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Some non-basketball sports thoughts

Stay with me here. It’s Fri-day, and it’s August 18th.

By Sam Rubenstein

See how I warned you with the title? So, anyone still here for the non-basketball sports thing? It’s Fri-day, and accoding to the trusty old NBA.com RSS feed, the stories of the day are all about Team USA and Tony Parker being out for France. Mental note: never depend on NBA.com. My computer at work can’t handle is futuristicness. At home, my computer’s a little better, but I digress. Sactown Royalty lured me in with a headline that reads “The Rash Has Been Cured.” That sounds like good news.

Moving on, here are some thoughts on the two other sports I care about.

Baseball. The Mets are so far ahead, I’m bored. I think the players are just as bored as I am. Back in May, I told Lang that the division title was wrapped up (MAY!) and the reason being that the National League is pathetic. Winning that division title will be nice and all and I suppose I’ll pop a bottle of champagne (that my roommate left in the fridge and hopefully forgot about), but I only care about the playoffs. Anything less than a World Series appearance and I consider this a missed opportunity season, even a disappointing one. Once the Mets are in the World Series, the real competition begins. Now, I have not been watching the Mets on TV at all the past few weeks. I went to a game, and I’m going again tonight, but that’s more for the cheap beer ($6.75. Jerks.) and delicious food. I have been more interested in watching the Yankees. I want another subway series! Come on Yanks, you can do it!

Here is my one comment on A-Rod. I do not want to pile on like everybody else. Yesterday I saw him and Jeter mess up an infield pop up. That ball belonged to the captain of the infield, which is the shortstop. Unfortunately, both of them are shortstops. I believe that A-Rod resents his own decision to move to third base. He was gold glove caliber last year, but for whatever reason he is not this year to say the least. If A-Rod were still playing short, he would be more relaxed, and go back to being the dominant offensive force in the game. This will never happen, and if he were to take on Jeter in the press, he would never survive the backlash. The Yankees that I grudgingly respect list goes like this: Rivera, Wang, Jeter, Bernie, Matsui, Sheffield.

The Red Sox-Yankees showdowns always get crazy amounts of hype, and you know what, I still love it! Schilling-Mussina on Sunday night? That’s hot. A five game series? Let’s play six!
As for football, I can not watch preseason. The only good thing that can happen is that one of your team’s key players doesn’t get injured. I read that the Giants played well last night. That’s good. Only two offensive linemen were hurt. I’m much more concerned with the upcoming fantasy football draft. There’s money to be made. My only tip is to try and trade down if you’ve got a top 3 pick. Alright, back to summer basketball…

Of course none of this matters because the world might be ending on Tuesday.

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  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    I’d like to point out that Sam has also guaranteed a division title for the Mets every year that I’ve known him.

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    This is true.

  • Ananth Pandian

    Shane Battier’s ascent to being one of the best defenders in the world over the last couple years
    from sactown royalty

    is this true?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Marcel Mutoni

    this sox-yanks series is gonna be nuts.

    i hope we (red sox) can win 3 out of 5.

  • Jake Appleman

    World Series or bust. True story.

  • Alex

    I have #3 pick in my fantasy football 13 team league… So you’re saying I should trade a shot at Tomlianson so I can get… who? No matter how you put it, it doesn’t seem to be worth trading down. There’s such a huge drop off after LJ, Alexander and LT.

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    I am nervous about all three of those running backs.

    Alexander has the Madden jinx, which you can dismiss if you want, but he also lost Steve Hutchinson on his line and he is on the defending NFC champions – which is the team that implodes every year. That’s a bermuda triangle.

    Larry Johnson lost Willie Roaf. I don’t mean to harp on the offensive lineman thing, but Roaf has to be top 10 all-time at least. Losing a guy like that has to hurt your production. Also, they lost their offensive coordinator.

    Ladanian is by far the best stat player in the league, but who knows how good or bad Philip Rivers is? Teams might be able to get away with stacking up on the run. He might get his numbers anyways, but all I’m saying is I would rather try and trade down to stockpile guys than count on any one of these three.

  • Alex Y.

    I hear you Sam… but who are you going to stockpile? Portis, Westbrook, D. Davis are hurt. Tiki is getting up there. Edge is on the new team. There’s no clear top WR. Owens and Moss have mad drama on their respective teams. Peyton Manning is the only QB who’s worth to be drafted in first 2 rounds. No other QB should be drafted until 3rd round. Just my opinion. May be I could join your leage. I’ll take your top 3 pick and dominate.

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    The QB position is thinner than ever. There are maybe 5 guys in the whole league that you can count on for even decent stats. But there are lots of RBs that can get you big numbers. I would rather have one of those QBs and a top 10 RB than just one of the top 3 RBs. Hopefully someone will fall for this trade – if I even get a top 3 pick. We can’t have people from outside the office in the league cause it makes sh-t talking too confusing. It’s happened in our baseball league.

    Great weekend Mutoni.

  • Alex

    Are you guys doing keeper league? If yes, how does it set up? My friends from work trying to set up a keeper league, but we’re all new to it.