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Dirk Nowitzki Hopes To Sign In Europe ‘Soon’

The 33-year-old says he’s not in “basketball shape” right now, but Dirk Nowitzki says he will be looking for a team in Europe “soon.” Marc Stein reports: “The reigning NBA Finals MVP recently returned to Germany to resume his customary workout routine with longtime shot doctor Holger Geschwindner and told ESPN.com on Saturday that he’s going to find a team in Europe “soon” with the NBA lockout well into its fifth month without a settlement. ‘It’s going to take me a few weeks to get in basketball shape,’ Nowitzki said, ‘but then I’m ready. I can’t stand not playing.’ Although he continues to express optimism that the NBA season will be saved, Nowitzki has acknowledged that he has taken note of the blueprint established by Cleveland Cavaliers forward Omri Casspi, who announced earlier this week that he had signed a contract with Maccabi Tel Aviv in his native Israel that serves as a virtual letter of intent to join Maccabi in January if the lockout is still going, thus securing a spot for Casspi with a top European team early in a market starting to flood with established players.”

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  • shutupallenp

    how long till the first major injury till people come out the wood work to say i told you so? is the short term gratification and money worth risking longterm money? I would love to read an article that says nba superstar goes back to school, or like the lebron article were they report on something positive. They should really take this time and reflect on their lives after basketball, charity games are good for staying in shape but what happens when a major player hurts themselves in one of these as well?

  • http://www.pablasso.com pablasso

    They want to play back with their people, what’s so wrong about that?

  • shutupallenp

    nothings wrong with it, just asking what if they get hurt? and jeopardize their nba career? look at th e new post about j.r.smith hurting his knee. smh

  • http://hermievalencia@yahoo.com princessvalencia

    you think dirk’s worried about hurting himself a little? he’s a warrior, he played with high fever and broken fingers in the finals, haven’t you watched?
    he simply wants to play ball to keep in shape, and of course, for the love of the game……

  • BBaller

    Stay in Dallas, you are 33. One bad injury and it’s over, also the overseas players target you because you are so good.They have to foul you to be able to stop you, MJ rules if you will.

  • shutupallenp

    yeah i think he should be worried about injuring himself, warrior or not, the bballer said one injury and its a wrap. could be the difference between a good career and maybe hof career