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Yancy Gates to Sign With Lithuanian Team

Forward Yancy Gates, who played four years at the University of Cincinnati, will begin his professional career in Lithuania. According to his college coach, Mick Cronin, Gates was mulling an NBA offer but ultimately decided the overseas opportunity was too good to pass up. Via Cincinnati.com: “‘He passed up an opportunity to go to camp with the Boston Celtics,’ Cronin said, ‘but because it was a non-guaranteed contract, he decided to go to Lithuania. He’s got guaranteed money. If he goes to Boston, and doesn’t make the team, now somebody else takes the job in Lithuania. He’s got a great contract.’ Cronin said playing in a high-level league in Lithuania could be a path for Gates to eventually make it to the NBA. ‘He’s still young,’ Cronin said. ‘He’s 22 years old, so it’s a great opportunity. Many guys have taken that route. It’s a good chance for him to develop as a professional and get some money in the bank.’”

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  • Petro3

    Congrats, wish him all the best! Besides, the Lithuaninan school of Basketball will be good for him, it will make him even more versatile.

  • cbb_fanatic

    I’m happy for him. I hate when guys make one bad mistake (fighting, like it doesn’t happen in the NBA) and get branded as a troublemaker, whereas if he was a coach’s son or in the graces of another well-respected official, he’d get branded as just “passionate”. He’s a good player who deserves another chance, and I’m glad he’s getting it. It’s a shame when talent goes to waste.

  • fitzy

    to be honest when I first heard about him I was like what is he thinking turning down my Cs… but for the sake of his long-term career it’s probably better. He’ll get the fundamentals down a lot better. Afterall you only get one chance to break into the L

  • anthony

    It was a good decision because we are deep at the pf spot and he wasn’t making the team anyways most likely..Go overseas, average a double double or something close and he might get a shot..I hate to say it, but that fight is the type of stuff gm’s don’t really forget easily..just ask Tu holloway..

  • http://slamonline.com Wayno

    He played summer league in Orlando for Detroit and I liked what I saw from him. He’ll be a decent pro when he comes back to the states.

  • http://www.nba.com Dacre

    Never heard of the kid. Ever. But I can get he needs to work on a back to the basket game. Obviously.

  • Yo Yancy

    Straight thuggin in Lithuania

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/news-rumors/other-news/2012/08/yancy-gates-to-sign-with-lithuanian-team/ YancyGates

    we got gangstas in Lithuania.

  • phyll

    Yancy did not post that who eer did should stop

  • phyll

    yancy is not a gangster and would never say that he is


    The CAVs could have used his toughness. (He should have saved that Xavier punch for the U know who traitor and vindicated every Cleveland who ever wanted to)

  • freddyO

    yancy is a nice player soft hands and a beast on the boards. Im a raps fan in canada we just got that jonas valanciunas and if yancy can develop an offense like this kids got hes gonna be a good pro. i loved watchin the bearcats last season not because of the punch but they were nasty big east champs cmon! yancy is champion!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.zimmel Jonathan Zimmel

    a double double in europe means nothing. this dude copelan who only plays for the knicks sparingly lead the euro in scoring right?
    and this guy went to college with me, leab the nation in rebounding, was an all star (or the equivalent) in europe….noone cares