!! Let streetball live, im enjoying all this NC-Pro AM, rucker Park 66, lou williams 51, 74 gary forbes, kobe’s 45 then the game winner! shhhoott, this is fresh…the damn NBA has money issues, play the game like you love the game, fkn owners are greedy!!! oh, and how about replacing the damn commisioner…and dont put Mr. Adam Silver in there, he is boring…

    @Jay…the Cavs dont deserve Kyrie at all, i agree with you. The cavs will continue to be the laughing stock of the NBA, and they will always blame lebron for it…especially the owner, who put his sick son right there on the draft “to give him luck”, more like “to feel sorry for him and his team” when they dont deserve it…no wonder one of the Jazz representitives whispered to another, “hey, we lost the top pick, they got the kid up there, he will get it”…and what happened? we know what happened…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Max

    Lazy asses