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Photo: Spike Lee Presents President Obama with Custom Spiz’ikes

Last night, Spike Lee hosted a New York City fundraiser for President Barack Obama, and managed to tweet a pic of the Prez holding a brand new pair of Air Jordan Spiz’ikes in the forthcoming Olympic colorway. President Obama is a noted Chicago and Michael Jordan fan, and the gift from Spike was part of a special Presidential edition box set. Coolest President ever?

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  • bull22

    fucc OBAMA (that NDAA shyt is sum BS) …RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com/ O

    WOW @ bull22. On another note, you’d think the president would get his own color scheme. Ray Allen got his own 13′s for breaking the record. This man should get one for being the first black president…

  • Zack

    Half black. But either way, either way’s fine.

  • @Deknowz

    Let’s be honest, the sad truth in America is if your not white, for all intensive purposes your black. The importance of either at the end of the day should just mean what strength SPF you should use and nothing more.

  • Zack

    True enough.

  • bike

    He should wear those at his next state of the union address. Maybe then, people will take him seriously.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    The only time I’ll co-sign bull22. Ever. He’s 100% correct here.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Spike is a cool dude, but… He’s a total Obama d!ckrider. He (like many others) thinks Obama is the second coming of Christ. Only he takes that analogy almost literally.
    He once said after Obama was elected in ’08 that there would be two periods of history: BB (before Barrack) and AB (after Barrack). LOL are you sh!tting me?

  • billg

    Are these customize Spizikes because these look just like the ones coming out next month

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com/ O

    Everyone thought Obama was REALLY gonna bring change, but he’s acted like a Republican in donkey’s clothing. Plain and simple. And these Spizikes ARE the ones dropping next month. Which is why I said I wonder why he didn’t get his own color scheme…


    OBAMA 2012!!! thats right i said it. but this isn’t the forum for delving into political debates. we should be talking about more pressing matters. like for example, wtf is that guy on Barack’s left shoulder looking at?! is he trying to act all security, and photobomb at the same time? whats with that guy?!

  • Waskito

    A citizen honoring his country president. Just that…….

  • Duck Johnson

    I love Spike, but giving the President those monstrosities? He might as well have just taken a dump in Obama’s hand.

  • http://moontain.org Fredd

    the change comes from inside of your heart … this is your WILL.
    the man just can show the way, he can’t walk for you.
    So Obama did the right thing … make believe people in change.
    They just let it down themselves, prefering ” to hope ” rather that to assume to do the change.
    Of course i don’t blame people, life is super hard in this society.

  • riggs

    thank god i dont come here for politics, because some of you are ridiculous.



  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    TBEASTIN: Can you give me a single reason why Obama should be president? I’ll wait…

  • JL

    First of all, I think the shoes look real nice and I think it’s cool the president is huge basketball fan.
    Secondly, it’s just silly to argue over politics at a SLAM comments section.
    Lastly, @Teddy-the-Bear: for the same basic reason George W. Bush was in office for 8 years, people voted for him.

  • pnoyvibe

    Why’s erybody hating on Obama? Your president likes basketball, hes not doing a bad job in office, wtf

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dagger

    Teddy, I’m disappointed with Obama on many counts, but considering the fact that his administration staved off the total collapse of the American economy while revitalizing the auto industry, expanded health coverage to 32 million Americans, passed major new environmental and education legislation, oversaw the death of Osama and the virtual destruction of Al Qaeda, encouraged the Arab spring and oversaw the death of Gaddafi, passed agreements to dramatically limit nuclear weapons, ended the war in Iraq and somehow managed to work with the Tea Party in congress . . . I’d say he’s done as well as can be expected in America’s broken political system.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    @ Dagger: Finally a comment that tries to address Obama’s policies. Thank you.
    The death of Gaddafi was a crime, and America did not support the Arab Spring–they manipulated it. Nothing has changed in Egypt because their military, which was a puppet to US interests since Mubarak came to power, still controls the country. That is why Egyptians continue to protest even after Mubarak’s departure, and why the military dictatorship continues its violent crackdown on them (fully supported by the US… seldom covered by the media). Mubarak was an illusion. There’s a reason why 90% of Egyptians see the US as their biggest threat to national security.

  • ttc

    hey stop thinking you’re the centre of the world or that Obama is the real chief of your country..what i mean is whatever happens in the middle east doesn’t always involve America, and if even if it does it has nothing to do with Obama or anybody else’s “policies”..the world is a lot more complicated than that people..bet SLAM won’t post this though…

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    ^ Me? Okay. Actually, whatever happens in the Middle East DOES involve America, because the US has military bases in pretty much every freaking country in that region of the world.
    It has nothing to do with his policies? Tell me then, why Obama ordered the invasion/bombing of Libya, which killed over 1000 civilians, without approval from congress!? If that wasn’t *his* policy, what exactly is? Meeting the 2011 NBA Champions at the White House?

  • ttc

    hey Dude, bombing Lybia wasn’t Obama’s “policy”..u could’ve put anybody as prez of the US and the bombin still would’ve happened..Obama don’t rule sh*t..America don’t rule sh*t..money is power, the wealthy owners of money rule the world..& they dont give a f*ck about the US or any other country..they care about money & power..peace

  • wishuwould247

    U people have lost it. Take it for what it is, a SWEET PIC! Spike look like a kid on Christmas, lol

  • bike

    I stink of gorilla juice all day. Errday.