Thursday, July 20th, 2006 at 12:17 pm  |  25 responses

Iverson in a Hawks Jersey

They’ll have to rename it the A.I.T.L.

By Sam Rubenstein 

Matt from realgm, who is the man behind the SLAM Iverson Celtics cover, sent along another good creation. 27 more teams to go.

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  • Pic

    thats hot, word to paris hilton


    i wish he would get traded already, but not to the hawks. ai deserves better than that, sorry lang

  • Zee

    Joe Johnson is dreading this…he’s gotta be. Wont matter though, ATL could have Jesus at point and still would lose.

  • Matt

    Yo Zee, that comment was funny as hell but I don’t think Lang would really appreciated it.

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    Anyone want to bet me that the Hawks win more games this season than last season?

  • daniel

    the 1st cover was the best! the answer will be headed to boston!! pierce and AI combo will be huge. huge enough to take out that team formerly known as the “Pistons”. matter of fact, through in andre igouadala in that trade. we’ll give philly gerald greene, kedrick perkins, and a draft pick. SOUNDS good to me!!

  • Mike

    I believe when this season is over the Hawks have a better record than the Celtics and Sixers. No matter where AI plays.

  • rgeezy

    i dunno about that these josh smith trade rumors are gettin me pretty upset since he was my favorite hawks…the sixers would jump on a harrington, smith and draft pick? for iverson trade tho.


    someone wanna check mike? i think he has dementia or something

  • Pic

    was that mike woodson?







  • Young C

    Since Boston wants to contend for a championship right now and Philly knows that they wont win a championship with AI and Webber, they should try and trade both of them to Boston. Philly could start over and get some young talent and draft picks, but they will also have to take a few bad contracts also. Boston would have to give up Telfair, Jefferson, G. Green, Wally (somewhat bad contract), Ratliff (bad contract), and Scalabrini (very bad contract) and 1 or 2 first round picks. Trust me, the salaries match, look it up.

    This would give Boston a lineup of Iverson,Tony Allen, Pierce, Webber, & Perkins. The Celtics would still have a decent bench with Rondo, West, Powe, Gomes, Grant, and they could resign Kandi man to be backup center. Boston would be contenders in the east for the next 3-4 years and AI, Pierce, & C-Webb would have no excuse if they dont at least get close to the chip. The downside for Boston is they would be over the cap for the next 4-5 years until their big threes’ contracts run out and personally i dont really think they could knock off the Pistons, Heat, or the up-and-coming Bulls and Cavs.

    On the other hand the Sixers would be pretty much giving up the next year or two while they rebuild with their young players. Philly would get 3 young talents to work with, not including the 2 picks from Boston and their own future picks. Telfair, Green, and Jefferson have the most upside out of all of Boston’s young players and would fill the positions left by AI and Webber. Then Philly would have to deal with their bad contracts. Ratliff’s contract is over in ’08 so they might have to just eat that up until then. Wally still has some trade value so they could possibly trade him for a soon to be expiring contract like Grant Hill or Jalen Rose. If Scalabrini cant be packaged with Wally in a trade, Philly might just have to eat his contract up also for the next 4 years. This would give Philly a young & athletic lineup of Telfair,Iguodala,Carney,Jefferson, & Dalembert. Their bench would be Williams, G.Green, Korver, Ratliff, and Hunter. If the sixers are really that bad, they will have a chance to draft Gred Oden or Kevin Durant next year, or possibly OJ Mayo in ’08. But if the Sixers make all the moves that i just stated, i dont think they will be a lottery team for too long at all.

    I would be amazed if Billy King were smart enough to pull this deal off, but like most GMs he probably wont have the balls to pull it off and listen to stupid fans who would rather lose for the next 5 years than trade their boy Allen Iverson. I love AI as much as anyone but Philly is going nowhere with him so we might as well see what we can do without him.

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    Mike, I like the way you think.

    And from what I’ve been told out of Atlanta, pretty much anyone could be traded except for Josh Smith.

  • rgeezy

    oh ok thats good to know…i was going by Sean Deveny sporting news’ basketball expert he gave this as a reason why Atlanta should trade him and supposedly he scoured the rumor mills for back up:
    “Inconsistency. Smith plays well at times, but he has not improved the specific parts of his game that need improving for the Hawks to rely on him. He has not shown the work ethic, and still has not shown an understanding of team basketball, which is why Atlanta would not mind moving him.”

  • http://yahoo.com DP

    Lang, I bet you all my damn lunch money for the year that the Hawks won’t even win 25 games!

  • karl

    well for me no matter where he goes..ill stil support him..but still, i miss him in the 76ers jersey..damn..he has donw alot for tat team..now i think is time for him to move on..

  • chainreaction

    the past2days i said that allen shouldnt leave philly cuz he said hes a sixer4ever but nou i start to think that he looks good in atls jersey:)yeah he deserves a better team but lets be serious he said he remains a sixer u cant be mad at him 4that man hes a real player he stays at philly eaven if theyr shit and thats what makes him a real player man cuz no mather good or bad season he stays at philly.i don think money is a problem 4him right now but hey maybe hell go to atl in hope 4 a better team

  • karl

    yea true..i agree wit u..but then again id relly love to see him in other jerseys like lets say denver or boston..he looks hot in them ahahah

  • Shank

    Yeah baby coming to my town here we come playoffs

  • Adam

    2 things: the Mike guy needs to see a doctor.
    : A.I. could be in Atlanta but that’s gonna empty out Atlanta’s roster. Philly would probably get Harrington, Smith, Claxton, and a few draft picks. So best chance in this case is that he gets traded to G.S., possibilty of Knicks, and Indiana. G.S. would give Philly Baron, Troy Murphy, and a few draft picks. Isaiah Thomas can give a really good offer to King, but the problem is if Iverson wants to go to N.Y. if you think about it, Marbury and Francis walked into MSG only to see there career sink. Iverson won’t be too fond of that. If a trade does go down, Marbury might not want to leave N.Y. because he’s from Coney Island. Then the only thing that can happen is that Francis and Rose leave with some other players or draft picks. Indiana can offer Stephen Jackson, Jamaal Tinsley, and a few draft picks OR Jermaine O’Neal. That’s gonna make an empty hole in the roster and I can’t think of anyone that could replace JO.

  • Jemzstonez

    A.I and the hawks mabey it can work out but… The answer is more likely to get traded on a way better thethen the hawks

  • http://slamonline.com Justin H

    I live in GA and it would be cool to have A.I. on the team but i dont think A.I. can even turn the hawks around. Even if he could I dont know who they could trade him for I think if your ATL you want to keep Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Marvin and Shelden Williams. So I don’t know who Philly would want from the hawks roster. Atl could try sending speedy claxton or Tyronn Lue with Harrington and Josh Childress to Philly for Iverson. I dont know if they would take it though. I dont see Why Atlanta won’t use some of its salary cap to get some good players. Ben Wallace could’ve been in a hawks jersey for all I know.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/a88j starbury

    hi..just wondering if anyone has the link to the AI Slam cover..ive been looking for it for ages but without any luck. thanks.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/a88j starbury

    i meant the ai slam celtics cover…