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Giveaway: Lacer Fitted Hats

Leave a comment and win some dope headwear.

We’ve got three cool Lacer hats—pictured above, in those exact colors—to give away to our readers, and all you have to do to enter the contest is leave a comment below.

And since the first of the three hats is New York Knick-themed, we’re looking for some Knickerbocker-themed comments. So here’s the question:

Who’s your favorite Knick of all time?

Pretty simply, tell us who your favorite member of the New York Knicks (active or retired) is and why. Did you have a childhood attachment to any Knick? Were you (or are you) a huge fan of anyone on the team’s style of play? Have a Knicks jersey of a certain player that you love to rock? Let us know.

We’ll select our favorite three comments and send each of the winners a free hat. And if you want to cop a Lacer fitted for yourself, hit up www.lacerheadwear.com and check out their shop—there’s plenty of dope stuff there.

Good luck!

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  • melv

    My favorite Knick of all time would have to be Walt “Clyde” Frazier. Not only was he one THE MOST lethal men on the court, he was also a killer off the court. His style was/is unmatched by any player. If he were a player today, we all know he would be the first one to rock that laced hat. Much respect to him.

  • marx

    Patrick Ewing. I would wear his jersey everytime a knicks game was on. I couldnt afford to go to any games at MSG back then, but putting on his jersey and watching from my TV were some of my most cherished memories ever. In the future, I hope my son is just as big a knicks fan as I was so he can wear my old jersey with pride.

  • Derek

    I grew up in the 90s a die-hard Chicago Bulls fan. So having a “favorite” Knick was unheard of.

    Now that I’m older, though, I can look back and say that John Starks was hands-down my favorite if only because I have some good memories from my youth. Watching him against the Bulls was always a treat, even if I didn’t like the outcome back then. The guy is etched into my memory…

  • Dino

    I love rockin my Landry Fields jersey all the time. He may not be an all-star, but that kid works his butt off every game. They don’t run any plays for him, and he is probably the last guy players worry about when they read the scouting report, but he is still a threat. I love that guy because he defeated all the odds (since he was a second round pick)and is now starting for the greatest cities basketball team.

  • Jay

    Chauncey Billups. That guy was supposed to be just an add on for the carmelo trade, but he ended up being our best player up until the playoffs. He was dropping 30′s and 20+’s like he was some young hot shot shooting guard. Best “Add-On” in the history of NBA trades.

  • Michael Ferguson

    My favorite Knick of all time is an active player right now. Carmelo Anthony is my favorite because his game is just so smooth. He has the silkiest stroke in the league and can go to the rack at any time he wants and finish. The man is gonna go down as the greatest New York Knick to play the game if he stays with them.

  • http://slamonline.com Tracy

    My favorite Knick had to be Charles Oakley…no joke. I say that because he embodied something I always wanted to be on the court, a tough guy. But at my short height I really didnt command respect on the court, but if i felt like oakley at a pickup game, you would know damn well to stay clear of me.

  • http://nba.com GP23

    Allan Houston. Man, this dude was incredible, and very underrated. He could nail it from deep with ease, and I remember one game specifically when he dropped 53 on the Lakers. He had one of the most pure shots in the league, possibly ever. I had one of his jerseys when I was really young, but have still kept it, as I do with all my old school threads. And, who could forget that running jumper he made with 0.8 on the clock to win the game 78-77 and claim to be the first #8 seed to knock off a #1 seed in the playoffs. DOPE !!

  • http://www.glidehoyas.blogspot.com Kent

    My favorite basketball player and basketball idol of all time is dun dun dunnnnnnn and drum roll…Clyde the Glide Walt Frazier. While growing up in Bridgeport, Connecticut we were all Knickebocker fans and I when I came outside to play basketball (7 years old) I would always dribble and say I was Walt Frazier. Yes indeed Walt Frazier is my favorite basketball player of all time. This was right on time SLAM lol

    #10 Smooth and creative, tough point guard!

  • Rashiodonics

    My favorite Knick is Herb Williams. He’s probably been with the Knicks since he was born and will be there til he die. He played for the Knicks. He coached for the Knicks. Served as player/coach. Water Boy. Towel Boy. GM. Manager. Ball boy. You name it. He’s done it. He survived all the regime and coaching changes. As far as I’m concerned he is Knicks!

  • Sully

    Clyde Frazier, I wish i grew up with him on the court. I love watching the old Knicks repeats on NBA Hardwood Classic and ESPN Classic because they’re such an entertaining team. Frazier both on and off the court is great. His commentary on Knicks games is hilarious with his constant rhyming.

  • http://www.facebook.com/davidalexandermiguel David

    Favorite Knick of all time: Charles Oakley. He may not be part of most people’s list when it comes to figuring out who the ‘Top 10 Knicks Players of all time’ are, but he epitomized the 90′s Knicks. Patrick Ewing may be the face of the franchise, but he was the face of their toughness. Although I routed for the Bulls during the 90′s, playing against the Knicks in the playoffs always gave me the chills because of Oak. He defends, rebounds, hustles, never backs down. I only wish for the current Knicks to remember how it was during Oak’s time and bring back that old tough, no-nonsense swagger in MSG.

  • Ian Frazier

    John Starks- because he thew it down on MJ and gave Reggie the infamous headbutt/lovetap

  • Erik Franke

    My favorite Knicks player of all time is easily Spike Lee. Ok I know he is not an actually player, but I think he deserves the 6th man award one of these years. The dude is a die hard Knicks fan since he was born. I love watching him get excited in the crowd. Go Knicks!

  • http://Twitter.com/ryangensler Ryan

    Patrick Ewing. My finest childhood memory is marv Albert calling the game and having Ewing make his signature fade away. The way Albert said his last name and the way the garden rocked gave me goosebumps and made me wanna play like him. There is nothing quite using your imagination and calling the game in a marc Albert voice while pretending to be Ewing in the driveway…. Against the bulls with the game on the line.

  • http://www.facebook.com/danijelblagic Danijel Blagic

    Slavko Vranes. don’t ask me why!!!

  • Jaysawn

    My favorite Knicks player growing up was stephon marbury because of his awesome moves on the court and his sick crossovers. He may be the butt of the jokes now but there’s no denying he was pretty cool as a knick. Led them to the playoffs and everything. He also really wanted to help out poor kids like me growing up with his starbury shoes which were pretty good for how cheap they were. Gotta love starbury.

  • Chris Marsch

    My favorite was the either Steph Marbury or Latrell Spreewell. That was right around when I got into basketball. Even had to get the Dada Sprees that spun. These guys were both straightup rebels and even though neither or them were very successful at MSG (or anywhere really) they were usually fun to watch!

  • Andreas Patsalos

    My favorite Knick of all time is Amar’e Stoudemire. I am so glad that we got him from the Suns and he joined the forces in New York. Also he is a very good man, kind and funny.

  • Kev Lacey

    Huge fan of SLAM! I have been reading it for years, and KICKS too. Would love to win a Lacer Fitted Hat. Much love from Ireland, and keep up the great work!

  • Hardley Jeannite

    Allan Houston – past and present – is my favorite Knick of all time. I was 11 years old, wearing my #20 Houston jersey, when I was in my grandmother’s home in Yonkers, NY when hit his famous running jumper in the lane with 0.8 seconds left on the clock to win the game in Miami. Houston always plays with passion. I mimic his style of play and jump shot especially. He aimed to his every shot that he put up. On top of that Houston remains a Knick fan even after the down years in the 2000′s. He currently is the Assistant General Manager. That is being a player and fan of the team you love. I admire anyone who is loyal.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Willis Reed, because he brought a title and in true New Yorker / Broadway fashion.

  • Daniel Tapanian

    I am a life long fan of the Lakers. My favorite Laker of all time has to be #24 Kobe Bryant! Kobe Bryant is the best player in NBA history and there is no question about it. This man done wonders for the Lakers organization. I have a game used Kobe Bryant #8 jersey from 2003 an a Kobe Bryant number 24 that I wear around the house when I am watching the Lakers play. I remember when I was younger me and my dad used to watch the Lakers back when Kobe and Shaq were beasting together.

  • Mrkicks

    Favorite knick of all time has to be Larry Johnson. Allan Houston close second.

  • Sam Mercer

    My favourite Knick of all time has got to be Nate Robinson. For a guy that small to dominate on the court the way that he did was unbelievable. Whenever you needed to fire up the team or the crowd, he was the man to go to. And I’m pretty sure that Nate delivered some posterizations worth of Slamadamonth haha.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    My favorite Knick is every Knick that Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Derrick Rose ever dunked on. Go Bulls!!
    And how the hell you gonna award a Bulls-colored hat to someone commenting about their favorite Knick? That just ain’t right!

  • Ryan.T.

    Let me start by saying that I was a die hard Bulls fan in the 90′s. But by watching Chicago battle it out with the Knicks every single year, I eventually succombed to being a huge Anthony Mason fan. Forget the fact that he had the freshest haircuts in the entire league, and lets focus on his all around ability the hardwood. We’re talking about a undersized forward with a massive body that could/would play point guard @ times. I also remember his versatility once led to him leading the league in minutes played. Mason, along with Oakley & Ewing formed one of the more intimidating front lines of the last 20+ years. His career stats won’t blow anybody away, but his importance at both ends of the floor never went unnoticed. If I wasn’t broke I’d proudly be rocking one of those Mitchell & Ness Anthony Mason jerseys today…

  • Ryan.T.

    Let me start by saying that I was a die hard Bulls fan in the 90′s. But by watching Chicago battle it out with the Knicks every single year, I eventually succombed to being a huge Anthony Mason fan. Forget the fact that he had the freshest haircuts in the entire league, and lets focus on his all around ability the hardwood. We’re talking about a undersized forward with a massive body that could/would play point guard @ times. He was a ALL NBA defender, and I also remember his versatility once led to him leading the league in minutes played. Mason, along with Oakley & Ewing formed one of the more intimidating front lines of the last 20+ years. His career stats won’t blow anybody away, but his importance at both ends of the floor never went unnoticed. If I wasn’t broke I’d proudly be rocking one of those Mitchell & Ness Anthony Mason jerseys today…

  • Ryan.T.

    Please ignore my first post @ 2:01pm, my 10 month old made me slip up as I was adding onto the 5th or 6th sentence

  • http://none Christian

    My favorite Knick of all time is Pat Riley because he bought that physical and tough defense with him when he coached the Knicks and he led the Knicks to the best regular season record in team history. As for my favorite player that would be Anthony Mason because of his awesome shave words and logo on his head, active player would be Ronnie Turiaf coz he’s crazy haha

  • http://None Scott Beaty

    Latrell “I Choke My Coach” Sprewell. New York traded some good talent to get Sprewell and if I remember correctly the fans were not too happy about getting him. They barely made playoffs and ended being the first 8 seed to ever make it to the finals. They lost in 5 games to SA, but sprewell averaged like 25 points and it was good to see someone that people wrote off play so well. He was then given a cover on SLAM… Its a shame I can’t find it anymore…

  • Kisporoly

    I’ve started following the NBA 3 or 4 years ago and the Knicks quickly became my favorite team. At that time Nate Robinson was my favorite player, because he proved that being shorter than the average basketball players doesn’t mean you can’t play the game at this level. Then, I saw another player when the Knicks were playing against Denver. He had such a smooth ball handling and a perfect jump shot. It was Carmelo Anthony. The commentators were talking about how much pain he went through when he was young. I was interested and read everything about him on the internet and soon he became my role model. Not for dealing with drugs and violence, but for his mental and physical toughness that he carried from the street to the court. At that time, I realised that with hard work and persistence, you can achieve your dreams, no matter where you’re from or who you are. Unfortunately, I’ve never had a chance to visit New York City or the United States to see my favorite team in real life but my favorite player taught me to be persistent and that’s what I do. Besides Nate and Carmelo, I like Marbury too. I even have his jersey hanging on my wall . (Even though it was really hard to get it, because I live in Hungary.) Well, as you can see these three are my favorites but Carmelo stands out from them, because he’s not only my favorite Knick, he’s my role model too. I hope I can see him live some day.

  • http://www.twitter.com/truwarier37 James

    It got’s to be H2O Allan Houston. Not only did he torch my Lakers for 53 in smooth fashion but I ran into him 2 years ago on a flight from Oakland to New York for Thanksgiving. He was the nicest person ever, really loves his family and willing to talk to fans. Plus a laced cap would go well with a Knicks shirt he signed for me on the plane.

  • http://www.twitter.com/nflem41 Nicolas Fleming

    Nicholas Tskitishvili…ohhh favorite Knick, hmmm then I’m going to have to go with Earl Monroe because Jesus was black.

  • Ty

    My favorite Knick is John Starks because of where he came from. It’s so motivational to look at a guy like that and see the success he created for himself. I also loved his passion, which was a double-edged sword for a guy like that i.e. headbutting Reggie. But Starks was pretty clutch and he’ll always be my favorite Knick.

  • http://www.laneviolation.com Charlie

    Charles Oakley. He was never the most talented player on the team, but he had the most heart. Plus, he wasn’t afraid to enforce the “no layup rule.”

  • Kim

    So hard to choose from my ‘90’s Knicks but I’m going to go with Charles Oakley. He wasn’t out highest scorer or even one of the most famous Knicks but the man epitomized the roughness I loved about the Knicks and the NBA in the 90’s before all the softie rules were imposed. His style of getting on the floor for every ball and refusing to let anyone get an easy basket by bodying-up is a style I don’t think we’ll ever see again.

  • Bilal Sultan

    In such a storied franchise, this name might not mean much in the bigger picture nor does not stand in the same league as the all time greats such as Clyde and Ewing. However, personally, my favorite Knick of all is time is none other than Latrell Sprewell. After having an unfortunate ending in Golden State he came to New York City which gave him a second chance, and he became a man on a mission. Carrying the Knicks on his back, he took Knicks fan for a historic run as they went on to become the first 8th seed team to make it the finals, even as they lost Ewing along the way. And although they lost in the finals, Sprewell’s performance in the final game was quite unforgettable. He did everything you could have asked, and more. The intensity and heart he displayed throughout the season have been sorely missed, but I am proud to say he was a Knickerbocker for a few seasons and appreciative of all the memories he gave to this city and the fans.

  • Beesh

    Keith Van Horn. No explanantion necessary.

  • anthony kondilis

    For me, it’s John Starks, because of the passion & toughness he brought every night. The greatest dunk in nba history is him over Horace Grant & MJ with his left hand. I think every kid in NY had that poster in their room in the 90′s. He wouldn’t back down from MJ or Reggie.

  • http://postingandtoasting.com Dave Fuented

    My absolute all time favorite Knick is and always will be ALLAN HOUSTON. I was born in 86 and although still young I remember Ewing, Oakley, Mason, Starks, Rivers and Harper and going to the Finals in 94 and losing to the Rockets. I know Houston (in many peoples eyes) doesnt amount to them but to me Houston was the only player i could relate to. I play basketball mainly because of him. Everything he did on the court was so smooth and fluid, i tried to emulate my game after him. I looked up to that man in every aspect. A friend of mine had an authentic Houston jersey and i begged him to sell it to me but he just gave it to me, got it dry cleaned and the place messed it up but i still wear it on game days. To this day i get ridiculed about him being my favorite player but i dont go down without a fight. My fondest moment of his play (besides the buzzer beater in 99 to beat the Heat) was when he put up 50 on Kobe in LA. Kobe had like 40 something I think but nobody was putting up points on him like that and Houston did, I still watch that on Youtube. He is the consumate professional and i consider myself grateful to watch him don a New York Knicks uniform.

  • Riggs

    I had designs for shoelace fitteds and submitted them to the new era design contest, at least another company had the same idea that i did and are actually using theirs.

  • Jason barbanel

    Larry Johnson. When he got traded to nyk was when I started loving basket ball and became a die hard Knicks fan. I knew of him in college and on the hornets and knew he was a beast. While I hated to see mason leave I knew it was for the better. He was a team guy a born leader. While he wasn’t the dunk machine he was before he did everything right. Dominat in the post. Learned to shoot the 3 and always made his team mates better. When he hit that 4 point play vs the pacers in the conf finals in 99 was the greatest thing I have ever see. I will never forget where I was, the joy I felt or how much love I had for NYC and my NEW YORK KNICKS

  • http://www.twitter.com/gerardhimself Gerard Himself

    post an update when you have laser hats.

  • J Mac

    Bernard… The King!

  • matt

    Landry Fields, because he came to the knicks as a 39th pick from Stanford(not really a basketball powerhouse) and not many ppl expected huge things from him and he become a starter and made the all rookie 1st team. he is the glue with this title seeking Knicks team. (also gotta love the Andy and Landry show!)

  • rob stewart

    Chris Childs. He stole on Kobe without flinching(so you know I dont want the Lakers hat, but if it’s free I’ll take it)

  • Jacob

    these hats look terrible- fav knick? Eddy Ben & Jerry Curry

  • O

    John Starks was my man! He gave us “the dunk,” those epic battles with Reggie Miller, and unfortunately that Game 7 performance in Houston. Then Don Nelson came and destroyed his career like he did back in Golden State. Don just didn’t like John for sh*t. John was my dude tho…

  • idrees

    Amar’e Stoudemire. He’s the new Patrick Ewing for the Knicks. He’s gonna lead the Knicks with Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups to the Finals a couple of times and win it. I think he made the right choice coming to New York, building a new dynasty and all that. Now, he’s gonna have a very successful career. He, Crmelo, and Billups are the new big 3 of next season (whenever that is).

  • bike

    Dick Barnett. Most unique jump shot in the history of the game.

  • jufu

    Clyde Frazier. He was waaaaaaaay too smooth on the court, and his defense was lockDOWN. Oh yeah, and he won a chip too. 36 points and 19 assists, geeeze easily best Knick ever.

  • Tyler Whitcomb

    My favorite Knicks moment is when they were a #8 seed and went ot the NBA finals. That team was fun to watch and Marcus Camby was amazing during that stretch. My favorite Knick eventhough I hated him when he played is PAtrick Ewing. Now that he has retired I really appreciate him as a big man.

  • SwissArmyKnife5

    I’m a Knicks fan, and my favorite Knick of alltime has to be Anthony Mason. Mase was a monster 6’7 250lbs able to handle the ball like a point guard, defend, and bang down low like a center. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought Amp Mase was born, and raised in New York. Dude was the epitome of what New York basketball is…Getting it done by any means necessary,crazy handles, and not backing down from anyone.If your a real New York Knicks fan Mase has to rank in your top 5 atleast who else was that unique? He was bigger than Oakley, and had Mark Jackson handle smh.

  • J2ice

    The epitome of hustle, the symbolism of a true fighter, Willis Reed. Watching him hobble out that tunnel, and making the first shot of the game. We can’t find that type of player in today’s game.

  • Bart

    Allan Houston. He was a great source of energy and inspiration for my growing up. He seemed like a great person off the court and was there to lead a charge when necessary. He is a smart guy and a true professional. As a kid, Allan Houston was basketball to me.

  • Ron B.

    As a Bulls fan who grew up IN New York, my favorite Knicks player has to be Charles Smith. (Before I’m accused of front-runnership, just know that my love for the Bulls was because of Jordan vs Bird…and as a young black kid, you know who I was going to pick every time. Plus the Bad Boys made me cry as a 7 year old by beating on Jordan and Pippen in 89-90 for the third time, so I earned my stripes. But anyway…)

    I just remember going to junior high school at the time, and since the Bulls had just squeaked by the Knicks the previous year, the natives were thirsty for blood. Didn’t help that we went down 0-2 to the Knicks – the next day at school, the taunts were endless. I just kept a smug smile on my face and took it all. As the following days went by and the wins kept coming for MJ and the crew, the taunters became more and more silent, MUCH to their chagrin. And then…Charles Smith’s virtuoso performance. Lovely.

    Years later I worked for a firm on Wall Street with my boy, who is also a rabid Knicks fan. We get on the elevator to go for lunch, and who is in there but Charles Smith, dressed in a business suit. I shook his hand and DIDN’T taunt, immediately followed by a glaring look at my boy like, “dude. please don’t get us fired by going in on this dude. PLEASE.” He couldn’t resist. Word got back and I swore we were done for – on the contrary, our boss was a Bulls fan and actually gave us props for the whole encounter. Good times.

    Charles Smith, I salute you, sir.

  • Mohd

    Amare Stoudemire because he brought the knicks back

  • Aamir K.

    My favorite knick of all time has to be Maurice Cheeks and most people recognize him for winning a NBA Title with my Sixers in ’83 but he was with them from 1990-91 and he inspired me with his unselfishness and defense and a lot of people think defense isn’t important and you aren’t recognized at all for it, but he was a great defender and I’m a huge fan of his play style. He was and is the point guard position to me.

  • Jt

    My favorite Knick of all-time would have to be Nate Robinson. He would always amaze me with plays like his block on Yao Ming and his dunk over Dwight in 2009 All-Star Weekend. And watching him play in the Celtics -Lakers Classic in 2010 filled me with excitement for him. He is always a team player, and he is a human high-light reel. He is one of the shortest NBA players, but he plays amazing. He doesn’t always get big minutes, but he always makes big plays.

  • don hanna

    John Starks was my first ever NBA jersey, prior to that i hadnt followed one player and call him my favorite. The year he dunked over Horace Grant Jordan and Pippen I remember being in my grandmas house in the Bahamas and getting popped for jumpin up and down in the couch with shoes on.I come from a Laker Nation and was the only person in a house that consisted of 10 aunts and uncles and many grandkids that followed the knicks and loved the gangsta type of play they were famous for. John Babyface Starks was my dude. I followed him so muh that i even developed the 3 ball as my trademark shot in the hood. My mom bought me the jersey along with an MJ and a Penny jersey but they never got any play in my closet. I even still have my john starks jersey in perfect condition so perfect that my wife still wears it (she is from brooklyn).

  • Aamir K.

    My favorite Knick of all time has got to be Maurice Cheeks. Most fans remember him as the starting PG for my Sixers in ’83 when they swept L.A. But he was rocking the blue and orange from 1990-91 and he may not have been at his best, I was inspired by his unselfishness and defense. Some may believe that defense isn’t as important as offense, and doesn’t get recognition, but he was a great defender and my favorite Knick of all time. He was and always will be the Point Guard position in my heart.

  • ShadyBrady

    Larry Johnson. 4 point play. ‘Nuff said.

  • BG23

    I would have to say Melo is my favorite NY Knick of all time. He can do everything. Rebound, score, pass, block, steal, you name it and Carmelo Anthony can do it. I’d say he’s the best all-around ever! NY is gonna be bringin home a championship in the near future if they have Carmelo :)

  • bakers’-dozen

    Charles Oakley. He embodied the toughness needed to succeed in NYC. Plus he had to be tough enough to cover the softness of Charles Smith, too.

  • playa

    Carmelo Anthony!!! I would have not responded to this contest usually just because I am not the biggest Knicks fan. I am a huge Carmelo fan, so that makes the Knicks my favorite team in the NBA. Also, I am from detroit, so Chauncy is a close second. I respect the old-timers, but its got to be Carmelo. Spike Jones comes in at 3rd.

  • Kas


  • malcolm


  • Mike

    My favorite knick is Carmelo Anthony. Melo may not have been the first in line to bring the knicks buzz back, but him and Amare can bring life back to the knicks. I have been a Melo fan since 2002-2003 so seeing him team up with Amare was a good thing to see. I know other players have bought championships or memories to NYC, but Carmelo has the chance to do both of those after bringing the knicks from the cellar. Melo is entering or in his prime so I think he will provide alot of highlights in the area I’m from. Hopefully the knicks can add another player or two to make the team championship cablier.

  • Kirk

    Favorite Knick ever? Gots to be Anthony Mason. He embodied the New York spirit of hustle, heart & toughness while always having a bold, loud style. He wasn’t all smiles and his skills were unorthodox. But he played to win. He played for New York.

  • Eric

    Jamal Crawford…. Only player that I tried to emulate. I tried to learn his behind the back hop-step move. After a year or two I finally could do it at half speed. He did this move in NBA game at full speed and made it was art on hardwood…..Again after seeing his off-the-backboard self pass dunk in a game I thought it was the sexiest move I had ever seen. I’ve probably attempted it 20 times in pick up games (layup, no dunk) and I always embarrass myself….His game was just incredibly smooth, he was humble and a clutch performer to boot. If he played on any of the more successful Knicks teams he’d be one of most celebrated Knicks of all time. And I’ll never forget the day we traded him, it was a really hard day for a lot of us.

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    Marbury, Allen Houston, Spree, Amaré, Ewing..
    All these guys come behind this one dude.
    Who I have major respect for..
    The man himself.
    Gettin papar while sitting on the bench and eating everything he sees!

  • brandon

    My favorite Knicks player has been of course Patrick Ewing. Hes plain out of the best to play. But if I had to pick a player I would like to play like it would be Starbury. He knew how to play and he was a shorter guy like most people and he is easier to relate to.
    I never really had much childhood attachment cause im now entering high school.
    I am a huge fan of the style as the stoudemire melo duo. They are exciting to watch and now i feel they will be exciting and winning playoff games.
    I dont have a Knicks jersey, mainly because of the high prices they are.
    One other thing would be that another stoudemire melo SLAM magazine cover should come out, just sayin :)

  • Josh

    My all-time favorite Knick is definitely Larry Johnson. I remember first falling in love with basketball when I was about 8 in the ’99 playoffs. That was the most exciting game I had ever seen and him hitting that three and getting the foul too was the icing on the cake. I remember that game like it was yesterday, and LJ is at the forefront of that memory.

  • Alex

    I am probably not in the minority when I say my favorite player is and has always been Patrick Ewing. I have been watching basketball literally since I was born and my earliest memories of the sport are his great touch around the basket. I used to tell everyone that I would be Patrick Ewing when I grew up, despite the fact that he was a 7 foot tall Jamaican and I was a small Jewish child. He was a symbol of hope for a fanbase that I believe truly appreciates the sport more than any other. In New York basketball is a way of life. You grow up playing streetball and whether or not you ever play in a real league the sport becomes part of you. Granted that he was never able to bring home a championship, Patrick Ewing is my idol. The image of him standing on the press table with his arms in the air will forever be engrained in my heart. Hakeem Olajuwan and Reggie Miller will always be my “bad guys”. I will always tear up when I see video of his number being retired. In my mind Ewing symbolizes basketball.

  • Matthew Manzano

    Stephon Marbury, simply because I can relate to his play style and he was around when I was starting to get big into basketball. When he went a little nuts on justin tv that was both funny and unfunny. Dude used to be a role model for the little guys playing ball.

    And his cheap-as-hell shoe was awesome!!!

  • RicardoFresh

    Fave Knick off all time?? DARKO MILICIC Baby!!!!…..can I get my free hat now???

  • JBo0M

    My favorite Knick is Melo. His game is smooth and he comes up big in the right times LeBron don’t got nothin on his jumpshot.

  • Justin

    “My favorite Knicks moment was when we beat Indiana in Game 7 to reach the NBA Finals. We worked so hard as a team to reach that moment that it was very satisfying to beat Indiana and reach the Finals.” — John Starks

  • knicksfan123

    My favorite knick has to be zach randolph. He is the definition of the Knicks. He was a beast on the Blazers and was deemed the next big thing for the blazers. But he got injured, and the Knicks thought they were lucky to pick him up. However, the honor of playing at the “Mecca of Basketball” got to him like almost 99% of any other knick in history.He ended having an ok season, but the off court problems and attitude problems were out of control, due to playing at the “Mecca of Basketball”.The knicks have to stop trying to call themselves these outrageous names and win some “titles” (get it?, aha..) before they say anything. i still love my knicks haha.I JUST WANNA WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP.

  • Ashley C.E.

    As a lady and a huge knicks fan it comes down to a three key elements- skill, patience and (not going to lie) appearance/confidence.

    David Lee embodied all three of these qualities with grace. I am proud to own his official #42 (big kids size on sale at the garden MLK day 2010 for $45!).

    How many players, let alone Knicks, can take 0.1 shot clock double overtime pressure and pull a Trent Tucker?

    How many Knicks can hustle on D (I mean seriously DEFENSE… in the recent decade?!) grab a steal and go for the jumper on offense and hustle back?

    How many Knicks go hard for the 37 point and 21 rebound game, some straight up Ewing magic? (unfortunately it probably impressed his future team a bit too much)…

    How many Knicks can pull the double double on repeat and bring the Knicks back to the All-Star game with humility?

    How many Knicks can be caught in Central Park on warm Sunday afternoons playing Frisbee and stop to sign autographs for his female admirers?

    Shoutout to D.Lee and his 3-point shots on the West Coast.

  • SeanyMac

    Renaldo Balkman, he’s all about hustle. It takes a special player to be content with sitting on the bench and average 4 points in your career in the NBA when you could go and play in europe and be the man on your team. His appearance is so unique as well it makes him stand out.

    Plus I should win for pure originality

  • BillnotWill

    Maaaaan it’s so hard to just think of one. The 90′s Knicks was my team too..To me they was one of the grimiest mobs out.. and they won games,that’s why I loved them. They were never the fastest or most talented but always played tough, in your face, defense oriented, TEAM basketball. The “no lay up” rule was in effect messin with them guys! LOL I’m sorry but I don’t have no favorite. To me, Starks was the man, gotta have love for posterboy LJ, Allan Houston came woth it every night, and the big boys on the block excluding Ewing, Oakley and Mason always got the JOB DONE!!!!

  • Mario

    My favorite new york knick of all time is allan houston. he was one of the first guys i knew about when i first started following bball for real. i also liked ewing and sprewell but ah20 was a great shooter which is something i can sort of relate to but not as good as the allan houston himself lol . But anyways ive always like guards the best so i guess thats why i liked him best idk

  • jack

    yo my favorite knicks moment………is when they added CARMELO ANTHONY!!!!!!!! Lets get that 2012 nba title melo!

  • BigBlue

    Easily Bill Bradley… was a knick his entire career and was there for New Yorks first ever nba championship. plus he was always using his fame from the court to explore social as well as political issues. he may have not been the most talented or flashy knick to ever play, but he was always looking to help others through the oppurtunitys that were given to him.

  • Diego

    Carmelo, because he makes the Knicks cool and relevant again after a very long time. And this hat would match my Melo M7′s:



    I’m gonna pick my dude from my hometown PETE MICKEAL..although he never played in an actual game, he sat the bench and was a NEW YORK KNICK…haters go ahead and hate…Pete was a winner…

  • cal

    Nate The Great Robinson, sure he only played there for a while but he kept the best franchise in the world enjoyable even with the dramas with players like eddy curry anbd mike dantoni thinking he could bench players for dum reasons. Nate is a NY legend never again will the have such a freaky 5 foot beast that could drop 40 after being benched for 3 weeks!

  • JD

    Gotta be Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, the ” Black Jesus” had it all, the J, the spin move, passing even before he came to the Knicks he was one of my favourite players with the Bullets.

  • Remo Williams

    PAAAAAAATRICK CHEEEEEEEEEWING!! Dude embodied Knick basketball for over a decade. He was all game all day. He was a model of consistency and dedication. The Knicks owe it to him to give him a shot as a head coach.

  • Miguel

    to me the best Nicks player of all time is Nate Robinson. I love Nate because despite his size he is a small man playing a giants game and he does it with great skill. Any one who is short that we short people always have to work harder to get recognized on the court and Nate has done this by increasing his vertical to an amazing 43.5 inches. I try To imitate him each time on the court but it is not his skill that matters the most but its the hard work that he put in as a small guy to make it into the NBA. How else can a 5 foot nine inch man fly 43.5 inches of the ground. the answer to this is tireless hours of jump training and working on his game. this is why Nate Robinson is my favourite player.

  • AussieHB

    Alan Houston #20… Bought the jersey when he was king of New York and still rock it today! I gotta lotta respect for the dude… he got it done on the court and now puttin in work in the front office. Your my boy Alan!

  • Matt

    Definitely Allan Houston. Over the years I grew to love him as a player and what he contributed on the court, but my first Knick memory ever was when my father took me to MSG for the first time. The Knicks were playing the Hawks and all I can remember is Allan Houston hitting a game winning 3. He’s the reason I’m a Knicks fan today.

  • http://tempdog1 stephen

    Lebron James… its still going to happen one day, right???

  • sixftshaq

    My favorite Knick of all time would be Stoudemire. Even tough he has only played for one season with the Knicks, he made me and several others excited about the organisation. This excitement has been dead for several years and I believe that Amar’e revived it.

  • Ramzi

    Favourite Knick Larry grandmama Johnson, heart of a lion best team player ever, I will never forget his fourpoint play against the Pacers. In the end he couldn’t even get an inch of the floor anymore, walked around like he really was my grandmama but still was delivering for the Knicks. I can only hope that I can play with him in nba 2k12!!!

  • Karim

    I Got My Hair Cut Correct Like Anthony Mason!!!

  • torrence


  • price

    my favorite knick of all time is the X-man Xavier McDaniel. I know he only played one season with them but he was ill, just like the hat. I think that was his last season of his career where he was revelant in basketball even though he played with Boston and the Nets later in his career I always remember his short stint with the knicks. My second favorite gotta be Spree, then Oak and of course Ewing, then Mark Jackson, Clyde, Derek Harper, LJ too many players so much legacy not enough rings.

  • tim

    John Stars, because of that sick dunk!

  • tim


  • Scott

    Mark Jackson – watching a slow point guard take over games with his astonishing passing game and beautiful teardrop floater fascinated me. Mama, there goes that man!

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    Fav quote in Knick history
    “Make it happen Walsch!”
    Shoutout to RunNGun

  • AD

    my favorite knick was allan housto … bcuz of i jumpshot… Patrick was a bumbb

  • James McKinney

    Patrick Ewing.he neva had another go 2 guy that was a superstar,if he did,NY would have a few championship banners in the rafters.

  • Enrique de Anda

    Without a doubt…Bernard King. Dude was sick. He could handle the rock, had good size, shot lights out and was a pretty good athlete. Injuries totally robbed him of stardom which I belive he was on the cusp of. Think Joe Johnson…but much better. The funny thing is, I’m a Bulls fan but I remember rooting for the Knicks during the pre-Riley era. BK was the guy that I really loved as a player.

  • Alex

    as an aussie knicks never really get too much love out here, but i loved nate robinson, lil man big hops, had swag and didnt care who was in front of him coz he he was gonna put em on a poster

  • http://bulls.com airs

    matic took my answer, but its worth repeating.
    every knick that fell to the bulls in the playoffs, especially when they got yammed on

  • Vince

    The coolest and the dopest player from the new york knicks “must be” GrandMa ma. You picked him up for your first classic issue and I’m picking him up for this classic contest. I mean the guy had it all!
    Larry Johnson aka LJ aka Long range shooter aka I’ll JAM “In your face”.

  • Steph

    Amare Stoudemire….He is so dominant down low. He also has the soft touch to sink a mid-range jumper. All game long, he pumps up his team and the crowd.

  • http://miamidolphins.com walton sucks

    that Lake Show hat is dope

  • celtics 18

    my favourite knick of all time is….. spike lee. i grew up watching him provide more energy and effort courtside then the knick duds like bill walker and renaldo balkman. in my opinion he is gonna win the sixth man of the year award, especially if deres a lockout he’ll play as much ball as d rest of d gang

  • Jay

    Allan Houston is one of the greatest Knickerbocker players of all time, in my opinion, as I’ve grown up watching basketball of the late 90s, he is also a player I model my playing style after. He was an amazing shooter and scorer. Some say he was overpaid, which wasn’t EXACTLY his fault, but resulted in the Allan Houston Rule … shows just exactly his impact on the NBA. His importance as a player and great personality is shown in his loyalty to the organization, as they returned the favor, as he was always rumored to be the predecessor to running the Knicks organization.

  • Jose

    I grew up a Knicks fan, and living in Boston if youre a new york fan is not easy….. but my favorite player from the knicks def is Houston, the man was clutch in the playoff especially vs the heat. I remember wathing those game and hoping the series never came to an end!!! he will be know as one of the grear Knicks

  • Peat

    Black Jesus..

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    Chris Childs… this is why…


    Also, Larry Johnson because his shoes were the first basketball shoes I ever got.

  • Big M.D.W

    Man (Glenn)Doc Rivers is the beast dude was the best i remember in one game when he faced THE GREAT MICHEAL JORDAN and he need him in the stomach!!! U gotta be pretty good to get away with that. Dude could do anything he could drive shoot steal he could do anything i mean thats pretty good for a 2nd draft pick right. I make him look like a bad guy but really hes just aggresive, imean MJ wasq blokin him from the rim so he went up with his knee out which is basic bball. In 2000 he got the coach of tha year award and in 2008 he lead the Celtics (GO CELTICS!!!!!) to a championship that we honestly needed. His son Austin is also another huge acomplishment. kid can do anything if doc keeps coaching him he can be better than doc and mabey the next big thing.


    Carmelo Anthony has always been a inspiration for me. I loved him in Denver but i’m phsyced that he’s in my state. The day his jearsy came out at Foot locker I got it. I watched every NYK game when he came.I think if CP3 comes to NY,we will be unstopable. I love NY and I love ‘Melo!

  • Julio D. Rodriguez

    My favorite player of the New York Knicks was Latrell Sprewell. He was aggressive and played defense. I’ve been a Knick fan since I was 5 so i witnessed Sprewell help take the Knicks to the Finals as an 8th seed. It’s safe to say my childhood attachment is to him. I actually do not wear my favorite jersey. I have a signed Amar’e Stoudemire jersey framed in my room. I unfortunately lost my 3 Sprewell and 2 Houston jerseys in a flood.

  • http://Slamonline.com Bradley Williams

    My all-time favorite Knick is would be John Starks. He was captain of the Knicks team in the 90′s an was running the show. Everyone most memorable was him dunking on the Bulls (including Jordan).Watching him play inspired me to become a basketball an become a student of the game.The person’a style I most liked besides Starks woudl be Allan Houston, he shot the ball effortless an with so much ease, every time he shot the it looked like it was going in. The Knicks jersey I have is Latrell Sprewell but its too small so it just sits in my closet.

  • GK

    Larry Johnson. My first memory of the NBA is watching him make that four point play. At the time I didn’t even realize what was going on, but the way the crowd EXPLODED unlike any other made me a Knick fan, and most importantly,a basketball fan for life.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    A few favourites: Chris Childs, I-gotta-feed-my-family-Sprewell, H20… but I’m going to have to say Pat Ewing because he was just SO disrespected, underrated, scapegoated, it’s not even funny. Even after his playing days, the ridicule and disrespect never stopped. Was he one finger-roll away from this career trajectory? Who knows, but I feel for the big fella.

  • David Bratton

    (Con. of off David) Also forgot to mention that Ewing, just as much as Jordan, put da team on da back doe!! lol

  • http://www.yomamajokes.com LilKDub503

    Gotta be Clyde. I’m only 17, but I watch a lot of MSG, and it wasn’t just that he was one of the best point gods in history. His sense of style off the court transcended how basketball players were seen and their fashion sense as a whole. Also, I love how he uses words like “inauspicious” to describe a play or a set. He was so original in every way.

  • waell

    patrick ewing cuz i just do :P

  • Aaron Riseberry

    Bing, Bing, Bing…Baseline fadeaway like Bernard King!

  • manny

    Starbury, too much swag on him. dropping cross overs killing cats. hitting threes, he was the man and still is. well actually now hes got issues but he USED to be Raw all time fave.

  • Jasfdjbasidf

    Stephon Marbury, one because I met him and two he had some dope shoes.

  • TayNisey#25

    John Starks!!! When everyone was all up on jordan, i was on starks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i rocked that jersey!<3

  • Anthony D.

    Anthony Mason…number 14 represented everything those mid 90s knicks teams were…he rebounded, passed pretty well and had great handle for a forward, and come on…you gotta love the artistic hair cuts. Definitely have missed his swagger on all the knicks teams since.

  • http://postingandtoasting.com Ted

    Anthony Mason was my favorite player, dude had shoulders that would struggle to fit thru a door and his literary haircuts were legendary. Toughest looking guy in NBA history and he had point guard handles on top of it. Remember when he got suspended and showed up in the rafters of MSG in sunglasses???? He did it way before Bobby Valentines punk ass tried to pull the stunt. Embodied what Knicks basketball was/should be all about. Starks is a real real close second and Childs snuffed Kobe on NBC, but gotta give my credit to the MaseMan. Got a size 40 #14 jersey in my closet from back in the day! Now gimme the lid pleaseeeeee!!!

  • Rob

    My favorite Knick of all time would have to be Jamal Crawford because he’s fun to watch. I love everything about the way he plays the game, he has a killer crossover, the ability to score 50 points in a game, the ability to
    get fouled behind the 3 point line for a 4 point play. He’s just amazing.

  • TMT

    Eddy curry for the simple fact that he barley played and was never cut… That’s a business man!

  • Brandon

    My favourite knick was Patrick Ewing. He was a dominant big man, but I loved it when players like MJ, Nique, Pippen & Drexler dunked him. Ewing had one of the sweetest shots in the game & his battles with the Bulls & Pacers was real basketball. Wasn’t a knick fan, but I did respect Patrick Ewing. Shout out to John Starks, he played the game with so much intensity but he also let everyone get in his head. Todays soft NBA needs Oakly & Mason!!

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    I’ve always wondered what would happen if my shoe and hat mated.. Being a Blazer fan, my favorite Knick of all time was/is Rod Strickland…

  • Allen

    Hi,I’m from China, in our country, Knicks’ favorite basketball player pronounced “Sell Bar Wong”, he’s very strong, tall and active like our robot friend, he joined NBA with our Chinese hero Yao in the same year, can you spell his name now? Amare “Optimus” Stoudemire!

  • hillbilly

    More updated on the hip-hop lingo. My favorite New York Knick was Hawthorne Wingo.

  • Joe

    john starks. he squared up with mj and reggie like it was nothing. and he was a tough SOB. who else wouldve had the ball to headbutt reggie miller! Beside that he had some dope numbers. Ex] 12.6 ppg. 3.6 apg 1.1 spg. not the greatest but add that to the fact of his leadership is incredible. thats wat makes him my favorite knick.

  • Ben

    The Beast from the East Patrick Ewing. New Yorker and Knick fan my whole life, Ewing is my absolute favorite player to ever wear orange and blue. I was a kid in the 90s and going to Knick games was my favorite, second only to watching Ewing dominate under the basket. I looked up to 2 players, MJ and Patrick Ewing. To me, Ewing represents an era in NYK basketball that has been lost in recent years (Thanks, Isiah). Powerful force on both ends of the court, Ewing was the centerpiece to the most unstoppable defense in the league in the 90s. Team leader and a tremendous competitor Patrick Ewing is easily New York’s best big man. I still get teary eyed when I think of the 1994 season, and how much we, especially Pat and Starks, deserved that trophy over Houston after having to make it through one of the most intense playoff battles ever against the Bulls. I watched on TV as Ewing executed one of the most horrifying, nightmarish dunks in NBA history, a slam right over Alonzo Mourning in Game 7 of the 2000 ECF, his last season with the Knicks. I was at Ewing’s final game in the Garden when he played with an Orlando jersey on and wore my #33 jersey for a whole week. I still love the Knicks and I always will, but when Patrick Ewing was traded to the Sonics, NYK lost a lot of its soul. #33 all day.

  • Bronkz

    My favorite Knick of all time is without a doubt Rod Strickland. One of the coldest PGs to ever touch a rock. I grew up in the same Mitchell Housing projects that he did. So as a BX native,to me, this cat represented what NYC ball was all about. Never mind the Stu Jackson towel kicking days, never mind the DUIs, and attitude problems that may have arisen. The man was an all star on the court guaranteed to do something that was going to destroy the other team’s confidence.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/the-magazine/contests/2011/07/giveaway-lacer-fitted-hats/ rnibbs20

    my favorite knickerbocker of all time would have latrell sprewell.the dude was nice on the court especially game 5 of the 99 finals when spree dropped 35 points, not to mention that he was the first player to shoot perfect from the 3 when he went 9 for 9. I think he’s my favorite knick player because my playing style resembles his: agressive, has that killer instinct, and will rise to the occasion when called upon.

  • Blizzardman

    BILL BRADLEY! aka “the white ‘O’” aka the most skilled player to come out of the Ivy League. He was before my time, but I’ve read about him and all his accomplishments in school. All roads!!!

  • ReKeHavOc13

    December 25th 1984 60 points nuff said…
    Bernard King!!

  • Wesjet

    Eddy Curry…just kidding

  • Chris

    My man Starbury! He’s just one of my favourite players of all time. Although his time at the Knicks was not the best, i still remember when he got traded to his hometown Knicks midway through the season in i think 03-04 and he came out hard averaging about 20ppg and 9.5apg for the last 50 games. He was killin! Thought it was a sign of even better things to come, unfortunately not. But, having the Coney Island kid back in in NYC was a great moment!

  • chris berger

    my favorite knick of all time is willis reed. Im not (or will ever be) a knick fan but willis is their best player ever. I never got to see him play. But I have seen highlights of him and he was always the most hardworking and bravest guy out there.

  • Richard
  • Mike

    My fav Knick is Phil Jackson!! He was a lanky, almost comical looking cat but there was nothing funny about his style of play. His ‘go-getter’ attitude then transferred to his coaching style as he made the triangle offense the greatest weapon in hoops history and lead the Bulls and Lakers to consecutive titles.

  • http://jeffkillacross.blogspot.com Jefferson Mariano

    I from Brazil, here we don’t know much about old player from nba, But with my 16 years old I saw the first DvD ankle breakers from nba street series,
    And mannnnnn Earl Monroe, was nasty with crazy spins and crazy layups.
    Knick have many great players JOhn Starks, Patrick, Anthony Mason and many others.
    But for me Earl Monroe was the man!
    The master of the spin!

  • s.bucketz

    John Starks…i still wear #3 to this day any chance i get in his honor..his drive and determination are what made me the basketball player i am today…from the stories of him bagging groceries b4 goin to the cba and workin all the way up jus to get knocked on his ass by patrick ewing so that he could make the team thru a loophole sort of exemplifies his whole career and the passion he had for hoops..had to get knocked down a few times to make it to the top..i pride my game on defense and hustle because i dont have the same natural gifts that others have and I owe a lot of what makes me a good player to watchin the 90s knicks but more specifically john starks

  • http://www.ownworlds.com Noah Ganeles

    My favorite Knick of all time also happens to be the greatest.

    Number Three. What John Starks was to the Knicks transcends single moments like a dunk on MJ, or a head butt on Reggie, or a cold game 7. And it’s bigger than another rags to riches, undrafted to NBA story.

    The same way that the number 3 embodied his game, John Starks defined what a New York Knick is. He was the center. There is a generation of people alive right now that love basketball because of the Knicks of the 90′s. They subconsciously rise and fall along with the Knicks; they would recognize Landry Fields if they saw him on the street. They refer to the Knicks as ‘us’ and call us out when necessary because they are attached. Starks battled anybody for us, on every night, every year, and so we do the same.

    He was why we had rivalries. John Starks was why kids could walk among the sea of Bulls jerseys that infiltrated every high school. When John Starks released a 3 pointer an entire people would salivate simultaneously. The Knicks of the last decade have lacked the things that this definition is all about. It’s beyond toughness and team play. It’s that if you were not leading by more than 10 points going into the 4th quarter, you stood no chance of winning at Madison Square Garden. John Starks was the heart of all that.

    And don’t forget that NBA All Defensive team in ’92…

  • Mike

    Fave Knick right now has got to be Amar’e Stoudemire. He just brings it everyday, and has great intensity. He’s got a great all around game. He can dominate in the paint and can hit that mid-range jumper. He wants to win every single game. I love rockin’ his jersey wherever I go. He’s a great captain and hopefully he’ll bring one home to NY while he’s a Knick.

  • Frank Stampfl

    I’m only 19 years old so I grew up watching the Knicks in the late 90′s and my favorite knick to watch was Allan Houston. He was a great player and teammate and came through in the clutch. I still own his jersey and find myself wearing it from time to time. Let’s go Knicks!

  • Tanner

    As crazy as it sounds…John Starks is my favorite all-time Knickerbocker. I hated the Knicks….and I mean HATED the KNICKS due to the fact that I was a Jordan and Bulls fan growing up. Starks earned my respect though and become a guy I could root for as long as they weren’t playing the Bulls. I love a guy that can hit the long ball and still be tough enough to get in the face of any man he is guarding and just shut him down! John wasn’t afraid of Mike or the Bulls and that is why he is my man on the Knicks. Looking out for that #3 jersey SPIKE!

  • Sage L.

    I’m only 14 years old, but from everything Ive watched and re-searched about the NY KNICKS, my all time favorite HAS to be Dave DeBusschere. Lemme tell you why, In basketball everyone always makes a big deal about offensive plays. There is very few people who ask about defensive numbers. Defense is just about WANT and Desire! Thats what Dave had, and he also had an amazing work ethic that I strive to achieve every day of my life. Dave’s want, desire, and work ethic got him 2 NBA Championships, a 5 time NBA all-star, and a 6 time NBA all-team selection, and a 1 time All-NBA selection. This dude was a coaches dream, and why not have him to be one of my all time favorites. Thanks SLAM! Always my favorite magazine! P.S- You can always catch me rockin’ my DeBusschere jersey!

  • Jordan Valdés

    My favorite Knick of all time is Jamal Crawford. He comes up big in the clutch all the time. I do have his jersey.

  • Paul Provencher

    John Starks. This guy has to be an inspiration to everybody out there failing to believe in their dreams. Even though he wasn’t drafted, and released after only one year with the Warriors, the Knicks signed him. While playing in New York, he made All-Defensive second team in ’92-’93, played in the ’94 All-Star game and was named 6th man of the year in ’96-’97. Great player.

  • Glenn L.

    It’s gotta be Allan Houston, owner of one of the sweetest shots EVER. Next to Ray Allen, his shot has to be the smoothest of any shooter above 6’4. Who could forget that shot versus the Heat in the playoffs? Willis Reed limping back on the court was huge, but I mostly remember him from being a NJ Net coach. Allan Houston all the way!


    Gotta b Starbury. He just looked so cool on the court and in the Pages of SLAM

  • K-fizzle

    Can I say Spike Lee? Haha. Favorite Knick has gotta be patrick Ewing, this guy should have a ring. His game was outstanding and I love this guy. Seeing him play was the best day. He could score easily and he was an all around great center. He had everything you would want in a player.

  • Jake Munckton

    My favourite would have to be Walt “Clyde” Frazier. He was such a unique player and mainly because this is in the theme of winning a hat, he bought hats like they were groceries. He had a really good beard also.

  • Geek

    Reggie Miller……..duh!