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Giveaway: MDB Legends Tees

Your chance to win one of five dope old-school shirts.

Million Dollar Ballers, a new clothing brand from Portland, Oregon, is launching their  “Legends Collection” this week. The T-shirt collection pays tribute to basketball legends that laid the groundwork for today’s stars. Co-owner Greg Beers explains: “With the season in doubt, it felt like a good time to honor some of the game’s founding fathers.”

Fortunately for us—and, more importantly, for you—we were given the opportunity to give away five of the tees right here. So here’s how the contest will work. In the comment section, answer the question below, and you’ll be entered. We’ll choose our five favorite answers and contact the winners (be sure to leave a correct email address when you comment), and those selected will get a dope shirt. You have until next Monday morning, November 21, 2011. Easy enough, right?

Here it is:

Of these five legends: Magic Johnson, Julius Erving, Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who is your favorite and why?

Good luck!

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  • http://nasteedunx.blogspot.com Nasteedunx

    Kareem, ’cause he’ll get pissed if I say anybody else.

  • Librapaj

    Dr. J. Was the first basketball player to play above the rim and do it with style and grace.

  • http://www.njnets101.com Frankie Anetzbegrer

    Julius Erving. If we are taking the aesthetic approach, he has one of the most recognizable head shots ever. Not to take away from the rest, but a retro shirt needs a true retro player. Dr. J still reeks of swag, even now.

  • Ryan

    Props on these Tees! I would give my left nut for that LB beauty! All the mojo comes from the stache anyways! #33 is a beaut for the ages!!!!!

  • http://www.nba.com/2011/news/features/steve_aschburner/10/27/lockout-q-and-a-kevin-murphy/index.html Allenp

    Oscar Robertson
    Not only was he considered the best all-around player of his generation, and the father of the triple double, but he stood for something vocally as a man.
    Kareem wasn’t a slouch as an activist, but he was more shy and retiring. Oscar was vocal and upfront, challenging the NCAA, the League and the world in general. He sued the NBA so players could have the right free agency even though he only had a few years left in his career and probably cost himself one last big payday.
    He seems like a man who understood his worth as a man and as a player. And, besides that, his game was outrageous. The original “bully” as far guards go, who intimidated and outsmarted countless players.
    I ride with Oscar.

  • Ryan

    Props on these Tees! I would give my left nut for that LB beauty! All the mojo comes from the stache anyways! #33 is a beaut for the ages!!!!!
    P.S. I’m rockin that exact stache of LB for Movember. If you’re going to do it, do it right!

  • Matt

    Tie between Bird & Magic (but Bird a little bit more cause I’m from Massachusetts. Both these guys brought their college rivalry to the NBA and changed the way the game was played. Both hated to lose especially to one another and it showed on the court each time they played.

  • http://www.theoriginalprofender.com Dave d

    Without question DOC! Not only an innovator but also a GAMESMAN! The Doc against Bird and Magicnwere truly EPIC… None of this games hype-up-the-junk nonsense… Truly EPIC, like that nasty up-and-under WITH the scoop reverse, a sweet kiss off the glass, from one side of the lane to the other. He had time to pick out his ‘fro so that makes him SWAG to the nth degree. DOC FOREVER!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/austreezy Paul

    Magic because they’re arent too many 6’9″ point guards in the NBA and his game was so smooth

  • GoodluckTap

    The only man who’s ever averaged a triple-double in the NBA. It’s funny, because with today’s Youtube highlights and such, most people focus on the fancy side of the play with the fancy passes, the slamma-jammas, etc. The Big O got everything DONE.

  • Robert Haynes

    I know im only 15 and know more than enough bout basketball and my favorite out of all those great legends would be Oscar Because he made the way for players like Kobe and he had 44 point games for 77 games.

  • Bryce Henderson

    Definately got to go with Magic. He not only revolutionized the game at the point guard position, but he is the most inspirational player to ever grace the league. His amazingly brave battle with HIV has opened doors for so many people showing them there is light at the end of the channel. His on court game speaks for itself as he is without a shadow of a doubt one of the top 5 players in League history. Scoring, Passing, Vision, Rebounding, Steals, and Flare…he had it ALL! Most complete point guard of all time and there will never be anyone else like him (Sorry LeBron).

  • Garrett

    Magic! What made Magic special is that he could do it all. He came in producing from day one and did whatever was asked of him. He was a PG that dominated playing out of position at center in the NBA finals. Nobody does that but Magic. He even coached and played on the same team. I think he is the last to ever do that. Now he is creating jobs all over the United States. Plus he had a great personality on top of it. The ladies loved him. Everybody loved him. In the world of BBall you have your Kareem haters. Bird Haters. Wilt Haters. Jordan Haters, etc. But, has anyone ever said anything bad about Magic.

  • LA Huey

    Kareem. He and Nick Van Exel and the only Lakers I ever liked. And that’s saying a lot.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jefforee jeff

    Gotta go with the “Cap”. I was too young to watch him play in his prime but I’m amazed at just how smooth he was in the paint. Wish the big men of today could have anywhere near the skill level Kareem had. The “Cap” needs to get his statue outside of staple and I need one of these crazy cool shirts!

  • http://twitter.com/yo_mister Jesse

    Of the five players listed my favorite is definitely Magic Johnson. While Magic was orchestrating the Showtime Lakers they were a thing of beauty, and in my eyes the most entertaining basketball team to ever grace the hardwood.
    Many players have consistently put up eye catching numbers throughout their whole career in the NBA, but ask yourself if anybody has ever done it with a combination of skill, finesse, and most importantly pure unadulterated love for the game. That ever present smile of Magic’s could warm the heart of even the most jaded critic of NBA basketball, and it did do just that helping to elevate the NBA to a level of success and popularity it had until that point never experienced.
    In fact even if Magic never played basketball he would still be my favorite of these five for all the work he has done to draw awareness to the HIV epidemic. Having lost an uncle to the AIDs virus I am especially thankfully to Magic for all he has done to help not only the people suffering but also their families.
    From his time as a HS baller when he lead his team to a 27-1 record and a state title up until the present day Magic Johnson has been a winner in every sense of the word, and that is why he is my favorite.

  • ron G

    julius, because of his steezy fro and his smooth game

  • http://www.raptorsrepublic.com Mr.Goode

    The answer of who my favourite almost seems to be irrelevant when it comes to choosing the GREATEST of these legends. The clear-cut, number 1 draft pick, comparing him to anyone else is like comparing a Maybach with a Chrysler 300. He was formally known as Lew Alcindor, and continued his glory through the name change to none other than KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR. His statistics speak for themselves, but if I must…he’s the NBA’s all-time leading scorer (enough said). Did i need to mention that if it wasn’t for KAREEM ABDUL-JABAR…two of these other t-shirts might not even have been included in this post. How would the Big-O be able to accumulate his averages without the big man in the middle with the Sky Hook? How would Magic Johnson have stepped into the void left by KAREEM ABDUL-JABAR to establish his legacy in the NBA Finals using none other than the “baby hook” to win the finals? THINK ABOUT IT! Furthermore, Kareem is an activist, an author, he smokes a little green and he’s from New York..what’s really not to love about the guy? Not to mention he got the dunk banned in the NCAA for a number of years…so when you think about who’s placed in the dominant focus of these shirts, he’s placed there for a reason. Kareem ABDUL-JABBAR is a Million Dollar Baller.

  • Jay

    Wow that’s tough, but I’m going with Bird. The stories about his shooting ability and swagger are crazy. Bird was the guy you went to for the big shot and he would hit it more often than not. His trash talking on the court is something many don’t know about, but he was able to get in his opponents head. He would let you know he’s going to shoot it and that you couldn’t stop him and that’s exactly what happened. Just take a look at his 3-Point contest win, he’s walking off the court with 1 finger pointing up before the ball even goes in the basket. That’s just incredible confidence for someone to have. He also couldn’t jump and still found a way to average 10 Rebounds Per Game. He would even make the key defensive play when needed despite not being that great of an athlete. His floor game was special too and he made passes most could only dream about attempting. He also played through a bunch of injuries that ended his career short, but he still performed on the court even when he wasn’t close to 100%. Bird just got it done on the court and someone who made the most of his abilities. I have a ton of respect for him because of that.

  • Saku 39

    Larry Bird because he won a three-point contest without taking off his warm-up jacket. So cold!

  • semy

    Definitely magic, i mean the dude basically won the championship for his team AS A ROOKIE filling in at center when his natural position was point guard. Also he changed the world with his HIV announcement ensuring others would get help. He’s a humble and funny dude and, in my opinion, the best point guard of all time.

  • perhan

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the simple fact that big men are never appreciated as much as they should be. The all-time leading scorer in NBA history did his thing from the post and not from the wing like some of the more flashier scorers but he is one of the few players ever that has a signature move (the hook shoot) tied to synonymously to his name…and not to mention the trendsetting goggles.

  • http://www.mdballers.com Nealeio

    Larry Bird, because the guy could win anyone’s Big Mac with a no look, off the floor, over the back board, around the bench, off the light, one bounce shot.

  • Christopher Landis

    Larry Bird, because of his fight and hard work towards the way he lives inspired many people not just on the court but off the court. What NBa player past or present paved his mothers driveway? LARRY BIRD! he gives all the unathletic people in the world hope to play in the nba.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    Never watched him live. Wasn’t alive. But when I heard folks comparing the Dirkster to Larry, it made me go back to watch some footage. And while I love me some Dirk, but he ain’t no Larry Bird.
    And that ‘stache? Forgetaboutit. Larry all day!

  • Itai

    The BIG O, Oscar Robinson!
    My favorite out of these guys because although he doesn’t have the hype of Magic/Bird, the athleticism of Dr. J or the numbers of Kareem, he set the agenda for big little men, using his body to have the infamous triple double season(!!!) and nearly had a second one of those too. For some one not named Lebron James, who probably has more than a few inches and quite a few pounds on the Big O, to average a triple double for a season is ludicrous, and yet he did it with ease. He also ushered Kareem Abdul Jabbar into the league, and is the epitome of humble. He is my favorite out of these legends because, sadly, he is the least recognized for his genius!

  • Samco

    Doc, the prototype for MJ.

  • Samco

    ^In some ways.

  • http://www.pioneeringdesign.net JJ Walker

    Oh man… this is a no-brainer. Larry Bird is my favorite of all time!! Being a white kid in the 80′s growing up in a rural Oregon town where basketball was huge, he was the ultimate hero. Growing up I would watch “Superstars 1″ daily even though I hated the song “Small Town”!! Then when “Larry Bird – A Basketball Legend” came out we would gather at my house and watch that before all of our Basketball games. We would even try to duplicate his silly shots like we were emulating dunks. He was the ultimate gamer. If you are a fan of the art of Basketball he is the perfect player. As well rounded a player as this planet has ever seen!! I could go on for days about something I am this passionate about. The shirt is perfect by the way :) – JJW

  • Josh

    Erving didn’t even have to go to medical school to be called ‘Dr. J.’

  • Heals

    Bird, Larry Bird. I can relate with him more than the others and being white has nothing to do with it (or maybe it has everything to do with it?). He personifies the uniqueness of subtlety, the illusion of invincibility, the desperation of an undying commitment and ultimately the fragility of the youthfulness. In a sport that is becoming more entertainment than competition, in a media centric world that celebrates individuality over selfless cohesion and a fanbase that respects alley-oops more than a meticulously modeled jump-shot; Bird represents the antithesis. His reluctance to embrace achievement, his discomfort with the spotlight, his disdain for failure, his unease with the success of contemporaries and of course his obsessive-like dedication to do “it” better than anybody else all helped create one of the most “human” legends the game of basketball will ever see…

  • Ronnie

    Magic because my dad felt it was necessary to drive 5 hours when I was two years old to Orlando just so i could say that i saw Magic Johnson’s last game. As I’ve grown up I’ve watched documentaries and footage on him and then last year at the Nets-Lakers game I met him in the will call line and we just kind of chatted. He was really nice and you could tell that smile you see all the time isn’t just for the cameras, he really loves the game and his fans. He was a once in a generation player and in this generation he serves as a model to professional and recreational athletes alike. Btw I still have the tickets from that All Star Game framed in my room.

  • Brock

    Julius becuase of his relentless attack to the basket.

  • http://bedotwater.bandcamp.com The Black Skip Bayless

    Magic Johnson. Growing up as an LA cat, all I know is Purple and Gold baby. Since then, Bean has supplanted magic as my favorite laker, but only because I’ve grown up with Bean, whereas Magic was my Dads guy. Either way, I play the way i play now because of Earvin. I dont remember the last fast break I ran without throwing a no-look pass. Watching Magic play was a thing of beauty. No Look passes, one hand full court bounce passes… He made passes that only he could make, even to this day. Magic is the greatest PG EVER!

  • L-Dub20

    Magic! No discredit to the other legends on this list, but magic created SHOWTIME! The smile, the swag, the love for the game and being an ultimate teammate!!! Who can really beat that? Magic was way ahead of his time. Almost like Tupac and Biggie of their time. He set the standard, back then, for point guards today. A True leader. Over came so much adversity on and off the court. Nothing more frightening than having a 6’8 man coming running down the center of the lane w/ the ability to shake you out of your shoes with hesitation dribbles and no look passes. Magic is the man!!!

  • kevin smith

    Larry Bird. I’ll let the words of Mr. Bird tell you why…”It doesn’t matter who scores the points, it’s who can get the ball to the scorer.”

  • d

    Without a doubt Oscar Robertson. The only guard to average more than 10 rebounds a game i a season doing it three times! The Big O had 41 triple-doubles in a single season! There was nothing Robertson couldn’t do.

  • http://jamesmeierotto.com james

    Magic Johnson. Not only did he change the way the game is played. He has brought that same hard work, dedication and generosity to his life as a businessman and philanthropist. He is a true inspiration!

  • rob stewart

    I love the Big O. I literally just got off the city bus while reading his latest book! I love how he stood up for equal rights and often voiced his opinions without apology concerning race issues. He stayed in Cincinnati for his senior year instead of opting for a payday with the Harlem Globetrotters because he valued his education. And you can’t forget his connection with Ice Cube!!! For an entire season he could have sang Cube’s song “Today was a good day” because he “messed around and got a triple double” for the entire season on average.

  • Damon Charles

    Larry, the hick from french lick. His game may not have looked pretty like a Magic or Dr. J but he got the job done. Reminds me of myself.

  • duch

    Kareem is my fav. Why ……….that mean skyhook!

  • Shaun Word

    For me I would have to say Magic Johnson. He is the greatest player I have ever seen play the game. I grew up in Gardena Ca. My father a life long Laker fan so I of coarse was destined to be one as well. The things that man did with a basketball inspired me as a kid. at the same time I think hearing his announcement of contracting HIV hurt me worse then my parents divorce. I would wear the shirt proudly.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Larry Bird. Because Bird would beat you, and tell you how he was going to beat you. Like when he looked Xavier McDaniel and said, “I’m going to get the ball right here and I am going to shoot it in your face.” McDaniel Said “I Know, I’ll be waiting” Bird catches the ball, hits the shot from just about the exact spot and says “damn, I didn’t mean to leave 2 seconds on the clock.” And my favorite Larry Bird’s 60 against the Hawks in 85, Larry was so good that night, the Hawks were giving each other high fives
    Bird was on such a hot streak, he was calling his shots. And not just from spots on the floor, but on one play, he called, “three-pointer, trainer’s lap.” And he did it, hitting a three, while falling out of bounds, and landing in the Hawks’ trainer’s lap. That is why Larry Bird is my favorite of the greatest of all time.

  • fanfromfinland

    Julius Erving absolutely. Even when im from finland i do know who he was and what he did. He was an great athlete and basketball player. Also true highflyer what comes to dunking. So it would be like a blessing to wear that shirt hear in finland and represent great nba legend face on that shirt. Also very cool shirt. You might think i dont know every stat he made on his career because im from finland and europe but he was my favourite player of all these legends.

  • jacob longstaff

    Personality makes the man, and personality is what Magic Johnson great. He was the ultimate definition of a true PG. He could pass, shoot dribble, and lead. The best part about it is that he did it all with a smile. You couldn’t hate magic even if you were a Celtics fan because you respected the way he played the game. He could play any position on the floor and was willing to do so for the greater good of the team. When he came back from his retirement and played with the HIV virus opened the eyes of the public about the facts of HIV. people were no longer scared of people who were infected with HIV. He was a great basketball and more importantly a great man, that’s why he’s my favorite.

  • Tommy Peterson

    The hick from french lick Larry Bird. He revolutionized the game and gave boston fans the perfect player to cheer for, he dove for every lose ball, threw elbows, and wasn’t afraid of any match (like choking Dr.J at half court). Most of all he talked smack, but he could actually back it up: like that one time he told Person he was going to hit a free right infront of the pacers bench on xmas day, and when he hit it…. “marry f****** christmas. Finally he played through tremendous pain his last couple years.

  • kevin

    Earvin “Magic” Johnson. When was the last time a rookie made an impact like Magic in the Finals. Not the regular season, not the first round of the playoffs, but the FINALS! With Kareem sidelined with a bum ankle in Game 6 of the 1980 Finals, Magic not only stepped up, but stepped into that number 5 position to replace Kareem and have arguably, one of the finest games in Finals history. He faced Dr. J’s Sixers, Bird’s Celtics, Isiah’s Pistons, and Jordan’s Bulls in the Finals (9 times) and came out ahead more times than not. With Kareem at center, and Worthy on the wing, the Showtime Lakers dominated an epic era of basketball.

  • yjr

    Oscar Robertson. Averaged a triple double in his 2nd year in the league. 2nd! game over.

  • Hydra81

    Julius Erving, because the moustache is more crazy than the hairstyle

  • TaranvirSandhu

    I would say that my favourite Legend out of all these players, is Larry Bird. The reason for this is because when I was younger, I would love to shoot three pointers and teenagers older than me would tell me about Larry Bird. Larry Bird became an idol for me, along with Steve Nash, and I always wanted to be a great shooter like him. After reading When the Game was Ours, my respect and love for Larry Bird increased immensely. I learned about his struggles as a child, financially and physically. His father was an alcoholic who suffered from depression, and later committed suicide. He overcame this adversity, and continued to play basketball. Growing up, his mother was a great influence on him, along with his brothers. Unlike many other basketball players, Larry Bird actually stayed to finish his degree. His story got better, as he went on to become one of the best players in the NBA, and is recognized as being one of the best white players in what was seen as a predominantly black game. The way he played the game, and handled his life are the points that are really impressive about Larry Bird. He always was and will continue to be regarded as the best, atleast in my eyes. Ahaha, I feel like reading the book again now and to admire Larry Bird’s autograph :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/nflem41 Nicolas Fleming

    If you didn’t say Larry Bird, you are a racist.

  • YVR

    Larry Bird, he taught me and every other unathletic white boy that if you practice stroking hard enough, you might be able to make that money shot when the time comes.

  • Zack Shoom

    Dr. J. Without him there’s no dunk contest; and no uptown reverse funk.

  • Rudy

    If you’re not The Doctor, you’re just a patient. Also, who else would you trust to Rock the Baby?!

  • Joe Morris

    Julius Erving is the first dude that made me go into full-on John Starks mode (“Did this dude just did dis?”)

    He was mindblowing in his athleticism and grace…with speed and style. He was truly great.

  • Nolan Caress

    Larry Legend. People say Magic led the way for point forwards, but he was a guard, Larry was a true forward. At 6-9 he put up some of the most statistically crazy seasons of the modern era, right up there with Lbj’s 28-8-8, Mike and AI droping 35 a night, Loves 20-15, Shaqs rookie year and any other season despite being way less athletic that almost all superstars. Bird constantly gets disrespected by people leaving him out of the top 5 in favor of people like Kobe and Wilt. Birds game also translates to any era. Put him in the sixties he’ll drop 40-15-9 every night. Move him up to 2011 he’ll give he 25-8-6 every game without a doubt. And lastly no one could talk trash like Bird. My favorite NBA story of all time is Legend walking into the locker room before the first 3 point shootout and saying, which one of you guys is going to come in second.

  • Reignman40

    I’m going with Dr.J on this one. He reinvented the way the game is played, without him there would be no Kobe/MJ/LBJ/DWade/Durantula/etc…

    Plus he’s the fish that saved Pittsburgh!

  • http://myspace.com/gametimeweezy Gametimeweezy

    gotta go with the Big O… mr. triple double was wayy ahead of his time

  • Joash

    Larry Bird. He got some serious swag and in an era dominated by stronger faster men he showed that there will always be a place for a smart skill ful player. No matter what the decade.

  • Daniel Jafari

    Kareem is definitely my favorite, nothing is more famous than the legendary sky hook.

  • http://www.michaelstarghill.com/ Michael Starghill

    If I told you a 6 foot 9 inch, less than quick point guard with no jump shot would lead his team to 5 championship titles and win 3 MVPs, would you believe me? It’s gotta be Magic Johnson.

  • http://hotmail.com Andre Rossignol

    Larry Bird once told Pacer Forward Chuck Person on Christmas eve, “I have a Christmas present for you.” The following night Bird hit a deep 3 ball right in a Pacer’s grill and went on to say, “Merry f—–g Christmas. That guy played with a messed up back, hand, and foot and still averaged 20+ every game. Now if Lebron’s hand hurts or Kobe hurts his finger and they have a bad night it all in the paper and on ESPN. Larry Bird didn’t care. As Xavier Mcdaniel once said,”That is one bad dude.”

  • Carlos

    Magic Johnson

    Until the late 70′s the world had never seen a 6’9 point guard who could lead a fast break and distribute the ball like Magic. At a time when the professional game was struggling for life he helped usher in excitement and interest. Many people stayed and became fans because of him. He made the game fun again. Magic was also a winner. He won at every level he played in. If you are looking for a player that will always be synonymous with basketball, Magic is it. People who never actually watch Magic play still call him “the best they have ever seen.” There are some great players who have played this sport. Some that are,were, and will be better than Magic. Very few, if any will leave as big an imprint on this sport like Magic.

  • logues

    Larry Bird because of the nickname (“Larry Legend”), the white boy swag, and of course the crustiest of crustaches

  • Spades

    Kareem. He was softspoken and graceful on and off the court. Not to mention his advocacy for Islam and African-Americans

  • sush

    oscar robertson, because wore canvas tennis shoes and still put up better numbers than k(nor)ing james

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeehbuddy

    Dr.J cause only he can cradle that baby to sleep.

  • http://yahoo lockout stinks 85

    Larry Bird because he wasn’t too fast, he couldn’t jump too high but his numbers were amazing and also some of those game-winners in the Garden are just crazy good………I need these shirts

  • Fuj

    Easy, Kareem because of the goggles. Maybe you need a Kareem goggle shirt!

  • Mikey

    JULIUS ERVING is MY FAVORITE: The one-handed rebounds of that red, white and blue rock; the knee pads; the rush of air blowing his ‘fro during mid-flight of his free-throw line dunk; the deep voice; his artistry way above the rim; the smile on my face when he stole the ball in the open court – guaranteed scoring innovation; the tall socks; the “get me up off the couch with shouts and jumps of joy” as he reaches full speed – cradles the ball – and with one, single, hurricane force slam – completely shatters his opponents and permanently imprints into the memory of a generation: Dr. J’s elegant dominance.

  • Tokyo Baller

    DR.J! All five are no doubt legends but Dr.J was also a fashion icon. He even made knee pads look dope. His ‘fro is well recognized down here in Japan as well.

  • manu

    dr j is the most overrated player ever…lets see him shoot a 3 then well talk

  • BMillion

    Oscar Robertson because he practically gave birth to the triple double!
    Back in the day he didn’t have that lovely three point line so he earned his points 2 by 2! I can’t count the amount of MVPs the guy won on both my hands! While getting triple doubles, MVPs and Fame he also managed to have a shooting percentage higher then I score on my math tests!..Jk.. the big O Is a show!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com SMills

    Oscar “The Big O” Robertson is my man! He’s my favorite of the five because he could do EVERYTHING. Somehow he’s also probably the least recognized out of the 5. Here is a man who is underappreciated and it is truly a shame. He is the definition of an all around player. He’s what every young baller should hope to be. Averaging a triple-double is outrageous! Not even Jordan pulled that off!(My respects to the g.o.a.t). He was also an honest, humble educated man who stood up for what he believed in. I’d be honored to rep the “quadruple doubler” on my chest, that’s real swagger! If there was ever a cat who understood the game it was Oscar, his basketball I.Q is unparalled. Kids growing up want to be flashy like Magic, shoot like Bird or fly like the Doctor. Me, I want to be just like Oscar, he understood what it meant to say “It’s more important to be a good person than a good basketball player”. And for him, thats really saying something.

  • anthony

    Larry bird was a constant perfectionist and settled for nothing less but perfection.

  • Rycejay

    Earvin Magic Johnson is the real deal. Showtime Lakers. Damn Magic, are you passing to me, or to him? Stop faking me out!

  • Brando

    Magic is my favorite. I have all the classic games recorded on my tv. Magic is the first player to have the atletiscm and mind of a point guard and still stand at 6’9! Magic had that signature style with his Showtime no-look passes and lovable smile. He was untouchable, like in the ’92 all star game. He locked down Isaiah T and MJ23 and in the last shot of the game he shot against Isaiah he shot a deep fallaway 3. It was so untouchable that the East all star team didnt even play the last 14 seconds. Plus he did this with a HIV virus and won MVP. Thats how untouchable he was. I also love him cuz he killed the Celtics. “Magic, just what I thought a hook shot of ’12,GOOOOD, THE LAKERS TAKE THE LEAD OFF OF MAGIC JOHNSON’S SKYHOOK!!!!! That’s Magic.

  • Ali

    SHOWTIME, nuff Said!

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    even though i grew up a laker fan, it’s Larry Bird. dude was incredible. an assassin, never backed down, called his team heartless, silky shot from a goofy looking guy. i love larry bird. he had a quote on dan patrick’s show that i just love. he was asked if he had te green light like jimmer fredette did in college and he said “I had a green light since I was in grade school”. I just love the arrogance even to this day. I wish I had some of it in me. I respect Larry and look up to him to this day. i even started shooting like him since i couldnt jump well lol. just love the legend of larry legend and all he stood for and stands for today. from a guy who grew up a laker fan, it means a lot. love ya Larry

  • Tommy Peterson

    Not Dr.J or Magic johnson because they didn’t have consistant jump shots (but they did revolutionize the game). I would say larry bird because he was an underated passer and only took 15 shots per game, which is half of what labron takes and one third of what jordan took, and he still averaged 24 points per game

  • EtheKnickFan

    Big O – Averaged a triple dub, Gave ultimate assist to save daughter, and the only one to get a haircut for the shirt photo!

  • keithsweat

    Larry Bird since he looks Like Brian Krakow from My So Called Life and Brian Krakow is the man,therefor Larry Bird is the man.

  • http://slamonline Bryson Johnson

    My favorite player of all time is Oscar Roberston.”The Big O” “My Hero” He defined the ultimate overall player. I mean come on now. He average a triple double. Not Magic,Not Jordan,Not Bird. You get the picture now. NO ONE ELSE. Plus he wasn’t flashy either. He so smooth and fundamental it wasn’t even funny. So my choice is the Oscar Roberston

  • Kyle

    Magic Johnson. It’s all about loving the game to me and it was obvious that Magic loved the game – the ease with which he played and the constant smile he wore. Also, the fact that he still wears that same smile and shows that same love even through adversity.

  • Jack Shelton

    Dr. J how can you pick anyone else. His nickname is DOCTER j…be serious he did things no one could do. And made philadelphia on the map

  • Noah Over

    It’s tough between Kareem and Magic, but I have to go with Magic. Why? because there has never been a more versatile player. How many point guards do you know that can shift over to center when the team needs him to? Just one, thought so. and he was good at it. Bonus! I mean point guard and center are like opposite positions, but Magic can play them both and no one else can say they have done something like that. Oh and I forgot it was during the Finals his rookie season. stats were something like 42 points and 15 rebounds for this guy playing out of position. The finals mvp that year, only rookie to do so and only one to do so out of position

  • Michael Hagan-Daniel

    The assassin with the golden stache. hes the reason why white guys still have confidence to play in today’s game. Larry bird is “that dude”.

  • Leon (UK)

    Julius Erving!

    No player can fly above the rim like this player.

    The first that ever did it from the freethrow line.
    The first to wrap the ball behind the backboard for a layup….damn he was amazing. Watching him was just a Hightlight real. Every time he had the ball was like….wait for it….here he comes. Boom !!!

    Dr J is the king above the rim

  • http://www.roadmaptosales.com Jason Hyde

    Larry Bird. Intensity….

  • G

    Magic! The skills, the smile, the business acumen… he’s one of a kind! Who can forget the ‘Magic Hour’?

  • louis

    DR j because he revolutionized basketball, without him basketball would not be where it is today!

  • frank rivera

    Magic: The NBA Logo should be changed and Magic’s figure should replace the old one. What he has done for the NBA and the community can not be matched. He led the Lakers to multiple championships, overcame Aids and still carried himself as the smiling Magic man we have come to know and love. His ability on and off the court is matched by very few.

  • http://www.raptorsrepublic.com Mr.Goode

    …but really though, if it wasnt for KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR..there might as well be only three shirts up there…the top 3

  • Donna K

    I like Larry Bird mainly since he is from Indiana.

  • pokeNbeenz

    Magic – cuz he gots the HIVVY and still ballin’.

    Them shirts is tight like like a vice grip.

  • YoYoPedro

    Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Because believe it or not, a guy with that name answered an ad for a roommate recently, and I met the guy, but didn’t feel like it would work out. A few weeks later, my girlfriend tells me that the dude showed up as a registered sex offender in an app on her iPhone!

  • Sweetness

    MVP multiple times
    Amazing assists, athlete yet
    Genuine smooth, plain out greatest PG of all times
    Incredible person off and on court despite HIV, he use it to help other with it
    Cant forget played for the Lakers and I’m a Lakers fan :)

    So I gotta go with Magic even though Kareem Abdul-Jabbar came pretty close.

  • Tonya Muhammad

    Magic Johnson because he has been a legend on and off the court. Can’t stop em attitude, take it to them every game and always a leader! He was a true role model on the court and when obstacles arose, he continued to be a role model and still is to this day! Magic……True synonym of swag!

  • sideburn2go

    Oscar Robertson was always my favorite of these, the man did it all. He was a game changer in multiple ways scoring rebounding and dropping dimes. You have to fear a guy with a game like that especially in the time period he played in.

  • pujolsateri

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

    sky. hook.

  • antonio

    Larry Bird:Gives white guys hope

  • Aidan

    larry bird because he proves that us white guys can ball

  • Dominique Rval

    While all are equally significant in making the game what it is today, the one we refer to as “Dr. J”, stands out as my favorite. Simply put, he gave the game a sense of “soul” and “swag” during a time when the game appeared all too fundamental. Rocking a thick ‘fro with long striped socks, coupled with his ridiculously athletic game, his oncourt look and game oozed a “silky smooth and sexy” vibe to it,
    Finishing acrobatic lay ins and thunderous jams with style and gravity defying hangtime, it was like witnessing “love making in motion” whenever he flew for a finish. His ridiculous “one handed windmill layin” in congestion against the Lakers stands out as my personal favorite of him in flight. The way hanged in the air for so long, i literally thought the world had gone into slow motion!!! In all, truly a sight to behold whenever he set foot on the court.

  • 25 basketball

    larry bird could shoot lights out any time any day but really what didnt he have? Court vision of course not,good surrounding players no he kevin mchale bill russel.Really they match up fairly close but one of of the things bird didnt have that magic had was a championship.And magic played better team basketball.

  • Edmund

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, because he K-REEMED everyone else on the court!

  • Geek


    who can deny that smile???


  • Paul

    The Big O. I mean, he averaged a triple-double in a SEASON… This is the perfect example of the all around guy. What is more valuable to a team than a guy that does everything ? I think Robertson is often underrated for what he’ve done in his career. He was just perfect.

  • Kenny Robinson

    Kareem is my favorite. Hands down.Kareem played the game with such grace and style that it was silly. He was a 7’2″ post with excellent passing skills. And the best part, he was the ultimate teammate. He could have been a bigger force in college then what he was, but he bought into what coach Wooden was teaching. He reduced his talents in order to make the team better. Same in the pros. He knew when to elevate or reduce his game in order to help the Bucks or Lakers, win a game. To me, Kareem has been my all-time favorite player since I was a little kid in the 70s.

  • Karley

    Larry Bird. I wasn’t around to ever get to watch him play, but thank god for Internet because I now have seen him play in some of his best and worst games. My dad used to tell me about Larry when I was little and he has always been my dad’s favorite player. I love the way he wasn’t conceited and showed class. True basketball players play that way and as I’m growing up I’ve realized that showing class is just as important as being a great player. Larry could hit the outside J so smoothe and you could tell he probably shot that everyday over and over. This guy will always be a legend but not only because he could ball, but because he had class, and that is why he is my favorite.

  • MaxIsNative

    Larry Bird. He showed everyone that everything could be achieved through hard work and dedication. He also showed his generation and ours today that hustle is everything. Oh yeah, that swag, that brilliant swag he possessed was just unbelievable. “As far as playing, I didn’t care who guarded me – red, yellow, black. I just didn’t want a white guy guarding me, because it’s disrespect to my game.” – Larry Bird. The quote pretty much summarizes a man who knew he was better. He had that ‘you can try your hardest, but if I try mine, it wouldn’t even be a competition’ kinda attitude. Damn it. I wish this man played today. I could see him Hitting a 3 in LeBron’s face just to taunt him afterwards.

  • Andre

    I would have to say Dr. J he won championships with the Lakers and Philly. The dunk contests, Mvps, and the scoring titles which Micheal Jordan passed. He was total demonation in his era . The converse shoes and the afro is a signature look that’s in totally far out and the best center of the NBA.

  • jack boutchard

    how the hell are you supposed to pick from these legends all in there own ways superstars i don’t know if could pick but i’d have to say DR J was so exciting to watch and was apart of the ”DREAM TEAM” that ruled the world

  • Paul Kaspick

    Dr.J for sure. His combination of power, grace, and style left more than just a mark on basketball, it left an entirely different game. Nobody who touched a basketball after him did so in the same way.

  • Dale Schulz

    Larry Bird because he was one of those players that, when he played he made everyone around him better. He was a such hard working and determined player and it definitely payed of for him and his team.

  • Dylan Cassels

    Gotta go with good ole Larry Legend for being the best white player of all time. Go LARRY!!

  • magic

    Magic Johnson cause his a strong person he lead his team to a championship game even when he was going thought problem with his HIV

  • kevin

    Magic Jonhson. He is the 2nd greatest player of all time (I dont care what anyone says) and he revolutionized the PG position in the Golden era of Hoops. Nuff said.

  • JTray

    im not a fan of the lakers but, Magic Johnson probably he is the second best NBA player of all time