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Contest: Aphillyated Apparel

Here’s your chance to win some dope t-shirts.

by Tzvi Twersky | @ttwersky

Feeling the t-shirt designs above? Well here’s your chance to win one of ‘em.

We’re teaming up with Aphillyated Apparel, a burgeoning Philadelphia-themed company, to giveaway one of their t-shirts to three different people.

Below is what you have to do for your chance to win:

In less than 100 words, leave a comment telling us who you’re favorite basketball player ever from Philadelphia is and why he/she is your favorite. (Note: Allen Iverson is NOT from Philly.) The player can be an NBAer, WNBAer, D-Leaguer, streetballer or any-leaguer. As long as you only enter one comment and it’s less than 100 words, we will take it under consideration.

The contest will run until Monday morning. The three winners will be contact early next week via email, so please provide your real address when leaving your comment.

Even if you’re not one of the three lucky winners, you’re still not a loser. Aphillyated is offering 15 percent off all of their apparel to readers of SLAMonline. All you have to do is enter the promotional code “SLAM” when shopping on their site. Additionally, if you Like their Facebook page and let them know SLAMonline sent you there, you will be entered in their daily free t-shirt drawing.

For more about Aphillyated (a year-old company that’s already seen Meek Mill, Jimmy Rollins and others become hip to it) check out their Facebook page, site and Twitter.

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  • Andy

    Got to be Wilt. Arguably the most dominating big man to ever play the game, and without question the best ladies man off the court.

  • rob stewart

    Earl The Pearl Monroe. This guy basically invented the spin move. he had so many nicknames because he had so many different ways to shake his defender. “Thomas Edison”, “Pearl”, “Black Jesus” and other names are just of few of what the Philly streetball crowd referred to him as. He played back in the day when gold ropes with Jesus pieces were around players necks. Often he moved so fast that it seemed amazing that he didn’t shake Jesus right off of the necklace. His jersey hangs high in NY but his fame was created on the courts of Philly

  • Larry Grief

    My favorite player from Philadelphia is Wilt Chamberlain. He’s one of the most dominant forces the NBA has ever seen. Wilt is fourth all time in scoring, a hall of famer, multiple time champion, and once scored 100 points in a single game. He once averaged 50 points per game for a whole season. The greatest scorer of all time, and he was not too bad with the ladies. It needs to be Wilt.

  • http://designislife.de jim knopf

    Gotta say the black mamba! In my opinion Kobe is the best player in the game right now. Yes, he always had a strong supporting cast around him and Phil Jackson being his coach truly helped him out – but you don´t get where he´s at without dedication and hard work. Just look at his achievements…

    Now hook me up woth a Shirt pls. Your boy from germany!

  • answerbulls

    Wilt Chamberlain no doubt about it. He changed the game of basketball.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/the-magazine/contests/2011/08/contest-aphillyated-apparel/#7 Naman

    Kobe Bryant. He has easily helped carry the NBA during this past decade. He is considered to be the greatest thing since Jordan. Though, you can’t compare him to Jordan, you have to realize his impact on the game. When he first came out of high school to the NBA, he was a tremendous dunker, and has evolved his game, and is considered to be one of the best players in the league today and of all time. Kobe continues his legacy, even as he gets older and will continue to get respect, and he will be looked on as one of the best players of his generation in the future.

  • idrees

    Mine is Kobe Bryant. I don’t consider him the best player, but I consider him the best of the ’00s decade. Shaq may have won the finals MVPs but he could never have done it without kobe. he never won with penny, once with Wade, but never with lebron. Kobe is the great one, and will be for more years to come.

  • Jeff Agmata

    …it is Wilt Chamberlain….most Points (100) and most rebounds (55) in a NBA game…need I say more. Will never be broken….best big man in NBA history with all around game…and let’s not forget his 50.4 ppg average in 1962…that’s Krazy stuff right there!!!

  • OmegaShogun

    My favorite player from the Philly area has to be Kobe Bean Bryant. He is one the best players in the world and he has developed his game tremendously. I admire him because of the diligence that he uses to become better. He has all the accolades (save a college championship). He went from neophyte to a definite 1st ballot Hall of Famer. (Furthermore we share the same birthday, August 23rd. He’s five years older than me.)

  • Toby

    My favorite player from Philly has to be Rasheed Wallace.I say this because he brought the grittyness from the streets into his game.He never was afraid to speak his mind.He also helped the Pistons to NBA championship against the heavily favored Lakers. The last reason he is my favorite player is because he has the same birthday as I.

  • Tim Sayaseng

    Aaron Owens aka AO. He is easily the best product out of philly that never made it to the pros. Watching him growing up from watching all the And1 mixtapes, he shut it down no matter what building, town, city or state he was hooping in. I remember this cat being a skinny 6’3” and holding his own against the best across the country. The man was a streetball legend and professional in his own right, a very legit distributer as well as an efficient ball handler that could and would break down your defender and get buckets at will.

  • Ozair Abbasi

    Rasheed Wallace… He embodies everything that Philly is, that rough, tough, i-dont-give-a-f@#% attitude! The way he talks, the way he walks, the way he balls… everytime I see Sheed, I can’t help but think Philly!

  • RunNGun

    Wilt Chamberlain: He was one of the most influential players at the time and didn’t get any respect because of his uniqueness; at the time he was the tallest player in the game. He holds several NBA records, had rules changed in the NBA because of his height and abilities, and the only NBA player to have gone toe-to-toe with Arnold Schwarzenegger while wielding a mace on the silver screen.

  • Charles

    Aaron McKie. Loves the way he played with Philly. Played tough on both ends of the floor, and a great overall leader! Just another blue collar player from Philly.

  • SikhWitIt

    Mine has to be Aaron Owens, known popularly as “AO.” The man has been playing ball his whole life and is still playing with energy that only one with true passion can sustain. He’s played on the North Philly blacktop, the CBA, the NBDL, Israel, and on the AND1 Tour, not to mention a bunch of NBA tryouts. Not all glamorous, but he keeps on playing with a drive that only a place like North Philly could’ve produced.

  • Earl Hazel

    Dawn Staley– her resume speaks for itself… @ Dobbins National HS Player of the Year, NCAA tournament 4 years @ UVA including 3 Final Fours, National player of the year in 91 & 92, 6 x WNBA AllStar, 3 time Olympian including carrying the flag in 04 @ opening ceremonies, came back to coach @ Temple compiling the best overall record of 172-80, along with 6 NCAA appearances and 4 Atlantic 10 titles. She represented Philly around the world while remaining true to her roots. If Dawn was a dude, she’d already have a statue in her honor – respect due!

  • Kilo

    My favorite palyer from Philly is Jameer Nelson. He diaplxe that toughness, ann ablity to make the most of what he’s got and overcome haters and the odds. Plus, Jameer was a guy who did all of his devolping in his hometown and I can respect that.

  • Tower Li

    Come on. Wilt Chamberlain. He dominated the game in his day EASILY. When you get 100 points in a game, and 50+ rebounds in another, you know you are great. When you average 50+ points for a couple of seasons, you know you are great. Wilt Chamberlain. Period.

  • Kenny

    My favorite player from Philly is definitely Dre Baldwin. He works hard everyday just so he can make it to the NBA. At the age of 30, he is still trying to make it to the league. He motivates other people and leads by example for youth on YouTube. Dre is the definition of hard work and making your dreams into reality.

  • Krystian

    My favorite player from Philly is Dre Baldwin, he is the best basketball player on YouTube, his hard work motivates me to improve my skills. I hope he can make it to the NBA, because his determination and hard work are amazing !

  • luc

    My favorite player born in Philly is Dre Baldwin.He doesn’t play in the NBA yet but he is definitely good enough. I have watched all his videos and he has showed me how to work on my game. He motivates me to practice everyday. He is a pretty cool guy who is dedicated to basketball.

  • Michael

    Got to be the Pearl, mostly because of He Got Game. When I saw that movie, it changed my basketball life and really made me go back and look at the greats that had come before my lifetime and appreciate them more. Because of Spike Lee, I learned about Earl Monroe, and that led me to a lifetime of loving basketball players past, present and future. Big ups to Black Jesus.

  • Simen Arne Kirkhorn

    I think the best basketball player from Philly, is Kobe Bryant.He is working every day as hard as he can, and seeking perfection while doing it. To me, Kobe bryant is the definition of hard work.He`ve got a trumendous mental work ethic, constantly focusing on becoming the best basketball player in the world. He have so many inspiring moves as an induvidual player, but he is also the greatest on court leader to me, in my eyes. Kobe Bryant is a true model to anyone young or old, weak or strong, tall or small, proving that dreams can be accomplished.

  • JaySugar

    Played just over 11 seasons. Second round draft pick. Heart illness. One and only, Cuttino “Cat” Mobley; the real deal who deserves my standing O. A reliable scoring option, running with the good days of Stevie Franchise. Don’t call him “Cat”, call him the “The Tough One”.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    My favorite player from Philly is Rip Hamilton. One of the most consistent and all-around shooting guards of the past decade, Rip is the picture of success. He has won at the highest levels, with an NCAA championship, an NBA championship in his resume. His career numbers are impressively level all-around, with 17.7 PGG, 3.5 APG and 3.2 RPG, to go along with a .450 FG%, paired with a .347 3PT% and a cool .853 FT%. He plays with personality that viewers can see, whether we are watching his ever-present mask or his oft-imitated free throw routine. Rip is a consummate professional.

  • A.J.

    My favorite player from Philadelphia is Joe ‘Jelly Bean’ Bryant, the father of Kobe. I think he was a phenomenal player who played HS at John Bartram, played college at LaSalle, and was a first round pick. He then went on to have a respectable NBA career, averaging 15 ppg, and has a son who is one of the best NBA players currently. He also coaches basketball in the WNBA, and is just a great guy.

  • Tyler Whitcomb

    Sam Bowie. At Lebanon High School, he averaged 28.6 in his senior year to help the “Cedars” advance to the 1978-79State Championship game which they lost to Schenley in the Hersheypark Arena. Bowie was an All-American at Kentucky, where his No. 31 uniform is retired, and was inducted into the school’s athletic Hall of Fame. He played 11 years in the NBA. Then there is the legacy by which his life has been defined: Sam Bowie, the man the Blazers chose instead of Michael Jordan. Bowie missed nearly two full seasons and parts of others due to leg injuries that required five surgeries before he was through.

  • AS

    My favorite player from the Philly area has honestly got to be Dre Baldwin. There are many great players from there but Dre’s affected me personally. This guy dedicates himself, and leads by example. He doesn’t try to hype himself up saying he’s something he isn’t, he loves the game, he inspires many other people around the world not only to play better ball but to make their dreams reality. Gotta work at it. He has a great all around game and has competed at high levels across the world and held his own. In my opinion, he’s the best outa Philly.

  • AMPduppp

    My favorite player from Philly has gotta be Hakim Warrick. Not the exceedingly average pro Hakim, the wheelin-n-dealin Syracuse forward. I grew up loving Syracuse hoops and he was one of the greatest to ever play for the Orange. Those feet were somethin special; he had some of the best footwork I had ever seen, dancing around opponents for his trademark tomahawk slams. I’ll never forget his game saving block against Kansas in the title game; dude came out of nowhere and swatted it with those Gogo Gadget arms! Hakim Warrick was somethin special back then…

  • Lennard

    My favorite player from philly is Dre Baldwin. Eventhough he doens’t play in the NBA, he is really good and smart and thats what makes him special. He can capture his thoughts in words so everybody understands how a guy like him became good and maintains on that level. He releases multiple vidoes a day to help other people.
    That very altruistical and special to me and many others. <3 Dre <3

  • matt

    gotta be wilt. Being 15 i obviously never saw him play live but Ive seen so many highlight tapes and heard so many stories about him that he has to be my fav. In high school he cause MOP Bert Born to quit basketball!! 100 point game and a 50 ppg season. He even claims to been with 20 000 women! Whats not to like about this guy!

  • matt

    Gotta be Wilt! being 15 i deff never saw him play, but ive seen so many tapes and highlights he’s gotta be my fav. I hav heard soo many stores about the big dipper that i hav to love him. !00 point game and 50 ppg season common! He got MOP Bert Born to Not play NBA ball! Also the 20 000 wemen claim. Hes a hero to anyone who loves basketball.

  • Mike

    My favorite player from Philly is Rasheed Wallace. I never saw Wilt play and Rosco seems to be like me. Misunderstood by some people, hated on by others, yet with the ability to produce. Forget the Blazer years just think of what could have been in Washington if Chris Webber and ‘Sheed stayed with the Bullets. Then the years in Detroit later on. 2004 was crazy. That defense holding teams to 1950s scores then beating a star studded team in the finals. The champ is here.

  • Jesse

    My favorite player from my hometown of Philadelphia is Eddie Griffin. Sadly his life was tragically cut short and his NBA career is remembered by most as one of wasted talent. However, I’ll always remember the joy of watching him dunk like a man amongst boys while I sat in a crowded HS gymnasium sporting a Stone Cold rip-off shirt with Griffin 3:16 on the front and “You Just Got Dunked On” on the back. Seeing him lead our alma mater Roman Catholic over Dajuan Wagner’s Camden team is a moment me and other Philadelphians will forever cherish.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    This question thoroughly confused me at first — because when I think of Philly basketball, I think of Allen Iverson…how can you not? And the guy he battled with for so many years — for scoring titles, recognition as the game’s best, and ultimately for a ring — reaching its climax in ’01, was Kobe Bryant. And boy, did I hate Bean. I gritted my teeth through his 40+ streak, the 62 thru 3, and of course the 81 against our lone Canadian big league team. It was annoying and frustrating until it wasn’t. Dude is one of the greatest.

  • Aaron

    My favorite player from Philadelphia is Richard Hamilton. I appreciate Richard Hamilton because he is an excellent shooting guard, who has been a winner at both the collegiate and NBA level. He is fun to watch and a great example to learn from, especially moving without the ball. However, what I appreciate even more about Rip is his dedication to the place where he grew up. He constantly gives back, and always represents for his community. Finally, he has the kind of drive and work ethic that makes a Philly sports fan proud.

  • Soondooboo

    Mark Jackson is my favorite player from Philly because he was a true point guard. The way he saw the floor was unlike anyone before or after him. He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame for his passing ability alone. But, he was also a very capable scorer and an adept defender. He defines what Philly is truly about.

  • Soondooboo

    Oh shoot forget that…
    Please delete my comment… -___-

  • pooh

    dre balwin became he get on his and help kid ans even adult how to play the game he is very nice any thing you want to ask him he will answer he has help me out on my game alot dre and my coach have taught me every thing i no that whhy he is the best player from philly :)

  • Joe Snaps

    Dre Baldwin needs to stop posting because he’s not good.

    Rip Hamilton (Coatesville), Kobe (Lower Merion), and Jameer (Chester) aren’t from Philly. Sam Bowie isn’t even close.

    My Favorite player is “Sad Eyes” Watson…Master of the fadeaway.

  • Melanie D

    Wilt Chamberlain… the second highest scoring average in NBA history at 30.07, and the highest rebounding average of all-time at 22.9.NBA records for most points in a game with 100, and most rebounds in a game with 55. Plus the fact that you don’t even have to be a B Ball fan to know who he is!

  • tjm

    my fav player frm philly is dre baldwin. he is a professional basketball player working hard to get into nba even at age 30. despite many failures, he is still undaunted and continues to work hard hoping that one day he can play in the nba. besides working hard, he motivates others to work hard as well through videos uploaded on the internet. he has been my internet basketball coach as he shows me how to use numerous moves against defenders and taught me lots of stuffs through his games videos. he has even gone to an extent in making a chatroom for his website members so that we can communicate and gets advice from his experience.

  • http://www.twitter.com/nflem41 Nicolas Fleming

    I don’t care if AI isn’t from Philly. He is Philadelphia’s own. He embodied the attitude of Philly and in a bunch of give me liberty or give give me death moves, Iverson proved to be a revolutionary. He’s brash, opinionated and perfect for the city. He will always be one of Philly’s finest. Standing a little bit taller than Danny Devito, for Iverson, it’s always sunny, there.

  • Uptown

    Has to be Aaron “AO” Owens – Personifies everything a philly basketball is – “I play hard against anybody, anywhere, and any hood” – Legendary

  • http://www.double-technical.blogspot.com zee!

    Two Words: Sad Eye. If you know like I know, then this should be a done deal. Son could flat out ball. If there ever was a case for someone to be in the league that wasn’t, it’s this guy. At times like this I wish that the internet age was popping back then like it was now. Then all the time he was balling could’ve been documented. But let’s just say, when you think of Philly ball, Sad Eye repped it to the fullest.

  • Sarah

    Wilt is the rock upon which Philly hoops is built, but I also love a guy who came through Overbrook a few decades after him. Malik Rose. Small for his position but played with HUGE heart (displayed when he climbed Mt. Mutombo). Master of the upfake on offense and pulling the chair out on defense. He taught me a lot about taking on Goliaths. Met him at an Eagles game in Houston and he’s a genuinely nice guy. 2x NBA champ with the San Antonio Spurs of my adopted hometown. Oh yeah, and he brought cheesesteaks to SA.

  • 215

    Wilt “the stilt” Chamberlain. He was an all around gentlemen and phenomenal basketball player. His ball handling back in the day was the ’01 Allen Iverson and meant just as much to the sixers. Wilt is a star Philly will never forget.

  • ai come back

    Sam bowie lol because he was actually a decent player who played hard but obviously is hated on for being taken over mj. He was a beast at kentucky and his numbers retired.

  • el_larsen

    100 words?
    no need :

  • tuutu

    Wilt Chamberline for sure come on think about his 100 points in ONE game.

  • Thunder Dan


  • jc

    Wilt Chamberlain, hands down. Dude was one of the most charismatic players the league has ever seen. The 100 point game, the 50 ppg season… No one was, or will be as dominant as the The Big Dipper. The man held it down for Philly throughout his whole career, even rocking his Overbrook high school jacket in the last years of his life. Gotta give it to Wilt… he was Philidelphia.

  • http://www.waihak.blogspot.com Tariq

    My favorite Philly product is the guy who got his championship ring sized to fit his middle finger.

  • Connor

    Gotta be Wilt Chamberlain. One of, if not the most-dominating centre’s ever. Has the most points in a game (100) as well as rebounds (55, on my birthday) and is the only player to ever score over 4,000 points in an NBA season. No one will ever come close to beating his scoring average during 1961-62 (50.4) because he is such a beast and when someone beats his rebounding total, pigs will fly. With a couple more rings this guy would (thanks Bill Russell) be known as the best NBA player, no doubt!

  • Ian S

    My favorite Philly product is Eddie Jones. He was quiet hard working and second to nobody. He didn’t have a big ego so he gets overlooked but that’s also why i liked him.People forget he also mentored Kobe while in L.A.He could just as easily give you thirty and then lock down on defense. I admired his hardwork and quiet demeanor and tried to pattern my game after his.

  • Josh

    I live to watch Kobe Bryant play basketball. We know he has the skills, but the thing that still amazes me is the heart, the determination, the drive to win. End of the day, he will fight until he can’t stand for his team and his legacy, and that is why he is my favorite. Let me show my love for Philly, Slam!

  • Karley

    Tyreke Evans. Not only a huge fan of the Kings, Tyreke is helping bring the program back. I love the style of his game and I think he will be an all-star next season. This guy is real good. Averaging 20 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists in his rookie year! That shows he has room to grow so I love this guy. He is outstanding and can’t wait to watch him in the future! Rookie of the year, McDonald all American MVP. Nuff’ said

  • K-fizzle

    One of the greatest and most dominate players in the history of the game. Wilt Chamberlain. Top 5 greatest player of all time. I’d say second best but all my opinion. Short shorts, high socks, and low top sneaks this guy was the God of basketball. Earning to many awards to name this guy is by far my fav Philly Native.

  • Tony

    my fav. basketball player from Philly is Kobe Bryant, most def., he is the most recognized basketball icon in the world. Unlike MJ, he did not accomplish 2 three-peats with a dynasty built team. However, he is just as much talented as MJ was. He will go down as one of the greatest ever played the game of basketball.

  • RondoC’s

    Sheed was a beast in his short time in college he lead the nation in field goal percentage and was a second team all america. He was drafted by the bullets but played most of his early years for the blazers were he was known for his antics as much as his good play on the court. And who can forget his one game stint with the hawks? Then he was traded to the pistons in the same season and one the championship. The best thing about Rasheed beside his old school bank shot which you do not see in the Association anymore was his antics, known for his 304 all time leading technical fouls. When the ref would call a foul on him he would sprint around the court complaining about the call. Gotta love sheed.