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No. 7 Duke Holds off Washington at MSG

by Abe Schwadron / @abe_squad

In what was billed as a matchup of two potential top-10 NBA Draft pick guards in Duke’s Austin Rivers and Washington’s Terrence Ross, the Blue Devils took control early and never looked back. Duke held a double-digit lead for the first 35 minutes of the game, and while the UW faithful saw hope when the Huskies cut the deficit to eight with a three minutes to play—and Rivers and Seth Curry fouled out within a minute of each other—but the Dukies held on for an 86-80 victory to improve to 9-1.

Rivers scored 18 points on 6-of-13 shooting to lead Duke before fouling out, while Ross dropped 16 in the L. Tony Wroten led the way for the Huskies with 23, and was the offensive catalyst for most of the afternoon. Perhaps the biggest news for Washington (4-4) coming out of this one was an injury to Aziz N’Diaye, starting center and Senegalese import who provided the beef up front. It’s being called a “sprained knee” and the Huskies don’t play again until Friday, at which point we’ll know how serious the injury really is.

For a matchup of two teams with few New York City ties, the atmosphere at Madison Square Garden for game one of the CarQuest Auto Parts Classic was pretty intense. Especially when UW went to the “hack-a-Plumlee” strategy, much to the crowd’s delight.

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  • http://www.nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    Tiny Wroten looked better than both Austin and Ross in that game

  • Just Sayin

    At 6’4 I wouldn’t say he was tiny. Unless that was supposed to be enigmatic which would make no sense because it was ironic.

  • http://www.nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    Lol I meant Tony.
    I’m on my iPhone chill.


    I was really impressed by Tony Wroten’s performance even though they lost. I wished his upperclass team mates would have taken his example and put a little work and confidence into their game and not been scared to utilize their skills.

    With that being said, it kills me how these sports analysts make comments about Rivers like “Oh, he’s so confident” and “Oh, he’s so talented”. I mean, is there any reason that he shouldn’t be?!?!

    Look at all the PRIVILEDGES and OPPORTUNITIES he has had over all of the other freshmen.
    1) An NBA Championship coach as a father to give you pointers and advice.
    2) The PRIVILEDGE of honing his skills by playing NBA players one-on-one via his father’s doing.
    3) The EXPENSE of flying all over the country every summer to participate in camps and conferences whereas the other kids 9 times out of 10 had to be sponsored or could only attend those that were free.(Have you seen the price of airplane tickets?? LOL)

    He didn’t get this way by himself. He had A LOT of help. Let’s not underestimate the effects of a coach’s perspective. That’s what made the difference between Michael Jordan in Chicago and MJ in Washington (not that I would compare ANYONE to MJ, LOL). I don’t say this to be mean, I say it to be fair to the other freshmen who weren’t given the platform that Rivers was given. You would be dissapointed if he WASN’T that good.

    Before I leave, there is one last thing I would like to point out. Does anyone catch Rivers reaction to the officials’ calls that he doesn’t agree with? I mean, it’s one thing to get annoyed or frustrated by a call(everyone does from time to time), but he is the ONLY kid(freshman or not) that I’ve seen who actually gets up in the referee’s face and literally yell at him like he has some authority. He needs to watch that because not only will it give him a tech but it’s just flat-out DISRESPECTFUL.


    I just wanted to clarify the MJ comment. I did not mean any disrespect to MJ. What IDIOT would? What I meant is that good players become great players via Great Coaches (i.e.,Phil Jackson & Doc Rivers).

  • CBBFan

    @TRUTH————->had to respond to your comment:
    Yeah, i see what you saying, but that shouldn’t stop the other freshmen from doing their best and improving. After all, quincy miller, bradley beal, and michael gilchrist are all performing pretty good right now. i think they just need to continue to focus on their games and don’t buy into the hype whether it be a certain player or a whole team. Yeah, rivers may have had those things but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t win. NO ONE IS UNBEATABLE. period. this situation is no different than life. you may have one kid who goes to a well-funded prep school and another from an under-funded public school. the richer kid may have more opportunities but that doesn’t mean that the other kid can’t rize from the dust and come out victorious. its all about the fight in the dog! the question is are you gonna stand back and say “that’s not fair, he had this or that” or are you gonna say “i don’t care im still going for it”. that’s the difference between a quitter and a champ. The unfortunate thiing about pointing out all the opportunities and priviledges he has had is that you get dubbed a “hater” but it is what it is. he has the experience and you can’t take it away so the other freshmen and players are just going to have to find a way over the hurdle. its a do or die game. no one said it was going to be fair. and every play is not written in stone (although some games do seem scripted and slighted in a school’s favor at times). anything can happen (UK got beat by IU for crying out loud. lol. lucky 3).

    as far as the yelling at officials thing, he hasn’t gotten a tech or warning or anything so it must not be a big deal. lol.

    p.s. i didn’t see the game but from what i heard wroten was good. too bad his team aint going no where. (right now)

  • CBBFan

    @Truth—————————–>Scamming the Slam’s articles and saw your comment:
    I kinda see your point. But that shouldn’t be an excuse for the other players not to give it their best. I mean you have freshmen like Quincy Miller, Bradley Beal, and Michael Gilchrist who are doing pretty good right now. They just need to continue to focus and put their energy into their games. NO ONE IS UNBEATABLE. PERIOD. (UK just gotten beaten by IU!!!) Yeah, Rivers may have had those advantages over the other kids, but here is the key: IT IS WHAT IT IS. He has the experience now. You can’t take it away. But you can find ways around it. That’s called COMPETITION. No one said it was going to be fair. It’s just like life. Just because a kid goes to a crummy under-funded school doesn’t mean that with hard work and determination he can’t out-do the kids from the well-funded prep schools. Sure its going to take a hell of a lot more effort than the others, but it can be done. Sometimes I think these players depend on others being intimidated by the hype and advantages, so the other players don’t even try. NEVER QUIT. That’s why I’m so proud of players like Mike Gilchrist. They never stop trying. (As you can guess by now I’m a UK Fan.lol.) But all in all, they’re all receiving some pretty good coaching in college and I think the playing field will even out eventually.

    As far as that yelling at officials thing, he hasn’t gotten a tech or even a warning so I really dont think its a big deal.

  • CBBFan

    Sorry for the repeat. Slam didn’t publish my statement until later. LOL.

  • http://hotmail.com jay


    If Austin Rivers is only great because of the privelage of Being Doc River’s son, then why isn’t Micheal Jordan’s son any good. Jordan’s kid played college ball.

    Or, why is Tim Hardaway Jr. Son of Tim Hardaway only avergage at best without the skill austin has. Certainly TJ Junior had access to his father’s money too.

    Your arguments are not well thought out.

  • http://hotmail.com jay


    If Austin Rivers is only great because of the privelage of Being Doc River’s son, then why isn’t Micheal Jordan’s son who also played college ball very good. Or, why is Tim Hardaway Jr,. Son of Tim Hardaway, only an avergage 2 guard at best without the skill austin has. Certainly TJ Junior had access to his father’s money too.

    Your arguments are not well thought out, and your thinking is limited. Austin is good because he is a prodigy of sorts who has the ability to learn the game in ways other can’t. If it were just about money, then the two sons of the GOAT, micheal jordan, would both have futures in the NBA, which they don’t.


    You clearly misunderstood my point. It’s not just about the money, its about connections and resources as well. First of all, MJ and Tim Hardaway were NEVER coaches. They were just players. Oustanding players, but just players nevertheless. There is a huge difference in having a PLAYER’S perspective and a COACH’S perspective. MJ’s kids and Tim Jr. only had the former, while Rivers has had BOTH. Doc Rivers has even stated himself that there is a difference in analyzing the game from the view of a player and analyzing it from the view of a coach: you see things you wouldn’t see as a player. Austin has access to that knowledge from his father. He even said he would ask his advice on certain aspects of the game. And he would get an NBA Championship COACH’S PERSPECTIVE. He had no innate “ability to learn the game”. HE WAS TAUGHT IT. That’s why I said that GREAT COACHES MAKE GREAT PLAYERS. Why do you think team owners slob over Phil Jackson or it was a big deal when people didn’t know if Doc was going to retire or not? Second, Rivers had one-on-one sessions with NBA players. I have NEVER heard or read anything where MJ’s kids or Tim Jr. have done the same. I don’t doubt your argument that MJ’s kids and Tim Jr. COULD HAVE done the same but the point is THEY DIDN’T. Rivers has even said himself (and the Boston Globe has articles on it) that he has had the “LUXURY” (his own words) of playing one-on-one with NBA players. MJ’s kids and Tim Jr. NEVER said that. Could you imagine what it would be like if MJ went to Kobe or Lebron and said “Hey, play my sons one-on-one” and his sons picked up pointers and skills along the way. They’d be SCARY good. Third, this whole thing about prodigies. Lebron is a PRODIGY. He started from the ground up with NO professional help, led the worst ranked team in the league to the finals (or semi-finals), and is dominating the NBA. D-ROSE is a PRODIGY. He became a household name in his own right while he was in college and took to the League like a duck to water. Russell Westbrook is a PRODIGY. MJ is a PHENOM. LOL. No, but seriously. All I am saying is that you have to take into account the resources at Rivers disposal as opposed to what the other freshmen had. You put good players like Bradley Beal or Michael Gilchrist in the same situation Rivers been in, and they’d be 10 times better than what they already are. So although money is a factor (it pays for the training), it’s not the only factor. It’s more so about connections and resources. It’s about opportunities that everyone doesn’t get. These other kids are just as serious about advancing their game as he is (for more reasons than one), and I hate to see them overshadowed and not given the credit they deserve simply because they are starting the race 10 laps behind someone else or because they lack professional connections.