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Contest: Win a Deuce Brand Watch

Leave a comment, win some dope wrist wear.

SLAM and Deuce Brand are teaming up to give away a few official Deuce Brand watches. The rising watch company is endorsed by numerous athletes, including Portland Trail Blazers guard Nolan Smith, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson and streetball icon Grayson “The Professor” Boucher.

In honor of The Professor and in the spirit of the NBA offseason—and the streetball culture that dominates all summer long—all you have to do to enter the contest is drop a comment on this post (please provide your real email address) recollecting your favorite streetball memory, be it from the AND 1 Mixtape tour, Rucker Park, Dyckman, a personal experience or otherwise.

A pair of winners will be picked by this Friday, July 13, and contacted early next week. Good luck!

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  • Trevor B


  • Han Pham

    my favorite memory is watching the season of and 1 where professor and spyda competed to make the and 1 squad back in middle school

  • justin phelps

    My favorite memory from and one mixtapes would just be staying up late at night to watch it! It would come on at like 11pm and my mom wouldn’t let me stay up that late (I was like 7) I would sneak downstairs and watch it with the sound off!

  • stephen callahan

    my was when fess hit the game wining shot in New York to win the whole thing that was crazy

  • Kevin

    My favorite part of the And 1 tour is when the professor won the contest to make the And 1 team.

  • Zach Mink

    NBA superstars taking over the summer leagues to provide the fans with some much-needed basketball during the lockout.

  • Jon

    Without a doubt my fav streetball moment was The Air Up There’s 720 dunk on the And 1 Mixtape tour back in 2006. Never seen anything like that!

  • LA Huey

    Jimmy Dolan’s “Shake-and-Bake”

  • Aamir K.

    Either when KD dropped 66 in the Rucker, or when Adrian “A-Butta” Walton dropped 20-some points on Vince Carter and Stephon Marbury, and everybody in the Rucker was going crazy. Finally, a 3rd possibility would be Air Up There’s 720 dunk.

  • Peat

    I had this very poor copy of the and1 mixtape volume one and watched it at least 200 times.. Skinny Skip was unbelievable !!

  • Zachary Osborne

    The first time I beat my dad 1 on 1

  • Erik Franke

    It isn’t one specific moment, but it was the one and only Escalade. That dude was entertaining. It is sad that he is gone, but his impact on Streetball will never die.

  • Natalie S

    I love your website and Deuce watches!!

  • Erik Franke

    My favorite memory is the one and only Escalade. That dude was more than entertaining. I still miss him, but his impact on the game will never be forgotten. #RIPEscalade

  • http://www.slamonline.com James the Balla

    I know a lot of people won’t remember him but McNasty was awesome to watch. SO much heart and hustle. Watching any two hand hammer he would throw down, any block, or my favourite, the “forearm move your defender out of the way spin and dunk” shiver in the post. Just awesome. R.I.P McNasty!

  • logues

    my favorite streetball memory is when i got “AND 1 Mixtape Volume 5″ for christmas from my oldest brother. at the time, i was about 12 or 13 and have never seen streetball like that played before, or even heard of the and 1 mixtape tour. when i got the movie, the first time i ever watched it it was unlike anything i’ve ever seen before. the dunks, passes, and ball handling blew my mind. i just remember watching it over and over again and thinking how awesome it was

  • ted

    My favorite memory is when the professor first got on the AND1 tour.

  • Anthony Desiderio

    When AO first did the under the leg fake trying to attempt a layup faking out his opponent when the ball was under his leg the whole time

  • Jayyy

    I remember watching the first time The Professor dunked off a self-oop. It was one of those moments that takes you back into your seat in amazement yet don’t know if it really occurred. He’s quite the deal if you ask me.

  • http://twitter.com/mookahmed mook

    i have always wnated to get my hands on these but haven’t had the good fortune because of the financial situation that i am currently engulfed in.

  • justin05

    Yeah these wrist-watches are pretty cool. I’m going to tell everyone I know about these so they can check em’ out too. These contests keep me coming back Slam! If I can’t get the trophy this time then give it up to Zacky-O! Funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

  • Duy Pham

    dang that looks sick!

  • Brock Chenier

    I love deuce brand

  • http://twitter Q. Nolen

    My favorite out door experience has been every year the last 9 yrs for Hoopfest in Spokane, WA. The mecca of streetball and not one tourney can touch it. With that said I want my watch (in the famous words of Dom Kenedy) “to have pneumonia” aka cold. Do me right peeps. Ayyeee

  • Dale

    First things first this watch will help me get up for training and to practice on time as i will never take the damn thing off and secondly my favorite street ball moment was when KD dropped 66 or the time the a bron went at it and KD made bron look silly… that man went beast mode on the blacktop last summer!

  • Freak

    Has to be seeing skip do his skip to my Lou thang on a fast break for the first time! Blew my mind!

  • Sweetness

    Phillip Champion aka Hot Sauce!!! There’s so many great moments in streetball! But watching Hot Sauce growing up was one of the reason I couldn’t get enough of streetball.

  • rob stewart

    My favorite streetball memmory is when they put streetlights on the courts by my dorms. Once they put those lights outside I could hoop like a Maxwell song: WHENEVER, WHEREVER, WHATEVER.
    6pm on a hot summer evening, early in the morning during a spring rain, and even 2am in the morning on a chilly winter night. When those lights allowed me to see the rim no matter the time or weather my life changed forever.

  • Zabbah

    Favorite street ball memory was dunking on a ten and a half foot rim. I’m 30 now, with a blown left knee, and no chance of ever getting to those heights again but I’ll take that with me to the grave. Kids who are now in college still come up to me and talk to me about that dunk.
    I remember when I was 16 my classmate who was just as much a basketball junkie as me, asked me how I would feel if I could never dunk again. To us high school virgins it was about as elusive as sex. Well, I can answer that question now, don’t know if he could, though.

  • Zabbah

    I meant “…asked me how I would feel if I could never be able to dunk.”

  • kdtrey5

    he should ball in the nba

  • Deee3

    The Goat at rucker park.

  • http://N/A J DOGG

    Hot Sauce dribbled between your legs three times, did a little jig, wrapped the ball around your head, threw the ball up behind you and it landed back in front of him, and then tossed the ball to the crowd. Unstoppable, Jaw-droppable!

  • PhillipLyn

    My fav moment is AI balling at Rucker Park.

  • Nick Amandes

    I gotta say ive got a few other kinds of these watches from other companies and they break all the time forcing me 2 get new ones so im really excited to try out the watch that a ton of people in my hometown of Snoqualmie, WA have been talkin about.

  • Louis Rinn

    My family and I were on our vacation and were visiting New York City. I had and still have a strong adoration for the sport of basketball, but had never witnessed first hand a true streetball game. I had heard of Rucker Park even at my young age of seven and the whole trip I had begged my parents to take me there. A couple of days later, we arrived at the glorious Rucker Park in Harlem, looking in through the black fences and to my delighted surprise, the young and talented, “skip to my lou” Rafer Alston was painting a masterpiece with in and out crossovers, spins, behind the back moves, through the legs hesitation, thrown in with wrapping the ball around a defenders head finishing with masterful fingerroll layups. With all of Alston’s streetball wizardry, I was taken away for the 20 minutes we were there, but the one moment I surely will never forget from this basketball extravaganza, was when at the end of Rafer’s showing, he threw his right arm in the air, signaling his streetball greatness and superiority.

  • J Blackburn

    My favorite streetball memory is from the NBA actually. When Rafer was coming up through the leagues it was awesome to follow him and watch as he did playground moves on some of the best defenders in the world. Plus how can you vote against a player with the handle “Skip to my Lou”!

  • CDaTyrant

    My favorite is when I first scored a basket, whenever that was.

  • http://Twitter.com/marcoyau3 Marco

    Deucebrand is awesome

  • M Manzano

    Favourite memory is an NBA one. Has to be Jason William’s behind-the-back pass off the elbow. Never saw that before and HAD to learn it!

  • joe1497

    whenever you get a player like rafer alston on the court, someones going to come off second best, be it by a through the legs dribble, a free-throw line facial or simply being scored on again and again. sadly that player is usually me, but it’s basketball so i love every moment

  • Ted Scheck

    We meet again, Trebek!

  • http://slamonline.com Eldon Khorshidi

    Thanks a lot for all the great entries! We’re closing comments now and winners will be contacted by someone from the staff shortly…