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DaJuan Coleman Chooses Syracuse

Syracuse picked up a five-star recruit from their own backyard this afternoon when DaJuan Coleman announced in a press conference that he is staying home for college, over Kentucky and Ohio State. From cbssports.com: “The first time a big man named Coleman came out of Syracuse, he was an All-American in college and an NBA All-Star. Now, head coach Jim Boeheim will get the closest thing to Derrick Coleman, as five-star center DaJuan Coleman committed to the Orange on Tuesday afternoon during a press conference at his high school. “The school I’ll be attending this coming fall will be . . . ,” Coleman said, before donning a Syracuse hat. He said that he has known he wanted to pick the Orange for the last month, but took visits to Ohio State and Kentucky just to make sure. “I wanted to make the right decision,” he said. While DaJuan Coleman has no blood relation to Derrick Coleman, they have similar build and both are legends in Upstate New York. The elder Coleman did his damage at the college level, but the high school version has dominated at Jamesville-Dewitt (N.Y.) for years.”

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  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Great pickup.
    But is it just me or does Syracuse have a history of picking up great recruits and then watch them not make the NBA, save for Carmelo Anthony and a few others?


    Can’t wait to see this kid (hopefully) run things

  • Brandon

    Enigmatic – I think if you look at the type of players Syracuse recruits, it is easy to see why not all transition to the NBA. Jonny Flynn has been hurt and is playing in a Triangle which wasn’t for him. Let’s see what he does in Houston. Wes Johnson had a decent rookie year and should become better. Players like Hakim Warrick, Arinze Onuaku and others are great for college but not necessarily pro material. It isn’t the Cuse’s fault that Arinze is only 6 ft 8 and is too short to play center at the NBA, same with Warrick not being able to pack on weight to play power forward. That being said, Onuaku was a ROCK in the center of the post, and Warrick was the PERFECT tweener for the 4 spot at Syracuse. This guy if he can stay in shape should be an NBA player and a really good one

  • J Blair

    It is Just You must be thinking of kryzewski. Beohiem has done more with less than anyone. He has never had the # 1 class and I believe three top 10 classes ever

  • AMPduppp

    Hometown hero, I respect it. This guy’s got potential if he slims down and works on his low post moves, I like this pick up

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Brandon – I wasn’t talking about Flynn, Warrick and Johnson because those guys are in the NBA, and actually Johnson and Warrick weren’t that highly ranked coming out of high school.
    I’m more talking about guys like Eric Devendorf and Paul Harris, who were both top 50 recruits, McDonald’s All-Americans, all that jazz, and never got close to the NBA.
    Every program has those types of guys, I guess, but they seem to be pretty common lately at Syracuse.

  • Jonny

    @J Blair Cuse has had top 10 classes 3-4 times in the last 10 years and ranking recruiting classes has only been big since sites like rivals and scout started up 10-15 years ago

  • kkll

    enigmatic for one paul harris wasnt an mcd all american and actually devendorf was there only all american who hasnt made it to the nba in recent years, almost everyyear SU sends players to the nba so dont really see your point. ever since that donte greene, flynn class SUs recruiting has really shot up and since then theyve sent flynn, greene, johnson rautins to the nba since then, also many believe jackson would have been drfted if it wernt for the lockout and teams selecting no name foriegn players for contract loophole reasons, also this year will likely send joseph and even jardines name has been floating out there. if the have have the type of season people predict there will be more leaving, have seen multpile current players in future mock drafts. neways ever since that greene flynn class the recruiting has skyrocketed and also since then syracuse has consistently been sending players to the nba so dont see what your talking about.

  • kkll

    the only mcd all american to not go to the nba for su in recent years was devo who plays pro over seas, and might have had a chance to goto the nba if he didnt leave early, which recent years are you talking about?


    Simply put, it was a good day, for the Orange that is. Yeah baby, tell me how my Orange taste!

  • http://video-embed.syracuse.com/services/player/bcpid619299309001?bctid=1239002047001 IAMORANGE4EVER

    Click my name for a video of DaJuan Coleman discussing his great decision to choose the SYRACUSE ORANGE.

  • Brandon

    enigmatic – Paul Harris was a 6 ft 4 power forward essentially. The guy didn’t have any range and it never developed and I think that a guy like Eric Devendorf’s on court antics prevented that more than Jimmy Boeheim. but if you are going to look into the top 50 recruits not amounting, look no further than Kris Joseph, Andy Rautins and Worldwide Wes Johnson as guys who weren’t ranked in the top 100 (Wes and Rautins were both 200 plus in the rankings) and how they’ve developed. So take the good with the bad. Overall I think Boeheim has done more w/ less. Look no further than the big east all time leading scorer Lawrence Moten

  • blakos

    Its all about Steven Adams to Pittsburgh!!!

  • L

    @Enigmatic and Brandon. John Wallace was also a prime example back in the late 90′s. He took the Orange to the championship game, was a lottery pick and yet didn’t stay long in the league. L

  • http://www.slamonline.com UNFROZEN CAVEMAN LAWYER


  • http://slamonline.com hawk910

    johnny flynn was a mcdonalds all-american in 2008 was a top 25 player in same class with mayo rose beasley

  • http://slamonline.com hawk910

    2007 all-american not 2008 my bad.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    The fact is the college game is just much different that the NBA game. i don’t think thats an indictment on Syracuse or Duke or any other program. They recruit players that can play in their system and that will stick around for a couple of years. there are plenty of guys that weren’t that great in college and turned into good NBA players.

  • purity

    Have you seen this kid? If he isn’t Derrick Coleman’s son I don’t know who is! Similar name, looks just like him, from the same area he went to school. If I just said “there is a tall, light-skinned chubby kid who is a great low post player from Syracuse, NY and his last name is Coleman”.. What would you say? Oh, that’s Derrick Coleman’s kid. Plus, he was born in the early 90′s, when people still knew who Derrick Coleman was.

  • jedi

    @ purity DAM homie I thought I was the only one who made that connection, no offence to Derrick I’m a serious CUSE fan but that’s Derrick’s kid somebody get those DNA test please.

  • Dave

    Ranking classes means very little. IT gives you a small inkling into what the team MIGHT be in the future, but very little. It depends on coaching and player dedication.

    As fas SU players doing well in the pros because they were recruited highly out of HS, means nothing. HS to the pros is a massive jump and MOST THE TIME does not pan out.

    I could care less how they do in the pros. I mean, I wish them well, but it does not speak to the SU hoop program at all. Their job is to win games at SU