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Melo League Vs. Team Philly Set For September 25

Following in the footsteps of the other city-on-city games that have gone down this summer, looks like Team Philly vs Team Melo (Baltimore) will be taking place before the end of the month. Via CSN Philly: “There may or may not be an NBA season this year, but that won’t stop the NBA from coming to Philadelphia. Team Philly, a team made up of basketball stars from the Philly area, will take on Team Melo, a team led by Carmelo Anthony, on Sunday, Sept. 25 at 6 p.m. at The Palestra. Team Philly will include Hakim Warrick (Phoenix Suns), Markieff Morris (Phoenix Suns), Marcus Morris (Houston Rockets), Lou Williams (Sixers), Kyle Lowry (Houston Rockets), John Salmons (Sacramento Kings), Wayne Ellington (Minnesota Timberwolves), Jason Thompson (Sacramento Kings), former NBA player Flip Murray and Philly street ball legend Aaron ‘AO’ Owens. Team Melo, comprised of players from the Baltimore area, will include Anthony, Josh Selby (Memphis Grizzlies), Donte Greene (Sacramento Kings), Gary Neal (San Antonio Spurs), Eric Bledsoe (Los Angeles Clippers) and ‘more suprise (sp.) guests,’ according to Rahim Thompson’s Twitter account @RTChosenleague. Thompson, the commissioner of a basketball league in Philly called The Chosen League, organized the game and announced the details via Twitter.  According to Thompson, tickets will be $35 for upper level seats and $50 for lower level seats. The tickets will go on sale ‘next Tuesday at the Palestra and online.’”

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  • superphilly

    DDDang $50.00 to watch some guys play basketball?? haha, GHETT-NO

  • cnewells

    that will be dope AYYYEEE OOOOHHHHHHHH

  • http://www.slamonline.com Max

    Seeing Flip’s name in there, what happened to him?

  • add

    yo, can’t wait to see this game

  • http://tempdog1 stephen

    AO, lets watch this

  • DieselMechanic


  • johnson

    Melos suprised guest MJ heard it here firsttt.

  • http://www.twitter.com/dfrance21 dfrance21

    Might have to make the trip up to Philly for this one.

  • jayb

    KO…BE!!!!! he better play…that would be off the charts. i know he is tight with melo! could be a good one!

  • Justin

    Nice! where’s tyreke Evans in team Philly. And Kobe will more likely play for Philly than Melos team because Kobe is in fact from Philly

  • T-Money

    heard that bron, cp3 and kd are lining up for team melo. that’s ridiculous.

  • Jesse

    Kobe isn’t from Philly he is from Lower Merion, huge difference trust me. And yes Lebron, Durant, and CP3 will be playing for Team Melo. See you guys there.

  • phillysteaks

    Jesse, you are an idiot. When you say Lower Merion, you are saying Philly. Not all these guys are technically from ‘the city’ Philly means the whole delaware valley. Lebon and CP3 have nothing to do with this game.

  • matt

    a.o. stinks

  • Joe

    Kobe isnt from Philly. Lower Merion is not Philly. He can however saying Philadelphia area which is counting surrounding counties so to speak. But he never lived here, his pop did. Zip code was never 191, area code 215. That said, I couldnt care less for once being a Philadelphia native because this Team Philly made up of outsiders and given Team Melo bringing BIG GUNS? Kobe would be awesome and it would also smooth over the Philly fans vs Kobe tension that exists. He would get some cool points for it and people would warm up to dude. Not everyone but folks would respect and give him dapz. He might have other business to handle that day/week tho. Hopefully he could be the surprise. The place, city would go nuts. Be an awesome game with him, Tyreke Evans, AO and others.

  • Joe

    A.O stinks? He is one of the best street ball players in the country. This game is all about entertainment and excitement for the crowd. Showing up each other on offense. Not about playing textbook basketball. I want to see crossovers, ankles broke, shots blocked into stands, trash talk, dunks, posterized dunks etc etc. Rght up A.O alley. He has sick handles. Lets go Team Philly!!!

  • charles dickens

    nba players n da hood heart of da city. no fare wit’ out da voice of philly hoops mic pro. “triple m”, of jay erving league n untouchables league b at yo beckoning call. holla. 2153846288. dunk u very much. dream on hoopies.

  • hoops mic pro

    AO b ripping acl’s to pieces. been doin’ it b4 and1 gone public. I seen’em make a defender from opposing team slide under da scorer’s table during a league game. Den help da kid get up n crossed him over again.

    AO tailor-made fo dis ‘vent. ditto da hoops mic pro.

  • hoops mic pro

    hoops mic pro done mc’d games for all hoop entertainers. AO, Bone collector, Baby Shaq, Pat da Roc, White Choc, Future, Silk, 747, Headache, Ally Mo, Captain Nappy, Helicopter, Hot Sauce… Want More – Killer Crossover, Kris Cross, I’ll Be Right Back, Homicide… Want More -Flip Murray, JK, Reece Rice, Kid Flash Lowry, Morris Twins, Wayne Ell, ‘Juan Wagner … No name or game 2 big or small.