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Win a Junk Food Clothing NBA Tee

Some of the hottest vintage tees around. One could be yours.

by Adam Fleischer

If you’re unfamiliar with Junk Food Clothing, then I suggest you check out their website to see all the cool stuff they have to offer. The t-shirt company is home to tons of great tees—from NBA, to NFL, to Disney and lots more—for you to order and make your own. And now they’re offering brand new vintage NBA gear (somehow, “brand new vintage” actually makes sense), launched earlier this month, that all who love SLAM are sure to want to get their hands on.

And—you guessed it—thanks to our friends over at Junk Food Clothing, we’re giving all those who love SLAM that very chance with another great contest. One of these gems will be all yours courtesy of Junk Food Clothing and SLAM (they usually run between $25-$35) if your submission is up to par.

So here’s what you gotta do: Let us know, in 250 words or less, your favorite in game moment from your favorite team and why. We’ll be giving away one tee per team, for a grand total of 15 winners. There are 15 in men’s sizes (below) and 11 in women’s. The contest will last until next Tuesday. Good luck!

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  • Kaboom

    My favorite in game moment is pretty recent. It’s the Los Angles Lakers in Game 4 of last years Finals against the Magic. Sinking the single most important shot of the NBA season wasn’t the first time Derek Fisher had nailed a playoff buzzer-beater, of course, yet when he nailed a three-pointer in the face of Orlando’s Jameer Nelson with 4.6 seconds left in regulation of Game 4 of the NBA Finals to force overtime, his blood became a different kind of cold. For a player who had all season and particularly in the postseason endured more than a little criticism for his play, that shot alone would have been enough to produce the kind of praise afforded to West, Magic and Horry in Lakers shot-making lore. Yet Fisher not only saved the game, he then won it by canning another three-pointer with 31.4 seconds left in overtime, a shot which ultimately may have won L.A. the championship. This exemplified true character and the perseverance to endure under the brightest lights. These “Where Amazing Happens” moments are embedded in true fans of the Lakers and always brought up time and time again like they’re a camp fire story to be past down generation to generation.

    Size Large. Thanks!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Best moment had to be watching the Heat win their first title, with their road win in Dallas to secure it. Dwyane did his thing to keep them in it after basically dragging them to that point being brilliant in the 5 prior games, but it was the moments cats won’t remember that still stand out, Posey’s corner three late to give them a push on their lead, Zo playing his greatest warrior role with block after ridiculous block to keep the game in striking range, rolling on the floor in primal ecstacy at one point after wiping out a potential layup, even GP’s little nudge to Jason Terry’s hip on his final three attempt showed that the little things (in bounds or not) can lead to even better things. The final image of D-Wade catching the Jet’s stray miss, throwing the ball into the AAA’s air, and a team that suffered through almost 20 years of sorry basketball and “justthisclose” moments to being champs, finally celebrating their most jubilent moment together as their motto stated, “15 Strong”, made loving the team so worth it that one unforgettable night after all those wasted years.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jaspora Kendrick

    My favorite moment provided by Dwyane Wade and my Miami Heat. In what was already a hotly contested game, the plot thickens when it goes into overtime off of a missed layup by D-Wade. Overtime. John Salmons at the top of the key, with 3 seconds left D-Wade swoops in from the backside and steals the ball, dashes to the top of the key and swishes a running 3-pointer to win it. Simply amazing, and a game for the ages.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Myles Brown

    Im just hoping if I ask nicely someone will send me a Lakers and/or Nuggets tee. Please?

  • bullsfan

    The greatest in game moment hands down was the Bulls/Jazz Finals Game Six. With “The Shot” This moment stands above all the rest because it shows all of Jordan’s repertoire. He is nine-time All-NBA Defensive Team player and a Defensive Player of the Year winner, yet many of Jordan’s great moments revolve around his outstanding ability to make an acrobatic move to get to the hoop.However, this moment includes everything that Jordan can do, starting with a steal from the great Karl Malone, all the way to his game-winning shot with 5.2 seconds left on the clock, I will let Neil Funk from the Chicago Bulls radio network describe this moment.”Malone…stripped by Michael, to the floor, stolen by M.J! Michael the steal! 16 seconds left, Bulls down 1, Michael against Russell, 12 seconds…11…10. Jordan, Jordan a drive, hangs…fires…SCORE! He scores! The Bulls lead 87-86 with five and two tenths left, and now they’re one stop away. Oh my goodness. Oh, my, goodness.” To close out the series and what was his second retirement the way he did, it’s the way kids all over the world dream it up. That’s a moment that’s hard to replicate even in video games and it’s a moment that will always be shown in ESPN Classic films and MJ highlights til the test of time. LARGE SIZE

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  • http://www.slamonline.com James the Balla

    Lakers. There are so many moments. But I am going to go with a recent one. 2007, 65 points against the Blazers. 108-108 in OT with like 40 seconds left. Splits the double team with a fade away 3 pointer. I want that Lakers t-shirt haha.

  • http://slamonline.com Adam Fleischer

    No problem, Myles. Matter of fact, both are on the way.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Myles Brown

    My man.

  • Fernando Sanchez

    My favorite suns moment of all time came in game 5 of round 1 between the suns and the lakers. Kobe had been elbowing Raja the whole game and was sick of it, next time down court, Kobe tries to drive the lane when bam, Raja clothelines Kobe and down he goes. Im a huge suns fan so I don’t exactly like Kobe. And the suns came back from a 1-3 deficit which not many teams can say have done that. XL size for me please and thanks, Go Suns!

  • http://slamonline.com Adam Fleischer

    *Denzel Voice*

  • http://www.slamonline.com Myles Brown

    Indeed. Training Day or American Gangster. Your choice.

  • http://slamonline.com Adam Fleischer

    Gotta go AG in this particular case. Just feels right. Ok, back to people’s favorite moments…

  • Hussman25

    My favorite 76er memory is not one most people will discuss or talk about… The closing game of the Eastern Conference Finals in 2001 in its closing seconds… It had, at the time, been 18 years since the Sixers sniffed the finals. The end for Julius, the Barkley era and how it ended (him runing thru Philly International grinning EAR TO EAR on his way to Phoenix; *tear*), the empty years and the drafting of Stackhouse… I believed his arrival would bring us back to prominance, but it was the drafting of Allen Iverson that would change a team, a franchise and a city’s fortunes for the better (never for worse)… Those final seconds watching Allen on T.V. hugging Larry Brown, Mo and his teammates was the most emotional, joyous and heartfelt moments I had ever seen as a 76er fan… We (as a city) laughed, danced, screamed and cried when David Stern handed us the conference trophy. What I wouldn’t give to see that again.
    Through all the ish A.I. put the team and city thru, I would never EVER take those memories back! Now… that seems like a distant memory with the state of the franchise now, but what a sight it would be to see a Red, White & Blue parade down Broad St… I guess I’ll have to dream that scene for now… SMH


  • http://www.boogiewilliams.com Boing Dynasty

    “my man” is AG
    “my ni@@a” is TD

  • SaggyWheels

    My favorite in-game moment was when i was getting smashed on 2k10 (playing with the nuggets) by about 25 about mid-way thru the 2nd quarter. Enter JR Smith. I go on a ridiculous run with JR hitting from all over and actually grab a lead just before the half. I go on to win by about 15, JR dropped about 40. Nuggets T.

  • http://www.slamonline.com MooButter

    I have never, ever personally witnessed a more dominant performance than Lebron scoring 29 of the final 30 Cavalier points against Detroit in game 5 of the 2007 Eastern Conference Funals. Lebron was great before that, but that was his coming out party. He finished the game with 48, 9, and 7. There is nothing more exhilarating than watching a guy completely in the zone and unstoppable. None of sports teams I have ever followed have come close to providing a performance that entertaining. His 48 was a Cav’s playoff franchise record and it gave Cleveland the 3-2 lead in the series heading home, and ultimately, the franchises first finals appearance.

  • peter

    As I scan the tees to do some soul searching, I struggle to decide among the flurry of great teams. A LA native, I find myself not only obligated by hometown pride but also by love of the showtime Lakers. However, in spite of this, I must admit my favorite team is none other than the Chicago Bulls. I’ve seen my share of playoff games, but the best in game moment was Derrick’s Rose’s block on Rajon Rondo. What evolved from a simple playoff matchup into a brewing rivalry was offset by the intensity of these two point guards. I can’t remember the last time a defensive move like that got me out of my seat. I remember the night as though it was recent. In search of a dinner, my friends and I headed to one of our usual spots. What we found was a joint with everyone at their feet and gaping at the game in the fourth quarter. As play continued, disappointed groans and flying fist pumps set the mood for Derrick’s defining moment. He would prove himself worthy of ROY from that instant. Had it been a second sooner or later, the play could have been a foul or failure, but it wasn’t. It was precise, emphatic, and clean. It made the statement that the Bulls were ready to play and that Boston was in for the fight of their lives. Derrick Rose, a rookie playing for his hometown, nothing sums up a better block.

  • Pic

    My favorite Suns moment came from the magical 1993 playoffs. The Suns had to give up three solid players from their rotation the previous season (Horny, Andrew Lang & Tim Perry) and it paid dividends, resulting in an MVP year from Sir Charles. After a close call in the first round against the number 8 seed Lakers where the Suns had to come back from a 0-2 deficit, the Suns had to face David Robinson & the Spurs. With the Suns up in the series 3-2, the teams tied at 100 with seconds to go in Game 6, we saw a classic confrontation between the game’s top two players at that time. The newly crowned MVP against the reigning Best Defensive Player, mano y mano at the top of the key. Barkley has the ball in his hands with about 10 seconds remaining. He stands as Robinson waits. Chuck has his eyes on the clock, running it down – 10… 9… 8… He spins the ball in his hands then finally starts his move at 5 seconds. He bounces the ball, then takes one more hard dribble to the right. He rises for a jumper from 20 feet with Robinson in his face. Wet. Sir Charles shuts down the Hemisfair Arena for good. They went on to beat the Sonics in the Conference Finals before coming up short against John Paxson’s Bulls. Men’s medium please.

  • Ball For Life

    My favorite moment came from the Mavericks. They had an amazing run in 2006, and I was sure they were going to win. The best moment was in game 7 of the conference semi-finals. Spurs vs. Mavs. It took 6 games, but that didn’t solve anything. Game 7, the game goes well. Mavs play hard and lead in the first 2 quarters. 3-4th they fell behind and the match was tied. Regulation could not solve anything as well, so it was off to overtime. It was such as intense game, I remember my heart beating as I was watching this game between two rivals. These two well-matched teams, playing the best basketball. In the end, Mavs took it home. They carried this momentum all the way to the finals, but came up a little short. I will still remember that game. It was fabulous. Dirk had 37 points and 15 rebounds. He also won MVP award, and I felt he really did deserve it. Today as I watch him, i still remember how hard he has worked to get to that stage.

  • Diego

    My favorite Denver Nuggets moment happened on november the third 2008 when the geniuses in Denver managed to pull off one of the best trades in the history of the NBA for the Nuggets but one of the worst for the Pistons. Yeah I’m talking Billups. Thanks to him Denver is an elite team right up where they should be. It was my favorite moment because Denver wouldn’t be half as fun to watch without Billups. Now I don’t even miss one game.

  • Diego

    My favorite moment from the Denver nuggets happened nOvembr 3 2008 when the geniuses in Denver managed to pull off one of the best trades in NBA history. Yeah i’m talking about Billups. It was my favorite because Denver would not be an elite team without him and their not even half as fun to watch when he’s not there. Now I don’t even miss one game.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    My favorite Detroit Pistons moment very familiar to most and is burned into the memory of every Indiana Pacers fan. During the height of the rivalry between Detroit and Indiana, the two teams met in the 2004 Eastern Conference finals. With Detroit holding just a two point lead in hostile territory and the clock winding down, one of the game’s premier clutch performers was out to break the hearts of the Pistons team again and give his team a 2-0 series lead. With 20 seconds left in the game, fans at Conseco field house were certain the game would be tied as they watched their star race to the basket for a break away layup. 19 seconds left, Reggie Miller enters the key ready to tie it up, while a lanky forward appeared in his peripheral vision, but he posed no threat to him…or so he thought. Then to everyone’s utter disbelief, with 17.9 seconds left in the game Tayshaun Prince came out of nowhere to block the layup. A perfect block. The ball landed in the hands of Richard Hamilton who calmly knocked down the game winning free throws. This moment was just a stepping stone to a greater prize though, but somehow at that point, I was sure the 2004 champions would be my Detroit Pistons.

  • frank

    Tim Duncan, game 6 against the nets in ’03. It was one of the greatest finals performances of all time, by the greatest power forward ever. 21 points, 20 rebounds, 10 assists and 8 blocks.A near quadruple-double by the big fundamental. People say the spurs are boring, but that was an amazing game. I was jumping out of my seat when they won, and i’m not a person who jumps out of his seat too often. But the best part was David Robinson finishing out his NBA career as a champion.
    If I get that spurs shirt, I’ll take a large.

  • 3D

    The best moment in Magic history was in the second round in the 1995 playoffs. Most will remember when Nick stole the ball from MJ in the dying seconds of Game 1. Or when MJ ditched the 4-5 for the 2-3 in Game 2. But my lasting memory would be the closing minute of Game 6. Despite finishing the season with the best record in the East, most critics picked the Bulls to beat the inexperienced Magic squad, who had not won a single playoff game before that year’s playoffs. The Bulls, in the meantime, were riding momentum off MJ’s midseason comeback. Lost in the mix was Horace Grant, who left Chicago to sign with the Magic during the offseason. Grant provided the much needed experience to complement the 24-year old Shaq, but few expected him to be such a huge factor on offense in the series. He drained 19-footer after 19-footer after 19-footer, leaving the Bulls completely dumbfounded. In Game 6, Grant struggled from the floor, but the young core of Shaq-Penny-3D-Nick had his back. Even to the dying seconds, their inexperience showed when Shaq put an exclamation point on the series with a fastbreak dunk instead of dribbling away the clock. But for that series, talent trumped experience. They had just enough from their leader in Grant, who deservedly got a victory ride from Shaq and the guys, which was extra sweet at it happened in his old home floor.

  • Joe A

    My favorite Celtics moment was game 4 of the 2008 finals.The Celtics were trailing by as many as 24 points, but halfway through the third quarter they went off. They played the tough defense they were heralded for, their bench was coming up with big plays, and their big 3 led a balanced assault that led them to a 3-1 series lead. The Celtics have an amazing history, but this victory epitomizes what Celtic basketball is all about.

  • Tyler Whitcomb

    My favorite moment when I was a kid, was when the Detroit Pitons in 1990 won back to back titles. Game 6 in 1990, The Pitons were down by one and the Microwave Vinnie Johnson nailed the game winner! This and the Fab Five got me into the game of basketball that I love. So the moment, down by one to the Trailblazers in game 6 and the Microwave nails the game winner. As an eleven year oid fan, I went nuts being in a hotel in Chicago attending a Mets/ Cubs double header the next day. That Pistons team had some players (Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, Vinnie Johnson, Mark Aguirre, Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn, James Edwards, Dennis Rodman, John Salley,and fan favorites Fennis Dembo and Scott Hastings.

  • Jon

    Because I have suffered so long and hard as a Knicks fan, I deserve the Knicks vintage T sized M. My favourite moment comes annually, just before the start of the season. This occurs when the Knicks, the famed Knicks playing in the world’s greatest arena, sign a couple players who I KNOW will turn out as superstars/key players. These guys are Chris Duhon, Eddy Curry, Jerome James, Zach Randolph (congrats!), STEVE FRANCIS and Danilo Gallianri. I have all their jerseys rotting in my closet. Please give me some joy SLAM.

  • JayChau

    I must admit, I have to give it up for the 1994 Houston Rockets. Featuring the match-up of Ewing and Olajuwon, it was one great battle. Even more momentum changing was when Hakeem made the game saving block on John Starks in Game 6. Houston’s first championship trophy!

  • celtics

    my favorite in game moment for my favourite team would be the boston celtics vs lakers in game 4.The game vs at l.a the whole crowd and fans were on their feet and cheering. The lakers got out to an early quick lead and the kept increasing it every since. at halftime the celtics went in to the locker room down by 24.They knew “Anyhting is possible” so the whole team said defence thats what’s got us where we are today and thats what we need to win tonight and win the championship. The celtics went in to third with deterimination and one thing on their minds defence. That’s what they did when the whistle blew to start the third. The celtics hustled for every rebound and loose ball and got stops and the offensive end the big 3 dominated ray hit shots pierce hit shots and so did the kg. They hit 3′s big shots and at the end when the final whistle blew the came out victorious with one of the biggest win an NBA history and maybe in sports history while down by 24.After the game every player told that defence won us the game.Also this is where amzing happens and tells us every player on the celtics is commited to play defence and win. This tells us the celtics franchise never gives up no matter down by as many points as possible they can still pull an trick out of the hat.

  • Balherett3

    I want to give it up for the little man or should I say dem grown up Hawks. They have suffered many years of struggling, and like a good ghetto story they’ve risen to the top and are ready to take all comers.(Move over Orlando who’s got 3rd spot in the east) Anyways my fav moment was first round boxing match with Celtics. Who were lead by Mr.Underrated Joe Johnson and thriving after acquiring Mike and should I add Josh Childress(slam readers got there technology down pat). Shocking the C’s with every victory. No I’m not reciting David and Goliath I’m talking about the FIRST round of the NBA playoffs 1 vs. 8 (even though they lost it was a moral victory)! As a fan of basketball I can’t ask for better effort on their part. All I’m saying is watch out cause when you got nothing to lose you don’t necessarily lose.

  • rashado

    i moved to toronto from cairo in 2004 and started watching ball as the miami heat won it all in 06.

    my favorite moment happened one night in 2007 i believe when my friend, a die hard lakers fan proclaimed in frustration that if kobe and company didn’t beat the blazers that night he’d never watch lakers play again. i saw a look of ridiculous anger and focus on kobe’s face and it seemed like he heard my friend. that was the night he went off for 61, it was the first time i’d seen kobe play and i instantly became a fan. that moment and the ensuing obsession with basketball led me to quit smoking, start going to the gym 4-5 times a week, as i’m inspired by kobe and other nba athletes discipline in preparation. i play ball regularly now and i have to say that that night led me to find a new passion in my life that keeps be balanced: baskebtall

  • Ian

    My favorite moment was when I a couple years back at a nuggets-blazers game with my friend. We were like 13, and just going to a game alone (even in the nose bleeds) was cool enough for us. The way it ended was what made it great, though. We were up, but Portland had the last shot. They go to shoot from 3 and Camby came in and stuffed the hell out of it. game over. We went crazy with the rest of the pepsi center and went back to school bragging about our excursion

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    Best SIXERS moment: Game 1, 2001 Finals. That year, the Lakers team looked unbeatable and in the playoffs they were — until AI had other plans. Everyone had written off the Sixers, citing a Lakers sweep as nothing more than a foregone conclusion before the Finals even began. The one moment that stood out to me, and most others I’m sure, was AI stepping over Tyronne Lue after a step back jumper. To me, stepping over Lue was more than just a single triumph over a defender because really…who is Tyronne Lue? AI was stepping over the doubts of many –- those who never gave his Sixers a chance. Those who never gave HIM a chance over his career. It was a defiant “F U” to all the doubters. Damn, that was delicious defiance, if only for a game.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    For the record, the Cleveland shirt looks hella dope. Too bad I hate the Cavs.

  • Neon

    My most memorable moment in Nugget history is Robert Pack’s dunk over Shawn Kemp in Game 3 of the 1994 Playoffs. The top-seeded Sonics dominated the Nuggets in Seattle and expected to finish the sweep in Denver. I remember the Sonics setting up full-court to pressure the Nuggets’ second unit but Pack went full-speed to break it. Right around halfcourt, Kendall Gill came to meet Pack, but the little guy crossed him up and Gill almost went down. Dude had Deke on his left and Kemp waiting in front of the rim. The smart move was to wait for Kemp to commit and drop it off for Deke. But Pack epitomized this Nugget team – unpredictable and scrappy – and the only option was to throw it down on the 6’10 Kemp. That he did, completely shifting the momentum to Denver’s side. The series was never the same after that. The Nuggets were let loose and the Sonics were shook.

  • http://Slam.online Isaac waggoner

    My favorite moment was when cavs creamed the lakers on Christmas day 2010.and people were throughing foam fingers and a water bottle and the time when b Roy made a 3.1 second shot against the rockets and they won oh and I want cavs or nugget tee, thanks for doing this contest.

  • http://Slam.online Isaac waggoner

    My favorite moment was when cavs creamed the lakers on Christmas day 2010.and people were throughing foam fingers and a water bottle and the time when b Roy made a 3.1 second shot against the rockets and they won oh and I want cavs or nugget tee, thanks for doing this contest.

  • TheMagician10

    My favorite Los Angeles Lakers moment has to be Game 4 of the first round against the Phoenix Suns, 2006 playoffs first round. This game was special because the Lakers were in an underdog role, being a 7 seed, trying desperately to knock off the 2 seed. In the closing seconds of regulation and down 2, the Lakers had to go for the steal and if they didn’t get that quick enough, foul. If Nash controlled the ball at all it would be a sure win because of free throw percentage, making it a two possession game. Smush Parker had other ideas. He tipped the ball cleanly away from Nash to Devean George, who passed to a streaking Kobe Bryant that juked a defender for a wild layup just before the buzzer. Overtime we go. In OT, another improbable situation, down 1 point, 98-97, and having to foul Steve Nash again. Phoenix inbounds, and Luke Walton somehow gets both his hands on the ball, and forces a jump ball. The jump at mid-court is won by Walton, tipped back to Kobe Bryant. Number 8 then dribbles to the elbow and hits a fade-away jumper at the buzzer. Lakers 99, Suns 98, F/OT and a 3-1 series lead. That moment gives me chills whenever I see it replayed and just takes me back to that moment of euphoria. It is my favorite even though it was only first round, and they lost the series, it just was probably the most emotional moment of my Laker loving life, because it was so improbable.

  • thafanatic

    My favorite moment happened in the 2004 Eastern conference semis when Detroit was playing the nets. I was listening to the game on the radio because I lived in Seoul, Korea and they werent showing it on TV. (I am a die hard Pistons fan by the way) I began to turn my radio off, my team being down 88-85 with about 3 seconds to go, but as i was taking the earbuds out of my ear I heard a loud booming sound, then my earphones went silent. About 2 min. later the broadcast came back and filled me in that Chauncy Billups hit a half court buzzer beater and the noise level in the Palace was the reason the radio broadcast went out. Luckily a Korean sports channel switched a replay of some Byong Yong Kim game, so that I was able to catch the 3 overtimes that insued. It was too bad that we lost the game, but I we won the series, And also got to see the best block ever in the next series against Indiana, on the way to dismantling the lakers.

  • ChommyChewing

    The best moment for me, and should be for any true Nuggets fan, would have to be Dikembe Mutombo on the ground in joy at the final buzzer in the 1994 first round playoff series between my beloved 8th seeded Denver Nuggets against the 1st seeded Seattle Supersonics. This was the ultimate David vs. Goliath matchup my poor Nuggets limped into the playoffs with a 42-40 record while that year the Supersonics were rolling. As Seattle took a 2-0 lead in the series I was attacked with the butt end of many jokes from my friends. Game 3 came with an unexpected, but well deserved, win. Followed by a heart wrenching overtime victory for game 4. As much as my friends talked it down, I knew that anything was possible in the deciding game of a series. The next game would be even more unbelievable as Denver completed the impossible task of defeating the number 1 seeded Supersonics in another overtime game putting Mutombo on the ground in joy with the final rebound.

  • Ted

    My favorite moment came from the 1999 New York Knicks. These guys epitomized the concept of true, selfless team play, and remain one of the most influential underdog teams in basketball history. They were a team of castaways, led by an inexperienced interim coach who nobody else believed in. It isn’t an overstatement to say that the ’99 Knicks run to the finals was a run of miracles.
    Their awesome playoff run during the lockout season started against the 1st seeded Miami Heat, and went on to the full five games. Fittingly, it ended at the last second, with Allan Houston bouncing it off the front iron, backboard, and in. The EIGHTH-SEEDED Knicks eventually made it all the way to the finals, ultimately losing to the Spurs in 5.
    Everything about this playoff run was special to me: The Knicks/Heat rivalry, the Knicks/Pacers rivalry, Larry Johnson’s four-point play, Jeff Van Gundy earning his place as one of the league’s best coaches, Latrell Sprewell’s redemption and his inspiring perseverance in Game 5 despite their loss, and Patrick Ewing’s unwavering loyalty and support for his teammates, knowing how much he wanted to be out there on the court helping them.
    This team and their playoff perseverance marked the beginning of my love for basketball, as well as the end of an era in New York Knicks basketball. The ’99 Knicks showed us all what it really means to play for and be a part of a New York basketball team.
    As a little kid in Manhattan, watching the games with my family, cheering for the first team I ever loved in sports, this remains my favorite basketball moment.

  • http://www.laumol.nl/weblog Laumol

    I was watching a Nets-Knicks game when K-Mart was still a Net. Watching a game on tv is quite a tall task if you’re living in Europe (the Netherlands to be exact). You pay a lot of money to watch the game being broadcasted in the middle of the night. 2pm (or am, I always mix them up). My sister just gave birth to a healty boy and I was babysitting and of course he was awake all night. So we watched tv together. He was about six to nine months at the time. (So much for the intro, now to the actual in-game moment.) K-Mart gets an offensive rebound and puts it through the rim with force (FORCE!). My eyes lit up, but beside me, all of a sudden the eyes of a child, not older than a year, were also wide open. You see, good basketball descends language. Even a baby can see that.

  • PJ

    I was born the year MJ won his first title so I have very vague memories of the dynasty. I began following the bulls religiously around 2000, and I watched every game not really knowing what I missed. Last year the Bulls finally made all the time I spent watching E-rob, and the baby bulls, worth it. After watching every minute of the Boston Chicago series last april I now know what I have been missing out on my entire NBA following and it was amazing. My favorite part in particular had to be in game 4 when Gordon hit that clutch three and grabbed his junk after, I was giving my friend who was on a road-trip the play by play by phone just going nuts using up all my anytime minutes as there were three overtimes, with the bulls pulling through. Now I am witnessing an allstar on the bulls firsthand and wishing for a strong finish and deep run in the playoffs for this year, and an All-Chicago backcourt of Rose and Wade on the 2011 Championship Bulls next year. I can only dream and imagine of what it would have been like for me to have been born ten years earlier and follow his airness, but I guess a vintage tee would be a great consolation prize and a way to pay homage to the Record-Breakin, Title Takin Bulls of my youth.

  • Neauxera

    My Favorite moment as an Atlanta Hawk fan came in a losing effort. Taking the eventual world champs to seven games two years ago. Between all the analyst who said that the Hawks didnt even belong due to an under .500 record, or not having players who could challange the C’s at any given time. The establishment endured so much; from piss poor management, taking players that they had no use for in the draft, and the death of a teammate hours before the season opener. To see a team that nobody thought about giving a chance to take the eventual world champs to seven games, and continue the success that they have now, again, who would have thought….

  • Mistah Cee

    no doubt the greatest laker moment has gotta be my man robert horry nailing the most unexpected, and yet the most amazing and crucial shot in recent memory. The time span of the lakers threepeat provided many memorable moments including one of the greatest series ever against sacramento, and also the unbelievable series against the blazers with that game changing alley oop. the prized moment has to be the deflection which landed in horrys hands and resulted in laker victory.

  • serevei

    Simple, Sundiata Gaines hitting the magical three point buzzer beater to give Utah Jazz the victory over the Cavaliers the other weekend… This was only my third Nba game which I have watched in its entirety (Praise the lord for ONE HD), and definely the first to get me jumping out of my chair and pumping my fist like MJ did back in the day… To watch Gaines in only his fifth Nba game with only one training session under his belt, spark a late comeback by the jazz and come within 2 of the Cavs in the final play of the game… Gaines the third option faded back, faked contact in an attempt to draw a foul but it wasn’t needed… Nothing but net.

  • http://oaklandmagazine.com Lonzo

    my favorite in game moment was when barron davis dunked on andrei kirelinko in the 2007 playoffs, im a warrior fan thats all i have to hold on to..

  • humous

    My favorite Boston Celtics moment came in Game 1 of the 2008 Finals. Some bakcground: After colliding with Kendrick Perkins, Paul Pierce had to be carried off the court in the middle of the third quarter. THE MOMENT came when Pierce inexplicably popped out of the tunnel, hobbling, minutes later, rallying the crowd to a standing O. There was certainty in the air that the Celtics would win that game, which they did, on the back (and injured leg) of their loyal leader.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dee

    My favorite Pistons moment came in 2005. The Pistons are on the road and leading the Celtics 80-79 in the 4th. The 24-second clock is off, and Boston has the ball with a chance to win the game.

    With 8 seconds left, the Celtics throw it in to Mark Blount, who clanks a hookshot off the back rim. Boston gets the offensive rebound though, and the ball makes it into Blount’s hands again. Only this time he [travels and then] nails a foul line jumper with less than a second to go on the game clock. Apparently this was the shot of his life, because he then proceeds to celebrate this early-November moment as if he had just locked up the NBA championship (or anything, for that matter). His teammates join him.

    Unfazed, the Pistons call a timeout with 0.8 left, throw it in to Rip off a screen, and he splashes a mid-range jumper over Ricky Davis as the clock expires. Mark Blount wipes the smug look off his face, Ricky Davis is mortified, and the Boston crowd is stunned. The Pistons win 82-81.

    It’s not the biggest moment in our history, but you always love to break a rival’s heart like that. “It was all good just a [second] ago.”

  • http://www.revo-emag.com Dex

    The greatest moment for me would have to be when my Houston Rockets clawed their way back to an improbable victory in Game 6 of the 94 Finals. Hakeem tips Starks shot from out of nowhere, setting up Game 7, which we won. It capped off a magical playoff run in which the team went from chokers to masters in the clutch, and we would win it again next year! How sweet it is!

  • NACHOveli

    Fave suns moment- game 6 of the 2006 1st round vs the Lakers. Let’s set up the scene shall we….I was just me and my boy Joe watching the game at the house, he being a lifelong laker fan from Inglewood, me being a die-hard Suns fan from Chandler, AZ. The game is a back and forth affair with no squad being able to seize control. With the Suns down three with under 30 tics to go in their season, Shawn Marion grabs the offensive board and kicks it out to a wide open Tim Thomas who calmly drains the game tying three to send the game into OT. But it was game changing ally-oop to the Matrix over the Mamba in OT to finally put away the show and take complete control of series that made me fist pump like a champ of Jersey Shore proportions. My friend was dejeceted and had no words…. I was in another dimension.

  • http://www.funplayonline.com Fun play online

    I love the Phoenix Suns T-shirt!! Looks really cool and I wouldn’t mind winning one hehehe

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ Tariqُُ

    I’ve been wanting to go to attend an NBA game since I was in elementary school. But I never could, because I live in Saudi Arabia. Oh, I would visit the US on a regular basis, but it was always during the summer. I remember I was in Seattle in 1996, and I just wanted to drive by Key Arena. Anyway, now I’m in Virginia, so I HAD to go to a Laker game, I just had to. So I did. Last Tuesday. With Wifey. Pretty good seats. At one point, I sort of just stopped watching the action and just sat back and watched the crowd and the arena and smiled… “I was actually at a Laker game!” and then Wifey said “Hey! Did you see what number 24 just did?” “No,” I said, “I wasn’t paying attention. What did he do?” “He pretended like he was going to go right and then all the players thought he was going to go right but then he passed it to the guy on the left. 24 has great technique. But let me ask you, why do they call him “Biryani,” like the rice?”
    See, Wifey had misread “Bryant” as “Biryani.”
    Now that moment will live in infamy as my favorite Laker moment of all time.

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ Tariqُُ

    *I’ve been wanting to attend…

  • Daniel

    My favorite Nuggets moment is simple: the first game of the 2009-10 season. The Nuggets are going up against their division rival, the Utah Jazz. It was the first game that mattered since the Nuggets lost to the Lakers and were eliminated from the Western Conference Finals. As a result of that playoff run, the Nuggets came into the season with high expectations. “Could they get there again?” “Could they get even further?” These were the questions asked by many. Against the Jazz in that first game, these questions were answered. Carmelo shoots a long jumpshot that clanks off the rim and is rebounded by Milsap. Milsap lobs an outlet that is picked off by Melo and slammed harder than I’ve ever seen Melo, more known for the sweetness of his game, dunk a ball. The crowd goes crazy as he yells “I’m back! I’m back!” I knew then that the answer to those questions was a resounding “yes.”

  • sideburn2go

    My favorite in game moment for the timberwolves came in the 1999- 2000 season. This season saw a year in which the Timberwolves finally eclipsed the 50 win plateau, capturing many memorable moments in the process. The thing I remember most about this team however was how passionate they were about the game of basketball. Granted that any team with Kevin Garnett is going to be passionate about playing, as he is one of the most emphatic players of all time, there was something different about this team. You could just tell that they loved to play the game. This was never more clear than my favorite t-wolves moment. On January 17th while playing the Pacers Malik Sealy hit what is arguably the most memorable Timberwolves buzzer beater ever. 1.7 seconds left Sealy took the inbounds and banked in a 3 as time expired. Sealy fell to the floor in excitement just to have Garnett run and jump on him. Love of the game is never more evident than after a buzzerbeater and that is what makes this moment memorable for me. I’ll never forget that shot or the reaction of Sealy and Garnett after it went in.

  • jose

    Everyone has there favorite nba moment but my favorite was when the boston celtics won their 17 title against the the lakers and who can forget kevin garnetts any thing is possible scream heard all around the wold.they were unstopeble last year and looks to do the same this year talk about celtic pride.i allways been a fan since the begining i really hope i win becuse just like the celtics Junk Food Clothing is incredible and one of a kind.

  • bobby stew

    I’m a little old school so my favorite Detroit Pistons moment came in the late 80′s when Isiah Thomas went off. The Pistons were in need of a spark and the heart and soul of their team,, Isiah Thomas, was suffering from an ankle injury. He sucked it up and went on to give me the most unbelievable playing-while-injured-moment of all time. Even better than MJ’s Flu Game. Zeke was hitting one legged off balanced runners and you could see his heart and love for the game oozing out of his sweat stained jersey. And he was on 6’1.

  • rob stewart

    My favorite Houston Rockets moment was when Tracy Mcgrady scored like 13 points in about 30 seconds. I assumed the game was completely over. had i been at that game I would have left early without a doubt in my mind that Houston was going to lose. But then something clicked for T-Mac and he went on to demolish the Spurs. I couldn’t, and still can’t, believe T-Mac hit some of those ridiculous shots including a coulpe contested 3 pointers. All I can say is unbelievable and greatly remembered.

  • Marvin

    Growing up in the Philippines during the 90′s, everyone I knew who followed basketball was a Chicago Bulls fan and all of that adoration was geared towards Micheal Jordan. He was the first non-Filipino figure to capture the hearts of my countrymen. His swagger and fierce determination to win every single ballgame was what everyone idolized about him. I remember talking with friends about the goosebumps we felt when the game was on the line when and the ball was in Jordan’s hands; we felt the same fear that the opposing team felt. But those weren’t the best moments that I remember from Jordan. For me, it was a videotape that my father showed me of Jordan crying in the locker room after winning his first championship. In basketball we always think of players as tough and emotionally enclosed individuals but the tape my father showed me gave me further respect towards Jordan. That moment encapsulated all the hard work and struggles that Jordan had to go through to reach his level of success. It showcased all the love that Micheal Jordan had for the game and in turn, he made me love the game even more.

  • the_baller20

    3… 2… 1… swish!The Celtics win! That was one of many games in the crazy match-up against the Bulls in ’09. That series was the most nail bitting, unthinkable series I have ever seen. I can still remember the ball floating in slow motion, after the buzzer had went off waiting to see the result. The Celtics are such a defensive minded, tough, and talented team that always work hard no matter what the circumstances are. I thank the Celtics for all the joy and passion I have for the game because of them and of course making me believe that anything is possible. GO CELTS GO!

  • http://slamonline.com RayintheBay

    When the 8th seeded GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS beat up on the 1st seeded Dallas mavericks. 1st time in NBA HISTORY an 8th seed beat a 1st seed in a 7 game series it had been 13 years since the WARRIORS were even in the playoffs, and to beat a great Dallas team coming off an NBA best record and were just in the finals the year before!! we even gave the Utah Jazz a run for there money, and left a memory that will never ever fade from my mind, when BOOM DIZZLE posterized, gave a facial to, just dunked on andre kerilenko!! best moment of my entire life. yall got KNICKS shirts but no WARRIORS shirts, like the late great Bernie Mac would say, thats some BULL

  • DJ

    My favorite Atlanta Hawks moment was when Mike Bibby hit a last second three to win it. I know it isnt the teams best in game moment by far but it is mine because I was at the game. It was my first hawks game and my favorite player was the one that hit the three to win it.

    I would say the 88 series against the celtics but I wasnt alive than :P

  • DJ

    It was against the Houston Rockets by the way last year.

  • Ian

    My favorite Miami Heat moment was in the 2006 NBA Finals. I was only 8, so I don’t remember much, but I do remember the feeling of doubt I had when the Mavs took the lead in the series, 2-0. I knew that not many times had teams come back to win the championship. Then, the Heat started getting on a roll. Dwyane Wade had 42 points and 13 rebounds in the Heat’s 2-point win in Game 3. Game 4 was a blowout, 98-74. I started to think that we could actually win it. Game 5 was a 1-point game and Wade had 43 points, including the game winning free throws. The Heat had done the impossible winning by 3, Wade having 36 and 10. He played so great in the Finals, I had never seen anything like it. I thought the whole series was amazing to see, but I guess I would say that my single favorite moment was seeing Dwyane Wade standing up there, holding the NBA Finals trophy, Miami’s first ever.

  • Jscutler

    GAME 7…CELTS vs. CAVS…TRUTH vs. The King. This is my most memorable game for a few reasons. For one Pierce and Lebron went back and forth matching each other on nearly every possession. PP dropped 41 and Lebron had 45. As Pierce said, “I had it going, Lebron had it going and we just didn’t let up.” “Neither one of us wanted our teams to lose.”

    The cool part was it was nearly 20 years from when Bird and Dominique went head to head in another epic game 7. Pierce was banged up throughout the game, but kept making crucial hustle plays including a diving lunge to save a ball during a critical moment at the end of the game.

    The Garden was rocking again like it was the 80’s! It was such a significant game as the C’s made it to the conference championships vs. Detroit and continued their improbable turnaround season after winning 24 games the previous year.

    For me I was flying from Boston to San Diego during the game. In a stroke of good luck we had satellite radio on the plane. It was exhilarating to listen to the game this way…30,000 feet about the ground. Every critical play back and forth between Pierce and Lebron was met with cheers and sighs from the other passengers listening just like me. When they won the game the plane erupted with noise as complete strangers were high fiving each other. What a game…what a way to experience it!

  • Gannon Rust

    Living in Houston for the majority of my life has made me a witness to some of the amazing things that have developed down here in the Southwest. I was here when we won our back to back titles and went from Choke City to Clutch City. I was here when we got the improbable number one pick to certify our franchise for years to come. And I was here when the Magic Man from Orlando came to Houston for Stevie Franchise (may his career rest in peace), Cuttino Mobley, and Kelvin Cato. I remember watching T-Mac pour in his 49 compared to Dirk’s 53, along with the ever-popular 13 in 35. But when I read the contest headline and thought about what my favorite moment in my own personal Houston Rocket history was, two words came to mind, Shawn Bradley. It seems sad that throughout the 15 year history I have with the Houston Rockets, the one moment I remember is the look of utter defeat on Shawn’s face after Tracy McGrady, the new face of the organization, ran up and flushed the ball down Bradley’s throat, the whole moment exubarated even more by T-Mac’s legs kicking and the scowl smeared across his face. This was in the 04-05 season, which seems like ages ago. To me, this marked the beginning of the end of any light at the end of his playoff tunnel with the Houston Rockets. The following seasons showed off some of McGrady’s most amazing moments, but when playoff time came, we never heard Bill Worrell holler out “T-Mac to the rack!” again. Instead, we had to settle for T-Mac and his sub-par shot selection. With the free agency of 2010 approaching and T-Mac nonexistent with the Rockets franchise anymore, this moment exemplified the last playoff sparkle I saw in T-Mac’s eyes. The following years we were playoff bound, but it just wasn’t the same. With this moment, not only did he force early retirement of Shawn Bradley, but, even to this day, it shows us all that at one point and time he had that burning desire to really win it all and that is the same desire that I feel the Rockets prove to have year after year.

  • Jon

    wow big bunch of spurs fans here

  • Ian

    My favorite 76ers moment was in the 2001 Finals against the LA Lakers. It featured a fierce matchup between two of the NBA’s biggest stars. Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson. Though the Sixers lost the series. there was one moment with less than a minute left in Game 1 that I still think is one of the greatest moves ever. Tyrone Lue was defending Iverson. Iverson went between the legs, stepped back, and got 2 of his 48 points. Then he finished it off by stepping over the victim of his ankle-breaking play. Game 1, Philadelphia 76ers.

  • Ian

    btw that game went into OT. Forgot to add that.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2009/11/win-a-year-of-league-pass-broadband/ Noah

    My favorite moment from the New York Knicks came in Game 3 of the 1999 Eastern Conference Finals game against the Indiana Pacers when Larry Johnson got the 4 point play at the end of the 4th to beat the Pacers. When I watch that replay over and over again, you find so many great moments in such a short period of time, not just the 3 point shot itself. For instance, right after that shot goes in, watching every single person in MSG absolutely erupt at the same time gives me goose-bumps and send shivers down my spine, reminding me just how great The Garden crowd can be. Additionally, you see Chris Childs about to tackle LJ as if they had won the game, but he still needed to make the free throw. Watching LJ put his hands out as if to say “Hold on, the game’s not over yet” is very humbling as LJ realized that nothing is given, it’s still a tie game (with the Knicks taking a FT) and there is still about 6 seconds left on the clock. No time to celebrate just yet.

  • Zarfan

    Game 5 of the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals. If the year before taught us Cleveland fans anything, it was that the Pistons were royalty at the Palace. Fortunately, we had a king ready to take his throne, no matter how cliche it is. Let’s fast forward to the fourth quarter, where LeBron is draining threes and converting and-1′s. Maxiell guards LBJ at the top of the key. He crosses over the former Cincinatti Bearcat, showing him Akron’s where it’s at. Overtime. The King takes a nice pass from the Lethal Lithuanian and dunks a third time with Prince guarding him. Tayshaun’s block on Reggie? Seemed like fiction at the time. Double-overtime. LBJ crosses Chauncey with a behind-the-back maneuver and drains the shot. After seeing that, Joe Dumars is starting to wonder if Iverson is available. It’s now Chris Webber’s turn and LeBron drains a three over him. A couple of years later, I heard C-Webb said he didn’t really notice LeBron’s scoring spree. Liar. A former King’s ego fell and a new king’s ego rose. Isn’t it weird how that turns out? There’s 11 seconds left with the game tied and the Cavs are inbounding. With 5 seconds left, you-know-who covers about 30 feet in 3 seconds and lays the ball in easily. The game ended about an hour after midnight, and I just loved the “It’s gonna be a long Friday” look the crowd had on their faces. Wait a minute; I had school the next day too. Damn.

  • CMoney

    My favorite Bulls game was not any of the MJ moments, not any of last year’s epic 7-game-series with the Celts, not even a playoff game in general. My favorite Bulls game was a regular season game against the Jazz in December ’08, in which I saw Derrick Rose play for the first time in person since he was a junior at Simeon High in Chicago. As he torched Deron Williams for 24 points and led the Bulls to a 6 point win, I realized that maybe, possibly, there was a chance that Derrick Rose will one day be the Windy City Savior and bring another chip back to the Chi. That game, although not significant in the stat book, was living proof to me that I could trust in the Bulls for the first time since MJ left. I have unabashed faith that the franchise will rise again. Bulls4Lyfe.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/the-magazine/contests/2010/01/win-a-junk-food-clothing-nba-tee/#comment Sean Dockery

    Bulls. Jordan’s last shot.

  • http://www.redraidersports.com Nick Fleming

    2006 NBA Finals, game 3 and Mavs are up 13 and there are six minutes left in the fourth. As a fan, this was the happiest I had been all summer. And I remember just looking forward to the next happiest moment that could supercede this one, when the Mavs would bring home their first Finals Trophy. I went outside and shot hoops on my own goal yelling out the names Jet, Dirk, Josh Howard, and Stack and just thinking about going to the Champion’s Parade. Now, we all know what they say about counting your chickens, and we all know what happened in the next six minutes and the three games following the disaster, but at that time with those feelings inside, that was the best a Mavericks fan has ever felt.

  • alonso

    best laker moment for me would be the dying seconds of the 1988 finals versus detroit. seeing the forum crowd storm the court was special – something i wish they would still let fans do. of course, security concerns call for other things, but seein the team and fans come together like that was just special. the funny thing about it was that it was still a one-possession ballgame, with isiah speeding downcourt, only to be knocked down by magic – pretty telling of how the series went down. there was still about 3 seconds left when the laker fans started entering the court and the refs just couldnt restore order anymore. (not coincidentally, the vintage laker shirt up for grabs is for the 88 championship team, so its only fitting!) that capped the year that started with a pat riley back to back guarantee.

  • DDB

    As much as I loved AI stepping over Lue, my favorite Sixers moment of all time was Maurice Cheeks highstepping down court and finishing with a dunk to close out the Lakers. I was three years old but will never forget watching that with my father.

    1983 World Champs!

  • DDB

    As much as I loved AI stepping over Lue, my favorite Sixers moment of all time was Maurice Cheeks galloping/highstepping down court and finishing with a dunk to close out the Lakers. I was three years old but will never forget watching that with my father.

    1983 World Champs!

  • the nug

    The best IN GAME Nuggets moment came in Game 4 of the now famous first round of the 1994 Western Conference playoffs. Needing a victory to stretch out the series to a decisive game, Dikembe Mutombo displayed the heart of the champion epitomized during one remarkable play that shifted the entire series. Seattle’s Shawn Kemp backed Reggie Williams down in the paint before losing Williams with an explosivee spin move to his left, laying the ball up twoard an easy two points. Mutombo came out of nowhere from the weak side and swatted Kemp’s offering, which was recovered by Kendall Gill. Gill went up for a layup which Dikembe also blocked before wrestling the loose ball from Gill’s hands, sending the Denver crowd into a frenzy and decsively stealing the series’ momentum.

  • Jose

    Favorite Moment from The Miami Heat was actually this season vs Cleveland in November. It started with Jermaine O Neal with the block on Lebron then Wade Got the ball And ran it back Casually untilhe reach the 3 ppt. line then just acceleated like a beast. Then his step to the rim And the ferocious SPINE CHILLING dunk on Varejo.Throwing him to the stanchion with his feet kicked up towards the air. Then Wade simply steeping over him and taking it all in. Dunk of the Year and my favorite moment.

  • Brian

    My favorite Knick game moment was Allan Houston’s game winning shot to propel the Knicks past the Heat and into the East semi-finals. The shot was the greatest moment of my memory of watching Knicks basketball because it is one of the few last second heroic shots in Knick History and It helped us beat our fierce rival. I love the image of seeing the mob of Knicks chase Houston as his runs down the court unleashing a powerful fist pump. Houston’s shot best sum up my favorite season of Knicks basketball. We had Patrick Ewing, Sprewell, LJ and Charlie Ward and despite the lockout, we made the playoffs as an 8 seed and went on an incredible run to the NBA finals. Regardless that Allan Houston sabotaged our cap from years to come and could never stay healthy; i will always remember him burying that running jumper and sending Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway home.

  • jumpman3224

    Lakers – June 4, 2000
    In a post-MJ, post-lockout NBA; it seemed a foregone conclusion that the Lakers would bring the first 21st century finals trophy back to LA (Purple Reign Cover, anyone?). That was until they ran into tough Blazers squad in the WCF. All of a sudden the Lakers had gone from up 3 -1 to the verge of losing 3 in a row for the first time all season and were a few minutes away from elimination. Few moments can really define someone, even less often can it define a group, but down 15 late, after a 67 win season. That sets up a defining moment. Either you’re an almost, a what-if story or you push back, overcome and become champions. The biggest comeback ever in a Game 7 before that was just 6 points. But, they put together an epic 15-0 run. Then Bryant hit two FTs to put the Lakers up 81-79. After a stop on D, KB8 shakes the all-time great guarding him. He leaves Pippen on the opposite elbow and penetrates left. Then came, my favorite moment…the lob. Kobe Bryant to Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq smashed it over Sheed and through the Staples Center basket and ran up the court, arms raised, pointing both index fingers to the the crowd with a truly amazed expression on his face. A Dynasty was born.

  • shaun mcdonald

    Hawks. Other when the won it all in 1958, which was before I was born, the best moment for my favorite team was the series in 88′. Forget the series two years ago, the Wilkins/Bird battle was one the best games of all time. The Hawks had one three straight, including game 5 in Boston that had the usually calm Bird annoyed to the point where he spiked the ball at the games end. Going into game 7 Bird was proclaiming a victory for the Celtics. The Hawks flew into Boston Garden to face to powerhouse Celtics in a win or go home game. Both superstars saved their best for last. Nique went for 47, missing only four shots all game. Bird netted 34, 20 coming in the final quarter. In the end the Hawks were grounded, losing 118-116. Nique solidified himself as an elite player and the Hawks were seen as a legitimate threat in the years to come. Watching this game was like watching two heavyweights throw haymakers in a championship bout. It was a history making game that was a treat to watch; and every true Hawk fan should see. Hawks large if you can please.

  • Jeff Henderson

    If I had to pick one in game moment to watch over and over again from the Chicago Bulls it would be Pippen’s dunk on Ewing in game 6 of the eastern conference semi-finals in 1994. This dunk like Pip’s game is so underrated. Pippen took off from outside the lane and posterized one of the best shot blockers of his era. His reaction to both Ewing and Spike after the play makes this dunk even better. Pippen nearly single handedly dragged the Bulls to the conference finals that year. To this day he still stands in my book as the best perimeter defender of all time. He made the NBA denfensive first team 8 times. He was a lock down defender capable of guarding four positions and was one of the top all around players in the 1990’s. The dunk on Ewing symbolizes how great he really was and is still my favorite Chicago Bull’s moment of all time.

  • Taranvir Sandhu

    Mavericks. This team has so much potential, year after year. My favorite moment from the Mavericks was there epic battle against the Spurs. They fought hard and they built a rivalry. Dirk was playing his best basketball and the team was playing with heart. It was a good moment for me, because I got to witness great matches. I sat with my family and watched there games. It was special, and I was really happy when the won in game 7. Dirk won MVP that year, and they made it to the Finals. I was sad that they lost, but i was happy for the team and franchise. This team has developed a lot, getting Kidd and working around Dirk. In the years to come, they will be successful. Koodos to Mark Cuban, who has put effort in making his franchise. MAVERICKS 2009-2010!!

  • http://slamonline.com Adam Fleischer

    The contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone for their submissions and we’ll be contacting the winners soon!