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Aquille Carr Drops 52 Points in Last HS Game, Ready to Turn Pro Overseas

There’s been lots of speculation as to whether the rumors of Aquille Carr foregoing college to turn pro overseas are true or not. But now that Carr has made it clear that he will indeed take his talents across the ocean, it sets the stage for a very interesting situation that will transpire over the next few months. There are many that believe the 5-7 guard is making a mistake by heading overseas and some even predict that it will ultimately only hurt his chance of playing in the League one day. One thing that we can all hopefully agree on is that he is very entertaining to watch play and many of his moves just leaves everyone in awe. Carr played his last high school game this past weekend, where he capped off a terrific prep career in style with a game-high 52 points. He averaged 29.5 points per game this past season. Reportedly in midst of talks with teams in Italy and Russia, as well as athletic apparel companies, a new challenge on the horizon awaits the Baltimore native. From the Washington Post: “Jaws dropped and eyes bulged as word spread throughout the Laurel Boys & Girls Club on Saturday that Aquille Carr had just dropped 52 points in his last high school game — a 121-82 win for Princeton Day over Central Jersey Each One Teach One Academy. When asked if that was a career high, the 5-foot-7 senior humbly smiled and said, “Nah, I had 57 points one time before.” This ever-present potential for gaudy stats, along with a desire to care for his one-year-old daughter, are the main reasons why Carr announced after Saturday’s game that he will take his talents to Europe to play professional basketball. The electrifying guard said he has yet to sign with a team or an agent but he’s confident in his ability to succeed within international play and provide for his family. “I got a responsibility, taking care of my daughter, so that’s why I picked to take the route overseas,” Carr said. “I’m ready to make basketball my career and be responsible for my family.”

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  • LakeShow

    This will be interesting.

  • Bravo

    Show me what you got

  • Redd


  • LLC#12

    I don’t know if this is a good move for him. Maybe he’ll be like a poor mans Bo McCalebb, but that’s unlikely. The NCAA is a proven litmus test for NBA players, Europe isn’t. I don’t understand why a player who already has a lot of doubters doesn’t want to prove himself in a league that translates better to the NBA. Not to mention that his playing style is worlds apart from most of the top PG’s in Europe.

  • D

    You can’t hate that , he’s got a family to take care of , anyone here would make that decision , European clubs do pay well , he could go NCAA blowout a knee and never play again and never make a dime for his talent

  • bk

    It is defintely not a good move for his career. but if you watched the last hoopmixtape video of him, you realize that he have no other choice and he have to do this step, because of his family and

    especially for his newborn baby. we have to wait and hope that he can improve his game, because this kid has a lot of potential and i absolutely want to see him in the nba! source: http://hoopmixtape.com/2013/03/aquille-carr-official-professional-overseas-announcement-drops-52-points-on-senior-night/

  • Da Real

    This is a 30 for 30 documentary in the making, unfortunately I don’t think it will have a good ending

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nathan-Shane-Long/580141409 Nathan Shane Long

    another Jeremy Tyler in the making bad move

  • goattree

    be responsible for his family? Isn’t this the same cat who beat up his girlfriend last year?

  • Peter Walsh

    Maybe he’s actually being realistic with himself and knows that the possibility of a 5-7 scoring guard making it the the League is slim-to-none. If he thrives overseas, he’ll have a lucrative career and will be the face of a franchise instead of wasting away in the D-League or warming the bench.

  • bemore

    Hes got too much game to fail.

  • KingBenjamin

    Realistically, the only reason Aquille Carr is getting any attention is because he’s short and plays an exciting game. With that being said, whether he goes to college or to play overseas, he’s not going to make it to the NBA. He’s not even ranked top 100 nationally for his graduation class, what makes people think he’ll play in the NBA? There’s a slim to none chance that he’ll make the NBA even if he goes to college or chooses to play overseas.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shooting.guard.319 Shooting Guard

    He’s making a personal decision as a man (for his child). God is his judge not you

  • spit hot fiyah

    many players did, game is not the only thing that dictates failure. wish him the best though

  • LLC#12

    Thanks for the link man. Yeah I guess the newborn baby doesn’t leave him with much choice, hope it goes well for him and his family.

  • LP

    hmmm…make some money OVERSEAS or Play at Seton Hall….? hmmmmmmmmm….

  • Stooka25

    Let’s be serious this is a good move for him, I believe he will succeed in international play. There’s too much money to be made, this is a very smart move. College basketball isn’t putting out any good players this year. A lot of high school players need to make this kind of move. College basketball is overrated, universities don’t care about there players. Why can’t this young man make money??? This is a very smart move

  • Meech32

    Everybodys a sports analyse now…please shut up He averaged 25+ points since he was a freshman in highschool 3000pts his highschool career almost and is going overseas to provide for his seed, if u cant support taking care of his kid please be quite, plus he’s gonna be making more money than any of yall

  • Aquille3.4

    He can make it to the league don’t doubt him quickest player at any level in country at any level hardwork pays off

  • Point.1

    He’s too swift and too quick he can’t be stopped………48inchvertical plus best ball handling skills in highschool and maybe even college plus shooting ability and quickness speed=nba

  • http://twitter.com/vmstech24 Vincent M. Santore

    If I wasn’t a Seton Hall fan I would be much more okay with this. That singlehandedly destroyed our recruiting class.

  • Ahamd

    It not that great oversea in some places the D League is better

  • guest

    Wasn’t Muggsy Bogues 5’3″ ? Why can’t Carr make it?

  • Ei_Ehm

    European coaching and play style might be good for him if he makes it to the NBA later on.

  • carbomb

    People forget the NBA is the best of the best…he probably wont make it, but at least get a free education at Seton Hall. Remember Dejuan Wagner was a high schooler that scored 100 pts then tanked.

  • mr.cross over

    Aquille has the most talent out of any guard under 6 feet I have ever seen.