Monday, September 19th, 2011 at 1:12 pm  |  4 responses

Polladaday: Superstars Hurting Lockout?

Wizards guard John Wall recently said the NBA’s stars like Kobe and LeBron may need to “say something” to help this lockout end. Do you think the League’s elite needs to step up?

Should the NBA's superstars be doing more to help the lockout end?

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  • http://none Courtney Pickett

    Isn’t time for there to be a streetball league? No more tournaments, streetball shows, etc, start a freakin league!!! It start right after NBA finals, just like WNBA, and have a few teams in several states, or teams representing regions. I feel they could do diffrent than the NBA have teams consisting of actual in state players together. Or you can teams sponsored by gym shoe companies such as Team Nike, Team Addidas, team Puma, etc. This could be a league, where alot of theings not done in the NBA can be done here. I streetball has lost it’s luster over recent years. I mean I personally think once you saw that one dude do that 360 dunk, that was the end of and one. But I think by having a league, it legitomize game, people will want to see these guys doing the fabulous dunks, crossovers etc. The game would have substance.

    Think about it SLAM PROMOTE!!!!!

    Court out!!!

  • http://none Courtney Pickett

    Ok, the lockout is still on, and I really think it’s going to hurt the NBA. But we know eventually it will come back. There going to be a real need to get the casual fan hooked, the people who don’t normally watch the NBA, that NBA really needs. I feel the only way to do that, is to really market all the stars of each team, no matter how small in popularity, need to really create rivalries.

    And here is how you do it, real simple, this would really change the game if you ask me. Ok here it is, during the All star weekend, why not have ONE ON ONE MATCH UP GAMES!??!?! I can’t imagine this hasnt been thought of, and t must be something that NBA probably doesn’t want to do, to keep there league, all nice and friendly. Maaaannnnn bump that!!!! Put these player against each other. Lets see that Brandon Jennings against Chris Paul, Rudy Gay vs Tayshaun Prince, Dwight Howard vs Tyson Chandler, and yea I’ll say it!!! KOBE vs LEBRON!!!! YEA!!! Why the hell not, put up or shut up!!! You know people would want to see that. As matter of fact you could do that UFC pay per view events.

    Thanks to OJ, and his lil white bronco drive in cali, isn’t that reason we could’t see that Shaq vs Hakeem match up, Remember that my Old heads?? I was salivating to see that!!!

    So come on that let’s get this out!!!

    Come on SLAM PROMOTE

    Court out!!!!

  • sup3rstar

    Just want the lockout to end and see D rose dunking on 7 foot tall guys :D

  • derek

    I think they should be trying pretty hard because I don’t want to miss even a game of the season because every game the players are missing it is affecting the player’s careers in the long run. It would be 1 point or multiple more they could have scored but didn’t because of this lockout. I want to see all of these stars and not miss a year I could have been seeing them play. Players like Kobe and Kevin Garnett aren’t getting any younger and if they want championships, they should try to make an attempt to make this lockout end. I don’t know if they are trying or not but if they aren’t I hope they start because I love watching Kobe play and him missing a year will affect hia career numbers. He still has a shot at the all-time scoring title and another good shot or two at a championship. I miss the NBA.