Saturday, October 29th, 2011 at 12:26 pm  |  6 responses

Game 1 of World All-Star Game Postponed

A World tour is a good idea in theory, but it looks like they can’t get enough players. Per ESPN: “The six-game, four-continent World All-Star Classic exhibition tour featuring two squads of All-Star NBA players is on hold, with Sunday’s scheduled game in San Juan, Puerto Rico, postponed indefinitely. The other five games on the tour, scheduled for London, Macau and Australia, already had been pushed back until late November. There was hope the game in San Juan could be salvaged and serve as proof to the other venues and investors that Atlanta businessman Cal Darden and his son, Cal Jr., were capable of pulling off the event.”

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  • bigA

    that sucks

  • ripslam


  • MikeC.

    Sort of deflates the players’ argument of “Well, we’ll just start our own league if the lockout drags on.”

  • http://Www.imdb.com TheBigL

    Given that this is after all a lucrative gig, players better not be jumping ship because they feel the money ain’t enough.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/MichaelJR_NZ Michael NZ

    I’ll watch this – when they reach deal. Until then? Forget it.

  • Lan

    Players should go ahead and plan for a new league. Not easy by any means but what are the alternatives?

    However, The new league will be delayed or never come up as long as headlines read ” Labor Deal within striking Distance “