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Josh Smith Says ‘Politics’ Keeping Him Out of All-Star Game

The All-Star reserves were announced this past Thursday, and the seemingly more so than any other player, Josh Smith is considered to have been snubbed by the coaches who made the selections. Why was he left out? In his opinion, it’s because of the behind-the-scenes political stuff that he’s not involved in, reports the AJC: “Hawks forward Josh Smith looks at the reserves voted to the Eastern Conference All-Star team and figures there must be behind-the-scenes forces that explain why some of the players made the team ahead of him. ‘You’ve got to factor in there is a lot of politics involved in the All-Star selection,’ Smith said Friday. ‘Once you get that it’s really about politics, then nothing really surprises you. I call it ‘Nothing But Associates,’ NBA. It’s all who you know.’ Coaches vote for the All-Star reserves, so there is the potential for lobbying by fellow coaches, other team personnel, and player agents. For example, Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle reportedly lobbied coaches to vote for forward Dirk Nowitzki, who was selected for the team even after he had said he didn’t deserve it. Smith said ‘I guess I don’t know the right people” and didn’t have people lobbying on his behalf. ‘I can’t really point a finger and blame anybody because, at the end of the day, when you leave it up to certain people that still have ties to their agents, [and] players in this game today probably [are] just putting in a bid over the phone, or however they do it,’ he said. ‘You have to factor that in.’”

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  • shutup

    Jack of all trades King of none, NBA is definitely politics as usual. Maybe if he scored more, or got more highlights I dunno, I feel for Mr.Smith he’s one of the better two way players the nba has today, I was disappointed to see him left off the team, especially seeing as hibert made it…heres hoping someone drops out and they fix this.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    He should have made it over either PP or DWill

  • Ev

    I’m sick at how sick people get about the all star game. Get over it man it doesn’t mean sh!t just focus on your team and getting out of the first round of the playoffs. And maybe get some jumpshots in you damn bum

  • ab40

    it’s inconsitency, not politics, while his moments of greatness has been there he’s been very inconsitent and even though they are winning, the coaches don’t like inconsitency.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    He’s been very consistent this season and at this very moment, no PF in the East is playing better than JSmoove.

  • hugo

    chris bosh is playing better than josh smith

  • joshwho

    This guy was the right choice for odd-man out. He plays like a star half of the time, the other half, he could very well be considered the dumbest player in the league. All those mid/perimeter jumpers (especially late in the game), he’s an idiot. Besides, why should Atlanta get 2 stars when they were only in 5th/6th place last week?

  • theanklebreaker2

    No Josh Smith your the reason your not in the all star game. He puts 40% effort in his game and just wants to make highlight reels. Also the All-Star game is not even that exciting anymore so Josh shouldnt even sweat it

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/officerbarbrady what

    Even with his inconsistency he’s been better than Luol Deng and Paul Pierce.

  • Do Work

    I blame it on Joe Johnson. He definitely doesn’t deserve to be in the game, and since the Hawks shouldn’t have 2 all-stars it leaves Smith as the odd man out. It’s unfair but that’s life.

  • EJ

    What annoys me the most about this is that he’s an all-star game type of player. Who wants to watch Paul Pierce or Dirk play fundamentally sound basketball in an all-star game?

  • Random

    Josh has impressed me this season, he puts in work n gets it done in almost every statistical category, he even does work that doesn’t show up in stats. Joe Johnson can take nights off n the hawks can still win, they can’t win if josh smith takes a night off

  • http://facebook.com/tronjohnson Chief

    Joshwho hit on why he’s not there, he’s an overrated AAU baller with monstrous amounts of athleticism. They need to make it to a conference Finals to be taken seriously and with Horford out I just don’t see it going down.

  • http://www.nba.com Alf

    Luol Deng is in the All Star game?


  • Red

    Cause Deng is a great player on the best team in the league.

  • projectphantom

    Apparently 50% of the people on hear haven’t watched a single minute of josh smith play this year. He has been a 20 and 10 guy all year. hawks would be a 50/50 team with out him. his offense is on and off but defensively he is one of the best in the league. Josh gets snubbed every year like monta ellis

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    @JT — I’m the first to laugh at Bosh when he does Boshian things, but dude’s been a beast this year, and especially when he’s needed to be. He’s not playing better than Josh Smith this year? Really?

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Awww, feeling down Josh? I know what will make you feel better- IT’S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME, PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!!

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Deng is a great player? That’s news to me.

  • robb

    Deng is a solid player, no more no less, he definitely helps his team but he’s not “great”, but him being an All Star doesn’t bother me, Joe Johnson bothers me. Anyway, keep your head up Josh, we know who you are.

  • barnabusb

    Meh, enjoy your weekend off, Josh.

  • barnabusb

    Also, Luol Deng is Chicago’s Tayshaun Prince. Good but not great. Consistent but not flashy. He’s just always there.

  • http://slamonline house

    Yes and Josh Smith isn’t always there. Deng is consistent on O and D, unlike JSmoove.

  • BBaller

    I was disappointed that J.Smoove didn’t make it, but this idea of politics is just as disappointing. J.S if you are an ALL Star you will make it no matter what, brush it off and come back harder next year because you are on the cusp. I feel him though as he is up there with PP and D.Will especially this season.

  • BBaller

    Deng deserves his spot.Not even a fan but give credit where it’s due.

  • http://www.slamonline.com hoopdreams

    Deng is alllways there, but dosent comeup with anything special, and wen josh gets goin he does great. I think he would step up for the occasion

  • Justin G.

    Calling Deng great just lowered the bar about 10 notches. Smith definitely belongs there ahead of Pierce. @Ev…players get mad about getting snubbed because there are incentive clauses in some contracts about making All Star games. They lose money when they don’t get selected

  • Ev

    @Justin G..Lose money or just dont get the incentive money for it?

  • $tev3

    @barnabusb he is T Prince but if you remember back a few years ago he was the ONLY piston starter that WASNT voted to the all star team. So why do it now?

  • shutup

    I doubt wanting to be an allstar is about the money, its about recognition, its about be recognized for being one of the best at what you do.

  • Paul H

    I’m sorry but he’s averaging 15 and 9 on 46% shooting. This has got more to do with your level of play than politics Joshy boy.

  • KH10

    Thankfully J smoove is still young and has plenty of time to make it, I feel bad for guys like Odom, Camby, Andre Miller and JET who have all missed their chances while far inferior players have been “all stars”.

  • orso94

    I don’t care if he deserves to play or belongs to the All-Star team. But I know that he’s exactly the kind of player I want to see in a All-Star game.