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Southern Illinois’ AD Backs Head Coach Barry Hinson After Post-Game Rant

by Bill DiFilippo / @bflip33

Southern Illinois athletic director Mario Moccia said that the university will not take any action against head coach Barry Hinson after Hinson unleashed a six-minute tirade in his post-game press conference on Tuesday night.

In the rant, Hinson said his team an “uncoachable” bunch of “mama’s boys,” said his starting guards played “awful,” said his wife could play better than his big men because “I know my wife will at least shot-fake one time,” and accused his team of flopping.

The loss dropped the team to 2-8 on the season, and was the Salukis’ fourth straight loss. 

From Yahoo:

Athletic director Mario Moccia said he took no disciplinary action against Hinson.

”He’s very passionate. That’s why we hired him,” Moccia said. ”I just reinforced that we never want to specifically criticize a player. There’s a way to answer the media’s question about a specific player’s performance without being overly critical where people think you’re being too tough on the kid.”

Hinson came to Southern Illinois last season after successful stints at Oral Roberts and Missouri State. So far in Carbondale, Hinson has compiled a 16-25 record.

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  • Enigmatic

    Even though that rant went viral, as a senior at Southern Illinois, I can tell you that this was typical Coach Hinson. We’re all used to it by now, dude is passionate and hilarious.
    I know some people don’t like what he did but I don’t have a problem with it, he apologized for singling out one player and stood by the rest of his comments. Personally, I can’t wait to see how the team reacts. I’ll be at the game on Saturday and hopefully the Salukis will play with passion that matches their coach’s.
    Now if only SIU can get national attention for winning games like back when we were going to the tourney every year from ’02 to ’07 (and making the Sweet 16 IN ’02 and ’07) that would be cool…

  • Anthony

    I would have loved to have played for a coach like this!

  • Dfrance

    While the rant is hilarious, and a basketball head I don’t like it for many reasons. For one, in the college game, you should NEVER single out one player by name the way he did. You don’t want to pay them like pros, don’t hold them personally accountable in a public presser like pros. Secondly, he had all these deliberate one liners “I tell my wife all the time size doesn’t matter” or “Did you see the snipers”. To me, thats not a heat of the moment rant, thats a “I’m gonna say these things to cause a scene the next time we play bad” rant. When Denny Green kept saying “we are who we thought they were!” over and over, it wasn’t a planned thing, he was fired up and went off. Same thing with AI’s practice rant.

    This just seemed too contrived.

  • BE.water

    Some people are better able to be clever and hilariously angry while still maintaining composure.

  • TriggaMan

    Yea who was that point guard with dreads name a few years back he was real good forget his name

  • Enigmatic

    Jamaal Tatum? Yeah, he was nice. Guard before him, Darren Brooks, was really good too.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Would be interesting to get the player’s take on this rant. Whether you have been on a team (basketball or otherwise), there is a certain way to get your players to react/respond, and i completely disagree with the tactics that this coach uses.

    Berating players, especially over time, has a wearing effect, and gets to thee point where they begin to tune you out. ESPECIALLY when you are still in school and have to balance all you sports obligations with class, social life, etc.

    There is a way to inspire and light a fire under your players, and make them respect you, without alienating them in front of a (inter)national audience. I didn’t see the game, and maybe the players should have played harder, or better, but speaking about them like this, even if they play harder/better in the future, taunting and berating them consistently, will cause long term resentment. I know from experience.