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JaVale McGee To Join 2014 Philippine National Team?

Apparently the Wizards‘ center is eligible to become a naturalized player “for any country.” The Philippine Star reports that JaVale McGee is trying to become a naturalized citizen of the Philippines before the 2014 World Championship: “If everything falls into place, Smart Gilas Pilipinas will have the Washington Wizards’ seven-foot center JaVale McGee as naturalized player for the next FIBA Asia championship. McGee had been in the country twice in the last four months and, in his last visit, expressed willingness to be part of the Philippine team vying for a slot in the 2014 World Championship. The STAR source said McGee and the Smart Gilas people have reached an agreement to pursue the same direction Marcus Douthit had gone through enabling the latter to play for the Phl team in the recent Asian joust in Tianjin, China.”

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  • Lazarus

    i dont get it. how can he be eligible for any country?

  • hushabomb

    @Lazarus. Its like Becky Hammon playing for Russia. All you need to do is be a naturalised citizen then play ball. The Philippines has never had a big 7 footer so I’m all for it!!!

  • derrick’s rise

    Well, the Philippines finished 4th last Fiba Asia back in September, behind China, Jordan, and South Korea respectively. Could’ve finished 3rd if not for the late game collapse against Korea, or shouldve been the ones facing China in the finals if our guards showed up in that semifinal game against Jordan. Javale McGee and Japhet Aguilar tho, will be dunkin on everybody’s head, all day, any day. This is nice. Go Gilas!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nick Tha Quick

    Why the Phillipines? Does he have any relationship to the country prior to playing there this summer? Like blood, marriage, lived there for a while etc. Not that it can’t be done, just curious why.

  • derrick’s rise

    @Nick Tha Quick: Pinoys love him, plus we have a good national team. Douthit was nice 6″10, really good player but he is getting old too, Javale on the other hand is a legit 7 footer plus younger. Not that we dont have big men, our guys are at most 6″7-6″8, we need height to match up w/ China’s Yi Jianlian and Wang Zhizhi. We have Japhet Aguilar, 6″9 wing who played at WKU alongside Courtney Lee, plays like Tyrus Thomas, but thinks like Tyrus Thomas as well. I hope both him and Javale mature enough not to make dumb decisions on the court, or else that could be a problem.

  • T-Money

    plays like tyrus thomas but thinks like tyrus thomas as well. lmao

  • http://ZOGS.COM ZOGS

    If there is something I hate more than the NBA lockout, it’s Filipino’s…

  • dahon

    why do you hate filipinos ZOGS?

  • http://www.slamonline.com big_ticket

    as a filipino this is sick,

  • Stillballin

    Olympic for Philippines in 2016..yeah..

  • http://www.slamonline.com Chubachuchi

    ZOGS is just mad cause a midget filipino just beat him on the basketball court today.

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    Nate Robinson should join him. at least he has some actual filipino in him

  • dma

    now why wouldn’t the US team want him as the replacement for Chandler?

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    ^cause we got DeAndre Jordan :)

  • James

    Nate Robinson should join him, Nate have real Filipino blood from his grand father according to an interview.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    javale mcgee looks like a giant ice-t

  • Omnixyience

    People specifically Filipinos don’t actually care about
    your opinion, cause you don’t hold any impact among us. I respect you opinion on hating us, keep hating us cause Filipinos inch by inch are going to make some noise around the sports world in a few years. Pacquiao already showed it in Boxing, in due time and in God’s grace we will soon represents our nation to compete with the greats. So keep on hating and God bless your lonely soul.

  • http://ZOGS.COM ZOGS

    ^^Looks like we got a Flip
    Dont you dare bring boxing into this because all i will say is “#1″
    and BTW Filipinos are a partial cause of Global Warming, it is scientifically proven that when a Filipino individual perspires, there is a certain toxin in which they expell into the ozone, and cause what we know today as “Global Warming”

  • Dre

    ZOGS is mad cuz he’s not rich enough to attract Filipino ladies.

  • dahon

    ZOGS dont hate your own kind.

  • MikeC.

    Wow. This thread got flat out stupid. I was hoping to read about how McGee was connected to the Philippines. Usually it takes awhile to be allowed to represent a nation in the Olympics (Hakeem was living in the U.S. for years before he played Olympic ball for the U.S.). I’m not sure how McGee would be allowed to play for the Philippines unless he’s living there, or his parents are Filipino. The IOC has some weird rules. Maybe someone can explain. Also, maybe someone can explain why the nation is called The Philippines, but the people who live there are called Filipino. I’m not trying to be an a-hole, there’s been enough of that already. I’m legit curious about the spelling.

  • trololol

    im curious about why people from Wales are called Welsh and why people from Denmark are called Danish. haha

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    So, any moderators want to take Zogs to the IP ban, please?

  • Chris Tiu

    Definitely great news for the team!

  • http://ira.multiply.com PNOY

    @Zogs and @mike P?? come to the philippines our country is a lot to offer.. Mr. Mcgee is welcome.

    @Zogs you moron- are you fifth grader or living in a stockroom.. why do you care monkey..

  • jufu

    yo mikec, philippines is the country’s common name, and was the original spanish name for it. the pinoys (other word for us) kept calling it ‘islas del filipinas’ and thats how filipino came about. sh!t, i’m excited for javale to come over here we need taller people…and nobody take anmore shots at zogs, he ain’t worth our attention

  • The Stig

    Plays like these do not excite me whatsoever about McGee playing for Smart Gilas.


    Flip Saunders’ frustrations over Mcgee were well documented last season. Will he ever grow up? Yes. But how Gilas’ coaching staff handle his antics remains to be seen.

  • Chukaz

    Cows send more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in a day than a car does so Zogs if you wanna hate on someone, hate on Vegans not Filipinos. While we are eating the problem, they are eating the solution. McGee is HUGE in the Philippines. I saw those exhibition games earlier in the year when Kobe and Rose set up a couple of games there and ppl just loved this guy. the commentators of game for a crappy network were calling the games “Javale McGee’s All-Star Weekend”. I guess they loved the awesome dunks

  • PaPadave

    The name Philippines is an exonym (go look for its meaning)… for Pilipinas which is actually came from the Spanish name of the country Islas Filipinas… thus the name Filipinos. It’s the Americans fault why it became Philippines.


    Serious. theres one thing i hate more than the lockout & that’s inbred (0(kswabs like ZOG .His moms should have evidently swallowed him & spat him back out into his aunt’s grill :-0


    He mad cuz I guess a flip person beat him up!! Ouch

  • real

    filipinos suck so they have to buy a player for their national team!

  • dma

    @Real lol you realize that the united states was built on buying cheap labor right?

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    shouts out to all my filipinos…can’t do nothin but pray for cats like ZOGS, they’re hatred and bigotry does nothing but darken their own soul…

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    The Philipines has a strong basketball enthusiast population, same with countries in that region like Indonesia etc. Thats why Kobe’s toured the region so many time since he’s been in the league. In countries like that its just a matter of time before good basketball is produced on the national stage.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    and I know this is completely random but WATCH OUT FOR CANADA!!!! THEY COMIN UP HEAVY….in the next 10 years its gonna be givin us a sweat. Got some incredible young talent coming up out there. Shouts out to Toronto…got mi Jamaican fam up there

  • Chukaz

    @ the black rick kamla – na dude they don’t have that much talent coming up. There’s like 3 kids that figure to be pretty good, but for every 3 kids that seem like they’re gonna be good, they states produce like 15 that look like they’ll be superstars. Next draft will be LOADED with PFs and the league is already loaded at that position (just about every team has an all-star caliber PF)

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    On behalf of the Philippines, big f*ck you to the Spanish and American imperialists. That is all.

  • Pogiako

    Looks like Zog’s attempt to look funny turned out bad. I pity that uneducated fcuk. Toxins? Give me a break.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    (also good luck to Javale and the Filipino team… good stuff).

  • unknown

    Rick Kamla from NBA Fantasy? He knows a thing from Philippines, a basketball crazy nation..

  • Will Lee

    visit twice in 4 months make you a citizen?

  • bow

    dunno where zogs is from, but his grammar sucks. he is just an ignorant troll as well. cant believe someone like him could connect global warming and hoops?!

  • Jer Dawg

    Hey, please leave all racism outta this forum. People of all ethnicities can love hoops.

  • vegas

    for the sake of the game, people like Zogs should just go away. racist ignorant fool

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    You stay classy, ZOGS.

  • http://bulls.com airs

    all other filipinos on here, i highly recommend reading Pacific Rims by Rafe Bartolemew
    good sh*t.

  • Edmond

    Stay classy @Zogs. Don’t embarass yourself with those comments. I am having doubts about the McGee situation, but whatever comes, I am hopeful that the philippines will be top 3 in asian basketball

  • http://aruysuy.com deezndhaus aka giogolo

    yep,javale..ahh. nothin in his game during the smart(company)-sponsored all-star game in manila impressed me. But he’s a BIG help undeniably for the Phil. nat’l team’s cause. Size and athleticism against China and Iran. If only the politics in the Phil. cud agree for a while for ‘em monkeys and alligators to act like humans. Philippines cud produce something noteworthy to the world other than Pacman, maids and mail order brides for US expats. not hatin’ on own. just kepin it real. and the book by the American Rafe is good. it’s an outsider look for bball in the Phil.

  • http://aruysuy.com deezndhaus aka giogolo

    He can be eligible..but only after a year thru naturalization process just like marcus Douhit(2004 1st rd? LA) who was a big factor in the Phil. 4th place finish in last fiba asia champ. Phil. could have battled for Finals against china. but no way you can do that if you’re not sending all your talented guys and bigmen out there what with the head honchos all fighting on who’s supposed to be running the show. with the lock out,nothing is impossible for NBA players to exercise money-making options. it’s all about the moolah. Basically,only one main sponsor is bank rolling not just the bball Natl team(but almost all sports thru MVP prog.)right now and is the same guy responsible for kobe and co. coming here and the same time reviewing a possible share of the Sac Kings. Why the kings. let’s just say their market is well matched with the single owner.not that it’s a bad thing.the guy’s a genius and a true sport enthusiast.

  • http://aruysuy.com deezndhaus aka giogolo

    @ Teddy-the-bear
    do u have filipino blood? i actually thought you’re chinese-american.

  • don

    i’m a filipino and i saw what mcGee did here during that game featuring kobe, rose and others. props to mcagee, he’s a good player, but we need someone who’s a back-to-the-basket post up scorer in the national team, i’m not sure mcgee would be that one. with that said, he’s a uber-athletic type , maybe he can teach some of our bigs how to play D.. or at least how to BLOck…

  • http://www.acb.com A l a n

    I just don’t get this. So he can play for any country in the world he chooses?? I always thought you have to at least live there for some time, or marry someone from that country or something than just saying “hey, I’ll play with you” SMH

  • http://dsakflfl.com Jukai

    Maybe in the next dunk contest, McGee can pick up Zog’s racist ass and sledgehammer him through the hoop.

  • J.A.

    McGee has been in the Philippines twice in the last four months.. The first time he went to the Philippines was when he played together with Kobe, Durant, D-Rose and other nba allstars… He saw how the Filipino people loved basketball and how the Filipino people were amazed from the rim rattling dunks he did in the smart ultimate all star weekend… He recently came back to the country a few weeks ago to have a vacation… He actually said that if he would be playing for a country, the Philippines could be one of it… Marcus Douthit has no filipino relatives, he became a naturalized filipino to be able to play for the fiba asia championships in China. McGee is currently doing business with The Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas and if things fall into place, he could be playin with Smart Gilas and with the nba lockout ongoing, he could even play in the PBA for the talk n text tropang texters because he is a SMART endorser.. I wish that McGee would become a naturalized filipino for our country (Philippines) can match up with the bigs of Asia and could possibly be in the whole world… The Philippines finished 4th at the last FIBA asia championships, and just imagine if JaVale played for the country… The Phil. lost to Korea by just 2 points and the worst part of it, Korea won in a comeback… I really want the Philippines to be known in the sport of basketball and to prove that we are the best in Asia… No question that the Phil, is the best in southeast asia in terms of this sport…

  • Rik Smits Mullet

    Would be a stupid move because in the future mcgee can probably play for the us team. Maybe for the USA “b team” but non the less this guy has a chance. its not looking like he is going to be scrub.
    But for all you pinoys and pinays this must sound like good news!!

  • riggs

    smh @ the dudes replying to ZOGS and giving him exactly what he wanted….attention.

  • jomay

    SLAM IS #1 IN THE PHILIPPINES!!! Proud to be Pinoy! To the topic: If we can get Javale, why cant we get Kobe? Shoot for the moon, that kinda thing. Kobe loves the Philippines. What say you, Kobe?

  • gani

    jomay: we won’t be able to get kobe to play for the philippine team because he’s played for the us team already.

  • Ptolemy

    If (JaVele Mcgee) will become a Naturalized Filipino. He will added to our National team as a backrest like Marcus Douthit. And it is good to us.

  • http://facebook gagz