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SLAM #13

Zo Knows

Originally published in SLAM 13

The 6th Man: I was at the Chicago Pro-Am Summer League recently, sitting in the stands of this smoldering hot gym, when the subject of hoops supremacy came up. It wasn’t an accident; P.A.I.D.’s Paul “the Mayor” Wilkinson started it by pulling former Farragut HS star Ronnie Fields over and sayin’, “This boy here”-meaning me-”thinks New York City has it all over us.” Ronnie, who’s regained his high-flying form after last year’s career-threatening spine injury, gave me one of those “you’re trippin’” looks, and we left it at that. The truth is, we coulda gone on forever.

That whole debate, like the East Coast-West Coast hip-hop fight, has been going on too long, and it’s about time it reached its natural conclusion: an agreement to disagree so that the shorties coming up know that it ain’t about “me” or “you”, it’s about “us”.

Our game is too important to get bogged down with details like whether Detroit’s Curtis Jones was better than Chicago’s Billy Harris. Or whether New York in the early ’70s really had better comp than Los Angeles ever. (Well…) Think back: There was a time when hoops wasn’t about a $100 million contract or turning pro after your high school prom. When it was the most crucial thing in your life. Your kicks. Your Iceman t-shirt. The double socks. In a smoldering hot gym. For love.

You know?


Tony Gervino

Issue 13 Alonzo

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  • Mighty

    Voshon Lenard!!!! was this was the start of consecutive knick playoffs losses?

  • Max Airington

    A decade later and that picture is still scary. Between that and the GP cover, SLAM gave more than a few kids nightmares….

  • wally don clark crew

    nice cover, congrats on the championship, now give my team back its 9 million dollars, asshole

  • DBlizzy

    Yeah he has an amazing and inspirational story and all that, but in my opinion, Zo is a selfish and ungrateful bastard!

  • Gilbert0

    thats a wierd face…

  • Sven

    You Know How Much Times He Got Dunked On.Michael Jordan,Scottie Pippen,Vince Carter.

  • http://www.nba.com/ hursty

    respect what he did. dont hate.

  • bwaters

    What reeboks does A.I. have on in the rookie report article?

  • http://www.twahc.blogspot.com twahc

    he got dunked on sometimes and he sometimes blocked them.

    so life is full of ups and downs.

  • http://radikal_beat@hotmail.com rdkl

    nice penny poster, dunked on n.j. nets aarmon gilliam. career high 42pts. player of the month and wearing the first air penny´s.

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