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North Carolina Will Not Seek Reinstatement for PJ Hairston (UPDATE)


by Bill DiFilippo / @bflip33

One of college basketball’s most controversial sagas is finally coming to an end.

Just two days after North Carolina guard Leslie McDonald was reinstated from his season long suspension, the university announced today that it will not seek reinstatement for star guard PJ Hairston, hereby ending his career in Chapel Hill.

After leading the Tar Heels in scoring in ’12-13, Hairston had not appeared in a game this year due to an NCAA investigation into him receiving improper benefits during the offseason. The Tar Heels were 7-3 in his absence.

From GoHeels.com:

 ”Unfortunately PJ made a number of mistakes that placed his eligibility at risk and the University’s joint review with the NCAA made it clear that seeking reinstatement for PJ would not be possible,” says director of athletics Bubba Cunningham. “The University thanks him for his contributions to Carolina Basketball.

“We all wish this had turned out differently for PJ and the University,” says Cunningham. “We first learned of this situation back in the summer and getting to this point took a great deal of time because the University, the NCAA and PJ’s family took great care to learn as many of the facts as were possible to learn. I know everyone, from PJ and his family, to the basketball team, our fans and the media, wanted this process to play out faster than it did. However, it took the time that was necessary and ultimately came to this difficult conclusion.”

Hairston averaged 14.6 points and 4.3 rebounds last year en route to being an All-ACC honorable mention.

UPDATE: The Hairston family released a statement on Friday that says they are “displeased” with UNC’s decision not to submit a request for Hairston’s reinstatement.

We are displeased with the University of North Carolina’s decision not to submit the necessary paperwork to the NCAA requesting to have PJ reinstated. This process has been long, and for to end without having a final decision from the governing body is a shame. Ultimately this affects PJ, and his eligibility to play Division I colligate basketball for the remainder of this season, as well as next season.

Despite our disappointment, we wish the team continued success.

PJ will be making an announcement about his future plans within the next few weeks. For now, we respectfully ask the media to refrain from contacting us, so that they can enjoy a peaceful holiday season at home.

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  • Anthony

    UNC – University of Narcotics Consumers….TarHoles….in High Heels….Go PACK! “This is OUR STATE”

  • Carl

    NCStatelol…if there was EVER a case of the little brother syndrome, it’s NCStatelol. All they worry about is UNC and Duke…meanwhile they get beat in every sport year after year after year. Ask NC Central who’s state it is!

  • Anthony

    Thought NCCU Eagles were to busy playing lackee to UNC football players to be concerned about any part of NCSU bidness…And for the record we beat both Duke and UNC last year sir….

  • Anthony

    Also with although shootings going on on NCCU’s campus they have no place in trying to stake any claim on NC.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Unathletic Dion waiters. He’d be a sick pick up in the and1 team.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Who care about two fluke wins last year that programs sucks now you got players like Rodney Purvis jumping ship and CJ Leslie going undrafted and worst of all losing games to BLACK COLLEGES

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Way to screw up your pathetic life PJ kiss those millions of NBA dollars goodbye dumbass N*GGA he will go undrafted and straight to the D-league

  • BabyFace Cain♋

    Man F nc state you’ll gonna get beat like the red headed stepchild that you’ll are. (Lowercase on purpose) No respect for you bums

  • shockexchange

    This is awful. Hairston is SE’s favorite college player. All he does is get buckets.

  • Tuomas Uotila

    Dear NCAA,

    Please proceed to end yourselves.

    Thank You.

  • Robert

    Speeding in rental cars from ex cons, driving without a license, a couple drug possession charges. And his family is disappointed in the UNIVERSITY? Maybe its time to take a closer look at the decisions your kid has made. He is the one they should be disappointed in.