SLAM Shop Now Open

by June 18, 2013


by Bill DiFilippo / @bflip33

A new online shop for you to gear up with SLAM merchandise—such as SLAM shirts, shorts, bags, hats and sneakers—has officially gone live. The SLAM Shop is an opportunity for fans of SLAM that have asked for SLAM gear to acquire low-priced, high-quality clothing and basketball apparel at

SLAM Shop is a collective effort by SLAM Magazine and its parent company, Source Interlink Media. According to Rick Stark, the Vice President of Sales and head of Brand Development and Licensing for Source Interlink, “It was important to showcase some of the things we made to some of the fans who have asked for SLAM gear.” The clothing and apparel will only be available through then SLAM Shop, but could one day be available through a third-party website or, possibly, in sporting goods stores.

SLAM’s mid-cut sneakers will come in colorways of black, white and red; black and red; and grey and orange. They will feature three stars on every shoe. They will also have an “S” inside a basketball and the SLAM logo on the back and tongue on every shoe. Every pair of sneakers will come in a SLAM drawstring bag.

The site also features 100 percent cotton t-shirts. The shirts, which can be worn on or off the hardwood, come in a variety of colors: white, black, red, green and orange. They will feature the SLAM logo across the chest, along with the phrase “ALL BALL. 24/7.” underneath.

A variety of basketball shorts are available for $22. The shorts will come in three varieties: Shark Shorts, 360 Shorts and Nite Lite Shorts. All three types will be made of 100 percent polyester. The 360 and Nite Lite shorts will feature the SLAM logo on the bottom left corner of every pair, while the Shark Shorts will have the SLAM “S” on the left side of the pants.

The last item available in the store is a SLAM hat. Two hats are currently available, both for $18. The hats are snapbacks that come in black and white, both featuring the SLAM logo prominently displayed across the front.