Thursday, July 20th, 2006 at 2:29 pm  |  5 responses

More Sonic Gloom

The fans are angry, some are sad. They all need to be heard.

by Sam Rubenstein

Let’s take the temperature of how Sonics fans are holding up.

Sonicscentral has a good conspiracy theory going about the move.

saveoursonics.org is off to a strong start, gaining 500 members in its first day of existence.

king boomSupersonicsoul is trying to look past the whole thing by occupying itself with watching summer league. This is a day after an angry post about how maybe the team should be begging the fans to stay instead of vice versa.

A healthy dose of venom from a newly created blog called BIG LIARS.

A Seahawks blogger wonders if Seattle deserves the Sonics. This won’t go over well.

Some Sonics fans are shedding tears. Others are expressing their anger towards Howard Schultz.

Turnout for a protest wasn’t great, but don’t be discouraged. Keep fighting!

By the way, if anyone missed it, that picture up there is of the Kingdome’s demolition. Subtle, no?

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  • http://yahoo.com DP

    Man Seattle, you all need to come to Mississippi, we will treat yall right fo real man.

  • Mighty

    maybe if seattle drafted Balkman things would be different….

  • http://www.sonicscentral.com/blog Big Chris

    Thanks for the link!

    SonicsCentral.com staff

    Big Chris