Wednesday, August 9th, 2006 at 12:48 pm  |  15 responses

Kobe, Harrington and Melo

Today’s NBA news and notes…

by Lang Whitaker

“I got my tuneup, had the mechanic go in, clean my joint out, I’m oiled up, I’m ready to go.” — Kobe Bryant, on his injured knee.

• Says here Kobe loves soccer.

Al Harrington‘s new agent debuts and talks about how they’re going to get a great deal for Al, blah, blah, blah. I’m still waiting for him to explain how he’s going to talk Hawks GM Billy Knight into doing a deal that will actually help the Hawks.

• Basketball has been named the official state sport of Massachusetts, and people aren’t happy about it. They apparently thought this somehow meant the Celtics were the official state team, which isn’t a good idea for anyone as long as Fingers Ainge is around.

• Canzano on the Blazers, including a great story about Ruben Patterson.

• The Hornets are considering holding part of their traning camp in New Orleans this year, to try and further confuse their fan base.

Carmelo says his knee will be fine by the weekend.

All’s fine with the Mets these days!

• Not sure what’s more strange: Jared Jeffries wearing a beige/white three-piece suit to his press conference yesterday or his mother wearing clothes that matched his.

• The Sixers being the Sixers, they have $4.5 million laying around but can’t find anyone to give it.

• Another ridiculous Internet rumor has to be refuted by the people involved.

• More on the Cavs situation and their indecision about their announcers.

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  • Joe

    I feel as if the Post has certain buzz words posted on a wall for stories. Like anything involving a 15 – 19 year old girl gets “baby sitter” etc..

    Their stories seem so off the wall its like they themselves dont want you to believe them.

  • Myung

    i guess it’s safe to say allan houston’s jersey # won’t be retired anytime soon.

  • Jake Appleman

    A few things on the Post/Lo Duca story

    –The girl is described as “leggy”. Um…

    –Tom Verducci’s SI cover story on the Mets from a few weeks back was sort of built around Lo Duca’s clubhouse persona, to the point that his nickname “Captain Red Ass” made the cover of the mag. If that’s the case, does that mean Sonia is now “the former Mrs. Red Ass”?

    –If baseball players (Bobby Abreu, Paul Lo Duca) hit significantly better during times of marital strife, then why do they get married? Or do they get married just for the inevitable game-raising problems?

    –Say what you want about the girl being 19. If you ask Harold Reynolds, he’ll tell you that’s a good piece of hitting.

    –It sucks that Sam is on vacation because he would be all over this.

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    I’m convinced Sam knew something about how this story was about to break, and that’s why he took the week off. He’s probably advising Willie Randolph on how to handle all this.

  • Allen

    That’s hot.

  • Chris O’Leary

    The Post had two choices: call the girl a college student, a young woman, whatever, or they could call her a sexy, leggy teen bombshell babysitter. Glad to see they took the high road on this thing.

    Also, I’m a lettering change away from having a Jarred Jeffries jersey.

  • Jake Appleman

    It’d be awesome if this was like a team-wide epidemic. The saga could explode into something like the Gold Club scandal in Atlanta. Imagine the hysteria if the Teeny Bopper Mets rolled into the World Series. Given the franchise we’re talking about, it’d only be fitting. And the Mets would thrive off of it.

  • Nine XXVI

    Actually, Jefferies’ suit was pretty damn tight.

    But I’m worried about two things;
    One: He’s on the Knicks.
    Two: He’s wearing #20 on the Knicks.

    Think about it.

  • Nadav Mor

    Seeing Houston’s number being worn by someone else is so wrong, that it’s right.

  • Matt

    Can we call him H202?

  • Matt Wens

    matt, no we cant

  • TKJC

    Let’s call him H20 Lite. :)

    He’s not a bad player but he ain’t gonna help the Knicks one bit, especially with the price tag he comes with.

  • Santtu

    Regarding the Post, I found it rather fitting that if you answer the “Mel’s rage” poll – which I of-bloody-course did – an ad for Ann Coulter’s new book pops up. ‘Nuff said, I guess…

    My favorite part of the story itself was the following passage:

    “She also showed two photos of the slugger in action – tagged to romantic lyrics from Jessica Simpson’s song “Angels.”

    “And through it all, he offers me protection. A lot of love and affection. Whether I’m right or wrong . . . my love,” it read under the photos, which mysteriously disappeared along with the rest of her page yesterday.”

    Hilarious stuff. The best piece of comedy writing since the Will Ferrell piece in GQ.

  • G

    team usa are in hong kong now – and they were all out at a club last nite.

    melo says his knee is fine – which is great news. he also got up on stage and treated the crowd to his rap skills. good thing he’s got a day job…

  • Bigi

    Jeffries in Knicks jersey…With number #20…The Roots…When Things Fall Apart.Good Luck Isiah.