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Larry Hughes Set to Host Charity Weekend in St. Louis

by Tzvi Twersky | @ttwersky

Larry Hughes, normally quiet as a meek mouse and cool as dry ice, is excited to talk.

“I’ve been rooting for LeBron [James] the whole time,” Hughes, who teamed with James in Cleveland from 2005-08, recently told SLAMonline. “I was upset when he caught all that slack. I made a couple calls last year to see if the [Miami] Heat needed another player down there just to have his back. I rock with him like that. I was pulling hard for him to get this ring.”

Hughes is excited about his friend’s recent big Championship win in Miami. And he’s excited about his own upcoming big weekend win back home.

“I’m hosting a fundraising weekend for my foundation, July 6-7, in St. Louis,” says Hughes, who most recently played for the Orlando Magic. “On Friday, we’re doing a Dunk For Donors event. Then, on Saturday, we’re doing a ‘Roaring ’20s’ theme. That’s the main fundraiser.”

Hosted by Hughes’ 12-year-old foundation, the Larry Hughes Family Foundation for Organ and Tissue Donation, the weekend of for-a-good-cause-festivities is the first of what Hughes hopes will become an annual event.

The Dunk For Donors contest, set to take place Friday night at Christian Brothers High, Hughes alma mater, will include eight to 12 participants, most of whom will be local talents with professional playing experience overseas.

Twenty-four hours later, on Saturday night, the Foundation has arranged a Roaring ’20s Casino Night. Also set to take place at Christian Brothers in Missouri, this school-turned-casino will be rocking with 1920′s costumes, funny money, signed memorabilia, and NFL ticket giveaways.

The goal of the Dunk contest is to get people to register for organ donation and to honor those who already have signed up. Proceeds from the casino night will go to Hughes’ Foundation, with an acute focus on tissue and organ donation, something he hopes to further educate people about in the St. Louis community.

“I think this will go a long way as far as to make people aware that we need donors,” Hughes, who lost his brother in 2006 due to an organ-related ailment, says.

For more information about the weekend visit LHughesWorld on Twitter.

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  • Yep

    I went on a Larry Hughes jersey collecting binge in the 00′s. Got his wizards and cavs jerseys. What was I smoking?

  • Heals

    I dunno Yep, I’ve always been a fan/rooted for him to find a long-term role/team. I know many think he never lived up to expectations, but I don’t care some guys you just root for…

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    sooo…he became a pimp?

  • LA Huey

    Few men coasted harder throughout their careers than Larry Hughes.

  • ratguts

    @yep Good God man.

  • http://www.slamonline.com JTaylor21

    Larry Hughes, famous for being drafted before Paul Pierce and Dirk Nowitzki

  • cball

    larry hughes licks horsed*ck.mpeg

  • da real

    this guy stole a lot of money from the league, haha

  • http://slamonline.com yallllalalal

    Good dude. Real good.

  • FromTheLou

    Only time Cleveland saw the finals was with Larry Hughes, playing the point guard (not his position) and winning the Eastern Conference and going on to loose against San Ant in four straight. Beat Detroit for with Chauncey. How fast Cleveland forgets their only time to the finals in the last 50 years? Lebron is one for three at the finals now, I would say that this last team was stacked for a win, and Lebron has developed into a better player, going for the open man and the assist. Anyone that gets 12 years in the NBA (top 400 players on the globe) has some skills, for the average NBA player, makes it about 3-4 years .

  • Pokey

    Cleveland earned so much money during those Hughes years it is crazy. Lebron was underpaid, the star of the NBA, they were sold out for years, T.V. commercial rates up through the roof. And yes, they went to the finals.
    Danny Ferry made the team and owner a lot of money, don’t think that a few Cavaliers players pocketed the cash. Championships and Money, with Money being number ono, that Cavs period was the best ever had for the franchise. Hughes had a few good years, some injuries, but Lebron and him playing slow, half court basketball (Coach Brown) was the biggest mistake, here you had guys in the early to mid twenties, that could have run many teams into the ground. Brown having Lebron playing 1 on 5 ball was a big mistake, but they still put up a lot of wins and they went somewhere (the finals) that most teams never see. Both Brown and Ferry are working today, so don’t think they didn’t have some nice stats (in dollars) to put on their resumes.