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Harrison Twins Will Play for Kentucky

Months of speculation ended this afternoon when the top-ranked point guard in the nation, Andrew Harrison, and top-ranked shooting guard, twin brother Aaron, announced their intentions to play for Kentucky next fall. Kentucky seems to be on its way to having the no. 1 recruiting class for the fifth straight year. Julius Randle and Andrew Wiggins to follow?  From CBS Sports: “The Kentucky luster is stronger than ever. Maryland had essentially everything going for it when it came to Andrew and Aaron Harrison. There was the six-year relationship head coach Mark Turgeon had with the family. There was the friendship Aaron Harrison Sr. had with assistant coach Bino Ranson, and the friendship the twins have with incoming Maryland freshman Shaq Cleare. The twins’ grandparents live in Baltimore. And of course, Under Armour. Kentucky had John Calipari. And Calipari doesn’t lose. In the end, that’s all the Wildcats needed. The twins pledged to Kentucky on Thursday afternoon, choosing the Wildcats over Maryland. It could jumpstart yet another No. 1 class for Calipari.”

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  • Max

    Kentucky is stacked again..

  • Stevethecannon

    Kentucky is gonna win the national championship again when they are freshman. Heard it here first lol

  • Jay Write

    fuck yall at Kentucky, Cal & Nike can always offer more $ than these other schools smh
    Shoulda went to Nova, a class-A university

  • Yknot

    Wonder how Ryan Harrow feels…….

  • http://www.facebook.com/sajjatam Sajjatam Tp Kulsomboon

    As a Terp fan, I feel a little bit dead now. All the hope I had coming into next season…gone.

  • Da best

    He will be gone by then

  • Da best

    Kentucky cut that check! Under Armour is sick right now. They should’ve gave his pops a job in Baltimore or something. Elite 24 and their high school program is like a big waste if they can’t get any of them to go to UA colleges

  • KipSmithers


  • Redd

    Quite obviously they’ll be stacked like this for some more years til players get tired of it potentially.


    wonder how much they’re making. and how much whoever is taking their entrance exams is making off this. and how soon the last banner will be gone.

  • MIB

    how the fuck this fucker get all this best players.

  • Alex Estoesta

    Cal strikes again!

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    They shoulda hit up the local community colleges

  • Comment_System

    See a lot of hate in here, lol.

  • GanjaLuv

    Yeah go to Villanova for that one year of school would have made all the difference in their lives….get freaking real holmes. And Maryland has no business with studs like this. Stick to your 50th rate players. Dont try and run with the big dawgs.

  • hillbilly

    @LOSER4LIFE Those are some really good questions! You should give your old pal Kelvin Sampson a call and see what he thinks. Maybe the two of you can figure out why IU still wears those hideous, ‘candy cane’ warm-ups while you’re at it.