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Michael Jordan’s Mom Questions Validity of MJ Auction Items


by Bill DiFilippo / @bflip33

Recent auction items that have allegedly belonged to Michael Jordan are now having their validity called into question by MJ’s mother.

The primary item in question is the recruiting letter that former North Carolina head coach sent MJ when he was in high school. While the auction house that is looking to sell the letter claims that it is the exact copy Smith sent to him, Deloris Jordan says that is impossible.

From NBC Chicago:

“When I heard it, I’m thinking, ‘No, that cannot be. What they have is replica,’” Deloris Jordan said. “The letters of Coach Smith and Coach Gunthrie’s letters I have in a vault. I accumulated all that stuff as he was getting prepared to go to college.”

Deloris Jordan said virtually all of the items in Michael Jordan’s restaurants and entities are replicas.

“I wouldn’t take that risk of leaving it. It’s so valuable and you can’t replace it,” she said. “I have so many things I have been able to really hold onto and these things I would not have given to anybody. What they have is a copy.”

The auction for Smith’s recruitment letter, along with several other items up for auction relating to His Airness, will be up for auction until February 7. 

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  • TTN

    Everybody want apiece of the man, I would think mama know what shes talking about, sounds like a letter she would keep herself as a token of accomplishment.

  • BlackBond

    wow this definitely should be a bigger deal. if theyre selling replicas that is crazy

  • JoeMaMa

    Michael Jordan’s mom keeps his precious items in a vault.
    Kobe’s mom….does not.
    Poor Kobe. Second place in Mamas too.

  • bike

    Her suspicions were aroused when she noticed the auctioning of MJ’s underwear. “They didn’t have no pecker tracks on ‘em” she quipped. “Michael always left a lot of pecker tracks in his underwear”.

  • jumanumama

    And you was dropped as a child.