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Starbury’s Sale

Maybe selling low-priced shoes is a power move after all.

by Lang Whitaker

Last night I wrote a post about the launch party for Stephon Marbury‘s new line of budget sportswear and shoes. You guys did a lot of talking about it, too, and while we all agreed that it was great that Stephon was trying to do something different, I was curious how well the shoes would sell. Because to be honest, sometimes the only reason people buy shoes is because they are expensive. While what Stephon is trying to do — making shoes and clothes that have quality but are actually affordable — is fantastic. But would anyone actually buy the stuff?

Well, I just got word that when the Steve and Barry’s store in Manhattan Mall opened this morning, there were about 500 people in line outside the store. The people came charging in when the doors opened, and the store completely sold out of Steph’s shoes. Really. They were bringing in shoes from the back, people kept coming in to get their kicks, and even the actual Steve and Barry were having to work the registers to help get people through there.

The only downside is that because of the low price-point, the store only made $7 profit. Kidding!!

For real, that scene wasn’t only in Manhattan. Stores in Kansas and Michigan had similar runs on the Starbury shoes, and I was told that nobody’s exactly sure how well they did at the other Steve and Barry’s stores because all of their stores were so much busier than they thought they would be that by this afternoon they hadn’t had a chance to tally things up and see where they stood just yet.

I know it’s been less than one day, but if this stuff I’m hearing is true (and I have no reason not to believe it), then I wonder what all this means in the longer run? Is there a real, hungry market there for low-priced shoes? Shaq‘s the only current player (respect to Hakeem for trying it years ago) who’s tried something similar, but his went for $40. For that price, you could buy four pairs of Starbury shoes.

I’m also curious about how they’ll feel, last, etc. If anybody out there gets a pair, drop me an email and let me know.

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  • http://N/A Jeronimo

    C’mon Lang, Starbury is your boy, have him give you a pair and report yourself! (it’s all love)

  • DeMarco

    Shouts out to Steph for looking out for single moms and kids with paper routes! MJ, Bron and Kobe, are y’all watching? Guys?! GUYS?! Uggghhh. Never mind…

  • iverose

    steph’s on 106th right now

  • http://thehype.wordpress.com Hype

    It would be interesting if Starbury has an excellent year. Then there’d be even less reason to mock those kicks.

  • Allen

    I hope it isn’t just a few people buying them all up, because that would just be the opposite of what Steph is trying to do.

  • Eric

    Was at the manhattan mall this afternoon about 2:30. Steph was there signing autographs, and I copped a pair of the new kicks. I heard they brought in a special shipment and sold out that too. So they sold out twice in one. The shoes are comfortable and light, they feel like they’re great quality, just got to test them out on the court now 8/10.

  • Zee

    It’s good that Marbury had the shoes sold at a store people didnt really know about, because if he sold them at say payless, all of these name brand concious people would not have gone and bought any. Real Talk. It’s a damn shame that society has to be spoon fed common sense like this when if they did research, they would find out that nikes, etc are all made for a fraction of what they actually cost in the stores. But you fools keep puttin money in the executives pockets. Had you not bought the kicks and had a united voice opposing the prices, companies would have no choice but to lower the prices. Big ups to Steph on this one.

  • Thomo

    You want to know why Nikes are so expensive?

    Its because they are paying Lebron, Tiger, and Co a Billion dollars to promote them!

  • http://www.myspace.com/tommyfusco tommy

    i went to BOTh stores in Jersye and they were out cold at one store, and the other one had two boxes on the shelf.
    One pair of black Crossovers,(the low top tennis shoe) and one pair* of Cyclones, the running shoe. Tho the cyclones had one shoes missing?!!?!
    Hmm, weird lol
    Well i i got the black crossovers cause they were my size, even tho i didnt want em, as I guess i might not be able to get a piar for a while.
    They say shipments once a week.

  • Zach

    I first thought there had to be something wrong with the shoe if it was that cheap. I guess i was wrong

  • jay broder

    props to steph…sneak game is out of control but i think the shoes are not pretty fugly..i give starbury credit though for trying something different…just aint feelin em..pumped for kicks though…thanks slam!!!!!!

  • Gus

    Does Shaq ever wear his brand kicks? I’m interested to see if Steph keeps wearing these the whole year tho. Epecially if he struglles at all early.

    Now, if only they would sell this stuff online. You listening Steve and Barry?

  • Scott

    Not a Starbury fan, but love what he’s doing with this. For real, Steve and Barry’s has an ill formula, they sell good products for low prices, and cash in on mass production.

  • marvin

    i told you when i found out about steph’s kicks that he’s the man for that. MJ is great but who was able to aford his kicks way back, even now crazy prices for jordans. finally a player who didn’t forget about the hood, his hood….

  • Will Lee

    thats a real giving back to the community. Just to remind all of you, he donated a million dollars when Katrina striked.

    Do you guys think this will make a long term effect on the price of sneakers? I just hope the shoes are really comfortable and durable on court, especially protecting ankles. (Don’t do what Fila did to Grant Hill.) then kids will think they overpaid the bigs.

    I guess the immediate effect will be on And 1, cuz its a mid-price clothing company of more or less the same design and quality. If I don’t mind wearing and1, i should go for the starburys too.

    Of course, Lang made a pt, there’s always prestige pricing in the market, that rich kids would buy the most expensive pair no matter what.

  • larry brown

    Do you think that the starburys will put up solid sales numbers for a couple of years while steve and bary’s struggles to make profits and then they will sell the shoe to nike and watch as nike becomes bankrupt and steve and barry’s stores become extremely profitable?

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    Wow! Larry Brown! Maybe Steve and Barry’s will hire you to make the store a huge success and instead of doing your job you’ll complain about how the shoes aren’t the wing tips you’re accustomed to wearing and you’ll do whatever you can to get fired and make sure they pay you on the way out.

  • larry brown


  • http://www.theforce.net blake “bakers’ dozen” wright

    Went to our S and B here in Colorado Springs, but THEY DON’T HAVE ANY 14′S!!! Whatup with that?

    I want to get the carolina blue/white and the gray running shoes…they look tight.

    My boy got some of the low top white shoes for kickin’ in, and they do look good. He also picked up some of the clothing line, and they are nice, high quality goods.

    Boycott against the high dollar market!


    soooooooooooooo, where can they be bought at???

    you mentioned a store in kansas, but where? kansas city????????????

  • Wedgie Evans

    I was lookin for a store in the ATL, so I went online and checked their site, which says they have 2 stores in Georgia. Yes! I can get one! Oh wait, their stores are in Brunswick (where $15 is like a week’s pay) and Savannah, which are both 3 hours drive from the A. Thanks, Steve and Barry!

  • http://nemquefor.blogspot.com chiphead


  • Joe_X

    Lang or Sam,

    it’d be great if one of you guys could sleuth around and find out if the factory that’s making Starburys is of similar or better working conditions/pay scale as those factories making Nike/Reebok/etc…

    I’d do it but I don’t know any NBA players or shoe sales reps.

  • malford1

    I purchased a pair of the all white high tops. They are of excellent quality and craftmanship. I plan to go back and get the rest of the line. People need to realize that quality does not always have to accompany a high price tag.

  • markie b

    Is there any place in boston or online that i can buy these shoes hit me up let me know alright one..

  • KBee

    Hopefully the new stock comes in soon & is available online. By my count, there’s around 20 pairs already for sale on eBay – can we all boycott sellers trying to make a quick buck off this?

    Never been a fan of Steph’s, but this is a great move.

    BTW is And1 really a “mid priced” brand in the US? Marketed here in Oz at the same prices as Nike / Reebok etc.

  • Question

    I wouldn’t think so Joe_x, I would say the factories and working conditions are very similar… BUT, the point of this is, the company isn’t making ridiculous margins on the shoes… so we get more bang for our buck.

  • B

    I was wondering how Steve & Barrys can make great clothes (it’s where i do way too much of my shopping) at such a low price, and i came across this in an article…..

    How can Steve & Barry’s charge so little? One reason: the cut-rate deals it negotiates with landlords. Most of its stores are in middle-market malls, which have seen rising vacancies, due to the closure of regional discounters, department store consolidation, and loss of business to powerful off-mall retailers. “Some of these [mall owners] are desperate,” says Deutsche Bank (DB ) real estate analyst Louis Taylor. So as the chain’s popularity has risen and store size has increased, it has been able to negotiate lease rates that are less than half those of most mall tenants, says Prevor.

    Low rents are hardly the only way the men keep costs low. While malls usually give new tenants allowances of $20 to $30 a square foot to build interiors, the popularity of Steve & Barry’s has allowed the chain to command “build-out” fees as high as $80, considerably more than actual costs, says Ivan L. Friedman of Retail Consulting Services Inc., which advises retailers on real estate issues. That’s enough to cover a store’s initial inventory, lowering operational costs further, he adds. Prevor denies that mall payments exceed actual interior costs. Even so, he says, there’s no question the fees “fuel our growth.”

    Steve & Barry’s also saves money in purchasing. It buys direct from overseas factories, like many others, but cuts costs by accepting longer lead times. It also saves by offering steady production throughout the year rather than seasonal ramp-ups. The chain cuts expenses further by deft navigation of import quotas and duties, says Prevor, who can rattle off such rules the way a tax lawyer does the Internal Revenue Service code. That’s why it buys more from factories in Africa and less from China than many rivals — most African countries face neither U.S. quotas nor duties. Advertising isn’t an expense Steve & Barry’s wrestles with, either — it relies mostly on word of mouth. Salaries are modest, and a third of its 220-person headquarters staff are recent college grads.



  • h2o

    I think Steph’s sneaks is something people really wanted to see, affordable kicks that u can tear up the court with. They are high quality and I think they are really smooth,I hope I can say the same about “STARBURY”‘s jumpshot this season.

  • http://www.jdragon.org jdragon

    they need to set it up online! I’m on the west coast and I can’t find a pair of starbury one anywhere!

  • http://www.highergroundonline.com B Short

    I copped a pair of the white on white, Starbury 1′s. I copped in NC, in route from the ATL. So needless to say it was a journey. I have played once in them thus far and they performed well. I didn’t notice any glaring differences from shoes I had been playing in, including Converse Run ‘n Slam, and the AJ 4. I have another game tonight so I will give them another go. The one thing I like alot is the ankle support. One thing I don’t like is the toe box is a lil snug right to left. The shoe is light and wore well, there wasn’t a whole lot of wear after one game and few wrinkles. This project has gotten a great start. I like many others hope that S&B can find a way to market and develop online distribution. It would increase sales and make availibility a none issue.

  • Roy Twist

    I went to the store in Manhattan Mall today like how many days later and the sales person said people are still lining up at 9:00am STILL! and selling out of his sneakers STILL! I looked at the others clothes too and they weren’t bad either. Props to Steph for setting it up.

  • morgan

    I bought the white/navy blue starbury ones and have played twice in them so far, granted neither was outdoor yet but they have held up well and they feel great.

  • Rasool Raheem

    I brought two pair yesterday (white crossovers) Im wearing a pair now. They are comfortable and stylish, Kudo’s to “Handles” for thinking and doing for our community. May Allah bless and keep him well.

  • Rhonda Labat

    My son is very excited about your tennis, the oly proble is that we are in the New Olreans area. Are you going to seel them near us?

  • rick (Boston)

    I have both the White and black versions of the “Crossover” shoe (They look like air-forces…) and the White Starbury one’s; Very clean and comfortable, although the store in Taunton sells out in a few hours. Wish boston got the Timberland looking boots or the tan Crossover shoes to go with the HOT Starbury jacket. For the loot, me and my 3 sons all have gear we can afford and looks REAL GOOD. (You listening Mr. Jordan…..?)

  • Alicia

    Im glad about the heart of Mr. Marbury cause im a single mom and this helps a lot. wish This was in place years ago. this weekend my sista and i are hunting for the store in Sumpter SC so we can shop our hearts away. Thank you Stephen

  • Solis

    Thanks Steph, you put Mike Jordan to shame, he’s a dispicable human being with low morals and is robbing the American consumer BLIND!

  • BlackClassic

    Anyone seen the starbury Mens Workboot’s anywhere, one’s similar to this one on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/STARBURY-MENS-WORKBOOOT-SIZE-10_W0QQitemZ320021703199QQihZ011QQcategoryZ137011QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

  • http://www.steveandbarrys.com/website/index.html Eric

    I just recently went to the Steve and Barry store in Franklin Mills Mall, PA and purchase the Marbury sneakers,hat,jacket,shirt, and I must say it was well worth it, everyone is quick to say that these sneakers are not good and will fall apart, but I’ve worn them for a couple of days and they are just like any other Nike sneaker that I’ve worn.

    I brought a Marbury Jacket for under $10.00 and this jacket looks nice, everyone who I ran into this weekend couldn’t believe the price that I paid for the jacket they thought I easy paid $40 for the jacket.

    If you can’t find a Steve and Barry in your area go onto the website and you should be able to locate a store in your area.

    I hope that this year Marbury can have a break out year with the Knicks so that he can prove all the critics wrong and enjoy the game like he once did.

    I tell ever parent I run into to go out and get a pair of the sneakers, if you can’t pick up a pair of the sneakers than look at the sportwear and caps that are being sold, you can’t go wrong for the price.

  • http://www.halffullphoto.com sheem-deem

    if they can sell these jawns for $15 that’s great for the American consumer, but at what cost? When you think about the

  • http://www.halffullphoto.com sheem-deem

    if they can sell these jawns for $15 that’s great for the American consumer, but at what cost? When you think about the cost of production, advertising, shipping, etc. is, whoever is constructing these is obviously being paid a pittance.

  • http://slam timothy

    These starburys are off the chain i thot they were going to be sold out st stev and barrys butt they werent my friends dad toke us it toke an hour and 45 mins to get there it was worth the drive that nice that he is elling them for 15$ but they are worth aboout 100$ but i heard u were only selling them for 15$ because u wanted people that diddnt have alot of money to aford them sense u didnt have enough money to afford them when u were a kid well peace out and try to make them in orange and black that would bve hard soo i can get them in b-ball

  • http://yahoo.com zach dorsett

    I think that these shoes are really kool and in different colors and they should make them in black.Stephon had a good point and a good idea for wut he is doing.Nike and all those big name sellers could take a 10 dollar pair of walmart shoes and stamp a nike logo on it and it would boost up to 55-60 dollars in no tim. Just because of the people who wear them.

  • http://yahoo.com zach dorsett

    Stephon should make different styles like skating,casual,running,and maybe even golf if they star to sell good and hopefully they will so that he stays in good business.

  • http://phencenkoyahoo.com pencenk

    dear lang,
    i hope you to tell me how to buy that shoes, cause i want it!!. please i ‘ll waiting for it.
    Iam from indonesia and i dont know how to buy starbury One and if i know maybe i buy it for very much, and sorry if my learn english not excellent.And i will waiting for your answer.


  • Sfoster

    Im liking the look of the starburys, I live in the UK and am looking for a store that will ship out here, If you know of anywhere that could and would please let me know,


  • http://pakhits.com az

    nice to see marbury is doing this for New yOrkers. Keep it up and have a nice season.

  • banchang

    Does anyone know if the Starbury One is narrow or wide fitting ? I know its one size width, but I want to get a set for my son, but don’t want to risk the long journey to Steve & Barrys if they are too narrow.

  • Uncle Al

    Medium width. Great shoe!

  • bokang

    Damm ive been buying those expensive jordans for the past ten years, why don’t you start selling the starbury’s online, im writing this from Lesotho a very small country in southern part of Africa, i already told my boys about them, word is spreading like wild fire, i got the 411 from slam, so please do us a favor and sell online we need to start kickin it in the starbury’s

  • bmw

    i am a foreign student, I just reviewed S&B’s website: http://www.steveandbarrys.com

    They seem only have over 150 stores across america, almost all states. my friends in Asia also ask me how to get the Starbury shoes….I think they don’t have online shipping right now,,,only way is to buy a little bit more expensive ones in ebay…hate that…..but it’s understandable as they probably didn’t make huge profit by selling at such a low price….hence cannot afford optional services e.g. online payment….hmmm. but still looking fwd to their future development.

  • pie_pien

    i fans starbury from indonesia,IN indonesia STARBURY is not in market,plese you’r send starbury in market indonesia,we fans starbury in indonesia waiting starbury,,,plase………cause i need starbury.thank’s

  • Kashoray Owens

    I am in Cleveland Ohio where is the closest store where my family and i can buy your clothes at

  • BP

    i live in pennsylvania, near philly, but an hour away from franklin mills and my dad would be willing to pay the extra money for 60$ shoes, are there any other steve and barry locations in pennsylvania close to philly and is there anywhere else you can get a pair? p.s. marbury love the idea wish i was good enough to make my own shoes

  • http://slamonline yo mommy

    hey kashoray are u terrel owens wife

  • http://slamonline yo mommy

    i got the new shaq quakers

  • http://slamonline yo mommy

    i live in sj and i really want the starburys but i have to go to sd to get them and i was in sd but i didnt get them

  • Monique

    i just copped 5 pairs for 70 bucks! 4 pair starbury 1′s for myself, husband & 2 sons and white crossovers for myself! he’s doing his damn thing for the bk and hope to see more flavas in the future! love ya steph!

  • http://slamonline yo mommy
  • Monique

    yeah, i got’em from there at the Manhattan Mall. Nice outfits too!

  • http://slamonline yo mommy

    the shaq quakers are the best i jump like 10inches its messed up better than the lebron zoom 15s i had

  • http://slamonline yo mommy

    hey monique call me at 7222743

  • http://slamonline yo mommy


  • adee

    I bought a pair of the low tops for my 14 yr. old son (sized 13) in Sept. this year. I had to buy him a new pair of shoes this month because the Starbury’s fell apart on his feet. He doesn’t play basketball, just walking to school and home. The lining and the soles are super thin. The insides and the bottom simply fell apart. If you want a pair of shoes that will last you a few weeks, Starbury fits the bill. If you want a shoe with durability and support…bypass Starbury – it really isn’t worth the $10-15 price tag.

  • Starbury

    I got a pair of starbury’s. They are sweet, comfortable, affordable, and look pretty good. good for the price too.

  • kim

    are the starbury crossovers made of leather?

  • Gymrat987654321

    I love ethe fact that Stephon Marbury decided to make good and cheap sneakers. All other sneakers made by NBA players cost $70,80,90,100 and even more. Last week I was at a store and like these shoes so i asked how much they were and the lasy goes “$180.” I would never buys sneakers for $180. Shaq has affortable shoes too. His are about $30 which is great compared to the Wade’s ($100) Jordan’s ($120) and Iverson’s ($120) but now with the new Marbury’s ($14.98) kids can get a great product are a fraction of the price. I mean $120 for sneakers come on now.

  • orlando martinez jr

    I bought a pair of starbury’s. Now my whole family and I are going back to purchase every thing starbury has in my size. (sneakers) God bless this vision!

  • http://www.wwe.com John Cena

    I play with them and like em betta then NIKE Elites! very comfortable and cool design

  • kdog

    I have a pair and there better than any shoes Ive ever worn..

  • http://www.slamonline.com pc

    hell yeah I love them

  • http://www.slamonline.com pc

    for bucks you would have to be a fucking loser not to buy them

  • http://www.slamonline.com pc

    better then jordons that are 120 bucks

  • rob stewart

    I bought a pair just to rock. I want the younger generation to know that high price kicks don’t make you cool. I like the way they look with jeans. I also bought a Spiderman shirt for $7.

  • http://WWW.STARBURY.COM m-collins


  • 1love

    man I think it is real awesome what stephon Marbury has done with this shoes cause theres alot of people that dont have the money to pay for the jordans and iversons so this is a very nice shoe for them.I respect him alot for this.
    Maybe other players will follow in his and shaq and hakeems and the others footsteps.

  • http://dfa bo

    i am so hot

  • Starybury fan

    I got 2 pairs i liked them so much. They are comfortable and lasted my more than a whole season of basketball and i am still wearing them months after the basketball season because they are in good shape. I can’t wait until the Starbury II come out i hope they make different colors of them too.

  • Ian


  • Chris

    Yo, i’m really loving the sneakers. Because i didn’t like the Starbury Ones, i bought the Crossovers because they look a lot like Air Force ones. The sneakers are comfortable, and look good too. I didn’t feel embarrased when i wore them to school, because the sneakers was hot! I kinda feel that they should start making different colored shoes, like the Bape Stas and the Ice Cream shoe lines. Because i hate white sneakers, i colored part of the Crossovers red and blue, which made them look a lot better! Then, he looked should sell them for 15 or 20 dollars. I would defintely buy them.

  • John Tims

    I don’t know who this guy is but i’m gonna buy his stuff just out of principal.

    thx dude.

  • Julia

    I saw a news report on this when it finally hit the stores. I am the proud mom of three handsome young men and I can tell you the older my boys get the more expensive their taste gets. It’s refreshing to see someone who cares about the children who cannot exactly afford the tags on those high priced shoes. I grew up poor and know coming from a family of six girls and one boy my parents could not afford to give us what everyone else had, but we had alot of love. It’s wonderful to see that some of us remember where we came from and look to the future with thoughts of others.

    God Bless Those Who Care

  • http://clift78hotmail.com clifford morgan

    where can i purchase these sneakers i liv ein georgia

  • punky b


  • Michelle

    20/20 just did a report on these shoes – they cut them and all the more expensive “cool” shoes right down the middle and there is little to NO difference!!!

    They say that the air jordans and other shoes are just made of leather – thats what costs so much.

    In the “Air Jordan” shoes there is a “hole” that is supposed to be a “vent” but when they cut the shoe open on several pair, the “vent” was blocked.

    They said the shoes were almost identical – except the leather and the price.

    Check it out if you get a chance. It’s a great story and as a mother of 5 kids – I think it’s a GREAT idea to do for us . . . I know how hard it is on my son especially (being the oldest and in middle school) to remain “cool” and not get “Payless Shoes”. We live on 1 income (and right now my husband lost his job because of my illnesses and my last hospitalization) but I do understand for the kids how important it is not to have the MOST expensive pair – but at least to have a pair that are “name brand” and where they can fit in. My son has gotten the comment about “Payless Shoes” when he wore the shoes his biological mother bought him. It embarrassed him to the point that he would never wear them again!

    He only wears the nice shoes I buy him – and with 4 more on their way up, I know it’s not as bad for girls – but their sneakers need to be nice – if they wear payless shoes, the will be teased just the same.

    I praise him for what he has done! I watched the shoe and was in tears when I saw how emotional he became when mothers and kids were hugging him and thanking him for what he did.

    Instead of me spending a 2 week to an entire month check on shoes for 5 kids, this may be a huge break for our family!!!! I may not have to beg grandparents to pick a child to buy shoes for anymore. Thank God I have those grandparents who can afford it, not everyone does.

    I thank him and for any “non believers” check out the 20/20 episode, buy a freakin’ pair yourself (they’re very reasonable!!) and cut a pair of your old $200 shoes down the middle and check it out for yourself!!!

    Mother of 5 and SUPER THANKFUL!

  • Shonna I

    I went and bought a pair for both my boys and my husband and they love them say they are very comfortable.And they are looking forward to each getting a extra pair. They are are such a great price for the people like us who can only afford the cheap shoes that aren’t leather this is great my boys may get some shoes that will last for awhile.What Steven Marbury is doing is wonderful.

  • chance

    i also watched the 20/20 report and i couldnt believe it! they cut a pair of jordans and a pair of starburys and they were constucted the same way! so i had to check it out myself and they are some sick shoes. there wicked comfertable and are versy stylsh. superb starbury! and the best part is that theyre not 150$ and theyre still affordable 2 thumbs up

  • batosikkllssmcxmxxlxllspike

    the fucking best ever starbury is awsome

  • http://aol #3 NYK Fan

    MArbury is the man?

  • http://aol #3 NYK Fan

    Finally sneakers that are affordable much respect to marbury and go knicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://aol #3 NYK Fan

    curry should,ve made the all-star team

  • isaac

    yea the shoes are really nice. But when can i buy a couple pairs online?

  • http://www.myspace.com/sirecommunications Jemayne

    Steve and Barry’s was packed yesterday morning. I had no idea I would be copping 11 pairs. I truly believe that the patent crossove LE is going to change the sneaker industry. The 1st crossover was rather plain however, The Crossover LE already puts many special edition Air Force 1’s,Bape Stas and Pro keds to shame. I was not prepared for this. By the way 11 pairs for $165.00? You tell me who won?!

  • isaac

    where can I buy them online

  • maritsa

    starbury , i like how u sale shoes for low prices . now people can actually wear shoes without paying a lot money for it. they look twice better than the shoes that cost 250 bucks . that’s really thoughtful of you,god bless you for it.

  • kenneth mutchler

    if you are thinking about opening up a store in
    the corpus christi area, please let us know.
    my wife and boys 23 and 15 would love to be
    involved, we were at the san antonio store
    yesterday before the spurs game. what a wonderful idea! we have a little church and our looking for something to help out the community, we are honest and DEPENDABLE!
    just a thought!

  • http://starbury.com jay

    thank u stephon marbury i love ur shoes there awsome and realy afordable

  • Workingclassdad

    THANK U Stephon!!
    This is a groundbreaking thing you have done. I have never been the one to say NBA players are over paid, but it is really nice to see that even with all the $ you make you have not forgot about us, the average Joes. You sir, have givin us more than a affordable quality shoe, you have allowed us to be the heros and idles of our families again! (The way it used to and should be). To be able to pick up some nice kicks and sportswear on the way home from work for our kids instead of having to tell them “maybe one day”…. (and usually never getting…) has made me and other dads/moms the stars of the house. I never understood why Nike and other shoe mfg charged insane prices for a b ball shoe and further never understood why people would pay such a price. I remember some of the best games ever played in the NBA didnt require $150 shoes. In this world today I feel we have lost our way and forgotten what really matters. I feel you have planted a seed in the minds of people and mabey even corporate america.. God Bless you in everything you do Sir.. and once again THANK YOU!

  • Regina Thomas

    Never heard of Steve and Barry’s before… found a store in Baltimore and went to check it out. Brought both of my kids two pair apiece..there sizes in mens were sold out…I have to go back…They wanted them all! They look great! Affordable. The price on the other apparal was worth the trip as well. The pink starbury’s are cute…got myself two pair!

  • Craig

    Those starburys’ is so sweet I just bought a pair and I’m about to get so more





  • jason canty

    lets give it up for the pistons!!!! if you need a BMW call me 586-772-8600

  • jason canty

    lets give it up for the pistons!!!! if you need a BMW call me 586-772-8600

  • Fashionista

    I’m a woman who does not care much about sneakers. I’m into fashion, and wear heels most of the time. I do wear sneakers to the gym (d’oh). Let me tell you, these sneaks are fly! I have some Starburys that have pink patent leather on them, and can wear them with my warm up suits. They look as though they cost way more than $14.99. My friends have them as well. They look cute, and serve their purpose. Marbury has some female fans of his shoes. There is no way I would spend 100 to 200 dollars on some gym shoes. Sneakers are just for the gym, and running around town in. They’re perfect for someone like me.

  • Sall

    Sup, the Starbury shoes are so nice and comfortable there even better then the nikes or any other brand like adidas and Rbk these kick will make a great pair for you…

  • Joey

    How does 40 bucks get you 4 starburys? and DON’T BUY THESE my friend did and they fell apart a week later. They aren’t the same quality as the expensive nike’s. and if u want cheaper goods just get non-endorsed shoes

  • joe d

    the nike assaluts are noting compared to urs stephon i mom bought me 15 pairs in one day!!!thanks stephon.u rock!:)

  • joe d

    oh yea lets go knighiker bonkers!!lol

  • Issac

    I just got Starbury ones and a pair of nike basketball shoes. The Starburys are now my basketball hoes

  • T.Ribinson

    My family really enjoy shopping there. They love the shoes ans the clothes it’s a blessing to have a star contribute back to the community in this magnitude. In today’s society it’s about I, I, I. I thank God for him not being selfish. Greenville, S.C.

  • Pat s

    man these are some awesome shoes, i just got them the other day…there pretty afordable and they are comfortable too,

  • Geraldine

    I buy Starbury sneakers for me and my daughter. They are great. They are very comfortable too. I am just glad they are starting to increase the womens section. They are really nice..Thanks to Starbury, I can have more than 1 pair of sneakers at a time. Good job Starbury

  • xmnr

    there’s just never a way to express succinctly a full explanation when there’s something as wrong as this, so I’ll just be cryptic and hope you all read into it.

    -something for nothing is a joke

    -If comparable sneakers can be made for a tenth the cost, someone is doing something underhanded or somehow tens of billion-dollar athletic-wear companies just happen to only employ idiots who aren’t concerned with making a profit.

    -jordan was and is a class act, stop knocking him, he just hocked shoes too. He didn’t price them.

    -marbury is a celebrity endorser, not an employee, so if marbury’s face is on the brand, he’s getting paid because “starbury” brand is using his “celebrity” to move a product. If he’s getting paid, it’s been worked into the cost, which means it could be cheaper. He COULD HAVE just been a silent CONTRIBUTOR if his interest was to get you some cheap shoes. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s “good business” run amok. In an international economy, chinese labor exploit makes good micro-econ sense if they’re selling the same labor for less, but it makes horrible macro-econ sense if you want your dollars to be able to buy anything or if you’d like to keep your job.

    DFHASDKFJAKDSFJ! still a long post. oh well. valuable information can’t be turned into an acronym every time.

  • libinbond

    DAMN!!!!some1 pls. tell me where i cud get these starbury….all the stores in philly have already been sold out…nevr able 2 get my hands on em!!!

  • Shell

    So glad Marbury has decided to back a project like this. I did most of my son’s school shopping at Steve and Barry’s this year. Spent 150.00 and that included 4 pairs of shoes. The quality of the clothes and shoes is amazing. I didn’t pay more than 14.98 for anything — found great quality jeans from 7.98 a pair to 14.98 and the kids love them. Thick, good quality Starbury hoodie 14.98 unbelievable. You can’t even get deals like this at the Nike factory outlet store. I do have to agree with an earlier poster though, there is a stigma attached to payless shoes as soon as Shaq’s shoes went there my son wasn’t interested any longer.
    Thank you to Steve and Barry’s and Stephon Marbury for making a single mom’s life a lot easier — and for opening a store in Vancouver WA. No more traveling to Olympia and Federal Way yea!

  • Footinyoass

    I can’t front, I’ve been wearing Nikes recently to run ball in, and them joints are narrow on my feet. Causes my feet to feel pain when I play. I bought the Red, White and Blue signature series, and have no problem with them at all. Man screw paying high prices on wack ass kicks that are the same quality as the Starburys. Man, all that name brand stuff is juvenile anyways. I’m a grown man and gotta pay the bills. If I can get some cheap, high quality sneakers, I’m gonna buy them. I’m not a Stephon Marbury fan, but big ups to that cat for having the nuts to put something out like this. Big up to Ben Wallace too!!!

  • http://Slamonline Regina

    I like the idea of the shoes and would come in handy at that price for me and my 2 young kids. I am a poor single mother and would definitely figure out a way to get a pair of these. Unfortunately since I have no way to a Steve and Barry’s I can’t. SO how is that helping ALL people?

  • Money Matt

    WATS up u knw who tis is MONEY MATT. i just wanted 2 say that i have every style of starburys tats available 2 tha public. I think tat selling tis type of stylish shoe is great idea. PEACE TIS UR BOY MONEY MATT. IF u be hating on me forget u. if u want to get to knw me. GO 2 myspace.com/osu_boi 4 my profile

  • http://aol g unit

    these shoes are the best yo!! Who the hell wouldn’t want to buy them. I have all the GANGSTA ones

  • http://Ej E*nice


  • http://lilman stephon aka lilman

    ya punk ass starburys ya need to make better ones then making the turtle looking like shoes and change the colors cuz it doesnt go together

  • http://marbury Heneghan

    The Forgotten Champs

    A long time before the New England Patriots in 2007and the Miami Dolphins in 1972, a perfect season in pro football was first achieved by the Cleveland Browns. The Cleveland browns head coach Paul Brown had created an unstoppable 15-0 championship season in the AAFC (All-America Football Conference) in 1948. Unfortunately the NFL does not talk about or even acknowledge the records of the AAFC, even though three of the teams from that conference – the Browns, Colts, and the 49ers were selected into the NFL In 1950. The NFL came to a conclusion at that time not to include the AAFC records. At this time the NFL had taken all 10 AAFC football teams, the agreement also included bringing all AFC records. One of the Cleveland Browns Hall of Fame Wide Receiver’s campaigned to change this incident, but not to take advantage. A lot of Browns players thought that the team had been slighted. That 1948 team was only the third of the four consistent winning championship teams in the AAFC coached by Paul Brown. The Browns really went 29 games undefeated but back then they only had 15 game seasons, so in 1947 the Browns only lost one game in there season. What was cool was while the Eagles were the champs in the NFL the browns whipped them 35 to 10, and caused the upset right away just coming in to that league. The Browns started off really good to come into the NFL but never had another perfect season. Now days a group of people in Ohio are trying to make the National Football League accept the fact that we were the first team to have a perfect season.

    Written by

    Joseph Heneghan

  • http://marbury Heneghan

    Cleveland Rocks!!!

  • http://www.starbury-sneakers.com/ Starbury Sneakers

    Many people asked about buying Starbury’s online and we found this site that you can browse and purchase online. They even have a size and style selector to only find your size or style.

  • Dan

    Who likes Marbury. He sucks, Isiah Sucks, and the Knicks suck. Dont waste yur money on knicks or Marbury stuff.

  • Sigmajoe

    I love New York and the Giants, Rangers, yankees and the Knicks all have put though my share of heart aches but Stephon’s sneakers are the SHIZZZZNIT, for the hard working family that’s trying fit in. I love marbury gear cuz know I can work hard, ppay bills dress my kids and we all can look good and feel good. Thanks Marbury and Steve and Barry.,

  • trevor wikstrom

    i love starbury shoes they’re so sweet

  • Tre

    Hey!!!!!!!!!!! I have 2 pairs of Starbruys and looking for more i love them they where down a little but im a kid and playing b-ball on da streeet is not exactly wut they’re made 4 but otherwise great product luv yo mag

  • elaine

    i want to say God bless you for thinking of the parents
    that are struggling to keep their kids in shoes i need to know where to get your shoes for my family of five
    i hope i can find them soon i’ve search everywhere and have had no insight on where they are i pray you continue to be the blessing God has made you to be.love
    someone that has you in prayer.