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Reasonable Doubt

A look at the three rookies who brought back our love for the game after the ’98-99 lockout.

by Ben Osborne / @bosborne17

When the last lockout ended back in ’99, MJ was gone and we were left with a sloppy and rushed 50-game season. Who brought back our love for the game quicker than we imagined? A group of three electrifying rookies who were each must-watch talents in their own unique way:

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  • Sparty’s Law

    Pffff, y’all forgot Michael Olowokandi.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Classic SLAM stuff. Fond memories for me.

  • illogicaljedi

    Brought back memories of when J-Will crossed up Gary Payton.

  • KoBynum16

    White Chocolate

  • http://www.nbadraft.net showtime

    Classic slam , Air Canada, WhiteChocolate, Tha Thruth!!! I still remember middle school trying to mimic williams elbow pass, or Vince windmill on the adjustable rim (had the setting on 8 1/2 of course)

  • http://all-heat-erthing.tumblr.com/ cramzy

    I remember being so pissed at the Mavs for taking Dirk over Paul..pretty much a wash at this point.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Good sh*t Ben

  • mike

    Classic, the VC cover is still on my wall today.

  • justin

    VC used to rock Kobe before the injuries set it. Yall remember that i know!

  • Chukaz

    Paul Piece was never must see TV. Vince definitely. Jason Williams? For the most part. Pierce was never too flashy. He used to cross people pretty good but it wasn’t pretty or flashy. Vince Carter was breathtaking tho

  • ttc

    yea, memories..cant believe its already been 12 years!! damn..the days when i used to cop every single issue of Slam and read them religiously..

  • miller126

    Jwill!! I always said he and VC saved the league after MJ retired, every night there was highlights from these two. Being from Kansas I got to see every Paul Pierce game while he was @KU, had mad talent back then was just restrained in KU’s system under Roy Williams. I was hooked on the NBA when Jason Williams arrived, nothing was more showtime bball than in the lockout’99 season and the crazy ’99-00 Kings team.

  • miller126

    Jwill rookie highlights
    “highlight mix starts @:40 secs, I dont speak spanish either haha…”

  • miller126

    Jwill highlight for days, English version

  • J.A.M.S.

    best part about V.C’s picture, is that he didn’t complete the dunk. It was in houston or seattle????? Maximillion had a clip of it. He pulls it back after a whistle behind the play.

  • J.A.M.S.

    scratch that….i realized it was houston. who looks at the floor anyways when Vince was in the air?

  • Jerome

    VC shoulda kept rockin’ the Puma.

  • dannyb

    Man, Pierce was a heck of a lot skinnier back then

  • Justin G.

    Cosign Chukaz. Pierce was never must see ever. I’ll never forget those first few years for Vince though. Just unreal athleticism, a highlight reel dunk every game…ahhhh when it was good to be a Raptor fan

  • BBaller

    I still have that VC cover issue, and oh the elbow pass was frequently practiced. Damn 12 years…where did it go?

  • Mooney10

    Carter is the best game dunker I have ever seen! In my mind there is him, Kemp, Dominque and Griffin (current) best highlight dunks in games! I still remember watch VC dunk on the Frech Kid at the Olympics live, I rewinded it at least 20 times, still when I see it I can’t believe it.

  • iLLwiLL

    Damn, its been 12 years already? Copped all three issues then as an 8th grader. Seeing VC here is Toronto was absolutely electric. Will never forget those times.

  • YMCN

    Paul Pierce..hahaha he looks like a scrub