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Powerhouse St. Patrick HS to Close After Academic Year

Corey Fisher, Dexter Strickland, Samuel Dalembert, Al Harrington, Kyrie Irving, and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist are among the All-Americans that have come out of national powerhouse St. Patrick HS over the years. The Elizabeth, NJ school has been ranked among the best in the nation on a yearly basis. But not even the basketball prestige has been able to salvage the crumbling enrollment statistics and financial woes the school has faced the last few years. Earlier this week, it was announced that the school would shut its doors for good this spring as a result. From the Star-Ledger: “Dwindling enrollment, a desperate financial situation and the lowest SAT scores of the 31 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Newark led the archbishop to decide to close basketball powerhouse St. Patrick High School in Elizabeth, a diocesan official said. St. Patrick, the oldest parochial high school in New Jersey, and its neighbor St. Patrick Academy, a grade 5-8 school, will be among several schools whose closing at the end of this school year will be announced today, archdiocese spokesman Jim Goodness said Sunday. Goodness declined to name the other schools but said Archbishop John J. Myers had notified the schools’ officials earlier this month. An announcement was put off until students and parents were told, he said. Despite its nationally known basketball program that included a 26-1 finish in 2010-11, St. Patrick’s failed to recruit enough students to keep enrollment from slipping and closing rumors spread.”

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  • charliewinning

    Wow. I’m shocked as hell right now.

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com KHOLIDAY

    Same thing happened to Rice High School in NYC… smh

  • bike

    Well, what do you expect when the emphasis is on basketball?

  • Bmack

    Is this the same school that had the book written about it? If so i’m so disappointed because i’ve been using them as an example of underdogs overachieving forever.

  • mechsican

    Bmack that would be St. Anthony’s

  • JM

    It’s not a surprise for those in NJ. It has been rumored for years. As soon as their head coach left for Montverde Academy (130k base salary, house on campus, and car) after last season it was a wrap.

    Unfortunately, the same thing will happen to St. Anthony’s when Bob Hurley retires. Catholic programs are closing left and right and with the archdiocese’s paying out crazy money to settle molestation lawsuits they don’t have any money to pump into the schools to help out.

  • charliewinning

    Enrollment is at an all-time low. Don’t place all the blame on the (well deserved) lawsuits. In general, the church puts a lot of money into the wrong places. It sucks for the kids.

  • Justin

    Man…the Church (Catholic especially) has enough money to balance the budget and bail out these closing high schools while still occupying the largest, non-office buildings, in most cities. Meanwhile, homeless people sleep across the street. Must be the gold ceilings and stained glass windows that “God” ordered be placed in the church, not the poor.

  • http://slamonline.com Darkside

    OMG One would think the archdiocese would have a better hand on the bugeting of school funds. Somebody call WALMART! and tell them too donate some cash. This is happening in every state. In all honesty the fees for some of these school is BLANKING!!!! ridiculous.

    @Bmack & Mechisan St.Pat’s does have a documentary title ” Prayer for the perfect season” that aired on HBO.