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Shaq Daddy

Originally published in SLAM 3

The 6th Man: Change. Sometimes it’s good. SLAM, for instance, is six times a year now. Six issues of non-stop action from cover-to-cover, coast-to-coast, and court-to-court.

That’s good change.

But the NBA shortening the three-point line to make the game “more exciting”? Now that’s bad change. Moving the three-point line in for the sake of pumping scores up is akin to offering classes like “Theories of Basketball” so athletes can “earn” diplomas. It’s flat-out wack.

Bad enough is it that any basket made by easy-money-from-twenty-feet Reggie Miller is worth three points, but to make a 22-foot jay from the top of the arc a trey is…well, it’s against everything that I, a fierce Knicks fan, stand for.

As if this game needs any more thrills a minute anyway. For the first time in years, the draft was deep. (When Wesley Person lasts until the 23rd pick, there’s talent to go around.) And the NBA’s crown jewels-Shaq, Barkley, Zo, Webber, Kemp, Penny and on and on-combine more than enough skill and personality to keep arenas jumpin’ for years to come.

Memo to NBA Competition Committee: Forget what you’ve read about football or hockey (or any sport where you gotta wear stupid helmets and pads) because NBA hoops is still the best, most exciting pro game in any town, anywhere, and at any time. And that’s not gonna change, guys.

So chill on the rules, huh?

Tony Gervino

Issue 3 Shaq

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  • http://yahoo.com rob

    This magazine was raw shaq was really in his disel days and doing windmill dunks on dudes

  • Daniel Aguilar

    Who the hell remember tha guys that appeared on the back of that cover? ( the bullet`s guy and the orlando´s) Shaq daddy-diesel-manofsteel-thafunk-bigdunker-kazzaam it was on fire dunkin while in orlando and L.A.
    DAZ 13

  • Anquin

    Penny Hardaway was one of the best players in the league, if he didnt get injured he would have been top 60 players all-time….I miss those days

  • Clay

    I agree Anquin, Penny was the best! I still have his Orlando jersey… I loved those little penny ads too

  • http://Bongarpeoplepc.com SASfan01

    SHAQ… yeah Shaq is sweet, that dunk is amazing.. to. I love Shaq he was in the Top 50 in his first 4 seasons, and if Penny hadn’t had all that crap, then Orlando would have got all the way not just the finals. Think about it Shaq, Penny, Grant, Tracy, and Dwight, top starting 4 today. (Excluding Detroit)

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