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Sure Shot

They say a picture’s worth 1,000 words. But you only need a couple to win.

The NBA D-League Showcase in January was once again a great place to spot hidden gems and future NBA players playing very competitive basketball. It was also the scene of, at least based on this photo, one of the most painful collisions you can have on the court. More than anything, this shot begs the question: What happens when a Stampede runs into Armor? Got any ideas? Give us your best caption for this photo.

Whoever writes the funniest caption will win a dope prize from our vault and see their name in Trash Talk next issue.

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  • riz

    “my sack”…..
    “his sack”….
    “its just sweat bruh hit these free throws”

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    Guy in Grey: “Blake made it look so easy on Mozgov…”

  • Big Rose

    #50 In the red jersey- “Thats not how Garnett did it! Your not supposed to fall down and hold your face!”

    In the grey jersey- “ARRHHH!! I don’t want to be Channing Frye anymore. I’m Garnett next time!”

  • http://nobulljive.com/ Enigmatic

    Gavin Edwards: “Hey, man, it could be worse… you could be called up by the Cleveland Cavaliers.”

  • Connor Stewart

    BOTH: Ive seen you guys play basketball that hurts worse

  • The Big Cheese

    #44 in Grey:
    “I ain’t no Chris Kaman, man. Ain’t nobody gonna’ Reggie Evans me!”

  • Jack

    He just didn’t do the Kobe worst dunk did he?

  • Ali Saadat

    Both: Ow, my head!

  • Ali Saadat

    Both: Ow, my head!

  • Antonio Cruzado

    #4 in red:
    “How many times do I have to tell you to keep
    your head up!”

  • Jack

    Be quiet im putting some lotion on my face!

  • Jack

    I see a spider!!!

  • Aristotelis Themelis

    Going balls deep head first

  • hoodsnake

    No I’m not alright! I just gave birth to a 6’7 baby!

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Grey guy: Do you promise to still respect me in the morning?

  • James Lotz

    That was the worst head-butt I’ve ever seen!

  • James Lotz

    Now that’s what I call taking one for the team!

  • rob stewart

    The Super Hot Spicey Chicken is just as hot going in as it is going out!

  • Antonio Cruzado

    #4 red:
    “now i understand we’re called the Stampede
    but don’t make it seem like your in one!”

  • jack boutchard

    i’m not gay

  • Diego Terreno

    #50 red: what’s happened?
    #44 grey: wher’s the toilet?
    the red guy down: my eyes!!! my eyes!
    #50 grey think: they have eatean the same hamburgers… fortunately i’m vegetarian…

  • Idrees

    #50: “Maybe you should learn to catch better.”
    guy on floor: “LOL!”

  • Glenn Loughran

    #44 – I know your coach said to dive for any loose balls, but this is ridiculous.

  • donlaker

    maybe we should take up ballet….

  • Taranvir

    Ahaha, bullseye!

  • Tommy Koutsis

    #44- I hope this doesn’t end up on SURE SHOT

  • http://slamonline.com/contests Cody King

    #44 armor: I wish I would have had some armor on the jewels!!!

    Guy on ground: Man, i hope they dont zoom in on me because these Kobe’s dont match at all!!!

  • Reo

    Whatever you do don’t pull a Glen Davis and cry.

  • http://gmail.com hargesa

    Grey #50: Your 6’7 and couldnt dunk on him without getting hurt, No wonder were in the D-League

  • http://www.sonicbids.com/shaemorin doyouwantmore

    YO, anybody know the heimlich maneuver? There’s still time to get those nuts on ice if he throws up fast!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1674116589 Jovan Patterson

    ” The Cleveland Cavliers Life After The Decision”

    Starring The N.B.A. D-league And The Agony Of Cleveland Basketball!

  • http://hajrazigic@yahoo.com Weapon E

    Look, I know I posterized you but you don’t need to whack me!

  • Joe A

    It was a bittersweet moment for the Armor player. The same injury that ended his dreams of the NBA guaranteed him a WNBA contract.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nafanator

    Armour player #50: Dude just because Blake did it doesn’t mean everybody can…

  • Antonio Cruzado

    #50 to #44:
    “think on the bright side:
    1-Your still in the game.
    2-You now look like Tim Duncan when he’s shooting a free throw.
    3-Your lucky there isn’t a lot of people who show up to our games cause walking in public would suck for you haha”

  • Antonio Cruzado

    #4 Red:
    “I’m still trying to figure out how
    you fell face first into some Spalding Jr’s”

  • Gezim Dauti

    “armor balls-Go ahead stair, sike”

  • Joel Pathiyil

    Guy on ground: Now I know how it feels to run into Shaq.
    Idaho teammate facing down at player: Yup, experience is what the D League is about.

  • Howard

    Idaho player: he put his pee-pee on my head!
    Armor player: No, he put his head on my pee-pee!
    Both: Owie!
    Everyone else:……..

  • Mykah H.

    Armor #44 : Ow! Where’d My Band-Aid Go?
    Idaho (Guy On Ground) : In My Mouth!
    Idaho #4: Woww.

  • Jroc Johnson

    AHH! my nuts dude!
    guy on ground: my mouth :O! that didnt just happen.
    teammate: yeah bro…you took more sack to the face than sean bradley did his whole career, in one instance.
    Armor #50: it happens to the best of us… *whispers* call me ;)

  • http://www.hotmail.com mart

    Grey Guy: “My name is not Carter/I should have jumped harder”

    Red Guy: “Cant bear this horrid stench/I am not even French”

    Red 50-guy: “shouldn´t we pick up the ball/before SLAM makes fun of us all?”

  • Jeff Stuart

    Yo man, I said to keep an eye on the ball, not on the balls.

  • mike

    Atempting to recreate the black eyed pees video “my humps” Mix yo milk wit ma coco puffs! Hey 44 your the milk idiot!

  • Caleb Thomas

    man what did i tell u about looking up when u dribble

  • http://http//portlandfan1203.blogspot.com Karley

    Mann your crotch smells bad.

  • http://http//portlandfan1203.blogspot.com Karley

    Dude close your legs it smells like tuna! Its burning my eyes!

  • Ari

    Player on the floor: What the hell dude! Your supposed to poke me back on Facebook, not literally on my face! Damn!

  • http://twitter.com/datnycstar Jay


  • http://www.kwapt.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    The NBDL: Where humiliation happens.

  • http://yahoo Carlos B.


  • Corey Clay

    Hey dummy you play D. You don’t bite it.

  • Antonio Cruzado

    #50 grey to #44 grey:
    “McDavid should add a little bit more padding
    in your area”
    Guy on floor:
    “They should invent protection goggles!”

  • Charlie G

    Did someone just say Justin Bieber plays basketball?

  • Antonio Cruzado

    #4 red to guy on floor:
    “I got called up to play for Boston!”
    Guy on the floor:
    “You? In Boston? Hahahaha”

  • Antonio Cruzado

    Guy on the floor:
    “I need to get a power balance band
    cause this cannot happen again!”
    #50 red:
    “Ohhhh; Coach take me out I’m heading to Finish Line! Be rite back”

  • Antonio Cruzado

    Guy on the floor:
    “I felt like Mike”
    #44 grey:
    “Dude your wearing Kobe’s!”

  • http://slamonline Taylor G


  • Matthew H.

    Stampede!…into the defense of ARMORed NUTS!!!

  • Josh Lowe

    “Man! Talk about catching balls to the face.”

  • andrew

    Might as weell start fighting since we cant ball

  • Ramn

    He has a nose for loose balls

  • HeavenCent

    When keeping it real goes wrong

  • DJ McAllister

    haha get it… hard-headed

  • Shaun McDonald

    # 44 in grey: sssss ahhhhh; ssssss ahhhhh; sssss ahhhh.
    Davidson: I’m stealing the ball.

  • Manuel (Irishman) Delgado

    Black guy : “…he said he jumps higher than me….”
    White guy #50 : “c’mon man, lets go, lets face…it´s true”

  • Jesse Chin

    When teabags go wrong

  • Katherine

    Balls dropped!

  • Dillon Longo

    Well….it looks like the “bull” got the horn.

  • Randy Fiel

    “Ouch! Now that’s what I call a loose ball foul!”

  • Nick

    Dude in red #4: Seriously, that’s your defense? Headbutting his nuts?

  • blake saiontz

    44 “my balls” Davidson “god get a room” Guy On Ground “thanks for helping me out a**hole”

  • Jordan Horton

    And there were no longer two.

  • Jake

    Sucka D!

  • Mark Sherlock

    …I-Da-Ho……I get it, I get it, you a hoe, Stop, Stop before I pee my pants!!

  • JD

    Guy on his feet: Well it was worth a try,its the D-League, its not like anyone was watching us anyway

  • mendez62

    o DAMN i was going for the ball and he had a boner and pocked my eye


    #50: Hey you alright man? You know your know VC..
    #44: DUH! didnt you juss see what happened bro?
    Guy on the floor: Man I know how Timothy Mozgov feels now.


    #50: Hey you alright man? You know your not VC….
    #44: DUH! didnt you juss see what happened bro?
    Guy on the floor: Man I know how Timothy Mozgov feels now.

  • Jasmine

    What Happend?!?! Guy on Ground: I saw number #44′s face! #50: Get Up Than! Guy on Ground: Hold on i’m putting some disinfective cream on…

  • harry taylor

    your armor cant stop my stampede come on now

  • http://www.websiteschool.org Bernie

    #44: was going on your knees to take a charge really necessary man???

  • daniel nunez

    Guy in red: HAHAHAHAHAH
    guy in gray: whats so funny
    Red: the lakers lost to the cavs
    teamates: i guess the cavs have a better chance of winning the tittle than the lakers now.

  • Jake Munckton

    Ow! That hurt! Wait, on the bright side, no tech foul for decking him to the floor! Yay!

  • Christian

    Your white and u have a knee brace, who do u think u r, Vince Carter?

  • Liam

    Hasheem Thabeet just got demoted to our league! Ouch!

  • http://yahoo sean

    GRAY Jersey: you went for the wrong ball dumby

  • Kutay Agardici

    Red jersey: i saw the ball come at me, and not the one with stripes on it

  • Ben Weiner

    Damn … (to grey shirt guy ) blake POSTERIZED timofey , not Pasturized him.

  • Ben Weiner

    How many times do i gotta tell you , all star weekend is for the pros man..

  • Ben Weiner

    (red shirt guy thinking) now i know why the slam dunk contest is for the money…

  • Ben Weiner

    I feel like taylor

  • Ben Weiner

    Man… At least timofey got on sports center

  • Ben Weiner

    God…I promise no more tech,swearing, or skipping shoot-a-round…JUST MAKE THE PAIN GO AWAY!

  • Ben Weiner

    I wonder how that KIA felt…

  • Ben Weiner

    I feel like i just got posterized

  • Ben Weiner

    Okay, What dumb-ass spiked the gatorade!?

  • Ben Weiner

    No feeling…just pain

  • Ben Weiner

    dude…now i know why coach doesn’t let us go to the clubs

  • Ben Weiner

    I hope i get called up to the clippers…

  • Ben Weiner

    Fans:Booo u suk!
    Grey shirt: tell me about it

  • Ben Weiner

    F**k u nike!

  • Ben Weiner

    This wuld b so much more worth it if i got paid…

  • Ben Weiner

    It’s my turn to b blake next time

  • Ben Weiner

    grey shirt to guy on ground : dude… hows ur kid gonna look u in the eye anymore

  • Benj. Parrilla

    Guy in gray:Come on man! Dive for the BASKETball!

  • alexandro guerra

    What happens when a Stampede runs into Armor?
    “so the the armor couldent take a hit but neither could the bullet penertrait it”

  • alexandro guerra

    “if your smart enough try it, ill love to see”