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Contest: Win Knicks and Nets Skullcandy Headphones

Want some free headphones? Hit us with a prediction.

Tomorrow night, the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets will face off for the second time this season. And if you recall their first meeting, in which the Nets beat the Knicks 96-89 in an OT thriller, this second meeting is guaranteed to be just as intense. In anticipation of this second showdown in Brooklyn, our friends at Skullcandy have given SLAM some cool limited-edition Knicks (Mix Master) and Nets (Supreme Sound Aviator) headphones to give away.

Want a free set? Simply let us know your prediction of tomorrow night’s final score between the Knicks and Nets, and explain your guess. The two that can provide the most accurate predictions will win either a set of either Knicks or Nets headphones.

Make sure to provide a valid email. The comment sections will be closed tomorrow before tip-off. Good luck!

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  • Naman B

    Knicks-100 Nets-91, The Nets haven’t been playing well recently and have lost 4 straight games, and I think the trend will continue, with Brook Lopez not likely to play I don’t think the frontline of Reggie Evans, Andray Blatche and Kris Humpries can overcome the Knicks.. The Knicks are playing extremely well on both ends on the court, and I expect them to continue and beat the Nets.

  • Andrew K

    I say 111-102, Knicks with the win. I think Deron will have a great game and keep the Nets in it but without Lopez or even with a limited Lopez it will be hard for the Nets to get the win. The Knicks on the other hand will be smarting from losing the first game and will look to get revenge on the Nets.

  • http://www.facebook.com/HolyBaller Dillan Leu

    100-95, Knicks. I think the Knicks will take an early lead but the Nets will come back and make a good game out of it. Carmelo and Joe Johnson will both score in the high 20′s, but J.R. Smith or Novak seals the game with a late 3. Book it.


  • Pierre

    The Knicks will win over Nets 105-90

  • Will

    Knicks 101 – Nets 94. The Knicks aren’t losing to a Nets team on a losing streak in a rematch for NY, regardless of Brook Lopez playing or not.

  • Omar El-Khodary

    94-87 Knicks Omar El-Khodary oelkhodary123@yahoo.com

  • Corey

    Knicks win 103-93 over Nets. Melo will continue to be too much, putting in another 25+ game. JR Smith continues big play and Tyson Chandler has a big defensive game and on the boards he’ll be huge

  • http://www.facebook.com/JDKolnoski Jon Kolnoski

    Knicks 95, Nets 88. Melo will go for his standard 30, the Knicks will play tough D, and Tyson Chandler’s pick and roll game will be the difference maker against the Nets’ weak front court, but Deron Williams and Joe Johnson will give Felton/Smith/Kidd difficulties before the NYK defense takes over in the 4th.

  • Will
  • Madubbs

    Knicks 102 Nets 88 mohamedwarsame@ymail.com hit dattt uppppp

  • Tre

    Knicks :112 Nets:92,the Knicks will make 8+ three-pointers.

  • http://twitter.com/ChowDown2Fizz Fizzy Chowdhury

    The Knicks will win 104-89. D-Will will have a decent game, but the Nets shining star will be Gerald Wallace. Carmelo goes off for 36 points and knicks cruise to a win in Brooklyn.

  • drose#1fan

    99-92 Knicks they both can score a lot but with Lopez being out the knicks will win

  • dante

    The knicks will win 103-96. Gonna be a little higher of a scoring game this time without overtime. Both teams are playing great right now but the knicks even it out this time.

  • Aaron Blanchard

    BK 94 – NY 88

  • Grizzlies2012

    Knicks: 110 and Nets: 98…….The Knicks offense has been lead with 3 pointers and Tyson Chandler is having a good season. With Melo out, Raymond Felton has really stepped up. Rasheed Wallace is usually decent. The Nets offense is led by D Will and Gerald Wallace has been doing good.(For instance-the other night Gerald Wallace had 16 points and 16 rebounds) Kris Humphries and Robin Lopez aren’t great and Joe Johnson hasn’t been as good as people thought he was going to be. JR Smith is another factor for the Knicks with his offense even though he takes bad shots sometimes. If it helps me win, I’m twelve years old and I watch the game A LOT. No lie.

  • JB Vida

    Knick 103 Nets 102… Gerald Wallace misses a game tying free throw in the end.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.chau.37 Jay Chau

    Knicks over the Nets, 93-90. It will be redemption time for NYK this time, and Knicks won’t let this one slip away. Nets will give them a battle though, and ultimately the game will be decided on the last possession. The Knicks win by 3 points, no overtime needed.

  • Anuk Yingrotetarakul

    92-84 Knicks

    The last showdown gave us a great idea of how close their match up tomorrow night will be. However, given that Brook Lopez will be missing and Joe Johnson struggling with consistency, the Nets will miss much of Lopez’s production. They will still be a force to reckon with, but expect the Knicks to pull away with Melo and Felton producing at a high level once again. Both teams have extremely deep benches. NYC with J.R sparking the offense off the bench and Novak spreading the floor with his three point accuracy. Brooklyn also has its fair share of role players in C.J, Evans, and Marshon Brooks. Evans may be in the starting lineup again. Expect both teams to be playing a high level of defense as usual.

    Gimme the head phones! email: somkiat159@hotmail.com

  • EDY

    103 – 89 Knicks will cruise to an easy victory. Knicks will jump out to a commanding lead in front of a hyped up Brooklyn crowd. Nets will continue to struggle defensively especially if Lopez (game-time decision) is not in the lineup.

  • brett

    knicks 103- nets 98. Melo drops 32. D will has a double double

  • kash

    Knicks are going to win 107-96. carmelo is going to score 29 points and have 8 rebounds with 4 assist – kash19961@hotmail.com

  • EFG

    Knicks to beat nets, 103-94… Melo to go with 40., charmainecortes@rocketmail.com

  • Martin

    92 – 87 to the Knicks. It’s gonna be a tight game between these two and a phyzical 4th q. Novak will be two of six on the long range. mowka85@gmail.com

  • Dominic Jacot

    BK Nets 110-NY Knicks 98.

    The New York Knick’s streak ended. Deron Williams with 20 points, 8 assist and Brook Lopez’s double-double 19 points, 14 rebs. While Melo drops 27 points and Raymond Felton added 14 points and 7 assist for the Knicks.


  • Alexander

    Knicks beat Nets 101-93 , Knicks shoot it well from three and contain the Nets defensively, allisnaer@gmail.com

  • http://twitter.com/AjpDos Allen Powell

    Knicks 100 and Nets 88. Nets are the losers of four straight and still don’t have Brook Lopez. The best backcourt in the League still can’t shoot straight, and the Knicks are feeling good right now.

  • Randy Nguyen

    Knicks are going to win against the nets tommorrow carmelo will have at least 35 points.
    my prediction of the final score will be 100 to 94. chungtannguyen@aol.com their will be a point favor fo this game and i think that knicks will still win the game with point favors. please pick me to win.

  • http://www.facebook.com/markotomac23 Marko Tomac

    Knicks beat the Nets 112:103…Carmelo will score 32

  • Ethan

    Nets over Knicks 94-89. Both teams come out strong in the first half and the Nets pull away in the 3rd with good 3pt shooting.

  • Nou

    Knicks beat Nets, 105-98, Melo with 27 Points, 3 Assists, 4 rebounds. D-Will 17 Points, 7 Assists, 3 steals.

  • Vincent

    Knicks 105, Nets 95. Carmelo will come out strong tomorrow night following his game yesterday. However, the given the rivalry, the Nets will definitely bring their A-game Defense to the court and hang real close just like their last match up. I have a feeling Felton will have a big night in regards to the assist category. Double digit assist and possible a Double-Double for Mr. Felton. T34MJDM@GMAIL.COM

  • steven

    knicks 98 to nets 92. melo drops atleast 30.. reedfootball52@yahoo.com

  • http://twitter.com/JohnnyNBA John Ledesma

    96-93 Knicks

  • Brian

    Knicks 107 Nets 97. Revenge game for the Knicks plus Kidd is back in the line up.


    Knicks- Nets :
    103-97 Carmelo Anthony is going to be on fire. Hopefully Tyson chandler can keep up his good work especially with his dunks. I think if Nets are too over confident they will lose this. Furthermore , Knicks played extremely well against Miami Heat at Miami without Anthony. This will be a good boost for the Knicks!GoKnicks


  • PaulRR

    The Knicks will win by 10 points and Carmelo will have at least 30 points.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathancarradine Jonathan Carradine

    Nets 95, Knicks 89

  • Jared

    Knicks 104 – Nets 97
    Carmelo proved against Denver that his injured finger didn’t affect him too much by dropping 34. Perimeter play by NYK has been outrageously good this season and Chandler always proves to be physical down low. If Lopez doesn’t play for BKN then it might not be close but NYK wins because of perimeter play, both offensively and defensively

  • http://www.facebook.com/biggie.perez Biggie Perez

    Knicks 90-Nets 87

  • David Robinson

    Knicks will win 98 to 91. Both teams will defend well but the three point shooting of the Knicks will prevail, at least 15 threes will be made by the Knicks. and raymond Felton will respond with another high impact game of at least 15 points and 7 assists. email: ezra61392@aol.com

  • nou

    Knicks Beat Nets. 107-98. Melo with 27 points, 3 assists, 4 rebounds. J.R. Smith with 15 points. D-Will with 25 points, 7 assists, 2 steals. nouzong_vue24@hotmail.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.kaufman.18 Jordan Kaufman

    Knicks win 104-96

  • Sander Silma

    Knicks wins 105-89 melo will go for double double.

  • Scott N.

    The Nets have been on a losing streak of late and I see this trend continuing. I think that the Knicks will get revenge from earlier in the year and beat the Nets. The final score will be Knicks 102 – Nets 92.

  • Joyce

    Knicks 96, Nets 92

  • http://www.facebook.com/fady.farah.7 Fady Farah

    knicks win 86-80
    anything less is uncivilized, Barkley voice

  • alfredo f. mirasol III

    knicks will win over the nets by a score of 117 to 94 over the nets. the knicks will be hot from downtown with a barage of 3′s and carmelo anthony will be the leading scorer of the game. fred13th@yahoo.com

  • Noah Tuller

    104-96. The Knicks just won’t accept another loss to Brooklyn and the Nets will be a little too content with their first win against the Knicks.

  • Cóilí Collins

    Knicks will win by 10. The game will go back and forth until the Knicks begin to shoot themselves into a healthy lead. Deron Williams will lead the Nets in a comeback but in the end Three’s from Melo and Jr with some great steals from JKidd and Felton and some boards from Chandler strengthening the Knicks’ comfortable lead.

  • curt

    knicks take the win 114-106

  • Shaad R

    Knicks win 97-94. Melo nets 27 pts and Felton goes for 20. Joe Johnson struggles from the field while D. Will goes off for 25 and 11 assists. Joe Johnson misses a game tying 3 at the buzzer!

  • Tyler Hamblin

    Knicks 103-Nets:98 Knicks aren’t going to just lay down to Brooklyn and are out to proove themselves. hamblint@live.com

  • Top flight

    97-86 knicks. Melo and Tyson have a dominating game along with Kidd and Novak contributing as we. Cioffijt@gmail.com

  • Joshua

    Knicks win 101-94

  • Jin

    Knicks win 108-94. Brooklyn has lost 4 straight and Knicks have been connecting early in the season. Game will be at MSG and the Knicks won’t allow BK to beat them again.


  • Ben Forde

    Brooklyn will win 105-103 in 0T. Deron Williams will lead them to victory and joe johnson will help him smashing the knicks D in offense.

  • RipCity

    knicks win 117-103. Melo drops 40+ while Gerald Wallace gets double digit boards

  • EL Gee

    knicks win this one. tyson has a huge rebounding game (11+) and melo has 20 + points. 100-90 final score.

  • http://twitter.com/PhreshPrince83 Aamir Khuller

    Knicks win…105-98. NYK is hot right now, and Brooklyn will not be able to put up much resistance against JR Swish and Steve Novokaine. Joe Johnson will likely continue struggling, while Deron Williams will put on a show at MSG and carry the Nets. But on the other end, Melo will have his way with an aged Gerald Wallace, and go off for 31 or so, and Ray Felton will play well at home, linking up with Chandler for a few lobs. Mike Woodson has done a great job with the Knicks D, and also the NYK bench should outshine MarShon Brooks and Co. Also, match-up to watch: JKidd vs. DWill. Deron should have around 25-27 and 9-11 ast, but Iso Joe won’t carry his weight in the Nets’ backcourt.

    Email: aamirkhuller@gmail.com

    Follow me on Twitter: @PhreshPrince83

  • K-LO

    Knicks over Nets 111-92. Knicks raining 3′s all day. Novak 6/7 3pt fg. keotonlo@yahoo.com

  • Adam

    Knicks by 10, Melo’s not going to have a superb game, he will have around 20. It’s gonna be about team winning. Chandler 10+ rebounds for sure

  • Han

    Nets win 106-101 with a near triple double from deron Williams and a big contribution from the nets bench

  • 5

    Knicks even the series and take it 110-99, Knicks have momentum and Melo will come back and have a great game

  • Young Pham

    94-89 knicks take it. Melo drops 30+. The knicks defence will shut down deron williams. Without Kris Humphries in the lineup the knicks will out rebound the nets by 5+.

  • Max

    91-99 for the Knicks, The Knicks are just the better team af off right now.

  • Tommy Peterson

    105-96 Knicks Win. In carmelos second game back he will drop 35 and it will be a contest until the 4th quarter.

  • Daniel Dragicevich

    Knicks will win 103-92. They are rolling while Brooklyn are stuck in a slump which will be tough to get out of against the top team in the conference.

  • Will I Am

    96-90 for the Knicks, with Tyson having another good game, and Melo scoring 20+ while deron and Joe johnson will have a good game as well, even though Deron will probably destroy Kidd at the point, I still see the knicks coming out on top, this one should be a tight one. :)

  • Brendan

    Brooklyn to win 105-100.

    Nets have been in a bit of a slump and there is nothing like a good old fashion rivalry to spark a team out of that slump, especially IF (Big IF) Brooklyn can get Lopez back for the game.

  • Aldo

    Knicks win

  • jerry

    Knicks wins by 15. Melo 25+ points, Tyson Chandler double – double.

  • Dan

    Nets 107 Knicks 101. Deron williams will get 14 assist while melo scores 36.

  • Charles Bahmandeji

    Knicks win 99-94

  • Stevethecannon

    Knicks 106-95. The knicks get hot from 3 and play good enough D to hold on to the W

  • josh

    105-98 knicks win

  • Petar sucks

    83-79 Knicks

  • The Realist

    Nets win 101-99. This tooth and nail grudge match will come down to one final shot but Jason Kidd will miss the triple that could have won the game. The nets starters will have a strong showing all around.

  • Joey Y.

    I think the score is going to be 102 Knicks 94 because I think the Knicks will play tighter defense and lock down Deron Williams and force turnovers.

  • Denzel Bryan

    I think the game going to be close but the knicks will get the the W because there on a roll. 106-98

  • iHooter

    Knicks win 96-93 melo starts slow and heats up in the fourth to Win it scores less than 30 mean while Tyson chandler and brook Lopez will be battleing it out in the trenches both with double doubles

  • Aisha

    Knicks win 105-99. Carmelo with 25 pts, Raymond with 7 assists, and Tyson with a double-double. JR struggles and Kidd is a good stablizer. Close game but knicks win it in 4th qtr.

  • Ray

    Knicks,108-104.Knicks play solid D and get hot from 3.Nets are solid,but its not enough.

  • KnicksMaster P

    Knicks win 98-96. MELO FOR THE WIN!!!!!!

  • Blake Allen Jones

    103 brooklyn 100 new york in OT knicks r playing well nets r turning heads both teams r in srlf discovery mode score just pops in head we’llc wgat happens!

  • Jose DJ

    Knicks will win 10+ beating the Nets … Score will go for more than 90 points on both sides … Felton or Melo Knicks top scorers and D.Will for Nets … Chandler might get double-double game

  • http://www.facebook.com/bence.sardi.9 Bence Sárdi

    Knicks 91 – Nets 85

  • Larry Cheng

    knicks win 104-99. close game throughout but the knicks pull away with threes from novak and smith. carmelo will have a good game overall, and chandler will do a good job defensively, guarding lopez and grabbing rebounds. felton and kidd will contribute well.

  • Chris

    Knicks 98 Nets 91 knicks are playing way too hot and their D has been playing great

  • melman619

    Knicks win 106-97

  • Nathan Rivalland

    Brooklyn win 102- 94 deron Williams outscores melo

  • Tyrone Rose

    Nets 98-82

  • http://www.facebook.com/francisco.chirriquis Francisco Martinez

    knicks win 103-95

  • Amir

    Knicks win 94-91

  • justsochill

    Knicks 107-103

  • Batman

    Knicks 97 – 100 melo will go for double double, Joe Johnson struggles from the field. Melo Shot 3 point for the win!

  • PlayBall

    Well possibly no Brook Lopez and Brooklyn has been struggling while the Knicks are on a roll but the Nets will pull out a win 96-91.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peluche.bautista.7 Peluche Bautista

    104-90, Chandler with 13 rbs, Kidd with 8 asts

  • Redd

    Nets 95-90. Nets have a losing streak that they’ll be hungry to break, they need this game more than the Knicks. It’ll be low scoring because neither team scores high with exceptional opponents(Minus the Miami Heat).

  • Jordan

    Nets win it 96-87. For no other reason that the fact that Andray Blatche is the mothaf**kin man.

  • zogs19994

    SEND ME MY PRIZE TO gameboytofou@hotmail.com

  • Bored

    Knicks take it 108 – 96. Melo scores 35 and dishes like a champ to end with 6 dimes. Deron struggles from the field but gets 25 points and 9 dimes. J.R and Novak combine for 8 from long range.

  • RG3

    Knicks win 108-103.
    The Knicks depth is insane and they are on pace to shatter the league record for threes in a season. Melo is gonna go ham on brooklyn.

  • Stacey D,

    Nets 97 Knicks 90

    It’s Brooklyn baby!



  • Franchise_3

    108-100 for Brooklyn, Lopez is gonna come back plus the nets want it really bad, the knicks are comin off big wins and you gotta falter sometime… dwill w/ 18pts, 8asts.. feltonwith 21pts, 6asts….. btw the headphones are to sickkkkkk…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    Please tell me more about Robin Lopez.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sam.greenberg.5074 Sam Greenberg

    89 to 82 for the Nets. Brooklyn will find a way to slow down the Knicks 3 point shooters and pull away at crunch time with Deron Williams abusing both J-Kidd and Raymond Felton. Email at sam_greenberg@hotmail.com

  • Marcus Wong

    Knicks take it 107-96. They’re not gonna want to drop to Brooklyn twice, and they’ve been on a roll lately. Plus, Jkidd is back, and that should stabilize the locker room. Melo goes for 30+, while Chandler cleans up on the boards and Novak + JR smith get hot from 3 which proves to be the difference.

    It’ll be close at the half, but the Knocks will pull away half way through the third and survive the comeback effort in the fourth.

  • danpowers

    knicks win it 101-90 coz now we got kidd back on board. it is as simple as that.

  • danpowers

    dont forget the knicks have kidd back on board which was the only reason why they gave that first showdown away after they had the nets already by their balls

  • http://twitter.com/AhhMonsieur Ryan Richard

    Knicks 106-95. Melo wont be denied!! MVP!!! MVP!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    The Knickerbockers will beat the Nets by around 10 points, I’m guessing by a score of 105-95. New York has been itching to start making their three-pointers, and with Brooklyn’s struggling D, this seems like the game for that to happen. Carmelo is NOT going to come out shooting the ball well, but he will recognize this early, and make a concentrated effort to get to the line. he’ll likely finish with around 30 points, with a fg% in the low to mid 40′s, but 11-12 from the line. As a team the Knicks will make at least 12 three pointers, but I think the story of the game is going to be how they out rebound the Nets. Look for a lot of treys on extra possessions from all the of the offensive rebounds Tyson Chandler and company will be grabbing.


  • http://www.facebook.com/vitaliy.nikulin Vitaliy Nikulin

    97-92. Knicks want revenge on the Nets and they will get it. Anthony gets a big game.


  • KBM

    107-97 Knicks. They’re a force this young season. Hopefully it doesnt last because Melo is a punk.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jason.battiste.14 Jason Battiste

    Nets win with 117 while the knicks score 101. The knicks are gonna open up very eager for this win. the nets are gonna stick to the organized type offense, like moving the ball and looking for good shots. Most of the knicks will be looking to score and take control of the game all by themselves, like JR Smith. This will get Raymond Felton frustrated, forcing him to try to take control of the game. Because of JR trying to go to the hole or shoot the 3, Deron williams will be covering JR Smith. Joe Johnson will guard Felton and Joe will be getting steals late in the 2nd half to pull the team away. Other ridiculous prediction, Sheed doesnt get thrown out but a Net probably will.

  • JCNik_Cagz

    Knicks 98 Nets 92

  • M.Phoenix

    103-102 Nets. Joe Johnson hits the game winner in OT.

  • Lucentum

    Knicks 100 – Nets 116….

  • Redd

    Don’t worry this time I didn’t pick the Nets because of my dislike for the Knicks lol. But the biggest for me is that the Nets have like a 4 game losing streak, this game means a LOT more to them than for the Knicks. If the losing streak wasn’t there, I’d have the Knicks winning by a lot more.

    But I feel as though Deron will be hungry to win.

  • Anthony

    97-94 NETS — Melo has a BIG game but factoring in the Brooklyn faithfuls & the Billion dollar Barclay’s Center — the Nets should not lose!! (hopefully)

  • Akbar

    Knicks win 93-89. Unlike the first game, Carmelo demands more touches in the 4th quarter on his way to a dominating night. Raymond Felton bounces back from his dismal shooting performance in the first game and the knick bench feed of garden energy.


  • Ugh

    Nets 110, Knicks 279 after Willis Reed comes in after halftime limping.

  • Clo408

    Knicks: 101 and Nets: 102 ………. It’s going to end up being a grind out game for the nets, but the will pull out with a win. straight fact.

  • itoldyouso

    104-99 knicks win…the law of averages says so

  • Cole

    Knicks win it 98 to 91 because they will come back motivated after losing the first one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fernando.valdez.50 Fernando Valdez

    Knicks 107 Nets 91 It all depends on how hot the Knicks can get at shooting, even tough their offense isn’t that good with Melo out, Brooklyn won’t be such a wall as the last time, Felton won’t struggle vs Deron like last time and nor Lopez or Humpries will play good defense, they’ll have to rely on Reggie Evans and their offense won’t be able to push like last time(last time they played Nets won because of Wallace’s and Dwill guts) thing is, last time was just the magic of the first game, now Knicks are on a roll and Nets have bigger issues(JJ not playing well, losing streak, etc.) Jason Kidd can step in if Felton struggles, JR Smith must shoot better than last games, ditto about Novak and even about Sheed.

  • chomsky j

    103 nyk & bn 91

  • TheKid

    Knicks 91 – Nets 83. I think New York is the better team right now while Brooklyn has disappointed in the last few games (GSW and Milwaukee were not good losses). If Lopez isn’t 100%, which he isn’t, I don’t think Brooklyn can deal with a Knick team who undoubtedly wants to erase the last loss to BK and show out in the Barclays Centre.

  • Yi-Cheng Chen

    102-96. Knicks win it. Because Carmelo is more hungry than ever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/akonihiposon3 Garland Viaud

    Knicks 104 Nets 93. Knicks limits the Nets’ points in the 4th quarter and Kidd gets a few steals then Melo takes over. Knicks been on a tear offensively except the Bull’s games and Nets extends their losing streak because of No Brook Lopez

  • jedi420

    Knicks 101 – Nets 97

  • Boss hog

    112-96 knicks, Carmelo goes HAM in the fourth and the entire Nets team goes cold in the 4th.

  • Derek

    The Knicks will take the game 96-89 against the Nets. Melo and D-Will are going to go at it and it will be a good game. The Knicks win the Battle of the Boroughs round 2.

  • http://twitter.com/ecvill11 Edmond Villanueva

    Nets win it 97 – 91. Gerald Wallace with an impressive defensive effort against melo. Joe johnson struggles but deron will carry the team. Book it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/brendantrotter Brendan Trotter

    Knicks take this one 102-89…NY have to much pride to drop another one to Brooklyn. Melo will struggle with the Nets double teams but others will step up big!

  • Matt Hillier

    Nets 96-89: The Nets are on a six game skid and are playing at home where they’ll have their home crowd who’ll be fired up. Whilst the Knicks have been perfect at home this far in the season, they still are a bit sloppy on the road at only 2 games over .500. Avery will have his boys fired up and Deron will be keen to show Carmelo who really is the king of New York.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jaiden.bretthughes Jaiden Brett-Hughesz

    knicks win 101-88

  • tre ross

    Nets over Knicks 93-89 joe Johnson has had early season struggles but his performance against the Warriors was a good sign and i see him stepping up to the plate with a 25 or so night deron williams has also been struggling shooting the ball but will hit key shots down the stretch blatche will bother tyson and gerald wallace being a superb perimeter defender will force melo into bad shots.

  • Coyotewes

    Knicks 103 Nets 98. Leading scorer Rasheed wallace with 32. NEED FOR SHEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hugo Silva

    New York Knicks win 107 – 92 versus Brooklyn Nets. Thats because the Knicks, in my opinion, are better defensivley and will outrebound the Nets and the New York bench will outscore the Brooklyn bench.


    nets win 103-98 deron williams has big game drops 36

  • herman gebru

    knicks 101- nets 98

  • danpowers

    the knicks are as hungry as the nets because they got beat in a innercity duel. jay z was just pouring oil into the fire by bragging about that w. i dont think there is bad blood between these teams but the knicks will play as if their pride was at stake

  • Vince5

    Knicks win 102 – 97. Carmelo never fails in close games and the veterans leadership will lead them in victory.

  • Redd

    I hope I’m wrong cause then I’ll be the weird Anti-Knick guy wearing Knicks headphones LOL. Just kidding I did it cause it’s fun to guess.

    But hunger to get a W finally outweighs beating a team that’s worse than yours.

  • danpowers

    both r hungry, trust me. the knicks dont want to get beat by that new city team again to get embarrassed. that wont be an easy game for both n both teams will fight their b*tts off

  • steven

    Knicks 91 Nets 84

  • danpowers

    your momma is a punk.

  • steven

    91-84 Knicks Win!

  • http://twitter.com/Alexi_DeLarge Emilio Evans

    My predicted score for the Knicks/Nets second showdown is 101-91. My prediction is for no other reason than the fact that the Knicks got this M******F******! They won’t take that last defeat on the chin. As for the score just a guess. I think the Knicks will beat them by 10 points or more.

  • ATL dynamite

    Nets win 100-93. To me the difference is in their backcourt. Both Deron and Joe can play much more D than Felton and JR/ Melo can. Brewer and Kidd are good defensively but they won’t get much playing time. The scores are gonna be close but the Nets with the slight edge in defense would win it.

    Just to make sure, email is twkwilson@gmail.com.

  • Guahan

    Knicks over Nets 98-89. Melo with 25+, knicks too hot right now and the nets won’t be the team to slow them down. Deron Williams will make it a dog fight to the tune of a 20-10 night.

  • blizzardman

    Knicks 116 – Nets 110 in OT
    Just because the Nets are on a 4 game losing streak doesn’t mean they won’t step it up in their house against the across town rivals. should be a good one.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ gordon

    Knicks take it 105-94 behind the heralded play of one JR Smith. DWill will get his, but it won’t be an efficient game from him (his theme this year it seems)

  • Mccoy

    101-95 knicks. Steve Novak will torch the nets

  • Justin05

    109-103. Knicks beat the Nets for the second time and will show that they are real title contenders this season. Brooklyn still needs some time to work together but they will play New York well tomorrow night.

  • http://twitter.com/Carmelotime Devin Johnson

    Knicks will win it tomorrow 105-92, the Knicks fell short last time in the Barclays center, due Raymond Felton’s shot happiness in the last 55 seconds left in 4th quarter and up by three. Also i feel like Felton who had 8 and smith who had 5 will also pick up there game and be the X factors in tomorrow’s game. Lets go knicks #knickstape devindadude@comcast.net

  • rondoooo

    Brooklyn 104 – 93. If brook lopez play he brings a huge scoring ability to a team that suprisingly lacks it with joe johnson

  • Akinwumi

    Possibly the best jerseys in the game this season face off? Tough call, both bring a classic look to the 2012-2013 season. Knicks win the game, but Brooklyn fans still have a good time due to the ambiance that J brings to the Barclays Center and the reassurance from billboards that they have a “Core Four.” 95-94 Knicks over Nets.

  • TommyToast_

    Knicks 103-100, Knicks will be looking to avenge their OT loss to the Nets, but the Nets won’t go down easy since they will be the home team

  • AMM

    Knicks win 108-102. No brook lopez and the knicks are hungry for revenge

  • Troy Drayton

    Knicks with the win 94-84. Brooklyn is slumping right now, despite the fact that their last three have been at home. New York is coming off a nice win against Denver, and are going to want to take revenge on Brooklyn. Carmelo will have a beast game.

  • Adem Aluka

    knicks win 110-93. At the last game at which I was in attendance visiting Brooklyn from Chicago, Brooklyn had something to prove and a statement to make: “WE’RE HERE TO STAY!” and they proved their place and readiness by closing the game strong.

    Now on a turnaround, the Knicks having owned the state of NY for as long as i can remember, will be prepared to show their “veterancy”, both as a team with great experienced players but also as the long time state’s favorite. Melo will continue to show maturity as JR continye to prove his future franchise player’s worthiness and Felton and Chandler their continued leaderships.

    On the other hand, the nets with Deron, Joe, Lopez and the crew will strongly battle but will succumb.

  • Guest

    Knicks win 108-102. No brook lopez and knicks are hungry for revenge

  • J Wash

    Knicks over the Nets 100-88. Knicks will hit 14 3′s and stay with a great record at home because of their improved defense at home and the energy of the MSG crowd. Carmelo will have 29 and J.R Smith will have 19.

  • http://twitter.com/Carmelotime Devin Johnson

    Knicks will win it tomorrow 105-92, the Knicks fell short last time in the Barclays center d, due Raymond Felton’s shot happiness in the last 55 seconds left of 4th quarter and up by three. Also i feel like Felton who had 8pts and smith who had 5pts will also pick up there game and will be the X factors in tomorrow’s game. The nets are short handed with out center brook lopez so the knicks will take advantage of that, but they are hoing have to box out reggie evans who led all rebounds with 14. With that being said the Knicks are upset they lost the most anticipated game and are motivated to win; to prove all the doubters that they are the one of best team in league. Lets go knicks #knickstape email at devindadude@comcast.net

  • TBRK

    Knicks take the Nets in a close one. 97-92. Comes down to the final five minutes of match with oscillating lead changes, Melo comes up big in the clutch

  • http://twitter.com/Carmelotime Devin Johnson

    Knicks will win it tomorrow 105-92, the Knicks fell short last time in the Barclays center d, due Raymond Felton’s shot happiness in the last 55 seconds left of 4th quarter and up by three. Also i feel like Felton who had 8pts and smith who had 5pts will also pick up there game and will be the X factors in tomorrow’s game. The nets are short handed with out center brook lopez so the knicks will take advantage of that, but they are hoing have to box out reggie evans who led all rebounds with 14. With that being said the Knicks are upset they lost the most anticipated game and are motivated to win; to prove all the doubters that they are the one of best team in league. Lets go knicks #knickstape email at devindadude@comcast.net

  • aicomeback

    nets 105-100 deron williams goes ham

  • mike

    95-88 Knicks. With the Nets on their recent skid i think that it will continue against the Knicks while melo puts up a great game giving them the W.

  • http://twitter.com/Seymiautomatic Seymakor Mensah

    Knicks 105-99. I think it’ll be close if Brook Lopez plays but the Knicks have just been on a tear while the Nets have been struggling.

  • http://www.facebook.com/clint.boyd.14 Clint Boyd

    knicks 114,nets 112. with felton on fire and melo getting back into the mix the knicks won’t let brooklyn get away with this one. should be a great conest! can’t wait

  • spit hot fiyah

    98-92 knicks win, beacuse they are better right now

  • Redd

    You censored butts, you’re the coolest Knick fan ever. I hope the Knicks win, I’m starting to like them but I still stick by the fact Nets are hungrier.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    He’s the one with the bigger Jew-fro.

  • danpowers

    just coz i dont want to deal with that stupid censorship function here ;) bud, we had that already: we cant get too close (no homo lol). as soon as rose returns and the bulls get back to serious contending-mode while the knicks stay at their style of play we will get at each other regularly lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/vasilis.mavroidis Vasilis Mavroidis

    knicks will take it easily!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/mrottochen Otto Chen

    Knicks win 105 to Nets 95

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Knicks win 103-96. Based purely off their season averages. No Brook Lopez and the Knicks are looking to avenge their last loss at Barclay’s Center. Plus, the Nets have been struggling as of late while the Knicks are balling out of control especially now that Melo is back.

  • Bubbles

    94-88 Knicks-Nets. Not having Lopez will hurt, but the Nets will still play a tough defense. JR Smith will carry the load offensively.

  • Bubbles

    He’s also on the Hornets.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sajjatam Sajjatam Tp Kulsomboon

    Knicks beat the Nets 141-79. The Knick’s organization had been secretly creating a time machine for the past decade. The budget for this project was covered up by overpaying players which I won’t go through that long long list. The machine was planned to be ready for operation by the start of this season, but was postponed because Amare accidentally punched it and repairs set schedule back. This explains the reason why New York signed all of the old veterans: so that once the machine is ready, they can all return to their peak forms. Jason Kidd totally dominates the game with a triple double, while Marcus Camby and Tyson Chandler held down the paint. Rasheed Wallace hit 7 Three’s before he got ejected for wearing his championship belt out of halftime and refusing to take it off. Amare made a surprise entry midway through the game in his pre-knee surgery form and dunked so hard on Gerald Wallace that fans started rushing the floor.

    Side Note: Stephon Marbury accidentally learned about the project and the Knicks organization had to shut him up by turning him into a lunatic. Sad story.

  • danpowers


  • ludmil matsoev

    The nets will win it in a close one, something like 102-97. They might be struggling, but they will play at home and they have already beaten them once. Deron and blatche will probably lead in scoring, with johnson helping a lot. They are definetly the best team in NY.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kostas.fuorigioco Kostas Fuorigioco

    Knicks win 105-99

  • raffy

    brooklyn takes this game 94-98 couse its in barclays and the nets dont go down easely

  • http://www.facebook.com/MaluNewYorker Jerry Alex

    Nets 95-93. Close game as usual. JJ plays a nice full game, as does Deron.

  • Jared Stewart

    98-90 knicks win melo and j.r combine for 60 D.will 25 and 10 assist knicks shoot 15-35 from three

  • Edo

    100-96 for the Nets. Nets beat them last time and have have gone a losing streak recently. They will be motivated and hungry to beat them again.

  • Frez_Friz

    I think the Nets will win 103-99… Brook Lopez and D-Will is a dangerous combo!

  • Connor

    Knicks all the way, 101-97. Knicks out for revenge and with the Nets recent struggles, despite it being a rivalry game, the Knicks have got this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sajjatam Sajjatam Tp Kulsomboon


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    yea, not what I was getting at

  • Drizzy88

    Knicks will take this one 110-98. Melo and JR will b on fire, along with a likely Chandler double-double.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.truong.96 Anthony Truong

    120-98 knicks win by massive blowout, i think the first game the knicks were too nervous resulting in poor shooting, brooklin have been in poor form and lack a solid defense besides the input from crash.

  • Neo Pok Chow

    Knicks will win 100-97. It will be a close game as both team have great players. However, the knicks will come out winning because they want to avenge their loss. Plus with a guy called Carmelo on the team… U know how he does in close games:)

  • Ezekiel Bagay

    Nets will win. I guess that the score will be 97-94. The nets wont let the knicks beat them on their second game

  • Andy

    Knicks win the Nets 87-78 thanks to Melo, just a wild guess!

  • KBV4

    94-89 Knicks. Melo is a beast.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    107-103 New York Knicks prevail for the win. The game with my shifted my New York big’s abusing Brooklyn’s front court

  • Nick

    Knicks win 104-96. Knicks are not gonna lose twice in a row in this series. :)

  • mvv

    BKN 103-98 NYK

    home rush will get the BN another W and high speed and scoring…

    …or maybe not.

  • Jai

    I would guess that the Knicks will take this one, but only by seven points. 101-94. The Knicks look to avenge their first loss to the Nets so this game will definitely be competitive. Carmelo Anthony will surely lead the way for the Knicks, and if Brook Lopez doesn’t play, the New York will have a tough time defending Tyson Chandler.

  • Anton25

    Knicks 101-94. Knicks want it real bad.And Melo is ready for battle.


  • CP7

    103 – 85 Knicks Way. Tyson Chandler will own the paint without Brook Lopez on the other side.

  • phillip sim

    94-90 Knicks Win.
    Knicks will win simply because of a more cohesive game and Melo hitting crucial shots.

    The game will stay close because the Knicks make less 3 compared to Nets.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Eazy21 Isabelle VPunckt

    Knicks will win 99-93. Will be a tight game again, cause both teams want to win desperately after the last game -thriller!!

  • Matt

    Nets 96-89: The Nets are on a six game skid and are playing at home where they’ll have their home crowd who’ll be fired up. Whilst the Knicks have been perfect at home this far in the season, they still are a bit sloppy on the road at only 2 games over .500. Avery will have his boys inspired and ready and Deron will be keen to show Carmelo who really is the king of New York.

  • http://twitter.com/mcruz7 Miguel Cruz

    Knicks 96-89. For the knicks Melo 28pts,5rbs,3asst. Chandler 16pts,15rbs. Fort the Nets Williams 26pts,9asst. Johnson 18pts, 4asst.

  • Daniel

    Since I’m a Knicks fan, I’m going with them. I’m hoping for a (sportsmanlike) retaliation, so I think it’s going to be 104-97 for NYK.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BadBluue Czakó Balázs

    The Knicks will beat the Nets 105-92. badbluue@hotmail.com

  • Guahan

    knicks 98-86 over the nets. Nets won’t be able to slow the knicks down from the hot streak. Melo getting 25+ and Deron keeping it interesting with a 20-10 night.

  • slam is biased

    i cant comment is it cause i dont have a profile?

  • fofivefo

    Knicks 97 Nets 93
    The Knicks shooting is going to keep falling but Carmelo will come out and have a big game. There is nobody on the Nets that willl be able to contain him.

  • Danny N.

    103-95 Because in my game last night if you multiply our score and minus 1 it equals this.

  • RedDragon10

    I believe the nets beat the knicks in Brooklyn with a score of 98-89. Melo can’t get it going offensively which leads to a number of turnovers while the knicks hot 3-point shooting also comes to an end. Deron Williams will lead the nets in scoring with good contributions from joe johnson and Gerald Wallace.

  • Zabbah

    It’s a shame that the one entry that has no hope of winning was by far the most entertaining.

  • sefos

    I expect the knicks to win a fairly close game. Something like 105-99. Melo gets 27 points with so-so percentages. Tyson has a strong double-double, with or without Lopez suiting up. J-Kidd has a solid line, of 13 and 7, and re-affirms his standing as the knicks stabilizer.
    Deron Williams always has big games against the knicks and tonight shouldn’t be any different, but it won’t be enough this time. Can I have my headphones now?

  • Hursty

    Knicks 104, Nets 99.
    Knicks get more bench production and the Nets go through scoring lapses costing them the game.

  • Ozair Abbasi

    Knicks beat Nets 96-89, I think both teams match up well and it’s going to be your run of the mill, East coast hard-nosed defensive battle. Difference in this one? Knicks have Jason Kidd back, and have gone 6-1 since losing to the Nets. The Nets? 2-4. The game will probably be close through the entire first half with the Knicks pulling away in the late third and fourth quarters, where they have been playing excellent ball as of late.

  • Zabbah

    With Brook Lopez missing the Nets’ D have been softer than jello, and their five game slide is an indication of this. However, Deron Williams has picked it up these last few games and he’ll pick it up even more when the stakes are this high. He’s gonna explode for 30 and 10 and Nets win, 103 98, Nets win. Melo will be a monster though, scoring 40 in a losing cause.

  • http://twitter.com/Hot_Ice21 MiKED

    knicks will win 112-96 MIZEV21@yahoo.com

  • Julie Kleber

    B-r-o-OK -l-y-n 111-103 in 1 OT. Because Biggie Smalls told Carmelo “Here comes the brand new flava in ya ear…”

  • Änimätéd Män

    Knicks win it. It´s gonna be their bench and their 3-pointers. Their 3-pointers have been off lately, and this game is theirs. JR with 20, novak with 15, felton with 20, and carmelo with a triple double! YEAH! Final score: 101 – 85

  • Eddue

    Knicks 95 Nets 88…The absence of Lopez will continue to be felt as Williams will try to increase more of his scoring load but it will not be enough. Melo will have a 30+ game as Gerald Wallace will get in foul trouble. Kidd will play well along aside Felton as they both dish out 6-8 assists each and Tyson Chandler will have a 15/10 game

  • Donald

    knicks 112 – Nets 98

  • Marijn

    88 – 84 NYK win

  • Naefy

    90-83 New York

  • Tempest

    New York ties with Brooklyn 69 to 69! Because its not going to happen and this comment is ridunkulous

  • LA3

    Knicks win 105 to 94 Nets tight game till the end.

  • Mel

    The Knicks will win 112-103. The knicks have yet to lose at home and only lost last time to the Nets because of bad calls. Even with all those bad calls the knicks were still close and lost in overtime. I expect Melo and company to get off to hot start in the Garden and keep their cross time rivals from getting close.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sajjatam Sajjatam Tp Kulsomboon

    I am in it for the fun… though i guess i should have made a better guess at the score.

  • Ted

    Knicks win 101-99 on GW jumper from ‘Melo. Joe Johnson has a huge game scoring over 35 points, but it’s not enough to overcome ‘Melo’s late game heroics. You heard it here first.

  • Will

    103-96 Knicks. Melo drops 27

  • WWLC

    110-101 NYK. Knicks will win easily and the Nets will only cut down the league during garbage time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anton.prokopovich.3 Anton Prokopovich

    Knicks win 101-94.Melo will be on fire.

  • http://twitter.com/bobyjoe30 dain(GOKU)

    knicks will win and i sholuld get free haedphones!!!! lolol

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Knicks 108 – Nets 100. Brook Lopez is reported to miss the game. I’m thinking the Knicks take this one. Kidd has been killing it since returning from injury. Should be a fun an exciting game!

  • http://twitter.com/DPisWill DePaul Williams

    Knicks beat Nets 102-94. Melo puts the Knicks on his back and shows why he is an MVP candidate. The knicks will shoot over 50% from the arc and make up for the over time loss in Brooklyn.

  • jyizzle

    106-90 Knicks beat the Nets. The Knicks have played with a never before seen motivation and especially because they already dropped one game against the Nets, they will come out with even more intensity. With Jason Kidd back on the floor, the Knicks should be able to get big buckets down the stretch unlike how stagnated the offense was in overtime of the last game. With Brook Lopez out, the Nets will have a problem scoring when needed the most and will ultimately lose because of the lack of offense. Raymond Felton may play with some added motivation after seeing former Knick’s point guard Jeremy Lin’s monster stat line against San Antonio last night. The Knicks are just playing with so much hunger and desire while Brooklyn has been lacking firepower. Brooklyn has lost their last 3 at home and will lose their 4th straight after tonight.

  • Muhammad Wattoo

    Knicks beat Nets 102-94.

    The Knicks have been playing really well this season even with Melo injured against the Miami Heat. Melo has committed to defense and is sharing the ball more often. It’s sharpshooters (Novak, Smith, Kidd, etc.) are performing magnificently. Felton is having a great season making plays and scoring buckets. The defensive rotation is solid. the Last matchup between these two teams illustrate a tight game where leads were changed often. However, with Brook Lopez out of the starting lineup and Joe Johnson struggling with consistency, the Nets will conceded this one to the league leading Knicks.

    Muhammad Wattoo
    email: mawattoo@owu.edu

  • http://www.facebook.com/nathaniel.dedman Nathaniel Dedman

    it will be a huge game that the knicks will win i will predict a 98- 104 win to the knicks.. the knicks bench is too strong and joe johnson has been too incosistant (he is getting better)

  • AndyK

    94 – 86 New York Knicks over the Brooklyn Nets. I think the Knicks will play better because of Brook Lopez’s injury.

  • Anthony Dixon

    The Knicks will beat the Nets 100-92. The last time these two teams squared off,Brooklyn barely won. I see the Knicks avenging that loss by hitting a number of 3′s. Brook Lopez’s absence is killing the Nets and it will definitely hurt them tonight. Joe Johnson struggles against the top teams and Marshon does not play. The knicks will tie this series up at 1.

  • Damion Magnuson

    the Knicks offense is going to come out blazing, led by Melo. no doubt BK is gonna fire back though i think its going to be a close game at 108-99. knicks win

  • NYK2013

    Knicks win by 10, 105-95. Melo scores 34 points, JR Smith 23 points.

  • Nedo

    Net by 20!


    I think the knicks win by around 15-20 points. Because Brook Lopez is their main defender, and he’s gone, so tyson chandler will romp around in the post. the nets also don’t have a solid defender against carmelo.


    I think the knicks win with ease, as Brook Lopez is gone and the defense is slightly pitiful without him. The Knicks win by at LEAST 10 points, and Melo gets 30, 10, and 5. Also J.R. will have about 15-20 points and the knicks will establish themselves and tie the series. Bringing respect back to the mecca!!!!

  • Aamir K.

    Damn…you called it right on the money

  • http://www.facebook.com/HolyBaller Dillan Leu

    You’re a prophet.

  • jedi420

    damn i had the nets at 97, if only the knicks scored 3 more points!! so close

  • Max


  • Max


  • Jeremy Lin BIG BOII

    I believe that the Knicks will beat the Nets 105-96. They win because J Kidd is back and hes beast and Carmelo will score like 23 and Chandler will get way more boards than Kris Humphries


  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Well then… Enjoy those headphones!

  • Neo Pok Chow

    Wow I guessed correctly! ;P But slamonline hasn’t contacted me though…

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    Lol wow congrats man. Which headphones you going for? Knicks or nets? Enjoy them

  • Batman

    DAMN!!! how can i get my prize if im @ Philippines?

  • Batman

    Wow we both called the right score. -_-

  • Batman
  • Batman

    Congrats men.

  • Redd

    I’m assuming Batman won? He called it first.

  • Batman

    yeah men! slam is not contacting me yet -_-

  • Batman

    The “TWO” that can provide the most accurate predictions will win either a set of either Knicks or Nets headphones. so we both won?

  • Redd

    Oh excuse me didn’t read it, congrats to you guys!(?)

  • Batman

    Thanks! I’m hopping that I also won :)

  • Neo Pok Chow

    Have they contacted u? I’ve got no news yet!

  • Batman

    nah.. -_- im still waiting.

  • Max

    Tell someone in the postup.

  • Neo Pok Chow

    Congratz to u too btw! R u from the States? I’m from Singapore!

  • Batman

    No. Im from philippines. how come they are not contacting us? (facepalm)

  • Batman

    Can you help us?

  • Max

    Not really, and did u just refer to yourself as 2 people? :)

  • Batman

    no men. @Neo Pok Chow and me.:) he also got the right score. :P anyway, thank you :)

  • me_losh

    I’ll say 100-97, Kicks win…just got a feeling.

  • Max

    They contacted u?

  • Vince5

    wow, so close!

  • Batman

    Yup thanks :)

  • Max

    Hah, no prob.

  • Neo Pok Chow

    They emailed me already:) I hope they do shipment!

  • spike lee

    knicks for three GOT IT

  • boris

    knicks will win

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=507626147 Melton Andre

    110-92 Carmelo and Kidd triple doubles

  • JTray

    knicks will win 92-108 Anthony will make last shot for knicks

  • JTray

    knicks win 100-97 Jason kidd game winning shot for knicks