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Contest: Win a FLUD Timeout Watch

Our homies at FLUD Watches just celebrated their 3rd year Anniversary a few weeks ago. To commemorate their 3rd year of existence and their love of basketball, we are giving away two hoops-inspired watches made by FLUD for all you basketball heads out there. To stick with the “Time” theme, just tell us, as vividly as possible, the greatest buzzer beater moment you can remember (in the comments section below).

The Slam staff will pick 2 lucky winners on Friday. If you have more than one moment you’d like to share, feel free to do so.

UPDATE: Congrats to “javy” and “Devin Luna” for winning the contest with their moments.


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  • Double J

    This is simple. Derrick Fisher in 2004 over the San Antonio Spurs. 0.4 seconds left on the clock. It may have been proved impossible to hit a turn around J in 0.4 seconds, but Fisher was given the go-ahead and when the ball made that infamous sound it was I who was jumping up and down on the couch screaming till my lungs gave in. In your face Tim Duncan, that thought to be game-winner you hit was just swished away.

  • http://SLAMonline.com GotHandles?

    Gordon Hayward’s last second, half court buzzer beater against Duke in the 2010 NCAA Tournament. Greatest shot of all time, sent the Dukies packing and gave Butler a fairy tale ending to their improbable run…. but comeon, that ish was so close.

  • joel

    gotta go with the Christian Laettner buzzer beater to beat Kentucky.. he didn’t amount to much in the pros but dude was a heckuva college player.. and the reaction from Brian Davis is ALWAYS PRICELESS!

  • Gladiator

    -NOT POSSIBLE- Morris Peterson of the Raptors vs WAshington Wizards, March 30/07. With the Raps down by 3 and 3.8s on the clock Anthony Parker heaves a 3/4 court hail mary to the other end of the floor. His pass gets intercepted by Washington’s Ruffin who tries to hurl the ball in the air to kill the clock… Mo P with .5 on the clock heaves the ball towards the washington rim for a 3pointer to tie the game and send it to overtime. (there was another buzzer beather in this same game by AP to send it to a second overtime)

  • http://iecoffee.com C. Young

    Duke versus Kentucky in the Elite 8 of the 1992 NCAA Tournament was easily one of the best games in sports history. Both teams battled back and forth till the end. As Duke trailed Kentucky 73-72 with 1.8 seconds to go, Duke’s Grant Hill threw a cross court inbound pass to teammate Christian Laettner. Christian grabbed the ball with his back to the basket, faked right, turned left and hit an off-balanced 15-foot jumper – game, set, match! The Duke Blue Devils went on to win the National Championship.

  • http://slanonline.com IUHoosier

    Bryce Drew Valparaiso Buzzer Beater against Ole Miss, in 1998 NCAA Tournament best celebration ever for a buzzer beater. Easily one of the best ever.

  • AP

    Allen Houston’s runner against the Miami Heat. 1999 Playoffs…Game 5 do or die! Knicks were the #8 seed and the Heat were the #1 seed. Knicks and Heat had a heated rivalry back in those days…What was so great about this shot was that Jeff Van Gundy drew up the play against his former mentor Pat Riley. Houston was guarded by Dan Majerle, a very good defender, but was still able to make the shot. The ball hanging on the rim added a lil more drama b4 it fell through.
    After winning this series the Knicks went on a cinderalla run to the finals (where they lost against the spurs).

  • Neon

    The Miracle in Boston Garden. When we think of the Lakers-Celtics rivalry, we think Elgin, Russell, West, Cousy, Magic, Bird, Kobe, Pierce… It is easy to forget the years when both franchises were struggling in the mid-90′s. In 1995, Nick Van Exel willed the Lakers to victory with a turnaround fadeaway from the wing where he landed out-of-bounds after launching the three to win it. Nick will always be one of the underappreciated clutch performers of my time. Adding to the priceless moment is the timeless voice of Chick Hearn calling the game. Listen for yourself: http://youtu.be/POXL49YzEns

  • Neon

    With the Nuggets up by 3 with 1.5 seconds left and possession in their frontcourt, the tough road win at the Palace was all but sealed. Tay Prince deflects the inbound pass and the ball finds its way to Sheed, who casually flings a 3/4 court shot to send the game to overtime. I say casually since he practices this shot before each game. The Palace and the Pistons bench erupt, but Sheed slaps high 5′s like it was a random timeout.

  • Xavier G

    Devin Harris half court shot against the Philadelphia 76ers …..with Iggy playing D

  • http://twitter.com/morereese_ Mo Morrison

    When you think of buzzer beaters, you gotta think of Robert Horry 3-pointer with no time left against the Kings in the ’02 Western Conference Finals. Kings played good D against Kobe and slapped the ball right to Horry for the game winning 3. Then they went on to sweep the Nets in the finals. “Big-shot Rob” did it again.

  • Neon

    The toughest buzzer beater I can recall would be Jeff Malone who had to chase down an errant forward pass in the corner, save the ball before going out of bounds, jumps sideways into the stands and throws the ball over the backboard to drain a 3 to win the game. Crazy shot and clutch too. http://youtu.be/AT4DuvJ9yPg

  • Korn P

    April 23, 2010..Game Three
    Twelve years in one uniform..solid as stone, cold as steel. His number was called.

    He dribbled..and waited…dribbled and waited..waited until there was but decimals left…release …swish…


  • Josh m

    It definitely has to be derek fisher with 0.4 seconds after there was already a buzzer beater. It was 2 amazing buzzer beaters in 1 game basically…and fish threw it behind his back and made a literally impossible shot…big shot fish

  • Dom

    2006 Round 1 game 4. Lakers vs Suns. 7.9 Secons left witht the Lakers down 2. Suns try to inbound the ball to Steve Nash. Kobe Bryant steals the ball from Nash and goes down and hits a ridiculously tough floater to send it into overtime. In overtime Lakers down 1. Jump ball gets called and won by the Lakers and falls into Kobe Bryants hands. Kobe then takes 5 hard dribbles starting from half all the way to the top of the key. Pulls up on a dime..Game over. Lakers win by 1!

  • simon

    any jordan buzzer beater ever.

  • Jose

    Greatest buzzer beater that gets me every time.Cleveland at Utah. Sundiate Gaines…The guard had his name called up from the D-league and came in as an unknown to practically everyone.Everyone saw it as just another signed player. No clue as to what he could bring to the table…Then came the pass from Price.Gaines didn’t think twice…Splash. Fan’s erputed like in a fashion i had never seen or heard. Mo Williams was so awestruck that only crack a smile which desribed the whole moment. “You got Us.Props” If Sundiata Gaines was on a mission to be remembered by the fans or anyone at all. Then mission accomplished.

  • Dillantradamus

    The most clutch shot I saw occured in the 2008 NCAA Championship game. With 10.8 seconds left, future #1 draft pick Derrick Rose goes to the line to shoot two free throws, misses the first but sinks the second. The score set at 60-63 Memphis, Sherron Collins inbounds the ball, crossover dribbles past Derrick “Fast Don’t Lie” Rose. Rose caught up to Collins at halfcourt, but instead of fouling him, Rose held his arms up and bumped Collins with his chest.

    Collins began stumbling as he drove to the right wing, but managed to pass the ball off to his teammate, junior guard Mario Chalmers, before falling to the floor. Chalmers would then twist back to the behind the arc as Rose immediately switched defenders and lunged at Chalmers as he let his 3-pointer sail.
    Swosh. Mario’s Micarle.
    Sending the game into overtime as Kansas pulled away for the win.
    Ok, so not a true buzzer beater, but as bias for me to point at a KU shot, as a student at KU and at the game, it was single-handly the most exciting moment I’ve ever witnessed.

  • javy

    Jordan vs Ehlo: Chapter 12. There was a happy little kid in the 90′s who wanted to belong. Little Jordan wanted to belong with those who rule mankind. Those who have superpowers and overcome adversity. Maybe the shot that ignited the killer instinct of a little ball player with dreams and will. As he elevated over the world of eternity, Ehlo looked in desperation as you would when you are thirsty in the desert. Ehlo witnessed how that little basketball player’s skin opened up and a bright light surfaced to give life to his Airness. No longer a little boy, Jordan walked the court with golden shoes and Chicago had angels come down the sky on that night.
    On the other hand, another city was cursed that day.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Clyde

    I really really liked when Barkley waited out Robinson in game 6 of the ’93 playoffs, seemed like he sat there for ten minutes, then just drops it in over his head. However, my all time favorite was when Charles Barkley swooped the ball up with one hand as it came off the backboard, and lobbed it into the hoop. I think it was also in 1993 and the Suns were playing the Blazers. There was 0.5 seconds left on the clock when the ball was passed inbounds and he somehow recovered that shot from someones missed 3 pointer. The Round Mound of Rebound was legit all-around, and people here in Phoenix love him. =)

  • C.B

    For me personally. It was last year Denver vs. Cleavland. Melo vs. Lebron. Now Melo is my FAVORITE player. And everyone is always telling me how lebron is better but i just dont listen to that junk. So when Melo his that game winner, it just made my year. It showed whose more clutch. And it showed Melo just being Melo

  • http://thephotoriot.com davidR

    gilbert arenas on the utah jazz. he heaves up a 3, turns around, then celebrates with his hands in the air BEFORE the shot goes in. doesn’t even watch it go in. classic gilbert.

  • rob stewart

    Easy. I was playing NBA Live 95 against my lil brother. This game was seriuos and the stakes where high. I was down by 2 points with 1 second on the clock and no timeouts. My only option was a full court hail mary-esque prayer. But I airballed it and the buzzer went off. I had lost and my brother started get hype. But then we noticed that after the airball the ball magically/mysteriusly bounced on the ground and into the basket!!! I was awarded 3points and the victory. I probably started doing the cabbage patch (old school dance for you youngsters) and left my lil bro looking like Adam Morrison after Gonzaga was defeated. I wonder if that shot would actually count in a real game?

  • Ryan

    January 3rd 1984: jeff malone with the impossible 3 pointer falling out of bounds to beat the buzzer, and the pistons. Simply amazing!

  • thegfunk

    I came across this shot by John Salmons in 2008 on the old format nba.com when they use to do the top 10s every week in each category. The Kings are down in the 4th with 11.6 to go. The Mavericks Jason Terry seemingly drives past all the kings for an easy looking layup, but here comes John. The commentator goes crazy, so did I in my chair! salmons, Salmons, SALMONS, SALMONS!!!! This is when watching basketball started to give me goose pimples.

  • igetsem

    derek fishers buzzer beater against the spurs 04 semis enough said

  • S-Mills

    Lebron James, game 5 vs Detroit Pistons in 2007. I was 13 years old and watched every minute of that game. Lebron is my favourite player. My parents late me stay up way past my bedtime to see the double overtime finish. That entire game was an NBA instant classic but it was the last dribble drive that did it for me. I remember getting out of my seat and kneeling down in front of the T.V. Lebron iso at the top with 11 seconds left…5 seconds left he drives past Chauncy Billups right into 3 piston defenders waiting for him in the paint. He raises up, windmills his arms and slowly lowers the ball into the rim as time runs out..The NBA where Amazing makes my childhood happen.

  • http://www.myspace.com/meversuswesleysnipes J Money

    My favorite buzzer beater didn’t come from the NBA. Not from the NCAA either. Not even high school ball. No, it’s College Intramural Playoffs! Let’s set the scene…

    Our team, Chris Kaman a Napkin was taking on the heavily-favored (and similarly innuendo’d) Blue Ballers. With the game tied at 40, we had just turned the ball over under their basket. 1.9 seconds left and they needed a length of the court pass–seemed like we were going to overtime. But I had different ideas. My man was floating around halfcourt so I backed off of him, coaxing a lob pass. And it worked–the inbounder threw up the ball and I made a break for it. I picked it off and as my opponent started grabbing my left arm, I flung the ball to the basket from midcourt. It headed toward the rim and SWISH. The seven other people on my team stormed the court and we had our own mini March Madness (never mind the game was the last week of February).

    It certainly won’t be remembered by more than 30 people, but sometimes those small moments are the sweetest.

  • Taranvir

    The greatest buzzer beater of all time was by Micheal Jordan against Cleveland on May 7th 1989. It was the playoffs and stakes were high. Ehlo scores and Cleveland takes the lead. Micheal Jordan gets the ball off the inbound and jumps and scores. It was amazing. The way he got off the ground, the celebration and the intensity. That was truly amazing.

  • Vince-Kings fan

    Kobe shoots…Shaq rebounds…Shaq shoots…Vlade tips…Horry shoots…I sit on my couch, head hung, sulking quietly for the rest of the night.

  • http://www.doktahsoose.wordpress.com DoktahSoose

    The shot was replicated on playgrounds across the world the next day. It was the image that represented the 1997 NBA Playoffs. If you saw a screen shot now, you would remember. You’d be there.
    Jason Kidd. Down a triplet, he inbounds the ball. Only seconds remained on the 4th quarter clock. The Phoenix Suns’ point guard tosses the ball across the court. Too fast for Hersey. Way too fast.
    Rex Chapman. Yes, Rex “They Put Me in the Slam Dunk Contest Twice” Chapman receives the pass. He heaves it over Hawkins’ head, for three, as he barrels out of bounds. SWISH! No rim, no backboard. Just net. Rex Chapman’s hot hands tie the game at 107-107, only to lose in overtime. Unfortunately for Rex, even Shawn Kemp couldn’t keep that rock smokin’….

  • dma

    Hedo Turkoglu and the Magic playing the Blazers. I was there for my yearly Magic/Blazer game. The year before it had been Grant Hill catching an alley-oop at the buzzer. This year I thought the Blazers were going to get one back, but you could just feel it int he air. The Portland crowd is one of the loudest by far. The crowd is very knowledgeable and knows their basketball. SO of course everybody was on their feet and screaming. The ref hands the ball to Hedo who inbounds the ball and he gets it back, takes a couple of dribbles, and banks in a 3. Game over. Crowd was still screaming and in shock. The screaming then turned to silence.

  • jb mariano

    jerry west in 1972 63 foot buzzer beater in the finals against the knicks to win it. no doubt the best one. right on the buzzer.

  • sideburn2go

    My favorite buzzer beater of all time is easily by Malik Sealy. Playing against the Eastern Conference powerhouse Pacers, trading the lead back and forth in the fourth quarter the Timberwolves played one of the most memorable games I have ever watched. Every time down the court the teams traded buckets…. Reggie 4 point play, KG, Reggie, KG, Dale Davis …. everyone getting in on the action…. Trailing by 2 with 1.7 left on the clock and Jalen Rose closing out Sealy rose up and banked in the game winning three (the only one the wolves hit all game). The crowd went wild, Sealy fell to the floor and was mobbed by his teammates, first and foremost Kevin Garnett. You could really see the passion for the game in their celebration and it was an unbelievable moment from my favorite team.

  • rob stewart

    The last Laker/Celtic game played in the REAL Boston Garden where legends like Larry, McHale, and Parish once had great battles against Magic, Worthy,and Kareem(Lew if you ask his momma) was where a great ALL-Time buzzer beater took place. Some young left hander drafted late in the second round named “Nick at Night” hit a crazy fade-away buzzer beating 3 as the horn sounded. As thousands of fans stood in disbelief and disgust Nick Van Exel ran around the court as his 11 other teammates smothered him and cheered. Awesome way to shut the Garden down for any true die hard Laker fan.

  • http://www.twitter.com/djhurrikane13 DJ HurriKane

    One of my favorite buzzer beaters of all time was Nov. of 07, Ray Allen’s 1st season with the Boston Celtics and they were playing the Charlotte Bobcats. I was in the arena that night and I left like a kid all over again because I used to watch Ray Allen when he played in high school. The Celtics are down 2 points and 4 seconds are left on the clock. Bobcats are inbounding the ball but Eddie House runs deflects it, and Paul Pierce somehow finds Ray Allen open. With no hesitation the man with the best jumper in the league releases and its all net. The arena got so silent and me and my parents were the only people in our section jumping and cheering.

  • doyouwantmore

    In 2002 a buzzer-beater transformed me. I had been a Sacramento fan since I was a kid, and a basketball fan just as long. My fandom had followed a fairly normal path. I enjoyed a few games and played pick-up when I could. And then Vlade tipped the ball backwards in his last act of service to the Lakers that he’d once played for. Robert Horry is just standing there. “Oh ****, look what I got!” Swish. And suddenly I was someone I didn’t recognize. I snarl and glare at innocent people in Kobe jerseys. I think about Robert Horry, Bibby’s bloody nose, that Kings squad, and those damned Lakers at least once a week. I can’t stop myself. I can’t turn back time. Give me a free watch.

  • Chinadian123

    My Fav. is when T-Mac put in 13 pts in 35 sec.! that was the best I ever seen!

  • Devin Luna

    2002, WCF Game 4. Watching with my family of Sacramento fans. Bibby with a bloody nose, Chris Webber and the rest of the Kings squad exhausted after giving up a huge lead in a game that wouldve given them a choke hold on the series. Inbound, crowd as loud as can be. Kobe drives and puts up a shot. My whole family and I jump up. SHaq gets the rebound misses, my whole family gets wide eyed, we can taste the victory. Vlade tips it out, we scream at the top of our lungs “Yes!”. Then out of nowhere Horry steps into frame and throws up a three. It went from as loud as it could possibly be to so quiet we could hear a pin drop. Not a single person in my house was sitting. We watch go through the net and all our of hearts just drop. The next thing you see on the tv is Horry turn around and it seems like he was just mocking us with that look on his face and his hands behind his back. We never really got over it to this day. Its probably the most heartbreak I have ever felt from sports. And it just kills me to see all of those great players on that team that shouldve won a ring that year, but didn’t because of their game and the ridiculous calls in game 6. Really just KILLS ME! Webber, Bibby, Divac. Its one of the greatest buzzer beaters of all time, but it hurts me everytime I think about it.

  • the rod

    I can see here many and many great buzzer beater moments, from Horry against the kings, to Fisher against the spurs (all Lakers, there must be something in the water in LA). I’m gonna go with something far more unique, seen live. 2006. Italian League finals, Bologna vs Treviso, Marco Belinelli vs Andrea Bargnani,two europe bright stars with a great future in the league.Game 2. Treviso already up 1-0, home game. Next game, the decisive one, in Bologna. With the game even Bargnani scores 6 consecutive points, including the decisive three.The Palaverde erupts and Treviso wins 88-82. Final box score says: 7 rbd, 6 blk and 17 pts, but it’s thi
    ese final 3 that matter. This is why he was chosen number 1 in the 2006 draft. This is why here he is known simply as the magician, “il Mago”. Try to beat this magic.

  • hops

    d-wade during miami vs. the jazz .3sec on the clock

  • Juan Rodriguez

    Two Years Ago; Houston Rockets vs. Portland Trailblazers.
    Yao had just hit an AND1 and gave us the lead, I had created a text in my phone to send out saying “That’s why they call us ClutchCity” but then I saw the .8 seconds left. B-Roy has one last chance where Ron Artest & Tracy McGrady left him pretty open and he hit a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG three pointer to win the game. I was heartbroken, I think it was on TNT. & I didn’t send the text out just in case ’cause I had a bad feeling when I saw time left so I waited. I stayed up all night on a school night to watch that game, very disappointing.

  • mvpitzki

    I would have to say the alley-oop one handed high dunk of dwight howard against the spurs a couple of years ago. Dwight leaped high over Duncan(yes Tim Duncan) and just left him staring with disbelief.

  • Pugz

    Kobe Bryant buzzer beater against the Bucks last year. I’m sorry but this was one of my favorite buzzer beaters of all time, being a huge Kobe fan. It was the end of regulation, only a few seconds left and Kobe goes to his sweet spot on the left elbow, does his signature Kobe fake then spin and bricks a shot at the buzzer. Overtime. The overtime period goes on and with only a few seconds left once again, the Lakers are in need of Kobe’s services. The only difference is, this time the Lakers are DOWN by one. Kobe knew this was it, which makes this buzzer beater all the more clutch. Kobe had previously taken a shot from the left elbow and missed in regulation, and where does he get it this time? The left elbow. The tenacity this guy has, he wanted redemption. He WANTED to prove he is the best in the game and one of the best all time. He backs his man down, then comes the signature Kobe fake and spin back once again, the buzzer sounds. Swish. Bottom of net. Kobe is the assassin. The Black Mamba. He is the king of the buzzer beater.

  • phillyphlyone

    Everyone of jordans buzzer beats. The one that stand out to me tho is bulls vs. pistons when mj threw it up right at the buzzer for 3.

  • DS44

    Reggie Miller vs the Knicks….choke artists!

  • hops

    vince carter’s stupefyin court shot playing with nets vs. warriors anybody would be on their feet

  • Mr.D

    WTH?!! How WordPress tell me I already posted and I still don’t see my post SLAM? Been trying this for three days already. Breath easy. The moments that come to mind were of the Duke-Kentucky game when that wet mcnugget, Christian Laetnner, drained that basket after receiving a Montana-esqe pass from Grant Hill. How Kentucky let that fly is still beyond me, but my favorite has to be from Big Shot Bob himself, Robert Horry. Granted, dude seemed to only show up during the playoffs, but when he was in the game it meant his team had a chance. Picture it, Lakers and Kings, game four of the 2002 Western Conference Finals. Over the outstretched arms of Chris Webber, you hear Hearn yell, “HORRY FOR THREEEE!!” Crowd on its feet screaming. Buzzer sounding. Horry bounces downcourt into the arms of what looks like a trainer. Never heard the ball snap the net. With the series now tied at 2-2 the Lakers would go on to defeat the Kings in seven. I wanted Chris to cop that ring, so even now, thinking about it could have me bawling like a fat guy looking at a double rainbow.

  • amrit

    The greatest buzzer beater i seen in my life was when tim duncan hit the three pointer to send the game into 2OT against phoenix in the 2008 playoffs.

  • Tyler Whitcomb

    Simply Vinnie johnson’s game winner versus the Trailbalzers in the 1990 NBA finals that sealed the championship. This made the Pistons back to back champs.

  • parker

    last year, cavaliers at the jazz. 5.6 seconds left in regulation and its jazz ball down one. Inbound to kyle korver… 4.7, pass to ronnie price as he dribbles behind the arc and stops… 1.9, pass to sundiata gaines- fresh into the association and last game within his 10 day contract- shoots three. Buzzer. net. Game.

  • Lakari

    LeBron James’ fadeaway Buzzer Beater from forever in the 09-10 finals with Hedo Turkoglu in his face. i was watching when that shot went up and when it dropped i remember my excitement and elation as well as the crowds excitement and elation.

  • jack boutchard

    ncca bball ARK-little rock vs new orleans kwan johnsons 70footer to win the game

  • http://twitter.com/BlackStallionRa Rakim Watson

    All buzzer beaters are great hands down but my favorite is when Jamal Crawford hit the (somewhat) fadeaway three in the Phoenix Suns ‘best defender’s” face,Jared Dudley. 3 seconds left and he allowed that 3 to take place? I understand why he was in shock. He had his hands up even after the buzzer stopped beating lol. Classic! And they lose by only ONE. (Jan. 2010 Phx Vs Atl)

  • http://twitter.com/BlackStallionRa Rakim Watson

    I’m also a Florida Gator fan and so you know I loved that buzzer beater by Chandler Parson where he hits the LOOONGG DISTANCEEE 3 (should be a 4-pointer) from beyond half court against NCSU! Spectacular!

  • http://youtube mohammad rashid mustafa

    my favorite and the greatest I think was by jerry west – April 29,1970 NBA finals Lakers vs new York knicks
    and jerry west is the logo of NBA