Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 at 1:47 pm  |  222 responses

Sure Shot

They say a picture’s worth 1,000 words. But you only need a couple to win.

What’s up with Samuel Dalembert this month? Is he adding an imaginary friend to his life? Showing love to the Golden Arches? We have no idea, but it’s times like this we regret the bad things we’ve said in the past about NBA Photos. Because without this picture, we couldn’t have such a good caption contest.

Whoever writes the funniest caption will win a dope prize from our vault and see their name in Trash Talk next issue.

Ronald and Samuel

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  • http://iwantoutofokc.com/ James the balla


  • http://anotheresamchan.com Sam

    Instead of Leo Rautins and Team Canada, I’ve got a new bunch of new clowns to hang with this summer.

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  • http://iwantoutofokc.com/ James the balla

    “if i can get Leo fired, will you be our coach?”

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Sammy has found his only way in getting to Phoenix and the All Star Game.

  • nalin

    Introducing our new chain of Haitian fast food – McDalembert’s

  • NACHOveli

    “Who is the real Sam Dalembert? Do Sixer fans really want a center who palls around with clowns? Sam Dalembert: not ready to lead”

  • Ken

    “Hey Scalabrine! When did you get traded to the Hawks?”

  • http://www.where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com/ B. Long

    Ronald: I love ya Sam, but your still not getting on the McDonald’s All-American team. Your 26 yrs. old and from Canada, let it go!

  • http://4point0show.com Wes

    After being treated so poorly at McDowell’s, Hakim finally decided to jump ship.

  • yabooy69

    Dalembert is a beast!

  • Boing Dynasty

    What does that even mean TAD?

  • jose

    Dalembert,work on dunkin the ball and not dunkin McNuggets into BBQ sauce.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    (Dalembert writing letter to Canadian and Haitian friends) “This is what happens in America, y’all!

  • collin

    everyone says im crazy when i say we are makin the playoffs, do you think im crazy. why wont you answer me

  • collin

    hey dude. oh sorry, I thought you were Anderson Verajao

  • At The End Of The Day

    This is what I looked like when Pat Garrity dunked on me

  • R B MACK

    i remember sitting here this used to be my first job being a clown dribbling the ball down on weiner street hey son take a picture of me when i was 26

  • DD

    Dalembert’s thinking of dunking a turkey after a perfect hamburger toss from Ronald McDonald.

  • NosebleedSeats

    Wes wins simply because Coming to America the greatest movie ever!

  • http://www.another48minutes.blogspot.com Gerard Himself

    New Happy Meal: McCamembert.

  • http://www.another48minutes.blogspot.com Gerard Himself

    Wait, Wes is clearly the winner indeed, just read it, never could’ve think of that myself. Nice!

  • http://www.freewebs.com/betcats BETCATS

    “later that day, sean may licked my arm” Sameul Dalembert wrote in his diary that day.

  • Darby

    “Since I abandoned Team Canada last summer, Ronny here’s the only one who’ll talk to me.”

  • http://www.where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com/ B. Long

    Sam: Look Ron we need to get better defensively, we’ll trade you Iggy for the Hamburgurlar straight up. Dude gets mad steals!

  • http://www.freewebs.com/betcats BETCATS

    Plaque under bench read ‘Eddy Curry place of residence 2001-2008′

  • http://its-mitch.blogspot.com/ Paps

    This is one of the perks playing for team Canada.

  • John Holtz

    Me and my buddy. We can swap shoes and hoes.

  • collin

    can you hook me up with one of those suits? My canadian friends would be so jealous

  • John Holtz

    I am Mr. Lonely, so lonely. Hey ladies check out my new wingman, Mr. Ronnie Mac.

  • Static

    Where “Can a brother get an endorsement?” happens…

  • The Last Kings Fan

    Samuel Dalembert rejoices in finally finding someone who did not deny shooting lessons from him.

  • Static

    In other news, Samuel Dalembert interviews Eddy Curry’s former chef on the quickest way to “bulk up”

  • Jason Y

    The 1 Billion Served! Club

  • German Reignman

    Who needs Ronald Murray when you can have Ronald McDonald ?

  • Si

    The only Assists Sammy’s giving up this season are to Maccy D’s!

  • Frizzle

    The camera man asks what are you doing?

    Samuel answers just chilling with my homeboy.

  • http://facebook Jay Leno

    I thought my T.V. broke when I watched the Houston Rocket’s Chuck Hayes shoot free throws on opening night.

  • Candyman

    Samuel Dalembert: I heard A.I is coming back too the East. Let’s just smile so he will not score 32points on our teams Anderson!
    Ronald McDonald:I agree but i am not Anderson Verajao…….

  • Candyman

    Samuel Dalembert: I heard A.I is coming back too the East. Let’s just smile so he will not score 32points on our teams Anderson!
    Ronald McDonald:I agree but i am not Anderson Varejao…….

  • http://www.youtube.com/mandiixoxo Amanda

    Samuel Dalembert: I ain’t about to go pose wit’ a damn clown!
    Ronald McDonald: I was just about to say the same thing buddy.

  • collin

    don’t you see the resemblance???

  • Keith

    Samuel Dalembert joins the OKC Thunder and poses for a photo with new teammate, Robert Swift.

  • http://myspace.com/xtreme2inspire Aarron

    Hopefully I can clown on the eastern confernce this year.

  • einstein

    “Oh man how unusual – I’m sitting on the bench… I’m an all-star, man!”

  • collin

    (Andre Igoudoula later that day): Sam, this isn’t what I meant when I said we need to start clownin on everybody

  • collin

    coach: so have you been working on your post moves……………Samuel: yeah I have, I have been working on my dunking too, Now I can dunk three nuggets in the same bowl of BBQ sauce at the same time…………Coach: what???

  • collin

    I only posed for this picture because Ronald said he would give me a free happy meal, with two toys instead of one

  • http://cedricalvinezyahoo.com cedric

    samuel-taking a picture with ronald mcdonald will surley get me recognized

  • http://cedricalvinezyahoo.com cedric

    samuel-if i take a pic with ronald mcdonald can i get a free kids meal

  • dfgdg

    we could be the big 4 Igodula miller me and Ronald Mc Donald. bum buddies for life

  • Fabian

    your my favorite white boy

  • Ali

    Sam Dam- you sponser me i sponser you” Ro-Mac: Sorry i already got Dwight Howard”

  • LJ

    HEADLINE: “Samuel Dalembert and Robert Swift take a day off.”

  • Dave Kamin

    sam: “man, adidas are crazy…”
    ranold: “wtf is he doing?”

  • http://tanefchotmail.com.au Tane

    Luke Walton’s half brother Ron in negotiations for a tryout…

  • http://tanefchotmail.com.au Tane

    Don’t be fooled by the theads,ginger got game!

  • Ye

    Thats Ronald Mcdonald?
    I thought it was David Stern!

  • adbphilly

    Sammy: Now Ronald I know you’re busy chasing little kids around on those commercials, but if you can, would you please join the team?! I mean there is another big guy on the team, Elto…actually no there’s no one. Just think about it Ronald. I am willing to serve Big Macs.

  • http://cedricalvinezyahoo.com cedric

    sam-ronald i’ll trade you andre miller,coach cheeks,and our water boy for 3 big kids meals.

  • http://cedricalvinezyahoo.com cedric

    sam-i think we are the cutest couple of the year

  • http://cedricalvinezyahoo.com cedric

    after the pic…
    sam-so how are you ronald?
    sam-i said how are you??
    sam-guys i think he’s def

  • http://cedricalvinezyahoo.com cedric

    sam-ill trade myself to be in your posistion

  • http://www.ojhoops.blogspot.com the baconator

    Sam: Damn, these ABA teams just keep gettin’ crazier and crazier!

  • http://moneybills2cents.blogspot.com/ Money Bill Williams

    Shelden William’s wifey ain’t got jack on mine!

  • NosebleedSeats

    …and still, Wes wins.

  • John Kim

    “dude i’ll give you my autograph and you give me free big macs”

  • Luis Moreno

    Welcome to the city of brotherly love.

  • Hung Ma

    SD: “Big Mac and Strong D” sounds like a good rap duo, right?

  • Browny

    SD: Do you think you can name one of those burgers with the tick of approval after me, im thinking the Double Dalembert Dunk.

  • mike

    the only bench stephon marburys not on.

  • D.J.

    Ronald: “Sam is gonna be pissed when he realizes we don’t serve the Big Mic…”

  • D.J.

    “And in the end the Sixers triumphed by tossing a large circular ball made of leather through a big O. It was a most ripping victory.”

  • David

    Maybe this will help me get an endorsement

  • JMac

    Sammy D: Hee hee.. The OKC Thunder has a better jersey design than your team, Ronald.

  • ReuBen MAck

    i made a wish to ronald to super size me into a six footer remember kids never eat kids meals or else you’ll turn into mugsy bogues size

  • ReuBen MAck

    i made a wish to ronald to super size me into a six footer remember kids never eat kids meals or else you’ll turn into mugsy bogues size

  • Cameron

    Ronald: ” To bad this is as much love your going to get this year.”

  • ReuBen MAck

    SD:k u telling me u supersized yao ming in to a seven footer but u supersized charles barkley the wrong way RM:Yup SD:na na na na naaa Im Lovin it

  • Conor

    Playing in the NBA, I’m lovin it!

  • Ryan

    Samuel Dalembert loves taking pictures with his biggest fan.

  • Jordan Trout

    Ronald: woooow if you can play in the NBA so can I

  • ghoct

    SD: Hey Rodman, didn’t know your back in the L. What team did you sign with? Is that the M-M-Magic?!?

  • John

    McSam I am

  • Tyler Sayre

    “Yo Ron how about hookig a brother up with a big mac value meal and biggy size it too”

  • Tim

    SD: You get one after every purchase of 5 big macs or more.

  • Gage Henderson

    Once you go clown, your stats go down.

  • Kelley Nichpls

    SD: Yes finally someone who wants a picture with me!
    RM: Dont get too excited bud im obligated to pose with you, i cant move

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wes says:

    Gee,I guess Samuel Dalembert is loving it the way they’re season is goin!!!

  • Rob Wells Jr.

    So Ronald, I’m thinkin we make a new burger. How bout the Sammy D. Or a restaurant called Sammy D’s.

  • http://www.shomanart.com Evan Shoman

    Damn good to get you on board Stephon.

  • http://hltt.com Todd Nelkin

    I knew Oliver Miller was taking this love of fast food way to far

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • niQ

    Long lost twins?

  • andy

    Hey Ron, I heard about how you served my team during the 1972-1973 season. Hey, 9-73 isn’t that bad.

  • andy

    SD: Oh no, its him! Where’s Reggie when you need him.

  • Will

    “Super Size Me”
    “Super Sized Velvet”
    “Dollar Menu Velvet”

  • DellaBalla

    Maybe it is a good thing weed is illegal in the USA after all.

  • Will

    Look, when I said I wanted to meet Ron Ron, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.

  • Braydon

    Ronald: I’m loving it!
    Sam: Ok, I’m not, I just want to get this over with!

  • chris

    OH MY BAD!!!
    I thought you were DeShawn Stevenson…

  • grillzboy224

    you know, we’d make a great couple. Just imagine us together in that next mcdonalds ad…It’d be Magic

  • rhillips

    if you get an all-star sponsor, can i front your adverts

  • rhillips

    look, thanks for the job offer but $10 an hour just doesn’t to playing with Canada

  • Luis

    Dalembert: Hey I finally get to meet Dennis Rodman!!
    Ronald McD: Don’t compare me to that clown. He’s a loser just like you and team Canada!

  • Dave

    The only man Sammy D can box out…

  • Tuvan Gumrukcu

    ” Ok now Ronald, smile…if this doesn’t get me popular, I don’t know what will…”

  • Brandon

    Really..? you were a McDonalds All American baller?

  • bobby stew

    Coming to America II: featuring Sam Dalembert and Michael Jackson

  • GL Blackwell

    Hey, we’re both stiff!

  • http://www.myspace.com/3timechamp Thomas V

    NBA “where poseing with clowns happens”.

  • http://celtics.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    …And I went and visited Ronald McDonald in federal prison. I’m Samuel Dalembert-the NBA, where caring happens.

  • Dwyane

    I know Canada’s first primeinister was named McDonald Trust me this is the closest Ive got to Canada since the summer

  • ZrB

    Samuel Dalembert: “Hey clown look straight towards the portable TV, I just blocked a shot.” Andrea Iguodala:” Andrea (miller) get a picture of this he thinks its real and i just hit a deep three and so did he thats weird; oh he’s watching somebody play NBA 2k9.

  • zeb dawson

    ronald? oh, oh, I cant believe it. I can put you in mcdonalds all the way up in toronto.

  • ZrB

    Samuel Dalembert”Hey clown when are you going to give some bobble head NBA players in happy meals?”

  • ZrB

    Samuel Dalembert: “Look take a picture here’s proof I have an average sized friend that doesn’t have a million dollar house and lives on a bench.”

  • Mike from PEI

    Dalembert’s Canadian National Teammates are a bit stiff.

  • Taylor Hackett

    Sam: yes, yes that little girl in the pink dress is very cute. how old do you think she is? 6? ya 6 is my guess…

  • Tim Gallagher

    Sam says, “Yo Ronnie, how about adding a Dalemberry Shake to your menu?”

  • rob stewart

    Yo Ronald, when did they hand out those fly warm-ups?

  • Nlax33

    Dalembert: look I found eddy curry and he seems to have lost some weight

  • MD

    Samuel: Dude you sure this is where we gonna me my agent
    Ronald McDonald: Nah, thats at window 2

  • Chico

    Ronald: Oh my gosh, it’s Samuel Dalembert! I really want his autograph but how do I ask him?

  • Joe Clark

    “Nothing sets the mood like greasy fast food”

  • TA

    “Hey Sam, they say the King is better than us!” – “Just keep smilin’, Ronald, keep smilin’ …”

  • KJM

    After Chicago’s Derrick Rose clowned Andre Miller in late November, teammate Samuel Dalembert consoled a comatose Miller.

  • Dominic

    Hey baby, if i dump my girl you wana go out sometime?

  • andy

    Where ” I Can’t wait for this endorsement to end ” Happens

  • kibaAUS

    Is this seat taken?

  • Ryan G.

    Hey, where my big macs at?

  • J.R.

    Ken says:
    “Hey Scalabrine! When did you get traded to the Hawks?”

    this is my favorite

  • Christian

    I’m so happy we hired Ronald Swift.
    Don’t you think this uniform makes him look much better than the ugly Thunder jerseys?

  • Scott aka T-Wrexx

    Samuel: “They say I’m too skinny for the post, so maybe this guy can help me bulk up”.

  • chase

    badabababa I’m lovin you

  • chase

    Dalembert, yes I want fries with that

  • chase

    Dalembert: Yes I want fries with that.

  • Thomas

    Not even Ronny here likes my performance this year! Maybe I would be better off dunkin mcnuggets than basketballs!

  • Justin

    “See Mo [Cheeks], told you I knew where Shawn’s [Bradley] been hiding since T-Mac forced him into retirement!! Should’ve just called it quits after those aliens (Space Jam) stole his ‘talent.’”

  • http://loski44yahoo.com Lo Hunt

    Ronald: Ok Sam !! You can take Mayor McCheese’s place but, it does not pay well and you have to pay for your food!

  • Evan Walker

    SD: Ronald, maybe if you wore the right uniform you wouldn’t be on the bench.

  • Evan Walker

    SD: Are you enjoying the game Ronald?
    Ronald: I’m lovin’ it

  • Evan Walker

    SD: You know Ronald, you wouldn’t get benched if you wore the right uniform!

  • RaN II

    season tickets for seasoned fries

  • Chris Waaka

    Dalembert:I better get a free happy meal McD…
    Ronald McD:Not even if you were my mom

  • James Walker

    So Ronald how about a deal?

  • http://Slamonline.com James Walker

    So Ronald how about a sponsership?

  • Edgar Blecker

    Would you like some cheese with that

  • HyunATL

    dangum Dalemberts got some big hands!

  • Joe Pennell

    Infatuated by his childhood idol and unphased is Samuel by the notion that he never learned the real meaning of Franchise Player

  • Joe Pennell

    Even with red hair and his yellow jumpsuit, Sammy D would never miss and opportunity to meet Michael Jackson at his Neverland Ranch

  • Shane Thomas

    “lets just say i’m past that part of my life”

  • JWW

    Dalembert:”Can you guys hurry up with the pic before The King find out my secert relationship with Ronald.”

  • http://mn.com ski

    Bada bah bah he’s lovin his men

  • zdawg

    This is a picture of me and MickeyD when we where good friends in Haiti, I just can’t see him anymore because it would hurt my career.

  • http://Comcast.net gage henderson

    “his stats are down, he’s talking to clowns, next thing you know he’s going to be eating unhealthy foods like- oh wait never mind”

  • Foster Herriot

    Mom everyone else is getting pictures with Ronald McDonald I want one too!

  • Micah Turner

    Samuel Dalembert: Forget the millions, I’ll play for McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets!

  • Micah Turner

    Ronald McDonald: thanks sam for the hug, but yo’re still not getting any of my juicy, crispy McDonald’s chicken nuggets!

  • lilheck413

    hehehe hey everybody this is my freind Donald McRonald,he so funny.he say I the best black canadien center in NBA history!

  • Hector Torres

    if u tink I anti-social,tink again mutha-trucka!!!!

  • pedro

    “Ron is my application still on file”

  • Michael

    im not sure who looks more like a pedophile out of these two

  • zeb dawson

    yo ronald, hook me and chris bosh up with some mcnuggets,eh.

  • Sam Z

    Hey ronny i know we havent been on good terms lately but uhh seeing as how my team is doing again this year you think you can find a place for me on your team

  • Richard Howarth

    Sam D. is trying to convince ron to give him a pair of clown shoes because nothing else fits him.

  • BalheR

    Sam:Ronlad can I have a big mac?
    Sam:I got five bucks Canadian
    Ronald:Canadian?Sorry Sam.

  • Pboy

    Sam:(whispering)Don’t tell anyone we’re a couple yet!

  • Pboy

    Sam: Can I have a raise?
    Ronald: What do you mean?
    Sam: When I look at my salary I think, ‘I’m not lovin’ it’.

  • Bri

    Ronald: Would you like some fries with those sixers?

  • Dennis

    Sam: Hey McFlav where´s yo clock necklace?
    McFlav: dis customer told me he waited 5 mins for his burger, so i told him to watch the time for me.

  • Ellis

    When Sixers big man Samuel Dalembert was asked about the teams disappointing start to the season he replied, “My poor performance has lead to a lot of bench time, I’m loving it.”

  • amrit

    This is the only good thing you get in philly

  • amrit

    This is the best part about being a 76sixer

  • amrit

    Hope u guys have canadian bacon

  • Joel

    Dalembert: What do you think of this trade. Me and Andre Igudala for Shawn Marion?

    Ronald: Eh, it’s ok, but unlike my chicken selects, i’m not lovin it

  • tater totz

    samuel just because you can touch the golden arches doesnt mean you can touch ronald mcdonald

  • tater totz

    Can we trade Hip-Hop for this guy? or get him house trained or something?

  • Vince

    Ronald: Shouldn’t you be practicing Sam?
    Sam: Nah you must be clownin’.

  • Nick

    Ronald: Sam, how do you like having Elton in Philly? Sam: I’m lovin’ it!

  • Robell Okubamichael

    Dont get too happy Dalembert. He is meant to chill with everybody

  • http://slamonline.com/online/the-magazine/2008/11/sure-shot-19/ Joe Epple

    RM: “Haha Sam I have stuffed more people than you!”

  • Omeed from Denmark

    Dalembert: “…and would you please sign my cheeseburger?”

  • lincoln

    Just a few more years in the NBA and I can finally eat your sweet mcnuggets everyday without my coach telling me to lose weight!

  • http://Slamonline Yatah

    Yo Ronald, you don’t know how happy I am about the Dollar Menu! I live off of it man.

  • FBN

    “He likes me more than Iguodala so I like him more than the burger king”

  • Aristotle

    Mickey D featuring Sammy D in Return of the Mac.

  • Eman Abecia

    Slams new feature: SoftSlamadamonth
    Dalembert Posterizing Bonner

  • tyler

    Dalembert:hey if you give me a happy meal i’ll give you my autograph!
    Ronald:Thats not even worth anything on the dollar menu

  • Mat

    Dalembert: Hey kids, its my new friend Elton Brand!

  • Omar

    Here’s Dalembert and Elton Brand’s agent, the one responsible for leaving L.A. and Baron Davis

  • Mistah Cee

    RONALD :So Sammy i hear you guys just supersized your team with Elton
    DALEMBERT : You know it
    RONALD : So, uh…..you want fries with that?

  • Jeff Henderson

    Je suis affectueux il

    (I’m loving it in french) for our canadian baller

  • Danny

    I know Ron, my life is like a box of McNuggets. My price-tag keeps going up but, same old product is produced.

  • CB

    Sam: “I told you guys me and Coach Rautins kiss and made up”

  • D. Norbs

    “Philadelphia hopes that key off-season acquisitions R. McDonald (pictured here with Samuel Dalembert) and Elton Brand will bolster the Sixers ailing frontcourt. Like Dalembert, McDonald takes pride in his shot blocking ability. When asked about his swatting prowess, McDonald confidently claimed that he has probably “served billions” during his basketball career. As for his transition to the City of Brotherly Love, McDonald simply stated, ‘I’m lovin’ it.’”

  • JB Pitts

    Now here’s somebody i KNOW can’t dunk on me

  • Sean Belanger

    Ronalds like do I know.

  • Jori Fullerton

    Even though I didn’t get the commercial deal I always wanted, Don’t mean I cant kick it with you ron – you my boy. But what do you say you and I go to the k1x website together and get you some new threads…you’re embarrasing me bro!

  • Miguel Ferreira

    Hey ronald can i get an autograph, im finally with someone famous!

  • Andrew McNeill

    “You know what they call a Royale with cheese in America? A quarter-pounder with cheese. Yeah, they’re not on the metric system.”

  • gregr

    ayo mcdalembert

  • http://www.slamonline.com Paddy Melo

    Maybe if I be his friend he will feed me

  • Djuka

    NBA – Where Samuel Dalembert happens.

  • Faro Halupa

    “Hey Ron, Elton Brand is not working out like we thought he would, you should think about coming in for a tryout”.

  • Daniel

    ahh, just like the old days, now where’s my cheese burger!

  • http://www.fnl4.com Miguel Rodriguez

    McDonald’s now open in Haiti!

  • http://www.theultimatehoopschallenge.com Mike

    McDonald’s first location in the world that sells Beef Patties. Port Au Prince Haiti….

  • rhillips

    Well at least you won’t judge me for how i play

  • rhillips

    Mcdonalds 1-0 Canada

  • Kobe Sidhu

    Dr Swat…over 100,000 served !

  • Frank Rivera

    PSSSSt..how do I get a VIP pass in your restaurant?

  • http://allday-fadeaway.blogspot.com Nbk

    “I just want a friend, someone who is going to tell me I am playing good even when I’m not, Ronald can you teach me how to do a lay-up, without laughing at me?”

  • Byzx

    “I don’t need Ronald to supersize my game!”

  • Emmanuel Martinez

    Who’s the clown next to Ronald??

  • http://allday-fadeaway.blogspot.com Nbk

    Hey ronald i just wanted you to know its easier to get in your house then it is to put the ball in the basket.

  • Kyle

    I can’t believe I finally get to meet Bill Walton!

  • 1prwitnikes

    welcome to mcdonalds how may i take your order? that’s all you have to say sam, then sign me up.

  • Ben

    Im going on my own baron davis diet

  • Jake Solomon

    Which one is Sam Dalembert????????????????

  • Akam T.

    Maybe with this picture I can finally impress Coach.

  • Bryce

    Whats up, Scalabrine. I like the throwback jersey.

  • adbphilly

    Sammy: Well Ronald, Coach DiLeo told me to go and find my inner strength and learn how to rebound a ball. I thought I’d come to you. So, my paint covered friend, any advice?

    Ronald: ………

    Sammy: Oh thank you! I’ve learned so much in just those mere 5 seconds!