Friday, July 7th, 2006 at 1:56 pm  |  8 responses

Bloggin’ out

Some quick afternoon blogger hits.

Adam Morrison clean cutMission Makeover: Charlotte. A style editor in the Charlotte area writes in her blog about how everyone wants her to makeover Adam Morrison. I don’t see it happening, and she says she’ll only do it if Adam wants her to. Keep the grimy Joey Ramone haircut Adam! it’s a good way to hide the tears. Heh heh heh, I keed I keed.

This was written last week before he got hurt, but Father Knickerblogger put together a compilation of what some observers thought of Renaldo Balkman. The thing I’m most concerned about is this quote from Balkman in the NY Post the other day: “I’m so excited being in Las Vegas for the first time.” Uh oh.

Some nice Atlanta Hawks photoshop works over at Yay Sports! concerning the continuing Belkin saga.

Poor Pistons fans. First they lose Ben Wallace, now they’re getting excited about Mateen Cleaves sightings.

With the Bulls recent moves and the White Sox the defending champs having a great year, is Jerry Reinsdorf the best owner in sports?

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  • Pablo Favarel

    This dude Morrison is a moron! Not because he cried when he lost (I did too), but because he´s a fan of Che Guevara. I live in Argentina, where there are still a lot of comunism going around. And this Che sucks. If Morrison supports him, he´d better go out to Cuba and see what´s life like. Besides, he should not a earn a single dollar of his millonaire contract, because according to his principles, they belong to the government. I´d like Sam, if you or Lang ever crosses your path with him, to tell him what I´m telling you know. As for know, I hate Morrison

  • http://www.espn.com Bronson

    The more you morons rip on Adam Morrison, the more he will dominate. Your just adding fuel to the fire. He plays best at hostile arenas. He has the scoring ability of Larry Bird. The rebounding will come along as he gets more experience. FEAR THE STASHE!!!!! LONG LIVE ADAM MORRISON!!!!!!! ADAM “THE IMMORTAL” MORRISON.

  • Day

    Ok honestly. Let the guy play. He’s as good as a whole lot of people. Come on let him think whatever he wants to it is still America right? Just cause he’s from the West Coast doesn’t mean he won’t dominate!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    One thing the ‘stache knows how to do and does well is score!

  • Adam

    Adam Morrison is the best player and shooter ive seen in a long time. Plus Id like to see all those who critisize him to play with the disease that he has. Diabeties is no stroll in the park. I would know because I have it.

  • http://www.fotolog.com/marc_ramon Ramon

    this is adam morrison?

  • Russell

    Hey boys. Morrison is Laker now! Phil Jackson and Kobe will have this kid right where he needs to be…spotted up in the corner, waiting for the kickout for the three point shot.
    Yes, Adam Morrison is the missing piece the lakers will ride all the way to a championship!

  • Paul

    This is Adam? I didn’t recognize him without the tears!