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Central Florida Unveils New Jerseys

by Bill DiFilippo / @bflip33

It looks like the court at Central Florida isn’t the only thing getting a makeover this season.

The UCF Knights unveiled their new Nike jersey design yesterday, which features pinstripes on the front of the jersey and pants, and a graphic on the back. The jerseys were displayed at the team’s media day.

The new jersey court designs don’t just look cool—the team hopes this helps them with recruiting.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

UCF basketball will have a totally new look for the start of its new era in the American Athletic Conference. With the black-stained basketball court and new uniforms, the Knights will try to make an impression on recruits who will see them play against the toughest schedule in program history.

This year’s slate also includes 19 games on national television, with home dates against defending national champion Louisville, Memphis, UConn, Cincinnati and Temple.

Whether or not any potential recruits play for the Knights because of the new jerseys and court remain to be seen, but with all the new additions to the team’s style, at least they’re going to look good.

photo credit: UCF Athletics

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  • Dfrance

    Those are pretty ugly.

  • def80s

    A hideous baseball singlet uniform

  • spit hot fiyah

    i blame the charlotte hornets for making me love pinstripes

  • Anthony

    agree sir! (not a fan of pin stripes)

  • Dfrance

    I think it depends on the execution. It’s not done well here. But I liked the Bulls black and red pinstriped jerseys.

  • The Mauve Avenger

    Name of the school spelled out across the the front of a jersey that is the school’s colors, with a number in the center.

  • Dan

    I like it actually, but I want to see what the road uniform will look like, hopefully solid black. In an interview with Donnie Jones they mentioned it was to replicate the old Magic uniforms of the Shaq era.

  • bringbackthesonics

    Those bulls jerseys are easily my all time favorite

  • Dfrance

    Those were another nice pinstriped uniform. Penny’s #1 jersey in royal blue with the white pinstripes were my favorite. I think the diagonal “UCF” throws it off. Maybe a bigger font going straight across would look better to me.