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Lakers and Mavs Reportedly Looking to Trade for Kevin Love


by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

The Kevin Love-to-LA rumors continue to gain steam, but now, Dallas is also said to be joining the K-Love derby.

The thinking goes that Love wants to hoop in Hollywood, but of course, Minnesota doesn’t want to give up their franchise player.

Per CBS Sports:

The Lakers, Love’s first choice, “have the best shot” of landing the Southern California native, one person familiar with the player’s thinking said. There is no incentive in the CBA for Love to sign an extension with Minnesota before he has a chance to decline his player option and hit the open market in July 2015.

Giving up significant assets for Love would be problematic for any team that isn’t confident it will be able to sign him when he becomes a free agent. That is obviously not an issue for the Lakers.

In the end, it will fall on Timberwolves president Flip Saunders to pull the trigger on a Love deal or wait him out and hope he’s able to turn the franchise’s fortunes around in time to persuade him to stay. Minnesota has yet to make the playoffs in Love’s five seasons and is likely headed to the lottery again this year.

According to the report, other teams around the NBA are looking to package a “premium” first-round pick in a potential trade for Kevin Love. Naturally, Mavs owner Mark Cuban is doing all he can to deny the rumor of his team’s pursuit of the star forward.

Per the Dallas Morning News:

“I know what we’re talking about and not talking about,” Cuban said before Tuesday’s game against Miami. “We take pride in the fact that you never read about our deals before they happen. So if you read about them, you know what that means.”

This could be a case of the Mavericks being used as leverage or as a default setting by some league sources when talking about possible landing spots for players, which is something Cuban said happens a lot.

“Whether it’s free agents or trades,” he said. “But it’s actually changing some because it’s just a lot harder to make trades these days. If you read about it, you know it’s not true. I don’t know if we got the Beach Boys booked.”

For what it’s worth, the Timberwolves are said to be unwilling to deal Kevin Love by this Thursday’s 3pm trade deadline.

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  • c@rlos

    please to the Mavs, trade Love for the whole team!

  • melvo

    I would absolutely hate for the Lakers to get Kevin Love. However, I’m sure Ricky Rubio would be happy if Pau Gasol came to the T-Wolves.

  • shockexchange

    None of these teams have anything of value to offer for Love. In the Shock Exhcange’s opinion, Minnesota would only trade Love out of fear of losing him to free agency and getting nothing in return.

    The Timberwolves can’t get players who can help them in the draft and have remained in the cellar. There is no parity in the L and it’s hurting the brand. The Timberwolves are “Exhibit A” as to why the L wants to raise the minimum age.

  • LakeShow

    I thought players didn’t want to play for the lowly Lakers any longer?… hmm

  • http://about8040.com EjEj858

    The Wolves are just bad franchise, there is parity.. Besides the main stays over that 15 years LA Lakers and Spurs, there have been champions and new contenders out of no where, Detroit went back to back winning one… The MAVS went twice won one… LeBron took the CAVS there… OKC has went once… Boston went twice winning one.. and now the Heat are trying to win 4 since 05-06..

  • http://about8040.com EjEj858

    Does at he age limit need to be lifted to at least 2 years after high school graduation yes,, but Minnesota needs to draft better… Flynn, Williams, Shabazz… OKC drafted young, Westbrook, Durant, Jeff Green, Reggie Jackson, Ibaka,

  • KSupreme

    kyrie, melo, and love in LA and lose D’antoni…..make it happen

  • Cortez Mack

    “Does at he age limit need to be lifted to at least 2 years after high school graduation”


    Do GMs need to do their jobs better?


  • guest

    So you’re saying that raising the age limit would help create more parity because there would be a stronger draft? I mean to me it seems like teams stay in the bottom because top players are either unwilling to go there or if they do end up there they only give it 2 years or so before they’re demanding a trade (unless the team improves immediately).

    In other words it seems like there is too much impatience on the part of the GMs and too much desire on the part of the players to go to “destination” teams. Raising the age limit for the draft would not solve either problem, it would just continue to take money out of the pockets of young players.

  • Melissa Christopher

    The Timberwolves are “Exhibit A” as to why the L wants to raise the minimum age.

  • slim reaper

    send melo and love to the lakers

  • shockexchange

    The problem with the L and Minnesota is that there’s no parity. There is no parity because there are no Shaqs, MJ’s, Bird’s or Chris Webber’s in the draft who can help a team immediately. There are only “apprentices.” Minnesota has been drafting apprentices for years; that’s why they keep missing the playoffs.

    Your point that (i) “top players are unwilling to go there” or (ii) “give it 2 years before demanding a trade” only makes SE’s point. If they could get competitive through the draft these two problems would abate. SE does not endorse raising the age limit, he’s only stating the L’s desire to do it in order to improve parity.

  • Slim reaper

    Know one wants to play with them bro

  • Caboose

    So your whole goal is for teams to be able to draft ready-made players? As in, guys who will go in and get their 20-10 right away?

    I mean, aren’t Davis and Lillard doing that? Sure it took ONE year, but isn’t that enough?

    Would you rather have them stay one more year and then MAYBE they’ll be where they are now?

    Is college really better for developing players than the NBA?

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Kevin Love to the Lakers makes perfect sense since he has been a “great” player on mediocre irrelevant teams his whole career

  • guest

    Why do they need to raise the age limit? What is the point?

  • backboard

    “in your opinion they would trade love out of fear for losing him for nothing… ” – no sh! t sherlock. you really outdone yourself there.

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  • JJ Jones

    Did people really think the lakers would stay in mediocrity? Like I said before they got chris paul dwight and nash in the span of a year so this shouldnt be surprising.

  • shockexchange

    The Shock Exchange is totally against raising the age limit. There are
    other ways to achieve parity than raising the age limit. And even with
    parity, there will be some GMs and franchises who notoriously draft

    SE’s point is (i) there is no parity and (ii) there are few players you can draft in the first round who can help a team immediately.

  • JJ Jones

    People get caught up in the moment too much its been little over a year since they got dwight and nash how soon they forget…

  • Nathan Shane Long

    What Impact would Kevin Love have on the Lakers he ain’t no “franchise” player he just puts up great stats on bad teams he does not affect his team win/loss at all

  • guest

    that’s why when youre a small market team patience and smart team building are your only hopes.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    i don’t know where that narrative came from

  • shockexchange

    In the past you could draft players in the first round who could help a team immediately. Those days are gone. For every Davis and Lillard you also have teams like Cleveland who have had two #1′s and 2 #4′s in the past four years and still can’t make the playoffs.

    “Is college really better for developing players than the NBA?” Not necessarily. However, by kids remaining in college longer (i) kids get another year of development and (ii) GM’s can get more information on who can and “cannot” play. Again, the Shock Exchange doesn’t endorse raising the age limit, just the need for more parity in the L.

  • shockexchange

    “that’s why when youre a small market team” – you just made the Shock Exchange’s point. It really shouldn’t matter what size market you’re in. Chicago didn’t win 6 chips because they were in a large market. They won because they were terrible and got Horace Grant, MJ, Pippen, BJ Armstrong, et. al. in the draft.

  • guest

    oh ok yeah we agree i was misinterpreting you. id say the spurs are another example of this strategy.

  • Caboose

    I think that’s revisionist history there, Shock. How far back are we talking? You brought up Timmy. Ok, let’s work with that.

    In the 1997 Draft, Tim went first. After him in the Lottert were Keith Van Horn, Chauncey Billups, Antonio Daniels, Tony Battie, Ron Mercer, Tim Thomas, Adonal Foyle, Tracy McGrady, Danny Fortson, Tariq Abdul-Wahad, Austin Croshere, and Derek Anderson.

    Now, there are some guys who had AWESOME careers. But in that draft lottery, only ONE guy was a major contributor his first year.

    That’s the way most of the Drafts in NBA history have been. It takes a little while for players to develop, and their speed of development rarely, if ever, correlates to their years spent in college.

    So my point is, your argument that “In the past you could draft players in the first round who could help a team immediately,” is incorrect, and based on anecdotal evidence.

    For every 1996 Draft, there is a 2000.

  • shockexchange

    The Shock Exchange’s point is that there’s a reason (i) teams like Minnesota and Cleveland have consistently missed the playoffs and (ii) the L wants to raise the minimum age limit.

  • Caboose

    Correlation is not causation, my friend. You must work with statistics, you know this.

  • pposse

    ima laugh so hard when K love goes to the Lakers and they still don’t get inthe playoffs

  • pposse

    there should be a rule where you either go straight to the league from hs or you stay in college minimum 2-3 yrs. This way college is not just a stopping ground for a one and done.
    But i agree there is zero parity in the league. NBA is very predictable.

  • pposse

    Llllard had a 4 yr career in college

  • shockexchange

    A de facto co-sign, for the Shock Exchange!

  • shockexchange


  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    since the merger in 1976 ….. ZERO teams in cities with less than 2 million people (in their greater metro area) have won a title.
    This is a list of all NBA champions since 1980,

    Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Detroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, Dallas Mavericks.

    maybe it “shouldn’t” matter what market a team is in, but it does. and always will.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Cleveland has been around for 44 years, they have made the playoffs 18 times ….. 5 of which came from drafting a kid straight out of high school.

    lol, the reason teams like that have consistently missed the playoffs runs a lot deeper than the draft not having enough 4 year college players. those teams struggled before 1 and done even existed.

  • Slim reaper

    He scored 13 in the all star game

  • shockexchange

    Nothing in what you just said refutes the Shock Exchange’s prior comments. Small market teams were competitive prior to NBA expansion, nor was there a delineation between “small market” and “large market” teams. The only distinction was there was more media pressure and more drama in larger markets.

    Milwaukee took the cake with Kareem and consistently made the playoffs with guys like Quinn Buckner, Brian Winters, Paul Pressey, et. al. Orlando went to the finals with Shaq and would have won several chips had he not gone to LA for the synergy of making movies.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Kareem left Milwaukee for LA …..
    Shaq left Orlando for LA ……
    You don’t have to mention small markets for it to be the main factor. Small Market teams can catch lightning in a bottle obviously, OKC is showing that with Durant. But sustained success, or “league wide parity” is unrealistic. History has proven that.

  • shockexchange

    The Bucks won a chip in Milwaukee because they got to draft Kareem who could help them immediately. “League wide parity is unrealistic … History has proven that”, “Rent-A-Center” is going to resign in LA”, “I have a study that shows it’s better for a player to develop in the NBA than in college” – you can have your own opinions but not your own facts.

    Nothing in what you have said refutes the Shock Exchange’s previous comments.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    yup, Milwaukee won one championship in 1971 ….. 43 years ago. One championship, 40+ years ago does not = league wide parity. .
    And I was wrong about Howard, but it’s not like he spurned LA for a small market. He went to Houston. Maybe piecing past conversations into this doesn’t make any difference. Never in recent league history has the draft featured a dearth of players that can make an immediate impact. And it will never happen. It’s pretty basic, with the advances in medicine and growth of the sport, there will always be an overwhelming difference between NBA players and College players. The majority of guys drafted will always need at least a year to adjust to the NBA game.

  • robb

    Maybe low I.Q. players, but Love’s a pretty smart guy. He’ll be a Laker soon.

  • robb

    We all know he’s gonna play for the Lakers.

  • shockexchange

    The fact that (i) certain teams are perennial losers – despite having high draft choices – and (ii) Adam Silver wants to raise the NBA minimum is all one big happenstance. Is that your argument? You should make your case to Silver. Never know, maybe he’ll listen.

  • Chubachuchi

    The age limit thing is a very tricky issue. True some kids are ready coming out of high school, but the majority need to be developed in college. Some of the HS superstars think they’re ready after 1 year in college and they end up terrible/without confidence in the league. Some of these kids have too much pride and refuse to accept the fact that they’re not developed enough and they just jump in the league.

    Brandan Wright, Shawnee Williams, Donte Greene, Kostas Koufos, Austin Rivers, Anthony Randolph, Jerryd Bayless, Byron Mullens, and many others. There is a healthy amount of garbage in every year’s draft and it waters the league down. And then there are the sad stories of dudes like Jereme Richmond. Followed his ass since his high school days sh*t is depressing.

  • shockexchange

    Agreed. The nuance here is not that these guys would have been better players had they stayed in college. The nuance is that they were hyped up in high school and college. Some were even left back on purpose so they could shine against younger, less physically-developed players.The nuance is that had these players stayed in college, it would have become clear that they did not have the talent to play in the L, and never should have been drafted in the first round or never drafted at all.

    Back in the day, if kids could go to the L out of high school or after their freshman year in college, tons of guys would have played – Antoine Joubert, Steve Alford, Damon Bailey – and other McDonald’s All-Americans who didn’t have pro talent.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    man, i have never once said raising the minimum was worse for the NBA as a business. college is free advertising. and a much better marketing platform than the D-League or an NBA bench. it doesn’t mean they will be more advanced as players at whatever age however. and raising the minimum is also not better for the players as individuals. and since it’s a players league, and every other industry in the nation outside of football is not handicapping the age a person can become a professional (for health reasons), i don’t think it’s right that the NBA does either.

  • AndyK415

    As much as I want to keep him, I know it’s not going to happen. I just pray that Flip does the right kind of deal and gets us equal talent for love.

  • MNwolvesFAN

    This entire article about Kevin Love to the Lakers is BS. First of all, Kevin Love is not a southern CA native, he is from Portland, OR. He went to UCLA for ONE year. The TWolves are not going to trade him and there is nothing to indicate he wants to be traded. He has been saying and doing all the right things. This is just writers from LA and other cities who are bored because the Lakers suck and the writers need to write about something.

  • Domo

    Houston would use Love… Looking for that Stretch 4….

  • Busta213

    Lol, I can still see the Lakers being disfunctional for a bit longer. Maybe not NYC level disfunction…but still….

  • No Excuses

    Kevin Love to the Mavs for Monta Ellis plus?

  • Conor

  • LakeShow

    They aren’t even dysfunctional.

    They are depleted by injury’s.

    Even if you consider being staggeringly hit with injuries as “dysfunctional” it won’t last past the summer of 2015 when they bring in a whole new younger crew.

  • LakeShow

    Plus Mark Cuban.

  • Nathan Shane Long


  • Busta213

    Im comfortable that the $48.5m, 2 year extension was a continuation of the disfunction we saw in LA last season

  • bike

    One of the main reasons Stern implemented the age minimum was because of the abrupt increase in number of HS kids that went in the first round in ’04 and ’05. He became concerned about sending the wrong message to HS stars – that they all could declare for the draft and blow off college. He had a point. NBA GMs get so competitive, intoxicated with potential, and bad draft judgement often results.
    Maybe college doesn’t prepare kids for the league as well as the league itself, but it still offers the best stage for seeing how kids perform against a much higher level of competition than they ever saw in HS and AAU camps. Unless the NBA ever develops a decent farm system, college is all they have right now.

  • shockexchange

    A de facto co-sign for the Shock Exchange!

  • LakeShow

    That makes zero sense at all. In no way.


  • GP

    The Lakers (and especially Laker fans) think everyone wants to play for them at all times. One guy responded to a tweet by Ramona Shelbourne by asking why they can’t just offer Gasol and get Kyrie Irving in return. Lol.

  • GP

    Even if they weren’t depleted by injuries, this is a pretty terrible team. The highlight of the season was Nick Young. Also, Pringles is still the coach.

  • LakeShow

    It’s a terrible team when it doesn’t have a leader. They wouldn’t have been a great team by any stretch, but with KB, Pau, and Nash with this squad it could have been at least fun.

  • LakeShow

    Sometime within 1.5 years.

  • oms

    not even Melo KSupreme, just irving and love and lose pringles man!

  • Chubachuchi

    Amen. College gives options outside of basketball too.

  • http://bit.ly/1adGLWn SirGrey

    Get LeBron, Anthony Davis, Jabari Parker and Bill Russell in his prime.
    Also, revive Earl Manigault and Red Auerback from their graves just for flare.

  • LakeShow

    The Lakers have had players miss a total of 191 games this season.

    Let that soak in.

  • Tmzulator

    Please don’t play the education card. You can go to college at any point in your life that you choose. Basketball has nothing to do with getting an education. And NBA talents in college take classes that make a mockery of higher education. The classes these kids take to stay academically eligible should make the coaches and schools ashamed of themselves.

  • grgeblck


  • The Seed

    Love is definitely coming to the Lakers, if we can get Pau to sign for significantly less money, the Lakers might be back.

  • JJ Jones

    And people will.continue to ignore this fact…

  • Eric Jones

    that’s my team forever no matter what happened LA LAKERS FOREVER HATERS!

  • C.M.G

    even if they signed kevin love in 2015, the lakers would still be mediocre until kobe’s deal came off the books.

  • Mike From Spain

    The only 100% definite thing happening here is Kevin Love will opt out of his current contract. Then, it is something like:
    - 80% -> he will be traded because he expresses no desire to resign with Minnesota
    - 20% -> Minnesota becomes desirable enough (winning, more money, whatever) that they don’t trade Kevin Love and he wants to re-sign.

    In what I think to be the most likely case (KL being traded before his opt out), the Timberwolves trade partner will be the team which offers the most assets, or the most fitting players. The Lakers have nothing that the Wolves want. I think that the Mavs have a better hand here, but well, what do I know.

  • http://www.dzfoot.com/ Michael Doleac’s Swag

    He grew up in Oregon but his family is from Cali

  • Slim reaper

    Love is going to go to the lakers when kobe retires

  • Chubachuchi

    I’m guessing you’re from that town where everyone gets full ride scholarships. And there are some people who take advantage of athletic scholarships by succeeding academically. Maybe this 2 year rule can increase that occurence.