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SLAM #14

Who’ll Stop The Reign

Originally published in SLAM 14

The 6th Man: Do me a favor and go find some scissors, some tape and a black magic marker. This won’t take long. Promise. Okay now turn to page…um…65 of the October issue with Zo on the cover. That’s right, the Pro Preview. Now draw a line through the “Juwan Howard” in column three, line four. Pay attention: this next part gets tricky.

Go ahead and cut the Miami Heat, at No. 2 in the Eastern Division, out of the preview and place them where the Washington Bullets used to be, at No. 4. Great, now cut out the Bullets and place them where the Miami Heat used to be at No. 2. Orlando, Boston, New Jersey and Philly, thankfully, stay right where they are.

No, you’re not done. Now, turn to page 78. There are three names ya need to nix in the Houston Rockets, at No. 3 in the Midwest Division-Horry, Brown and Cassell. Cut the Rockets out and place them where the San Antonio Spurs used to be, at No.2. On the very next page, at No. 3 in the Western Division, are the Phoenix Suns. Draw lines through all three references to Charles Barkley-”Sir Charles” in line 1, “Barkley” in line 3 and “Charles” in line 16. And you don’t have to move the Suns; they ain’t going anywhere near the Lakers or the Supersonics (but the Kings could catch ‘em from below.)

All right, you’re done.


P.S. So anyway, we think this issue’s pretty cool. Between Kemp, Mitch and Glide we got the NBA’s West Side on lockdown (yeah, we read your letters). And there’s also our pre-season All-Americans, Tim Duncan, Cincinnati and an ill College Preview to satisfy your college jones. Not to mention an old-school interview with a still-defiant Rick Barry and a not-so-old-school interview with Mo Cheeks. We also had NBA photog Nat Butler follow Dream Team III around for some pretty fresh behind-the-scenes shots. Other than that…there’s a lot more to keep you for a few weeks ’til we can crank the next one out. And believe me, that one’s gonna blow your mind.


Tony Gervino

Issue 14 Shawn Kemp

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  • Clyde Smith

    One of my favourite SLAM covers. Kemp was like Amare’s prequel…when he was good, I mean.

  • Zee

    As soon as he boomed on Karl Malone and grabbed his nuts, he was the man. So dope in fact that reebok put that clip in a commercial. And then the dunk on Chris Gatling at the Warriors game…I was at that game, cats were goin nuts after that dunk. Its gotta be killin him that GP got that ring. Damn Shawn…

  • Bobolicious

    Damn Shawn !!! I live in the tropics and that was a time – I never wanted it to stop “reigning” (raining)…

  • Clyde Smith

    Remember when he grabbed his crotch at the World Championships in TO in 94? Instant blackballing from USA basketball.

  • Marvin

    Shawn used to kill the league. If you don’t know check Youtube. I was hoping for a comeback….
    Nice memories

  • Brian

    I was a Warriors fan for many years until in the all-star game there were about 10 ex-warriors playing (all had been traded away). My friends team was the Sonics. I hated watching them play my Warriors because Kemp seemed to dunk on them more than any other team. Nasty, mean, viscous, powerful dunks! Wish you wouldn’t have lost it so soon Shawn!

  • German Reignman

    The Man, Finals MVP 1996 (people, stop hatin`,he was the best but on the losing side) … and what is most important: Kemp was THE Ambassador for basketball worldwide. Middle of the 90`s, basketball becoming more popular around the world …. people like me were stayin`up all night to watch his game ….

    Damn Shawn, you should have ruled the league!

  • Byron

    Sickest PF of all time. Never should’ve left Seattle..

  • http://thebigruslan.com Alexis Gálvez

    I love this cover when it was published i was 12th , i loved this man since i was 8th or 9th years old, i liked his dunks full of passion and emotion-few throw down the ball as fierce or with that emotion as Kemp.! The best part of Kemp´s carrer was the 1996 NBA finals versus Jordan´S Bulls. Do you remeber that Blocked shot on MJ´s face.? I do.