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Stern to Lecture LeBron

by Marcel Mutoni

Has a refusal to shake an opponent’s hand ever generated this much interest, controversy, and self-righteousness before? Well, yes, actually … never mind.

Things have gotten so out of hand this time around, that David Stern was forced to address LeBron James’s decision not to stick around and immediately address his team’s elimination from the postseason following Game 6 of the ECF.

According to the Commish, he was not pleased with what he saw, and plans to let James hear all about it.

From ESPN:

“I’m in the process of making a phone call or two now to talk to LeBron … so I don’t want to speak to that at this moment,” Stern said.

“So you’re not happy?” [radio personality Colin Cowherd] asked. “I think that’s fair to say,” Stern replied.

When further asked about James’ storming off the court without postgame handshakes with the Magic — and whether one action was more troubling than the other — Stern said both were important. “One goes to rules, another goes to values,” he said. “I think both of them should be followed.”

Man, to be a fly on the wall during that chat.

I just hope that LeBron lets the call go straight to voicemail a few times, just to irritate Stern some more.

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  • http://mynameinblue.blogspot.com Hisham

    James to Stern: You better watch your tone mister! There’s plenty of other leagues that would triple my NBA salary!

  • http://coco-vents.blogspot.com Co Co

    Clearly Stern is just a hater.

  • finest hour

    Lebron dosent need to apologize or pick up the sterns calls. His team had the best record and they didnt make it to the finals, i wont criticize him for being emotional

  • finest hour

    and stern needs to stop hatin .

  • ber


  • http://mynameinblue.blogspot.com Hisham

    I remember that in the past, fines have been given to players for refusing to talk to the media. Do they not do that anymore, or is James getting a kind of treatment that not even Jordan got to enjoy during his playing days?

  • http://www.another48minutes.blogspot.com Gerard Himself

    Hisham: the latter. And LeBron was just wrong, emotional or not. And I hope we’ll leave it at that. I’m tired about this topic. The man made a mistake for the first time in his career, it happens. Now let’s get those Finals started.

  • http://allanzuss@yahoo.com Mendel

    If I were LeBron I would be like what you gonna throw me out of the leauge?

  • JoeMaMa

    I hope Lebron recovers from his surgery quickly.
    That said, he acted like a little girl. At the end of the day, this is a game. Didn’t Jordan always pay his respects? Magic, Bird? There’s a history here.
    And I agree: let’s get those Finals started. And again, I hope for Lebron’s speedy recovery.

  • Diogo

    What Mendel said.

  • http://mynameinblue.blogspot.com Hisham

    Lebron is better at starting bogus controversy than Kobe

  • http://www.manutd.com/ Z

    I understand where Stern is coming from, as the commish, he needs to address any situation that’s reflecting negatively on the league. the outcry from a lot of sports writers have made this a full blow situation. So, yeah, I’m okay with the commish doing his job. Will Bron care? I don’t know and, at this point, I really don’t care. I’m done with Brongate. Holla at me when he does something serious: On Monday, NBA spokesman Tim Frank told 1050 ESPN New York’s Andrew Marchand that James would not be fined, adding, “We haven’t had any issues with him before at all.” Next.

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  • http://theghostofroyhobbs.blogspot.com Mo Charlo

    Stern just wants to hang out with LeBron. Kind of like me.

  • http://nationofmillions.ca ciolkstar

    This is really ridiculous. but I think it could lead to Bron foregoing the upkeep of the squeaky clean image he’s had up to this point. Its just too hard to maintain. So just eff it, and come out Barkley-style.
    All I know is that he’s gonna come back even more ruthless next season.

  • Cizzo

    Lebron needs to realize that loosing, exspecially with a suck-ass team like his, he needs to man up and respect the game that made him who he is today, aswell as the player that that put it all on the line just like him. When they were blowing teams out and sweeping the floor with teams he was the biggest celabatory player in league history Im not saying he has to pop Moet with the Majic, but I bet the Majic would have made sure the Cavs would have had they’re blessing going into the the NBA Finals!

  • Cizzo

    As far as the media is concerned I could care less if he adress them or not!

  • RedRum

    Obviously LJ played it very bad… I can understand that he might have been upset with loosing and emotions got to him and did not shake hands. Bad move, but fair enough… but what was awful was the day later “macho” outbreak that he is a competitor and does not shake hands with those who beat him… easy there buddy!!! Larry, MJ, Magic they were all very competitive, but apart from the Pistons-Bulls incident they all exchanged handshakes. If he simply apologised it would be fine. but no… he had to play the tough guy. I wonder where he goes fishing…

  • http://www.newyorkshockexchange.com Old School Baller

    The media is determined for Lebron to get his beating. They kept talkin’ about it and talkin’ about it until the commissioner was almost forced to do something. Unfortunately Lebron is still taking the focus away from where it should be – on the two best teams in the NBA . . . Magic and Lakers.

  • Eazy Yi

    has he been taking throwback jerseys again?

  • http://www.www.com nate the great

    im sick of people blaming his team. he is part of his team, blame him too.
    Lebron is a stuck up effin vaj and im tired of his attitude, when he doesnt get calls he cries worse than tim duncan.
    his team had 66 wins, and swept threw the first two rounds.
    they found real compitition and after they lost lebron cried like a bitsh.
    everyone needs to deal with their golden child being a bitsh.
    its who he is.

  • http://www.team-basketball.com Team Basketball

    We love to shine the spotlight on somebody and when they make one little mistake, we’re quick to bring them down. I think we should give LeBron a break…the guy worked his a$s off this season.

  • Eazy Yi

    Oh no wait, he’s been the most exciting player in the league for 6 years, he’s generated so much for this league. I hope ‘Bron picks up and just says “You’re welcome”

  • larrylegend

    stern is just pissed of loosing millions. stern…values…lol.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/category/blogs/fear/ Freedom Fries

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN or as we say in french: le groan

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    …and on to the Finals please…the only crown LBJ has gotten is from Burger King. Let’s just watch the two best teams in the league play while LeBron tries to find new ways to get attention. Forget about that fool until next year. GO MAGIC!

  • Statik

    Ok he didnt shake hands, he didnt talk to reporters; let his boss talk to him, fine him, whatever, give him his pinishment and move the fcuk on…the media is still on this BS cuz theres really nuthin to talk about in between series and since they’re the gods of the sports world their opinions matter so damn much

  • Statik


  • Stan

    I hope this won’t affect the value of Lebron’s cards =)

  • Brian

    I’m sure they’ll just switch stuff up and next year it will be a fine if you do shake hands and speak to the media after a game much like the crab dribble.

  • http://deleted hillbilly

    I had to laugh when I saw LeBron’s first post-series interview the other day on ESPN: “You know…with a few breaks, it could have easily been 4-2 in our favor.” Yeah…and if frogs had wings, they wouldn’t bump their a$$es when they hop, now would they? Sheesh…talk about a sore loser.

  • phil

    Stern is a paternalistic racist. I guess he views it as his duty to teach these uppity negroes how to be proper human beings.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    *Phil later put down the pipe and asked, “where am I?”

  • http://www.garrettelliott.com Garrett

    The comment I was most annoyed with was when LeBron said something like, “When you’re getting a beat down, you don’t want to shake the other guy’s hand.” So all the teams that they handed beat downs to in the regular season walked off the court and didn’t shake their hand and show them respect?

  • Feng

    Bron is going to the NFL

  • http://june7thdonald@netzero.com donlaker

    who really cares if labron and his crab dribble ran to the bus, he did it to avoid his whack teammates, he couldnt face them(zylwhackus,has ben wallace, wally, joe smith, booopi gibson,brazil dude,
    no wonder he was pissed.. his team is not that good , that record they had shows a false security, orlando didnt buy into the david $tern /nike hype
    only mike brown and the other cavs believed the hype
    bron new better , and stern leave him alone, he will be in a knick uni soon and you can have your nba cake in 2011 when bron gets players around him that can still play(no overpriced stiffs)

  • Chris Ward

    lol…whats with all you guys saying Stern is hating on Lebron? He didnt say anything bad about Lebron. He said what eveybody else has been saying. David Stern is the COMMISSIONER of the nba. Any negative publicity from any player automatically becomes his negative publicity. for god sakes all he said was that he was going to have a private conversation with him. LIKE MEN! Stern is right. its in the nba rule book that you have to speak to the media and shaking hands translates to sportsmanship and sportmanship comes from a persons values. All of you know that. When you guys played ball(if you ever played or still play) you had to shake hands after you won or lost. WHY DOES EVERYONE ACT LIKE THIS IS NEW? Is it because its Lebron James? True he carried his team but he is not the first person to carry a team and not win the title. Just ask West, Malone, Barkley, Kobe(without shaq). Nobody is sayin Lebron committed a crime but no matter if it was emotions or not Lebron was wrong. Dont act like as men we dont let our emotions get the best of us sometimes. When we were small and we stepped out of line there were adults to give us “the talk” so that we wont make the same mistakes over and over. Lebron has not gotten to old to get “the talk”. Grow up people…

  • Harrell

    First off Nate aint great hes a real A$$ wipe Kobe is the most arrogant player in the league everybody cries when they dont get a call especially you and Tim has 4 rings and also youse a bitsh what ever the hell that is

  • Canuck

    In summary: he should have been more sportsmanlike following the game. Let’s discuss this for another week.


    this ish is stupid wtf could he possibly say to LJ f-ing idiot

  • that dude

    we are all way too obsessed with LeBron

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    nate the great is a dumb@ss.

  • rand33p

    not needed…stern is the best commish around but a phone call isnt needed.. fine him if u dont like it

  • chintao

    My guess is that Stern will say something along the lines of: “You didn’t win this year. How did that feel? Bad, right? I can make it so that you feel that way EVERY year, for the rest of your career. You had better not pull another stunt like that ever again.”

  • Rampid

    Does that mean that he’ll be ringing up the old Pistons team from Jordan’s era and give them a lecture about not doing the pre game stuff?

  • Rampid

    Sorry, I meant post game

  • Kelsey

    Many great competitors in history shook the other guys hands at the end of a defeat. It’s in every sport, even boxing! Lebron didn’t respect that, and he got dinged for it. Just because Lebron does something wrong and people point it out doesn’t mean they’re a hater. He made a mistake, and he should get fined for it, because any other player would. Oh and I love how when the Cavs were winning in the season and in the playoffs, Lebron had a great supporting cast, but when they lose, it’s the supporting cast’s fault. Where’s the logic in that? What ever happened to TEAM sports? Just because you’re the best on the team doesn’t mean you’re the only one responsible for a win.

  • Son of Shawn

    Wait, so Stern won´t fine Lebron?, Why?, and what about Sheed´s fines? (“both teams played hard”), mmm… maybe someone is afraid of Greek´s money, I supposse that Stern is afraid because if Lebron can´t win a chip next year and the NBA fines him for being rude (or some other stupidity), a one-year trip (to make a huge amount of money) to Greece or Russia isn´t a bad idea if you´re really pissed with your team and the NBA commissioner

  • Eric

    Is Stern going to “lecture” Dwayne Wade for skipping out on a press conference and not shaking hands with the Hawks after his series ended? Did Stern “lecture” Mike Jordan for skipping out on press conferences?

    So now the GREAT WHITE FATHER is going to put the negro in his place. Yeah okay.

  • youngmuggsy

    I think what people are forgetting is that Lebron is a 24 year old man. A kid not shaking hands afterward a loss I can understand but a grown man should be able to swallow his pride and show some respect to the other team.

  • youngmuggsy


  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    Since no-one else said it. Is it going to be a Stern lecture?

  • fatlever12

    people need to realize that this is the first thing Lebron has done that is bad. He’s a great showmen and has a great personality, never been in trouble with the law, and he plays the game in its most purest form…might be the best thing to happen to the NBA since jordan, magic, and bird….and….hes a great competitor…so i say let him screw up at least once….

  • http://mindyourbusiness@nosybutt.com Allenp

    Gotta keep dem darkies in line boss…
    Can’t have dem stepin’ outta line…
    Yessuh, boss, I’se undastand boss.

  • http://mindyourbusiness@nosybutt.com Allenp

    I wonder how often David Stern has lectured Donald Sterling?
    I’ve never heard about him getting called to the principal’s office.

  • ron

    stern’s voice out on an interview ain’t necessary. isn’t it a part of the game? to respect your opponents or not is totally a freedom choice for individual. or u telling me you are lookin for a ball player to become some role model? wake the **** up !

  • phil

    Seriously though, in what other professional sports league does the commish need to sit down players 1 on 1 to tell them how to behave?

  • BostonBaller

    #1 Not shaking hands should not have been a big deal but it shows poor sportsmanship period. #2 A fine would have been reasonable b/c he skipped post game media time (He never missed a media op before losing)#3 If it were Pierce or Garnett or someone a level below LeBron most people would have said that they were too arrogant for their own good. #4 Competitor or not, sportsmanship is sportsmanship. #5 A persons true feeling come out when they are either drunk or when they lose a big game. (He wasn’t drunk unless you count being drunk for power)#6 He will indeed come back next season and try to destroy everyone in his path to make a point (what that point is, who knows b/c he was wrong and doesn’t get a pass on this one.) #7 Let the Finals begin!!!!!!! 7 Games please!!!!

  • BostonBaller

    I doubt if race had anything to do with this and all to do about Sterns sensitive ears to the media and any negative light on the NBA. Stern sees Green not black or white. He will pimp any win and then flip the script when you lose. Man up. Jordan had his talk when he “gambled” legally during the playoffs and I’m sure it wasn’t a lecture as James’ will not be a lecture. Media attention dictates what Stern does. Period.

  • http://mindyourbusiness@nosybutt.com Allenp

    So, Donald Sterling hasn’t received negative media attention?


    I dont even know y the F*&^ he(stern) trippn dis hard bout not shakn hands obviously bron was pissed so he just wanted to go home and see his kids.

  • Superman_Osman

    The dwarf returns to his d*ckridin’ antics…

  • lillemomoney

    i thought it was great that he did that;although a fine should be expected due to the media aspect.The most important thing is that he told his team he had mad luv for them before he bounced;however, his team and ESPECIALLY Coach Brown totally let him down while he gave his soul to that series. I think it further shows his deep passion for his goal of winning a championship,to have hundreds of millions in the bank and still be so emotionally devastated by losing, shows character. I feel really bad for Bron.He deserves that shot more than anyone

  • Joey Jo Jo

    This just in: Lebron got fined 25K by Stern


  • chitownfinest

    lebron is a sore loser. he got to much of an ego to congradulate the other team. lebron and dwight were olympic teammates and out of respect he couldve shook his hand same way ray allen and the celtics shook every single magic player and the same way kobe and carmelo had they moment. how can lebron tell the kids to b a sports player and to keep they head up on a loss if he doesnt do the same. gotta show leadership and sportsmanship. 1st rule coaches teach to its players

  • http://notyouraveragenegro.blogspot.com/ Melvin

    I wish they would get off Bron.

  • Flash

    this proves that stern really wants lebron to be the face of the nba for marketing reasons, he so concerned with what other people might think about his most priced player.

  • http://www.twitter.com/TheDiesel Anton

    I just saw their convo on MSN:
    Chosen1: hey commish, I know what this is about and I just wanted to say-
    Sternbot: no time for small talk, King. you may have a seat.
    Chosen1: aight
    Sternbot: yes…the force is strong with this one
    Chosen1: listen, I was pissed that for the last 3 straight years I’ve gotten no help, so if you wanna fine me then do it
    Sternbot: Lord Bron, this is not what it’s about. you have a choice
    Chosen1: huh?
    Sternbot: the choice of whom you want as your Pippen to win multiple championships. Amare of Bosh?
    Chosen1: ni%%a what?!
    Sternbot: choose wisely, my son
    Chosen1: Hmm..does Amare come with goggles?
    Sternbot: negative
    Chosen1: Aight, I’ll take Bosh then.
    Sternbot: a wise choice, young Sithlord. so know you know where the real amazing happens…

  • Black Mamba

    I think we would all agree that Lebron is a man. He is responsible for his actions either good or bad, and I don’t think he needs to be given a lesson by the commissioner over some phone call.

  • Black Mamba

    And I just realized the disrespectful message that Stern is sending out to others player that don’t shake hands after a ball game. Why is he so concerned about the lack of values Lebron has for the game by not giving a hand-shake, and not other players like Ronaldo Balkman after the Denver-Laker series, who shook nobody’s hand. Stern better be giving a lecture to every player who don’t shake hands, cause Lebron is a person just like any other player in the league.