Blazer thoughts is a 300 pound GORILLA. Interesting how the worst teams are the ones that try to keep their fans quiet

PpodOh my God a Pavel Podkolzinpost! I’m scared.

Lang isn’t the only one whose life revolves around Al Harringtontrade rumors.

Cavalier Attitude… still paranoid and defensive about anyone that even hints at LeBron leaving. I love it.

So, remember when Darius Miles was being called the next KG? Did I just make that up? Anyways, no truth to the rumor that they were about to play for the same team.

Speaking of Kevin Garnett, I Heart KG points out that he’s blogging from China. Kind of like Alan Paul.

If you’re as confused about the Kevin Walker situation as I am, this should help.

Finally, I’m heading to Philly tomorrow just to hang out. In honor of that, here’s a link to the Rocky VI trailer if you haven’t seen it. Wow… just, wow. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, have a great weekend everyone.