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Contest: Win a Meister x B. Jennings Watch

Our friends at Meister Watches recently teamed with Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks to make this fresh black/Bucks themed version of Meister’s Prodigy series. They sent one to SLAM to give away to a lucky reader. Since Jennings is one of the fastest cats in the league and has been known to break ankles here and there, tell us your favorite ankle breaking moment in the comments section below. Our editors in the SLAM Dome will deliberate tirelessly in picking the winner next Tuesday. For more details on the watch, click here.

*UPDATE: Congrats to burnt_chicken for winning this fly watch!


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  • http://google c_cantrell

    how bout that behind the back layup in his first nba game when he dropped 24 points 9 rebounds and 9 assists.. almost a triple double in his very first nba game

  • kobe4ever8

    AI on MJ. 2 crossovers against the G.O.A.T.

  • http://approaching-perfection.com loso

    when he crossed stephen curry..lol

  • http://www.losthatsportsblog.com Tony

    My favorite B. Jennings ankle breaker was when he mixed Stephen Curry with the behind the back change of direction. Ouch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vkVO5IOIp4

  • jj williams

    ok i got the perfect one… how bout when jennings made steph curry colapse and dang near eat the hardwoood… i’ve been watchin BJ for years that might be the sickest crossover i’ve seen him do… much love to BJ for givin me somebody to look up too

  • http://www.losthatsportsblog.com Tony

    My favorite B. Jennings ankle breaker was when he mixed Stephen Curry with the behind the back change of direction. Ouch

  • MtotheS

    Iverson breaks Jordan.

  • burnt_chicken

    I think that the breaking of Steph Curry’s ankles was the best for a few reasons:
    1. Curry fell down. A prerequisite.
    2. They are from the same draft class, so Money had something to prove. Which he did. When he made Curry fall down.
    3. Jennings revealed his heart, his inner drive, by sticking with the play after he missed the initial shot. Offensive rebound! Off battling the behemoths. And was subsequently rewarded with foul shots.
    4. As he is walking to the foul line, his face says it all: determination. I earned this, and I’ll earn much much more.
    Young Money indeed!

  • http://slamonline.com Antonio McKinney

    The Young Buck’s best ankle breaker was on Steph curry. He crossed him over so raw then missed the shot and it still made highlights reels

  • matt604

    Usually contests ask you to describe “TOPIC HERE” about yourself, so wouldn’t this contest be about your personal favorite ankle braking moment not Brandon Jennings’? I mean, dude might have all of maybe 5 so far in the NBA, how many people can describe that in different and unique ways..?

  • Bruno

    don’t know if it really is an ankle breaker but I will always remember the move Jason Williams put on Gary Payton

  • http://www.runninglikwidworks.com MrRLW

    Damn, just one… I’m like put on a tape from Oak Hill and call it a day, lol.

    Bucks v. Cavs last season, Jennings was on the wing against Mo… went in & out dribble, right to left, then behind his back all done at full speed. Fuhgettaboutit… Williams was dazed and confused lol. Lebron crushed the layup attempt, but the move was the business.

  • Migs

    I can’t say I watch much of Brandon Jennings, but my vote for the best ankle breaker moment in the NBA has to be DWade on Eric Snow. Dwade basically crosses Snow over twice in succession, first a simple hard left to right cross, and while Snow is trying to recover, Wade pulls it back under his right leg back to the left hand, all while Snow is stumbling from the 3pt line down to the key.

  • burnt_chicken

    oh, all time? anybody?

    Jordan on Byron Russell, 1998, for the CHIP.
    Push off? The NBA is a man’s league. Deal with it.

  • Stepfan

    Easy Derrick Rose’s crossover on Andre Miller.

  • http://google c_cantrell


  • Michael Poppy

    Easy: AI crossing MJ — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3X274lz3wY.

    He didn’t break his ankles, but it was when you knew the Answer was for real and MJ was a great defender.

  • http://www.double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    1997 NCAA Tourney. Providence vs Arizon. God Shammgod calls for the clear out against eventual champion Arizona. Seemed like everyone on Arizona ran away from Shammgod, including Mike Bibby, who had gotten broken a few times that game already. Once the clear out happened, the only person standing between the God and the hoop, was Michael Dickerson….one Shammgod later, he was hugging Mile Simon, while Shammgod was headed toward the cup.

  • lecram

    brandon jenning breaks kemba walker’s ankles at 2008 McDonalds. Damn, it was the first time I saw him and I would never ever see anything more eyecatching!

  • Kevin

    DWade against the Jazz. DWade not only makes the defender fly into the stands (NOW thats a crossover when the defender loses complete and utter control like a girl in the middle of Hello Kitty store) but he also gets the most call to potentially tie up the game and send the game to OT. When its all said and done, winning the game is the MOST important thing.


  • http://approaching-perfection.com loso

    oooo when deron williams made jason terry fall after he hit him with the ‘above the rim’ thru the legs bounce.. lolol

  • lecram

    Brandon Jennings breaks Kemba Walker’s ankles at 2008 McDonalds All-American. It was the first time I saw him, and I would never ever see anything so eyecatching!

  • James

    When the young buck was back in hs and he dribbled through an entire team to give off a sweet dish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aRp9bcPxoc

  • rob stewart

    Iverson breaking Antonio Daniels down and then driving past him, hold up, then breaking Antonio Daniels down to the ground again and then driving past him for the finger roll as the 76ers bench goes crazy.

  • http://www.doktahsoose.wordpress.com/ Ryan Baker

    March 3rd, 2006. From the right to the left to the right again, the YouTube video title says it all, “Allen Iverson breaks both of Antonio Daniels’ ankles.” AI brought the ball up, faked left but slashed right. He left Daniels stumbling backwards, using his hands to bounce back up before being crossed-over again. Iverson cut to the basket, while the Wizards watched in awe, and dropped the easy bucket. The Answer finished with 47 points & 12 assists in the win over the Wiz that night.


  • http://slamonline dane21

    Jordan Brand Classic, splits 2 guys with a behind the back and between the legs at half court, fakes out another defender at the free throw line with a fake behind the back pass and goes in for the lay up. just an unstoppable sequence that shows the speed and handles that he has.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wXJvsWEmcw

  • La3

    Derrick Rose Crossing Over Tyreke Evans
    It made Tyreke Evans look like he was standing In cement then just crumble to the floor.
    He turned around and was where did HE GO????

  • http://www.slamonline.com Mojtaba Reza

    My greatest anklebreaker moment ever is still to this day Allen Iverson on basically the whole LA Lakers squad well to be honest just Ty.Lue and yes not a full anklebreaker but dude was out of balance and he tried to jump and just fell. ”Imma just walk over you if you gonna fall down”, true story.
    AI the Answer to all little man’s dreams
    Bring him back to the league!!!

  • Henry Paulk III

    Favorite cross over moment?? surely my favorite was Derrick Rose crossing up on Andre Miller when they played the 76ers his rookie year. I mean I’ve seen some bad ones even Brandon Jennings had a good one against Stephon Curry. But this was ridicolous Rose just broke Miller down to the ground literally and the crossover was so good no one even cared that he missed the lay up!

  • http://www.diimemag.com Royal

    Honestly, my favorite ankle breaking moment did not occur in the NBA or College ranks, but rather in a Sport & Health Gym, even more surprisingly by my own father. My dad gave his defender the SLOWEST in-and out, between the legs, spin crossover which left the defender limping as if he actually broke his ankle. And my dad, being the total D-Bag that he is, started pointing at the poor guy like Shawn Kemp did after he dunked on Alton Lister…… Good times

  • rob stewart

    Better yet, how about when Randolph Childress(wake forest) crossed Jeff Mcginnis(UNC) to the ground, motioned at him to get up, and then calmly stuck a long range dagger. Classic!

  • http://kb24.com Bigi

    I really don’t have a favorite, but everytime a guy trips or falls to the floor is funny, cool and embarrassing all in the same time. So without further ado…A.I. and A. Daniels ladies and gents.”The Turkish Delight” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PKa42S1vj4

  • v15

    back in grade 7, my team had a game, and one of our players who was’t exactly up to par with basketball lingo absolutely crosses this kid and drops him, later on when the kid was sitting on the bench i tell him “shit, you broke his ankles man!” and the most terrified look came over my friends face, thinking he actually broke his ankle, he even said that he has to go over and say sorry until we told him what we meant.

    fav nba moment: starbury droppin the great wall of china.

  • Jamie Rillay

    Seen BJ at rucker a few years back and seems a humble guy and chosen a path to the league that not many have done so respect to him!, as for my fav anklebreaker, its me a few years back doing this kid something bad ;) enjoy


  • c spence run

    My favorite Brandon Jennings Crossover? Thats easy. The one that has defined his entire career. This crossover shook the whole basketball world upside down and opened up a whole new world to the possibilities that are available for a kid with a tight handle. Still dont follow? This crossover jumped to the top of the headlines on the home-front as well as across the pond. Brandon jennings broke all of our ankles when he skipped on David Stern’s rules and the Arizona Wildcats and took his flash to Rome. Our Ankles have never been the same.

  • http://www.kwapt.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    Ok, this one is my favorite and I’m so glad I could actually find it. This is Randolph Childress absolutely ABUSING Jeff McInnis in the 1995 ACC title game. He makes McInnis look like he’s breakdancing or something. By the way, Childress scored 107 pts in 3 games and that record still stands. He dropped 40 on the Dukies, 30 on Virginia & 37 on Antawn Jamison, VC & and NC in this game. Ballin’.

  • MadJewel

    Even though he does not have much of a name as of these days, I would have to tip my hat to Randolph Childress on a UNC TarHeel. Not only breaking down the player, he even taunts the player to get up, and then shoots the shot. Only players of great confidence (even swagger) can do that. To top it off, he made the shot. Brandon Jennings definitely got swagger, but he’s also got class.


    I like how Jason Kidd took Brandon Jennings out to dinner this past Sunday to give him advice on becoming a better player. Then on Monday Brandon Helps take out the red hot Mavs and their 12 game winning streak.

  • Michael Bevers

    My favorite ankle breaking moment was when Allen Iverson was a rookie going up against the best player ever to play basketball Michael Jordan. Crossing over MJ and hitting the jumper in his face was priceless.

  • Mo A.



    Jennings’ idol AI destroying Baron Davis. You KNOW BJ was motivated by this video!

  • ruben ramirez

    best one ive seen is AI on antonio daniels back 2006. AI made him fall twice and just took it to the basket with ease.

    its Number one on this link


  • http://@daviegonzalez Davie gonzalez

    I get to go to all bucks home games and I think my favorite ankle breaker was when he shut down Steph Curry a few months ago.

  • dc

    Skip to my Lou in rucker park ebc Vs b.diddy. All the corss over from that game needed instant reply. Its like everyone know skip is about to do a cross over, but he it so good still make everyone stand up from their seat and go brizzzzeee!

  • Brandon

    One of the most underrated ball handlers of all time: Jamal Crawford making Ray Allen look 40 years old with this ankle breaker when he played for the dubs.


  • meagan

    allen iverson breakin baron davis ankless waz coldd!

  • Telly D.

    Iverson breaking Jordan down. period.

  • jak

    watch any, and i mean ANY, random time Jennings has the ball during the Brand Jordan All-America game. he pretty much embarrassed every other guard in his class one at a time…

  • David

    Baron Davis’ godly back behind the back dribble ankle breaker during his UCLA days.


  • Jer dawg

    Kenny Anderson on Bobby Hurley during 90s ACC tournament(?) where he gets outlet and one on one vs. Hurley. Shakes hurley off with the dribble and leave him behind for the layup

  • R lo

    not the greatest crossover, but I enjoyed a stranded Yao at the top of the key and getting crossed by Marbury. The tallest trees topple hardest.

  • sideburn2go

    My favorite jennings crossover has to come from his days in high school. Back then he was just SO much faster and talented than everyone that he good just do anything he wanted and left defenders just dumbfounded. There are too many memorable ones to just pick one. Suffice it to say no high school players had a chance at stopping him when he decided he wanted to break their ankles. Look at any high school highlight tape of his and you’ll be sure to see him cross some helpless defender to the pavement, spin off a man and fly by, or just straight confuse someone with a behind the back or between the legs dribble that leaves them motionless. Jennings has had some memorable ones in the L but his best ones came during high school, particularly in the all star games like the Elite 24 game at Rucker, or the Jordan classic.

  • ParkSmith

    My favorite Brandon Jennings crossover was when he was getting scouted by Carolina coming out of High School and he broke off 3 guys at mid court. It was nice and I got to see live because I live near Chapel Hill and was there. It also got on youtube because some guy near me recorded it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aRp9bcPxoc&feature=related

  • http://yahoo sean

    all you guys on crack wit yo mama horse penis

  • Devin D2L Luna

    One of favorites would have to be when AI crossed Nash back in ’96 when they were both rookies. AI pulls his patent crossover and gets steve nash to bite and jump to the other side. Iverson takes another dribble and pulls up for a J that goes right through the nylon. It’s one of my favorites because it was a prelude of a great rivalry between two great players that has been so exciting and flashy over the years. These two players have gave us numerous amount of highlight reel plays and ‘Whoa!’ moments, and just two know this was the first of many, it kind of makes it iconic in a way.

  • BradHenz

    Twas the moment before Tip-Off, when all through the house not a clock was ticking not even a Meist. The nets were hung on the rim with care, In hopes that B-Jennings soon would be there.
    The spectators were nestled all snug in their seats, while visions of Cross-overs danced in their head almost like beats.
    When out on the court there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my seat to see what was the matter. Away down the court the Yung Buck flew, leaving his opponent not knowing what to do. With a quick jerk and spree, Jennings left the defender with a broken knee.
    He spoke not a word, but went straight to work, and filled all the rims with buckets, then turned with a jerk.
    With Jennings hands in the air, as he walks out of sight. I heard him exclaim “Happy Crossmas to all, and to all a good night!”

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    Yeah, Iverson on Mike was nice because of who they were, but the crossover that really sticks in my mind happened on my unprofessional ankles, courtesy of a guy I had CLEARLY underestimated.
    I was on a roll, destroying my check on offense, feeling good and got a bit fancy with the ball handling as we all do sometimes…
    Then out of absolutely nowhere, the guy (a portly spot-up shooter, who must’ve taken all of 10 dribbles the entire game), breaks out this deceptively quick crossover that DROPS me.
    Yes, it was embarrassing and yes, I guess I deserved it haha

  • alan
  • Daniel Dragicevich

    My favourite ankle breaker would have to be Allen Iverson on Tyronne Lue in the 2001 NBA Finals. It’s just the way that he stepped over him with no respect. It wasn;t that he showed lack of respect to Lue, it’s that he showed lack of respect to the Lakers. It was his way of telling everyone that he doesn’t care who he’s playing or what there history is, he is just gonna go out there and play as the underdog and show no respect to the big boys of the NBA.

  • isaac

    My favorite ankle breaker was when Allen Iverson crossed over Kobe 2 times and kobe fell like hard.

  • Adam Wyville

    How about when Rajon Rondo crossed up Morris Peterson until he fell, then drained a three right above him! Classic!

  • Rakim Watson

    Im sure what every1 says is great but HANDS DOWN, the best crossover has to be the one where Jamal Crawford made Ray Allen fall. He hit him with the 3-piece move, (crossover,through legs, and behind back) right by the benches, and Ray Allen just FELL!! Ray Allen is the man and all but I know it was shocking when that game was live. Shoutout to my fave player Jamal Crawford!(by the way)

  • vA

    MJ (Wizzards) sets up the pick, drives hard right, steps back for the jumper and Vince Carter goes down.

  • Stefan

    This is one of my favorites. Tony Parker vs. Barbosa. Awesome!


  • Taranvir Sandhu

    One of my favourite anklebreaker/crossover was by Chris Paul in the 07-08 season against Denver. It was amazing to watch as Chris Paul broke down the Denver defense. It’s not a really famous one, but it was a good and effective one.

  • the_baller20

    One of my fav ankle breakers, was recently when d-rose pulled a sweet crossover on tyreke who even did a little spin while falling!!!

  • the_baller20

    he almost came out of his nikes haha

  • taokenji

    when iverson crossed/stepped over lue in the 01 finals and this tim hardaway:

  • taokenji

    when iverson crossed/stepped over lue in the 01 finals and this tim hardaway:

  • Hussein Ali

    My fav ankle breaking movement hands down is D.Wade on O.J. Mayo it was 2 seasons ago. D.Wade drove in hard and quickly stepped back and O.J. stuttered backwards and dropped. He dropped so bad he took down his own teammate Greg Buckner. D.Wade stops looks at O.J. on the floor and makes the mid range J. Classic Wade.


    Stephon Marbury crossing over Yao and sending him crashing to the floor in his debut season… he didn’t just break his ankles, he broke every joint in his body with that move.

  • mario boatwright

    The Brandon Jennings crossover on stephen curry was the best ankle break since iverson took jordan off the dribble a decade ago taking over supreme crossover status Jennings easily is the next true point guard to reach elite status and this crossover seals that fate.

  • Ahmed

    I thought you’d never ask! Derrick Rose on Andre Miller while he was playing for the Sixers. It was towards the end of the 2nd Q, D.Rose broke Andre off quick. He faked right,crossed over, and went up for the lay up. Andre Miller looked like Bambi on ice. He watched D.Rose go up for the lay up sitting crossed legged at the dotted line. Although D.Rose got blocked by Dalembert, it was still up there as one of the nastiest ankle breakers I seen.

  • Andre

    Best crossover is Dwyane Wade on Eric Snow in 04 when Snow was on the Cavaliers. As Wade went right he did the infamous Jordan under the legs, make your man look like he’s on ice skates, stop on a dime crossover and brought the ball left. Eric Snow’s ankles were broken as he went from the three point line all the way to the free throw line. If you watch it D. Wade did not push with his left arm if he did his arm would be traveling towards Snow but you see his arm on the left side of his body as he quickly brings the ball back left. D. Wade even had time to look at E. Snow before driving to the rim Wade single handedly stop play for that brief few seconds as all looked with awe. Eric Snow should have just retired then.

  • Andrew

    when the ankle breaker got his ankles broke

  • jack boutchard

    jordan on kobe

  • Connor

    When Brandon Jennings beats and breaks Stephen Curry ankles

  • Hugo

    Pau Gasol’s dunk in Kevin Garbett´s face when Pau was a rookie playing for Memphis. Respect

  • http://Yahoo.com Nile Good

    So the most sick crossup of all time is Ray-Ray Felton on “hoe”Jose Calderon”What is Caler- wrong with you”. He hit a in-out-in-out game winner. That is when you can be compared to a Cough,Cough A.I.

    Ray-Ray: Buda Matsa Buda Boom(Messing with his Spanish Roots)
    Jose:Mommy, get me my milky and Mr. Pacfier.

  • http://slamonline.com joseph ferguson

    jennings breaking stephen curry’s ankles was phenomenal. It actuly looked like he came out his shoes.THen he drove into the paint missed the floater but got his own rebound and got fouled and went to the foul line to shoot two free throws which i know he made. Stephen curry will remeber that for the rest of his life