Monday, February 4th, 2008 at 6:27 pm  |  245 responses

Sure Shot

They say a picture’s worth 1,000 words. But you only need a couple to win.

As referenced elsewhere in Hype this month, Dirk Nowitzki didn’t exactly shake off last year’s Playoff debacle right away. First he wandered Australia like Christopher McCandless, then he started the season in a major slump. So was this trip to the arcade what got him turned around? Who knows, but the picture sure made us chuckle. Complete the chase for laughs by giving us your caption for this photo. Whoever writes the best caption will win a dope prize from our vault and get their name in Trash Talk next month.

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  • Reggie Evans

    “David Hasselhoff ain’t got nichts on me.”

  • asfasfasdf

    vroom vroom on tha yamaha chromed out 1100

  • MK Petrik

    “I call the pink and yellow car!”

  • http://www.myspace.com/linkstigatorkevin Kevin Wilson

    Why does everybody say I’m too scared to drive?

  • Shaq

    this is harder than play b-ball

  • Ryan H

    “Let’s see D-wade beat me in this thing”

  • jose

    not even dirk could win this “race”

  • nick

    i have to win this cus it’s the only thing i’m going to win this year

  • http://the-second-coming.blogspot.com The Second Coming

    “I’m watching out for Bruce Bowen’s Miata.”

  • macky

    Wow! These things are faster than Steve (Nash)!

  • http://www.myspace.com/3timechamp Thomas

    Well if I can’t win the NBA finals at least I have raceing games like theses.

  • http://www.lkz.ch/basket Darksaber

    I got a caption for you guys, in Dirk’s language even!!
    “Kitt, gib mir Turboboost” :-)

  • M.K Petrik

    “Despite doing a number 2 in his pants no one else was the wiser”

  • whooo!

    “He said to ‘jump in his car.’ David would be so proud!”

  • Nathaniel

    I have a better chance in winning this race than beating the Golden State Warriors hopefully i dont choke her too.

  • Nathaniel

    i dont choke here too*

  • john

    dirk: coach johnson im working on my driving skills

    avery johnson: with one? u suck at both

  • james

    im multitalented

  • Cameron

    “im gonna win just like i won the race to Mvp”

  • quentin Bullen

    This is my secret training this how i became mvp.

  • raymond

    yea it can effect him because of the adrenaline rushes and he does what he has to do to win

  • Brent

    “Easier than the Race to MVP”

  • Demetre

    my knees are cramped and this ain’t no autobahn

  • will

    “quick, anybody got a quarter.”

  • Big Reg

    “This is the only way I can get away from Stephen Jackson”

  • http://slamonline.com Joshua

    Driving On to the Finals

  • http://facebook.com David Angelo Atenzia Luguay

    @$$HOLE driving an fen beatchy car

  • Sam

    Richard Branson- Dirk, You look just like me!
    Nowitzki- You better run…

  • Jdogg3131

    looks like its a race to the finals!

  • Zed

    “This is the fastest the Mavs have been since Nash was runnin the show”

  • bang bang

    Drive? I’d rather camp out behind the arc and knock down trey-bombs.

  • Joe B

    they don’t make German cars like they used to

  • andy

    i wish Finley was playing this game so i could be with the Spurs

  • Slim

    Alright Boys, time for practice…

  • leslie yeung

    ” WOOT FIRST PLACE!….oh wait the eighth place car just beat me…”

  • Sure Shot

    “Now this is what i call speed training!”

  • http://yahoo.com Aaron Santos

    “Fast in your seat belts fellas… We’re goin to a bumpy road to finals..”

  • melofan15

    i cant win this race either

  • JayLynch

    Trying to catch him riding Dirky

  • http://slamonline.com Dylan Warren

    Hopefully this is a drive to the finals not to Golden State

  • Weston

    “Haa howd you like that turn? Almost at the finish li… O Sh!T!!! dont choke, dont choke, dont choke”

  • http://poohbizfoshiz.blogspot.com/ poohbiz

    If I win this I can redeem myself. Video Racing MVP here I come!

  • Coleman

    Chrome Feet Down and My Impala Wet Black

  • Brian Smith

    “Just practicing my driving skills.”
    “Just trying to get back to where I was before my first-round collapse and trip to Australia. Hope this thing is a time machine.”

  • Brian Smith

    Unaware that choosing the color pink may not help, Dirk tries to shake his “soft” label by coming up big in the “clutch” for the first time.

  • DD

    Gotta build up my confidence for the upcoming playoffs…if only we could drive in the playoffs instead of play ball.

  • JeremyV

    Wow, i just lost to the 8th seed driver.

  • Ben Broadhead

    “There’s no way Baron can beat me at this!”

  • Ben Broadhead

    “Even if I don’t win I can still get MVD!” (Most Valuable Driver)

  • http://Slamonline Walter Olivera

    DIRK, “Man, why is every game gotta be so hard.”

  • http://Slamonline Walter Olivera

    right there he realized he chose the wrong sport.



  • Timothy Ferozedin

    Knight Rider 2.0

  • boobie_gibson

    “The Car the German’s wish they made”

  • Jerry Ruvalcaba Jr.

    Dirk: Is This The Fast Lane To Golden State???

  • http://myspace.com/mikemendoza7 Michael Mendoza

    dirk – “my car won’t start?”
    diop – “pull the choke .. er”

  • Adam

    ‘Its a pity race doesnt count in arcade driving games like it does MVP voting otherwise id be sure to beat those two black guys to my left’

  • trick


    I’d rather pull up tbh…

  • Clay Defayette

    “…Maybe this time I can get past the Warriors”

  • Gloria

    I hope coach don’t find out that i’m skippin practice to play videogames. Darn it, I jost lost worse than when the warriors beat us in the playoffs last year.

  • http://ballislife.com Justin Walsh

    finally i can win a trophy i DESERVE *cough mvp cough*…THE SEGA GENESIS GRAND PRIX!

  • Michael Mullery

    This is harder than the Warriors

  • doremius woodfolk

    “Man where is my David Hasselhoff cd when I need it?”

  • Gloria

    What a nice way to get a break from the offseason!

  • Gloria

    I’d rather watch videogames than the warriors advancing to the next round.

  • Gloria

    I hope this won’t ruin my chance of running for MVP.

  • TriX

    This is for you Michael Schumacher,German Pride all the way.

  • TriX

    New dream job replace Michael Schumacher and take over Formula 1.

  • doremius woodfolk

    “Man wheres my David Hasselhoff cd when I need it?”

  • Serge

    This Game Should Be Easy….Oh NO Not The Warriors!!

  • wayneg

    The MVP the Germans wish the DIDN’T make.

  • wayneg

    The MVP the Germans wish they DIDN’T make.

  • Yuri

    Shaggy (Scooby Doo) ain’t got nothing on me

  • Yuri

    How do you shoot in this game?

  • rob stewart

    Can I borrow 25 cents? I seem to have lost my 4th quarter.

  • yakir

    buying dirks jersey, $65,seeing dirk at a game, $50, seeing dirk squeeze his 7 foot body into a fake race car with an 11 year old grin….priceless.

  • Mad Max

    Oh yes!High score!If only my team could do this on the court…

  • J Lotz

    Where (skidding sound) happens.

  • j-lee

    tryna catch me white and nerdy.

  • Vamsi Vemireddy

    Basketball should’ve been my backup

  • Matthew Lopez

    German driving school

  • Luke Rosen

    Maybe now I can finally win the playoff race!

  • Los Man

    I got really good at this over the summer!

  • http://www.ianchoe.com ian

    “What do you mean I have to ‘unlock’ the BMW?!”

  • Kyle

    at least baron can’t beat me here

  • VIktor

    I need this hot ride on my trip to the chip

  • Caleb Dessalgne

    One of the luxuries of having the biggest kid as your team owner (Mark Cuban).

  • Alex

    Man this is the only game I game I can win when the pressure is on.

  • joshua

    Dirk Nowitzki as a boy

  • JRod

    Can’t deliver in the clutch! I’ll show em.

  • Winslow Willis

    correction: I haven’t had this TYPE of adrenaline rush since the first time Nelly yelled at me in the showers.

  • Jesse Bird

    “Damn I can’t stop Baron in the game either!”

  • jesus vizarraga

    how the heck(hell) did i fit in this car?!

  • josh bowman

    I am number 1, o crap the 8th place car just beat me, what a horrible trend

  • ed

    dirk-how come i keep crashing my car?
    diop-because in the U.S. we drive on the other side of the road…hahaha.

  • Michael

    Look Mom- Im in first place, on my way to become the next Martin Tomczyk.

  • http://aol.com ben baran

    5 more points and I got Baron’s high score beat

  • Colby

    Mark Cubans Next Business Venture… Rent A Mav! Great For Party’s. Stores Located Everywhere But The Golden State.

  • j rich

    Cuban even gave the nets my car!

  • http://yahoo.com DGF420

    B. Diddy aint seein me in the pink and yellow V W, Word To Hasselhoff.

  • Glendon Wilson

    You would think I was driving a virtual car, but what I’m really doing is driving the Dallas Mavericks clan all the way to the NBA title. My teammates think they can do it, but really, I’m the only one for the job!

  • Ronald Servida

    “I’m not dirk, i’m Michael Schumacher in my pink ferrari!!”

  • http://hotmail.com MJK

    Coach Avery said i wasnt fast enough in the playoffs so im practing to get faster for next year



  • http://hotmail.com MJK

    next time i lose a game im going to Chuckie Cheese this place is boring



  • fengchee

    Watch closely Nascar, I’m comin’!!!

  • Butter2333

    Oh well I gotta learn to drive the lane somehow?

  • jrod76

    If i can’t win a championship in the N.B.A., I know i can win a trophy playing this videogame!

  • http://www.craigehlo.com Tom Borcoman

    At last, I can drive faster than LeBron!!

  • http://slamonline.com/online/2008/02/sure-shot-11/#comment t@ylor $miTh

    I hope this thing is fast enough to get me out of Dallas.

  • Kelley

    im already the best in the NBA so why not be the best at this game.

  • rob stewart

    I’ll never beat this game, it requires a 4 quarter commitment as well!

  • http://TheHustlebyDannyRussell Danny Russell

    Achtung baby! Dirk autobauns his rebuilt Mavs to the Finals.

  • http://thehustlebydannyrussell.blogspot.com/ Danny Russell

    You’re driving on the wrong side of the lane.

  • Andrew Fitzpatrick

    “i’ll get you baron, you’re not that fast!”

  • Peter Arcuri

    Dirk “This this is what they mean when they mention the “RACE” to the MVP”

  • http://google Rick Mathis

    Now if only Kobe’s car crashes then I take control of this race.

  • Chris

    I wonder when Dirk is gonna realize that his car is “Out of Order”…

  • Brad Telfer

    Dirk “I’m going to recommend this car to Avery Johnson”

  • Oliver

    “come on look cool look cool dirk come on beat the black guys”

  • http://www.craigehlo.com Tom

    At last, I can drive faster than LeBron!

  • will

    Where winning the race happens

    where amazing happens

  • Kendall

    I just ran over Baron Davis…. 200 points

  • Jordan Santos

    Does this pink car make me look fat?





  • psycho

    i can win a big racing turnament now i think i can take the NBA finals

  • Deighton

    Steve promised he’d come back if I drove more…

  • Luke Piotrowski

    Loser gets traded to the Nets!

  • http://www.yahoo.com AJ Ostrow

    “I wish this was a shooting game.”

  • Matt

    I’m gonna get those Germans! Come David (Hasselhoff), let’s go!

  • JePan

    “Yeah! In your face Baron(Davis).”

  • J

    Oh no,it’s like the championship game with the heat. I get beat again!

  • http://yahoo.com Ugonna Ohiri

    “Hey I might actually have a better chance winning in Indy than in the city of Dallas.”

    “Hey I actually might be softer than these colors I’m riding with.”

  • Dillon

    The guys next to me are beating me but I still won a mvp. HAHAHA!

  • alaa

    damn cars here are faster than the ones in germany

  • Nick Emam

    “Is that Micheal (jordan) up there?

  • Richard

    If i win dis race i could be MVP for once!

  • Nick

    “They always end up in the girl car!”

  • Nick

    ill show them for putting me in the girl car ill take the shortcut!

  • Alex B.

    Now I can really reach my dream of being David Hasselhoff!! Wait did I just say that outloud?

  • Alex B.


  • Story

    Coming up next on Fox, Dirk Nowitzki stars in Night Rider: The Mystery of the First Round Loss

  • Story

    “We’re on the round to no-where…”

  • Story

    “We’re on the road to no-where”

  • http://aol.com Fabian

    “Oh No, Baron is here.” “I hope he dosen’t see me choke again”

  • http://aol.com Fabian

    “Get out of my way you dumb blue car!”

  • kep star

    fastest way to new jersey? i hope j-kidd could fit.

  • kep star

    i hate to drive.wheres the shooting games?

  • Herbert Hardin

    I bet the Warriors can run faster than this thing.

  • SB

    “OH SNAP! I guess Baron beat me in the first round again”

  • The Mo

    Hey Coach, I’m going to go pick up Jason Kidd in Jersey. If you want I’ll drop off Keith Van Horn.

  • The Mo

    Hey Coach, I’m going to pick up Jason Kidd in Jersey. If you want I’ll drop off Keith Van Horn.

  • Ariel Barkan

    Well here at the Dallas 500, Dirk is hoping to actually finish first in something.

  • jon con

    If I lose to Brian Skinner, I must really be a loser.

  • trevor

    Screw basketball, maybe i can win a championship trophy playing this game.

  • Trevor

    screw basketball, maybe i can win a championship trophy at this game!

  • t-pav

    Im Gonna Chase down Jason Kidd Until I have Him BAck In Dallas

  • Ali Parekh

    The “Nowitzkonator” is working on his driving abilty and the speed of his game, and crashing the boards

  • http://hotmail zak

    I’m gonna get you Kidd

  • Dimitri Rivera

    if i couldnt carry you guys on the court to a championship, you better hop in for this one!

  • andawg

    “Do you think Mark (Cuban) will buy us these to help us with the playoff race?”

  • http://wjd1961hotmail.com Wali Bashir

    If only I could drive to the basket like I can drive this car, maybe I could be the next Larry Bird. Of course winning a chip would help to justify that comment!

  • alex eaton

    I really can’t see these little instruction on how to drive. The letters are to small

  • alex eaton

    Wow I’m glad I don’t drive like this on a reagular basis

  • Peat

    That’s how I roll !!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/40calW4 40 cal

    i wonder if this comes voice automated like K.I.T.T, would sure like to show David up with my brand new baby

  • http://comcast.com k.a. barber sr.

    I think what ever works that man. Just let it roll. Maybe dirk needed to calm his nerves.

  • Terrence Forbes

    Wow guys it has been such a long time since I been on one of these bad boys…

  • Shaq

    hey no foul? Where’s the Referees?

  • josh

    this is much better than playing the warriors!

  • Krockett Reyes

    Dirk: “Hey Cube said whoever loses gets traded!… HA! Just Kidding!”

  • miggz

    who said a big man cant ride in little car!lol

  • Duncan Chan

    Just like my MVP season, this is German Engineering at its best

  • Mike

    Hey guys, I’m in first place. This is the only time I’m ever a leader.

  • Darryl Howard

    Avery Johnson doesn’t like me, I think I’m a zoom right on back to Germany, were I can join the army!

  • Luis

    Lets see D-Wade get past me in this.

  • Michael Fulford

    “First Golden State, and now I’m losing to these guys next to me…. WHEN WILL IT EVER END!!!

  • Matt

    “Ok Josh, here’s the plan. You run up there, grab the trophy, and get in the car. It’s the only way for us to get it.”

  • Justin Villeneuve

    “Damn I’m not gonna win the race to the MVP this year!”

  • Kyle

    Shaq may have basketball, but Dirk got NASCAR

  • Jaime McCarthy

    Scheizah! I hope this is faster than Stephen’s speeding bullet!try and beat me at this Nelly!

  • TP

    “Doing a defensive driver course. Got stopped
    in GS. Got my license to drive suspended
    [Lic# 41MVP07]. Also got a few points. My new
    driving instructor JKidd”

  • http://wjd1961hotmail.com Wali Bashir

    Sure wish I could drive to the hoop like I can drive this car then maybe I could win a chip and be like LARRY! Sure averaging over 25 ppg, shooting 50% from the field and 90% from the line and winning MVP like LARRY is nice, but it don’t mean a thing without the ring!

  • Beckter

    This is not the Autobahn.

  • ja’ohn moore

    they say we gotta be faster to keep up with golden state

  • MBriggs

    Get out of the road Baron! You’re not stopping me this time!

  • EJ

    Cuban said “if I beat his high score he’ll make a trade to get Kidd”. God knows I need him.

  • cantshoot

    “Man, I was expected to do really well but i lost in the first round of this race.”

  • Daniel Drag

    “I’m so sure im gona win this race. Wait, wasn’t I thinking that in the golden state series?”

  • Gardi Royce

    this time Baron won’t catch up to me… vroom!

  • Miguel Ferreira

    When I race this car and get to the finish line, maybe I’ll get a white beard like santa. Also the day I win a chip.

  • Miguel Ferreira

    Dirk: when I get to the finish line I’ll see the Sonics with a ring round their finger (not that soon).

  • Benny T

    This sure is a lot easier than driving my team through the playoffs

  • http://johnc.holtzyahoo.com John Holtz

    Dirk’s audition tape for the new “Knight Rider” show on NBC. Hasslewho? Nowitzki’s in da house!

  • http://johnc.holtzyahoo.com John Holtz

    The NBA’s Most Valuable Poser smiles for a photo op at Chuck E. Cheese.

  • http://johnc.holtzyahoo.com John Holtz

    Dirk’s lonely without Nash, so he looks for other little people to play with at the Neverland Arcade.

  • http://johnc.holtzyahoo.com John Holtz

    “You just won the NBA’s MVP and got bounced by the Warriors in Round 1, what are you going to do know?” I am going to Chuck E. Cheese, were a kid can be kid.

  • http://johnc.holtzyahoo.com John Holtz

    This reminds me of my Race Car bed at home.

  • http://johnc.holtzyahoo.com John Holtz

    Boo-hoo, boo-hoo! I can’t even win at this, I suck. I am changing my name to Dirk Nowinski.

  • http://johnc.holtzyahoo.com John Holtz

    I hate America, I am always losing even at kids games. I am Dirk Nowinski, tell your friends, yes.

  • Sean Gaudet

    “Don’t tell anybody but sometimes I like to fantasize I own KIPP the car…”

  • TK

    if i can master this game ill probably master the other, and they never had these back at germany.

  • Regina

    Unlike basketball pink is working for me right now.

  • JB Lorenzo

    This ought to get me out of the first round

  • JB Lorenzo

    If the warriors still outrun us with this baby ..ill retire

  • JB Lorenzo

    They can run..but i can drive

  • Marcos J. Brenes Morales

    We either get Kidd or I’ll drive back to Germany

  • s dot

    Repping Deutschland! German engineering, yeah!

  • Steve Skidmore

    Baron Davis: “Move your ass Dirk, im heading to the finals and leaving you in the first round”.



  • Andrew

    Michael Who-macher?

  • Andrew

    I think I see Baron Davis crossing up ahead…

  • Tim

    “The baywatch truck wasn’t a good choice”

  • Tim

    Desagana: “Why did you stop Dirk?” Dirk: “Don’t worry I’ll meet you in Jersey”

  • Mehdi Mattou

    “Maybe I can finally win something sporting the german colors?!”

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Nolen

    i didnt go this fast on the auto bon

  • Brad Woodroffe

    NBA? Please…. Nascar here i come!!!

  • Chris Streng

    “I’ve got an idea… Nowitzki Autosports…where the drivers are much to big for their indy car’s and we can paint them sweet colors like pink and yellow….I’ll make millions.”

  • Mi11s

    T-Mac was right! Who needs the second round when there are cool games like this?

  • noel

    dirk will win for sure…hes the only one who won’t get pulled over

  • Nic L

    Theres no way i can lose..GERMAN engineering

  • phunkykarma

    “Is it a Bird ? No !! Is it a plane ? No!! Is it a … wait it’s just Dirk…”

  • phunkykarma

    Dirk is not the next Larry Bird, and he’s not the next Michael Schumacher, either.

  • http://slam.com d-nice

    “i can’t even drive to the hoop what makes you think i can drive a car”

  • Von C. Soll

    “Is that a championship ring up ahead or a tunnel?

  • Jett

    “last one to the finish line is getting traded for jason kidd!”

  • Jett


  • Carsten

    Ja, Ja, Ja! Just like driving fast on the autobahn.

  • DWest

    “i guess this is my best chance at winning a title”

  • Gloria

    At least this ain’t as hard as playing the warriors. Crap, Baron just drove right past me.

  • Gloria

    I can finally win something! Maybe I should quit Playing for the NBA and be a proffesional gamer!

  • Paulo Cualteros

    Yes!!! This is my chance to prove that white people can be as fast as the black people….but only in video games though=(

  • http://mj_lj_adhotmail.com Aramis Dennan

    “Hey Guys, which ones the accelerator again?”

  • Dave

    David Hassolhoff got nothin on me!

  • Dave

    David Hasselhoff got nothin on me!

  • Glen

    If I can get the high score, I can actually get a championship!

  • Darryl

    If Only Beating Golden State was this easy

  • kb

    shiza. i missed baron davis.

  • Bill Xiong

    “WOW, this is better than the Autobahn!!!”

  • Trout

    you americans cant beet us in basketball why would you think you could beat me in racing

  • http://slamonline Jordan

    i hope these things actually move

  • http://slamonline Jordan

    this is like posting up, no leg room!

  • http://slamonline Jordan

    im so buying one of these!