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Carmelo Watch

Timing’s a B—h

By Ben Osborne

Let’s just say that taking a cheap shot at Mardy Collins wasn’t the kind of “rising up” we had in mind when we put Carmelo on our upcoming cover. This cover will be hitting newsstands nationwide this week, and thanks to the wonders of old-fashioned printing, there’s nary a word about Melo’s involvement in the fight.

We talked for a bit about downplaying this issue on the site, but what would that do? Odds are if you’re on this site in the first place, you at least like how Melo plays, and we got that for you. We’ll stay on top of the suspension coverage for sure, and Ryan will have some behind-the-scenes details from writing the cover story on his blog by tomorrow, but in the meantime we suggest you scoop up this issue as soon as you see it. The rest of the nation and its pack-mentality media will be making Carmelo a pariah; this issue will be a reminder of those simple days before Saturday when he was merely the leading scorer in the NBA.

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  • MTLien


  • skip

    shit i’m coping that ASAP

  • Chris

    This ish might sell like hotcakes after the brawl

  • http://www.gilbertology.net/ Andre

    Can’t wait to get the issue in the mail.

  • http://www.myspace.com/linkstigatorkevin Kevin Wilson

    You guys have the worst luck with early deadlines killing you. Go look at the Ron Artest ad that came in the SLAM after the Malice at the Palace.

  • bakers’ dozen (12-13)

    I smell conspiracy! SLAM is in NY, so is Stern…are sales down? If so, then I think SLAM put Melo up to this!

    Great job, by the way! :)

  • Joe Millionaire

    15 games…..not too bad

  • KMG

    One stupid incident isn’t going to make me think any less of Carmelo Anthony as a basketball player. There have been way uglier incidents in the League, with moderately light punishments handed out to the offending parties. Do we blame the Pistons/Pacers brawl for the current wave of massive game loss suspensions? Sure. But dragging ‘Melo’s name through the mud for what was basically a typical NBA fight is asinine.

  • Shiz

    “Win Melo’s Signed Shoes!” and then get cold-cocked outta nowhere by the UPS guy while you’re signing for them…

  • Fish McGill

    Outstanding. Do you think it is possible for Melo’s push on Mardy to be the final push he needs into Vegas this year? VOTE MELO!

  • Ron

    Melo will get my vote for allstar. All these panzies are crying about this as if he was Kermit Washington. from what I saw Mardy Collins stayed on his feet so Melo didn’t even hit him all that hard. How can we as a society watch so much violence on TV, but then cry when we see it in a basketball game?

  • Max Airington

    Kevin knows his SLAM. Shiz is still funny. Melo drug his own name through the mud by sucker punching-excuse me, sucker slapping- and then backpedaling 50 ft from someone the size of my niece. Not Gangsta. Does anyone else think this mught cost him his All Star spot?

  • DR.G

    Collins asked for it! what did melo do wrong??? hace his teammates back ? im just suprised melo didnt pop nate robinson to

  • Reggie Evans


  • Max Airington

    What did Melo do wrong?

    1. Get off the bench, automatic suspension.
    2. Reignite a fight that was dying down by pushing Nate Robinson, the smallest man in the building.
    3. Sucker slap Collins while hiding behind two assistant coaches
    4. Backpeadling fifty feet from Collins, and Nate Robinson, the smallest man in the building. If you’re gonna hit a n*gga, then stand your ground when he comes after you.
    5. Cliched, too little, too late apology.
    6. The Nuggets will lose at least 10 of the 15 games he’s gone. Look at the schedule. Hello Lottery.
    7. He may have cost himself his first All Star apperance.
    8. It was f*cking Nate Robinson!

  • Proph·et

    The curse of Slam strikes again!!

  • Marvin

    Nice fuck#$%^@#ing timing!! SLAM comes through in the clutch!

  • http://yahoo.com DP

    Damn, Melo Damn.

  • Max Airington

    Marvin will never get a job as a censor.

  • skip

    lmao at marvin will never get a job as a censor again ppl check/watch the tape again Collins was on his way down

  • http://www.two-zone.piczo.com Emilio

    THe best balla in da league gets another cover, hes just that ill, ima go pick me up 1 right now!


  • Norway

    No curse this time. Melo’s in the media spotlight and the new issue will sell like hell.

  • Boing Dynasty

    I wonder if Brand Jordan will put together an ad campaign for Melo, “Snitches get wussy punched”?

  • Max Airington

    I was thinking that theyd point to the stellar traction on the M3, made for backpeddling.

  • robert


  • Bryant Reeves

    Curse of Slam more powerful that SI curse – Slam has it back to back (bosh – out for a while; melo). Who’s next?

  • Bryant Reeves

    looking forward to reading the Bill Walker piece.

  • http://www.zio.ch/sport Darksaber

    DANNNNGG. first time proactive activation of the cover curse. way to go Melo.

  • http://www.zio.ch/sport Darksaber

    Not important, but gotta say i like the colourways of this cover. good job, probably going to be one of your bestselling issues (but not cause of the teal /carolina blue)

  • BBallR

    Maybe Denver will now look for iverson to fill the void for 15 games, philly could now have the upperhand and take who they want(obviously Denver won’t give up melo)

  • Daniel

    i love the cover. MELO is amazing but I want to see a KOBE BRYANT cover with his new #24

  • J R

    at least melo didnt pull an even bigger b!tch move (T.O.) and spit on anyone. and that will probably be the most exciting game for the knicks fans to watch all year.

  • Atomic Sushi

    Nice cover! but when’s Yao going to get one? or at least an article. He’s been killing out there


    I love how he’s tryin to look all hard in the pic… yet we all saw his true character the other nite RUN MELO!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr.100

    First off VOTE MELO!! Second of it is obviosly Nate Robinsons falt,and Isaiah Tomas’s “Don’t go in the paint” comment. At that point we all knew what was coming,,,

  • Chief

    Still Gonna buy it man Melo is fucking ill, Fuck David stern, it was a punch.

  • http://the-seed.net/suns Maha10k

    Shiz, lmao


    Its shit like this that gets me mad at deez ‘bad boyz’ they think their tuff and they think their some copretate gangsta or sumthin and when it gets down to a fight they punch and run away. Melo is a Punk if you want to disagree it is cause you are on his nutsack

  • Dblizzy!

    Not that I condone the violence, but I would have liked to see what Jeffries was gonna do had he got a hold of Melo. He was chasing him pretty hard.

  • http://www.phxsuns.net Matt

    When does it stop being an isolated incident? So far we’ve got the snitch DVD, the weed, the olympic pouting and now the bitch slap back peddle.

    No doubt he can ball. But he’s a punk.

  • manila flip side

    the way i look at it, melo will get a rest after playing basketball for so long after the world championships, then when he comes back he will be dominating!

  • Ryan Jones

    I got some extra quotes from my Melo interview that didn’t make it into the story, and which have some interesting new relevance in that aftermath of Fight Night at the Garden. Check Sideways sometime Tuesday….

  • Sesa

    Tough luck!
    Melo will be remembered in the history as an All star player who gave cheapshot and come running off like a pussy.
    Man, a New York’s native embarassment.

  • Ekam

    Carmelo u pussied out even though ur from baltimore but ur a crazy baller dont cost ur self all star Slam Good choice

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    I also don’t think we thought “getting his due” would be a 15 game suspension.

  • FLUD

    It’ll take another three weeks before I get that issue over here in Ireland. Probably later wit christmas and that…. Means there’ll be some other story cloggin’ my brain and I’ll be able to enjoy this Melo treat. As for the Knicks. Wow. What’ll they do next. It’s one of the most morbidly interesting sports stories ever. Nate Robinson is a FOOL. A FOOL!! As for Zeke Dick… He’ll get what he deserves.

  • nong mu

    if he’s not a all-star starter,he might not be a all-star this season.damn

  • CM

    Ish will sell, no doubt. But no one will see his “hard” look and not laugh.
    Suspect melo. suspect. But dude can play. One weak moment, we all have `em, now theres a pattern. Just sad. Hope he can redeem.
    Oh ya, how would T.”spittin` mad”O. vs “caramel” Anthony go?
    run wit it.

  • shoez_crazy@hotmail.com

    That shits Hilarious…what a coincidence…

    This issue better be better then the CB4 and VC one….I think issue 104 was one of the weakest ever……..not to mention the fuck up on NOYZ….

  • Ryan Jones

    Shoez, we predict you’ll find this issue 19.4 percent more satisfying than the last one. If not, you’re a hypercritical pr*ck.

  • rav

    when will the last issue reach uk subscribers? i subscribed 2 months back and it should have started for the bosh/vince one, but it hasnt come yet

  • hartadi


  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com/ albie1kenobi

    comedy of timing. good job SLAM.

    nuggets got their top scoring tendum taken out.

    knicks had its worst 4 players suspended.

    i hope melo regain his focus during this time off, keep on improving his game and come back stronger than ever a month later. if you average 40 points a night til all-star break, the coaches will have to make you an all-star.

  • http://slam matt

    i guess that cover jinx is true

  • Mike

    Oh shit, did anybody think about this? Will Melo make his long awaited first all-star game now?? The coaches might be a little hesitant with him missing 15 games and especially if his team starts sucking. All this talk about melo finally getting to Vegas, and now this!

  • Ryu

    Well, Melo deserved this cover for his game, that’s for sure.

  • shoez_crazy@hotmail.com

    Aight Ryan Jones editor-in-chief it better be at least that much better, but seriously, can you blame me for saying that about issue 104, i mean who really gives a shit Tim Thomas and Courtney Paris…and also..this is not your fault…I understand adverstising but…P.61 the Blanco Label ad..”Album in stores september 12th 2006…I think this ad was run a little late….but I really dont know…Caron Butler….that can’t be to interesting for next month. A Bynum story should be good to read. I really think Paul Pierce deserves some burn on a few pages really soon.

  • Alex

    How do you replace the NBA’s top scorer? By trading for the league’s No. 2 scorer. Denver has reached an agreement in principle to land seven-time All-Star Allen Iverson, sending Andre Miller, Joe Smith and two first-round picks to Phily

  • http://yahoo.com DP


  • Ryan Jones

    Shoez, I appreciate you understanding about the Blanco ad. Some day we’ll have to compile the greatest hits and misses of SLAM advertising. It might actually make a really, really funny special issue: “15 years of wack ads from companies you’ve forgotten ever existed.”

  • One Angry Knick Fan

    Melo is a Chicken Nugget

  • luckyluciano

    i heard the Melo smack from my bedroom in Australia with the windows closed- He’s my second favourite player but what a f*&^king Idiot- Did Ron Ron’s effort teach us nothing?
    you can take the boy out the ghetto, but you cant take the hood outta Dashiki (that Swahilli for doggy style).

  • Chris


  • doctor j

    melo didnt do anything wrong……he took care of business and protected j.r, and now hes doing the time… backin off that nigga was kinda pussy, but still… melo’s a KING.

  • CM

    Melo watch…thats all he`ll be doing as AI saves the day..but they gonna be crazy…I think they`ll play together no prob..

  • Miggy

    sick! now you guys have to put AI in the mext cover! the curse lives!

  • J-roc

    Melo should have lowe than 15 games

  • John

    Damn people get off the guys back he’s still a decent kid no matter what he did, you f***ers make mistakes that’s all i’m sayin, oh and nice cover by the way

  • J-roc

    In my hood we say fuck gay ass nate robinson because he can’t fight for shit

  • Bobby

    I concur

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  • J-roc

    Melo will still go to the asg the last 5 years he was not there

  • Matthew Garza

    Melo is a puss after punching and running away…dont get me wrong i love the guy to death but if your gonna punch a guy stand your ground after you do…

  • Tyler

    still havent got this issue in the mail?

  • http://yahoo Jessie

    I think that this issue is pretty good! But Melo needs to pose better.

  • Brittani

    He shouldn’t have got 15 games that was alittle unfair i guess cause was the biggest “star” there but he didn’t even throw the most punches and he hit like a girl. but i guess that doesn’t count for much now doesn’t

  • Alex

    Yo, it would be absolute bullshit if the Ls leading scorer misses the All-Star game in Vegas just for his part in the fight. Shit, Shaqs leading the East centers in voting and dudes only played four games. It would be a serious crime to all true basketball fans if the dont vote this years scoring champ in

  • http://www.hotmail.com John Cena

    everyone talks about who the next Jordan is! D Wade or LBJ the answer, NEITHER!
    In my mind Kobe bryant already took that spot the three peat the SLASH name he’s got it all and (You may be sick of herin it) 81. Wether we like it or not KB24 is here to stay! (A lil late LBJ!)

  • Spiderman

    how come i never got this ish, ive been waiting for fopr ever, i perscribed a subscription for 2 yrs and ive only gotten 3 mags

  • Joe

    Melo was suspended so why does he have a cover!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    Why isn’t anyone answering!!!???

  • Joe

    HEllo?Hello!!!!Any body

  • Moe

    Melo didn’t makt the ALL STAR at KG’s expense
    The Big ticket is here to stay and NO ONE not even Melo will stand in his way!
    HA HA

  • Worm

    i respect melo’s move on mardy collins, but that was the most pothetic move to hit n run. i mean come on, in my hood u get beat up even harder just 4 runnin.

  • eldominic

    hey melo the best thing out there and we goin to beat them spurs